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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-24 23:00:00

They went to the expert panel.  Ryback came out and knocked them and said they were old timers who were cowards.  He said he could intimidate everyone in the Arena and the locker room, but he wasn't a bully - he was Ryback.  Goldberg chants aplently.  He issued an open challenge.  It was answered by....MARK HENRY.   Henry was definitely slimmed down.   Mark was overpowering Ryback until his knee was taken out from behind.  Lots of Goldberg chants.   Henry is now doing the old JYD headbutts on all fours.  Henry hit something resembling a leap into Ryback as he went for the Meathook and then killed him with the World's Strongest Slam.  Match wasn't much more then two bigger guys slugging it out but you got the impression Henry was really trying to reinvent himself.

How'd you like to be the kid who's parents book a birthday party and you get the Miz? Lots of therapy in his future!

They did a great video showcasing John Cena's insane ahead of schedule return to the ring, followed by a vignette where the trainer was checking on John Cena's elbow.  He said it was structurally solid but there was some selling.  Cena wanted to wrestle without the protective sleeve.  Well, we now know the story of the match will be based at least partially on Alberto going for the cross armbreaker on the weakened arm.

Even in his hometown, Cena is gettng the dueling chants.  It was all Alberto early on.  Cena kept trying to make a comeback but ADR would take him out and work on his bad arm.  There was a fun sequence where Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but ADR kicked him in the face and then DDT'd him.   Cena made a comeback but ADR was all over him.   That was pretty much the story of the match with ADR working him over and Cena pulling out a big move only to be taken down again.   They did the exact same Superman Cena powerbomb out of the armbar again.   Out of nowhere, Cena caught him with the AA and pinned Del Rio.  Felt like a house show match at the end of a program where there was no real drama or anticipation going in, so the match was flat, which is what this was.

They did a ridiculous vignette pushing action figures with John Laurinaitis making an appearance. Considering what his character's era of WWE TV consisted of, and how weak this show is, might not have been the best idea.

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