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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-24 23:00:00

Time for Punk and Bryan vs. The Wyatts.  Come on guys, give us something with some teeth.  Erik Rowan was in a lot early.  He's got a great look but isn't the most polished, so that meant lots of offense.  Harper tagged in and man, he is awesome.  It was slow going early on as they were building the drama but once they got going, it was better than everything that preceded it, except the opener.  Once Bryan made the hot tag, he nailed a nice dive to the outside and Harper grabbed at his knee when he went down.  Harper got cut off with a powerbomb off the ropes.  Punk made the save but was powered up and over the top to the floor.  Punk finally got a hot tag and cleaned house.  He hit a nice dive to the outside on Bray and Rowan.   Daniel wiped out Rowan with the running knee and Punk took out Harper with the GTS.  Entertaining bout.

Bray got in Punk's face after. He yelled "I am the eater of worlds." Punk may be the only person on the main roster that would get that reference. Wyatt walked away, choosing to fight another day.

John Cena and a trainer were speaking to HHH and Stephanie about Cena's arm.  He's good to go for Raw.  Randy Orton came in and saw Cena and questioned why Cena was there.  Man, he is doing anything but coming off like the top guy in the company in these vignettes. If the idea was to tease Orton vs. Cena for down the line, may I remind WWE that we HAVE SEEN THIS MATCH TO DEATH ALREADY and then explain the law of diminishing returns?

So, it's time for our main event, Big Show vs. Randy Orton.    Show controlled him early.  I don't sense any real "main event feel" live from the crowd.  Orton made a comeback and locked in a sleeper.  The "Boring" chants loudly began.  Then the "We want Bryan" chants began.   Show was tossing Orton into the stairs and you could hear a fan chanting "Take it home."  Show went to the top rope but Orton cut him off for the hanging DDT.  Show slipped off the ropes and the crowd booed the spot.  Show came back and went for the KO.  Orton rolled away.  I wish Show would KO me instead because then I'd be saved from this match.  The referee was bumped.  Of course he was.  Show saved himself from a chair and tossed Orton into the crowd.  He chopped Orton on the floor and I hoped that maybe they would do a quick brawl to get the crowd into it, but it was not to be.  Show brought Orton back and KO'd him inside the ringside area.  He tpssed Orton in but Triple H's music hit.  He, Kane and Stephanie came out and they stood in the aisle.  That allowed Orton to nail the RKO.  The crowd was so invested in this they were again chanting for "Daniel Bryan."  Orton punted Show and pinned him to end the worst WWE PPV main event of 2013. 

John Cena came out and showcased his World title as Orton looked paranoid and worried, Do they really think that anyone wants to see this? It's been done. They had newer guys in the positions primed to be top names and instead it's Summerslam 2009 all over again. It's sad and wreaks of desperation.

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