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By Richard Trionfo on 2024-07-08 22:59:00

Your announcers are Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

We begin with highlights from Money in the Bank.

Damian Priest walks in the back, but he is alone.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring.

Punk says it has been so long since he has been here.  He asks if it is great to be alive in Ontario on a Monday night.  Surprise, he says he has a lot to get off his chest.  The first thing he wants to do is recognize someone he has shared a lot of hours in the ring with.  Someone he insulted by calling him the New York Yankees.  He congratulates John Cena on his retirement.  He says he would love to lace them up with him one more time.  Punk says Cena is not here tonight.

Punk says there is another guy who isn't here and his name is Drew McIntyre.  He wanted to check to see if Drew was lurking under the ring, but Drew went and got himself suspended.  We see what Drew did to get suspended on Saturday night.

Punk says the ratings took a dip because Drew was on TV.  He says he has been trying to teach Drew a lesson that there are consequences.  There is a reason you were champion for five minutes and forty-five seconds.  There are consequences.  You lost a chance at a title match the next night.  Punk says if he has to fly to Glasgow, he will do it.  You blew it in your home town.  You made a promise to win Money in the Bank and cash in.  Punk says he promised to give Drew the consequences he deserves and that is to not be the champion.  Punk says if what he did at Money in the Bank was bad, he says he wants to get his hands on Drew, but he is suspended.  Punk says he was fined at Money in the Bank and it was money well spent.  Punk asks Jack Tunney or Adam Pearce to lift Drew's suspension.

Punk says he wants Drew McIntyre and he wants Pearce to come out to lift the suspension.

Adam Pearce looks a lot like Seth Rollins as Seth makes his way to the ring.

Punk sits on the announce table while Seth makes his way to the ring and Punk talks about Saturday night.

Seth asks Punk if he wants to sit on the sidelines now and he invites Mr. Center of Attention into the ring.  He asks Punk if he is afraid he is going to kick his ass.

Punk says the people might not remember the last time they were in the ring together.  That was the last time he was going to let Seth talk to him disrespectfully so he tells Seth to be careful what he says.

Seth says he wouldn't disrespect the Best in the World.  Seth wants to know why consequences apply to everyone but you.  Seth says the official made a mistake.  Drew cashed in and he has every right to do that.  He cannot understand is why Punk decided to do the one thing he told Punk not to do.  Why did you stick your nose in his business.

Punk says he wasn't sticking his nose in Seth's business, he was taking care of his business.  He says that as a husband and dad, he would understand.  There is a man running around with his wife and dog's name on a bracelet.  He says he will get his pound of flesh.  Punk says he has no quarrel with Seth.  Somehow, he screwed things up for Seth.  Punk says he is sorry and he apologizes.  He didn't mean to screw everything up for Seth.  Punk says he is snow blind with rage and he screwed things up for Seth.  

Punk says he can't really be that sorry because it is Seth.

Seth says Punk always has an excuse.  He says Punk gaslights.  You never apologized for anything you did because it is never your fault.  You have to be the dumbest smart dude he has met in his life.  You have most of it figured out, except for the one thing that would make you the hero.  The world does not revolve around CM Punk.  You can be a selfish bastard and burn bridges anywhere else.  Seth says he is above Punk.  Seth says he was willing to let that selfishness slide, until Saturday.  If it wasn't for Punk, Seth says he would be the World Champion.  Seth says he is out of cracks at that title.  It is not just a pipe dream.  Seth says being World Champion is the most important thing in this business.  Now it is time for him to take from Punk.

You cared so much to go after Drew that you didn't care about what you did to anyone else.  He says he could take a shot at Punk, but you are not at 100 percent.  Seth says before Punk can say Drew McIntyre, he will snap Punk's arm and put him back on the shelf.

Actions have consequences.

Adam Pearce is in the back and he apologizes for not returning calls.

Dom tells Adam the problem is that he doesn't want to tag with Liv Morgan. 

Adam says Liv asked for the match and his dad and Zelina are good with the match.

Dom says he doesn't want the match.

