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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-12 18:29:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor 2021.

We are live in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena (and man, am I happy to be able to say that) with coverage commencing upon the start of the first match.

There's about 500 or so fans here.  The show was originally slated for Lakeland, Florida and moved here due to the COVID-19 rates rising in Florida in August with tickets only going on sale on 8/30, so for a last minute house in many respects, it's not a bad size.

At 6:50 PM, they aired this cool outer space-themed countdown to the show starting for the live crowd and then hit the traditional music for the start of the show.

They introduced the commentary team, Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman 

You can order tonight's event on PPV, FITE.TV and for Honorclub subscribers


The roster surrounded the ring for a ten bell salute to the late Daffney, Shannon Spruill.  They held a ten bell salute.  After it was done, the crowd was quiet, then erupted into a huge ovation and a Daffney chant.  It was really classy.

Ring announcer Bobby Cruise has Daffney written on his microphone's mic cube.

The announcers discussed the four-way main event for the ROH title.

Honor Rumble featuring Danhausen, The Beer City Bruiser, PJ Black, Dak Draper, Rey Horus, Brian Johnson, Joe Keys, Brian Milonas, Sledge, Silas Young and five more competitors to be named.    The winner earns a ROH Championship match.

The first competitor is Brian Johnson, who cut a promo saying there is no better way to show its him vs. everyone than for him to smack around 14 other competitors and get a title shot.  He said that tonight, we are in Philadelphia and since he's the number one pick, this city knows about number one picks.  He told everyone else to step up or step out. He was going to be the next ROH Champion.

Number two is Brian Milonas.  They battled with Milonas taking Johnson to the mat and riding him to keep him down.  He grabbed Johnson and tried to maneuver him to the ropes.  Johnson tried to send him into the ropes out of a side headlock but that wasn't working so well.  Milonas shoulderblocked him down and grabbed the headlock again.  He sent Johnson into the corner but missed a charge, hitting the buckles.

The third man was Beer City Bruiser.  This isn't good for Johnson!  He and Johnson battled in the corner with chops.  He poked Bruiser in the eyes but very soon fell victim to the Bouncers' double team tactics.  

Number four was Danhausen.  He faced off with The Bouncers after getting a big reaction coming out.  He nailed Milonas low and tricked Bruiser into hitting his partner with a splash in the corner.  He was quickly overwhelmed and double-teamed.

Number five was Caprice Coleman,  who left the announcing booth to enter the match.  Caprice slugged it out with the Bouncers but ducked when they charged and they smashed into each other.  He nailed Johnson with an enziguiri and hit Danhausen with a cutter.  He eliminated the Bruiser.

Number six was Sledge.  Everyone tossed Milonas but Johnson then turned on Coleman and dumped him.  He stomped Danhausten as Sledge entered the ring.  Sledge nailed him with several slams and a back senton splash.  Sledge booted Johnson, who fell through the middle and bottom ropes to crash to the floor.  Sledge and Danhausen waited to see who the next man was...

Number seven was PCO, who got a nice reaction.  He tossed Johnson back into the ring, leaving Sledge to drill him with a big boot.  PCO rebounded with a big boot of his own.  He, Danhausen and Sledge faced off.  He chokeslammed Danhausen.

Number eight was PJ Black.  He caught Sledge with an inverted DDT.  Black and Johnson stomped away at him in the corner.  PCO nailed Johnson as Black tried to toss Sledge.

Number nine was Dak Draper.  He nailed big boots on everyone in his path.  Everyone battled.  

Number ten was Silas Young.  He laid waste to everyone with back suplexes and backbreakers over the knee.  He drilled Danhaused with a leaping clothesline off the ropes.  Draper backdropped Sledge over the top to the floor.

Number 11 was Rey Horus.  Horus nailed some nice offense.    Everyone battled.

Number 12 was Dante Caballero.  He nailed several big power moves.  Johnson tossed.  Everyone attacked PCO but he fought them off.  PCO short-circuited and eliminated himself.  Yep.

Number 13 was Flip Gordon.  He scored with superkicks on everyone.  He tossed Silas to the floor.  

Number 14 was Joe Keys.

Number 15 was The World Famous CB.

Everyone battled.

There was a surprise 16th competitor in Alex Zayne, who got a big reaction.  

It came down to Zayne, Johnson, Black and Gordon.  They all battled.  Zayne dazzled with some great athletic counters and a nice dropkick onto Johnson and Black.  Zayn and Black ended up the final two competitors with Black scoring the final elimination.

This was a solid, fun battle royal for the most part.  Zayne's appearance really popped the house and there was some good work from The Bouncers, Gordon, Silas, Johnson and several others.  

They aired a video on the Women's World Championship tournament.    Quinn McKay introduced Maria Kanellis.  She thanked everyone who had to fight for women's wrestling, so that there could be opportunities for those like Quinn and others who have their opportunities tonight, like Mirande Alize and Rok-C.  She said the women here are the best in the world.   They aired a video package on Rok-C vs. Alize.

The Foundation told Bandido they were happy they finally have a champion they respect holding the ROH title.

New ROH Tag Team Champions Kenny King and Dragon Lee cut a promo about tonight.

The announcers and Brian Zane did a hard push for the PPV.


Dalton Castle vs. Eli Isom.

Castle had a funny entrance with four masked boys all pecking "birdseed" out of his hand.

Isom hit an incredible dive early on, getting some great height.  He sent Castle into the barricade.  When they returned to the ring, he nailed a back suplex.  Castle caught him with several back elbows and then hit a back suplex of his own.  Isom rolled out to the floor, where Castle sent him shoulder-first into the ring post.

Isom mounted a comeback but was cut off.  He finally nailed a kick to the head, sending Castle to the corner.  He drilled Castle face-first into his knee for a two count.  Isom's timing has gotten much better over the last year.  Castle went for a clothesline but missed and went over the top to the floor.  Castle came back to nail a rana to the floor on Isom.

Isom was tossed in the ring but nailed Castle with a clothesline and then a neckbreaker.  Dak Draper came down to ringside.  He pulled Castle out of the ring to check on him.  Isom went for a moonsault to the floor but took out all the Boys as Draper moved Castle.  Draper came into the ring but was dispathched.  Isom nailed a victory roll on Castle for a two count.   Castle caught Isom with the Whirlybird and scored the pin.

Your winner, Dalton Castle!

Solid opener with some good fire from Isom with the big moves.

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