Pearce says Dom stuck his nose in the last three title matches so the match is going to happen.

Liv shows up and Dom wants to know why is she doing this.  Liv says she is doing it for Dom.  She wants to let everyone see who the real daddy in the Mysterio family is.  Dom wants to make sure they win.  Liv says they need to talk some strategy.

Match Number One:  Jey Uso versus Chad Gable

Jey with a wrist lock and Gable with a reversal and drop toe hold and he slaps Jey in the back of the head.  Jey blocks a kick and he punches Chad.  Chad with a waist lock take down and crossfaces.  Jey blocks a hip toss and Chad blocks one from Jey.  They alternate blocks until Jey sends Chad over the top rope to the floor.  Jey with a suicide dive but Chad catches Jey and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Chad sends Jey into the announce table and then wrings the leg into the ring post.  Chad with punches to Jey.  Chad puts Jey's leg in the ropes and then kicks the thigh.  Chad with a series of twisting knee drops to the leg.

Chad puts Jey's legs in the ropes and hits a dragon screw.  Chad with a seated splash to the leg.  Chad with a spinning toe hold.  Jey punches Chad many times.  Chad sets for a back breaker into a gourdbuster.  Chad goes up top and hits a diving head butt and gets a near fall.  Chad goes for Chaos Theory and Jey holds on to the ropes.  Jey sends Chad over the top rope to the floor and hits a suicide dive.  Jey sends Chad back into the ring and he goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall.  Jey with more punches to Chad.  Jey has a kick blocked and Jey with a dragon whip.  Jey with a running hip into the corner and Jey goes up top.  Chad crotches Jey and Jey falls to the mat.  Chad with an ankle lock.  

The lights start to go down and Chad releases the hold.  More lights go down and Jey with a spear for the three count.

Winner:  Jey Uso

After the match, the lights go out and smoke fills the ring.

Nikki appears at ringside as she continues to get rid of her VHS collection.

We go to Sheamus in LOCKER ROOM with Jackie Redmond.

Jackie congratulates Sheamus on fifteen years in WWE and she asks what is next.

Sheamus says it takes that many years to understand this business.  All of these thundercats think they can take short cuts.  

Bronson Reed interrupts and he asks why are we talking about your fifteenth anniversary when it ended with you losing.  Reed says he has a match tonight because he is the future and Sheamus is the past.

Sheamus says Reed has been watching his career so you know what comes next when you interrupt him.  The two of them in the ring.

Reed says he will face Sheamus any time, but not tonight because he has a match against Pete Dunne.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cole has Pat open the box.

It is another video tape.

Match Number Two:  Bronson Reed versus Pete Dunne

They lock up and Reed with a Northern Lariat when Pete goes for the hand.  Reed gets Pete on his shoulders and Pete with an arm bar but Reed gets to the ropes.  Pete with an enzuigiri and a drop kick to send Reed to the floor.  Dunne with a slingshot forearm to Reed and moonsault off the apron.  Dunne with a moonsault off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dunne with chops and Reed with a head butt.  Dunne with a drop kick and Reed with a clothesline.  Reed misses a back senton when Pete moves.  Pete stomps on the hands and kicks Reed.  Dunne with a kick in the corner and another one.  Dunne goes to the turnbuckles and hits a double stomp to the arm.  Dunne with a flying knee for a near fall.  Pete with a wrist lock and he stomps on the elbow.  Reed runs into a boot and Dunne kicks Reed many times but Reed with a buckle bomb and a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Reed goes to the turnbuckles but Dunne gets to his feet and he kicks Reed.

Dunne pulls at the fingers and he goes for a kimura and Reed drops Dunne on the top rope and follows with Tsunami for the three count.

Winner:  Bronson Reed

After the match, Reed pulls Dunne into the corner and Sheamus makes his way to the ring after his music plays.  Reed with forearms.  Sheamus with a knee and Dunne with an enzuigiri.  Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Reed to send him tot he floor.

Dunne pushes Sheamus away and Sheamus wants to know what is going on.  Dunne goes to the floor.

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