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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-11-13 19:48:30
Masato Yoshino vs CIMA

Unexpectedly methodical pace to start, as they go to the mat and exchange pinfall attempt with neither man gaining an advantage. CIMA decides that enough is enough and takes Tozawa down with a shoulderblock and then kicks him in the chest. Yoshino starts his light speed rope running before hitting a headscissors to send CIMA out to the floor to take a breather. Yoshino dropkicks CIMA as he comes back into the ring, then begins working over CIMA's arm by hammerlocking him and ramming his shoulder into the top turnbuckle and then stomping on the arm. Yoshino goes to an armbar and really cranks on it, then takes CIMA down with a kind of Rocker Dropped on the arm. CIMA quickly shifts the momentum with an eye gouge and a leaping enziguiri, then begins unloading with kicks to the chest that drive Yoshino out to the floor, where CIMA follows him and gets a fireman's carry, and drops Yoshino chest first on the apron. CIMA distracts the referee while Tozawa pulls Yoshino out to the floor so heand Hulk can work Yoshino over. They send Yoshino back in where CIMA pops him over with a snap suplex for 2, then goes back to firing kicks into Yoshino's chest until he crumples to the mat. CIMA gets Yoshino in a kind of side angle figure four, but Yoshino makes the ropes to force the break, then he charges Yoshino in the corner and eats boot. Yoshino goes to the second rope and CIMA goes for the Venus Punch, but Yoshino dodges and gets his hanging headscissor choke on the outside. Yoshino again uses his speed to his advantage and dodges another strike from CIMA and gets the Slingblade for 2. CIMA catches him the next time with a pair of kicks, but then Yoshino again outmaneuvers CIMA and traps him in the Royal Octopus. CIMA escapes but Yoshino transitions right into a sunset flip for 2. Yoshino tries a springboard move, but CIMA dropkicks him coming down, then hangs him upside down in the corner and connects with a baseball slide, but Yoshino dodges the coast to coast and gets a top rope dropkick, from which CIMA immediately recovers and gets a double stomp. Both men are down and the referee starts the count,but CIMA gets to his feet and tries a back suplex, Yoshino slips out the back, but CIMA gets him with running knees. Yoshino blocks the lungblower, Yoshino blocks the 2K1 Bomb, and Yoshino hits a DDT for 2. CIMA dropkicks Yoshino in the ribs and Yoshino goes down in a heap and begins screaming while clutching his midsection. CIMA looks really pleased with himself and plays to the crowd while Yoshino rolls around and under the ropes. CIMA finally gets tired of waiting and hauls Yoshino back to his feet, ramming knees into his gut over and over before wedging him between the top and middle rope and hitting a running double kneestrike. Back and forth series of reversals until CIMA hits the Schwein, but that only gets 2, so CIMA tries the Pyramid Bomb and Yoshino again kicks out at 2. Yoshino escapes a second one and counters to a crucifix for 2, then gets a DDT that drops CIMA right on his head for another 2. Yoshino with a pair of spinning arm drivers and then traps CIMA in Sol Naciente. CIMA fades, but recovers and desperately stomps on Yoshino's face until he finally fades for good and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Masato Yoshino

Easily the best match on the show so far, and a VERY rare clean singles win over CIMA on a DGUSA show.


We come back from intermission with an in-ring promo from Uhaa Nation, who thanks the fans because everything he's done so far in Dragon Gate USA is because of the fans, and now he gets to go to Japan for a month in late November. He thanks the fans again, and promises that 2011 will be the year of the One Man Nation.

Ricochet vs PAC

I can tell you right now there is no way I'm going to catch everything that happens in this match, but I'll do my best to keep up. PAC goes after Ricochet and takes him down with a waistlock and a lift, sending Ricochet scurrying to the ropes. Ricochet goes behind with a waistlock of his own, but PAC hits a switch so Ricochet counters to a hammerlock, taking PAC down to the mat with it and stomping the arm. Now PAC takes Ricochet down and stomps his arm, but Ricochet responds with a drop toehold into a front facelock. PAC cartwheels out of the hold and gets Ricochet in a rear chinlock, but Ricochet gets out and they do a fast paced back and forth sequence that ends with Ricochet dropkicking PAC in the face. Ricochet with chops in the corner,but PAC dodges a charge and gets one of the biggest hiptosses I've ever seen, sneding Ricochet hurtling across the ring and then slumping him in the corner to deliver some thunderous chops. PAC with a hard snap suplex for 2 and then gets Ricochet in a headscissors. Ricochet makes the ropes, so PAC drills him square in the jaw with a forearm and Ricochet responds by slinging PAC throat first into the middle rope. Ricochet gets a side grapevine of PAC's leg and rolls him into a modified abdominal stretch, then rolls that into a pinning combination for 2. PAC dodges a standing moonsault and gets a standing shooting star press and then rocks Ricochet with another chop. Ricochet goes to the ropes, but PAC clotheslines him over the top rope, causing Ricochet to nearly wipe out a cameraman and land on the guardrail. PAC follows him out with a dive, then beats on him all around ringside and into the crowd. I can't quite see what happens from my vantage point, but I saw Ricochet run across the top of a wooden railing and dive onto PAC, getting the usual religious chant from the crowd. Ricochet then does something else I didn't quite catch, but that gets a similar chant from the crowd as Ricochet rolls PAC back inside and covers for a mere 1. Ricochet with a snapmare into a diving boot for 2, then mockingly shoves PAC in the face with his boot until PAC has enough and gets to his feet to go toe to toe with Ricochet. Ricochet gets a boot to the midsection, but comes off the ropes and gets popped into the air for an Ace Crusher,and it appears the tide has turned. Ricochet gouges the eyes, but comes off the ropes right into a forearm from PAC, then does it again, and the third time gets a boot to the face, and then PAC follows with a Northern Lights suplex for 2. PAC shoves Ricochet into the ropes and catches him coming back in a German suplex that Ricochet pops right back up from to hit a Zig Zag and a standing twisting sention for 2. PAC backdrops Ricochet to the apron, but Ricochet Slingshots himself back in and catches PAC in a Frankensteiner as he comes over the ropes, then falls backwards into the move and sends both of them tumbling to the floor. Ricochet takes a dive off the stage and does a full flip, but PAC dodges, Ricochet lands on his feet, PAC dives off the stage and over Ricochet, and gets an inverted Frankensteiner on the floor. PAC rolls back into the ring and the referee lays down a count, with Ricochet getting to his feet only to fall back to the floor, then get back up and just barely make the count at 19. PAC immediately deadlifts him off the mat into a bridging German suplex for 2,Ricochet makes it to his feet and they go back and forth until Ricochet now hits an inverted Frankensteiner and both men are again down. Another series of moves and PAC misses a Phoenix splash, but Ricochet follows right up with one of his own and connects for 2. PAC dodges a charge in the corner and goes up top, but Ricochet runs up the ropes and delivers a one man Spanish Fly for 2. Ricochet looks at the ceiling to gauge how much clearance he has, then goes up top for a shooting star press, but PAC gets the knees up. Akira Tozawa distracts the ref as Ricochet pops PAC into the air and kicks him low, then rolls him up for 2. PAC responds by popping Ricochet in the air and catches him coming down in a sitout powerbomb for 2. PAC comes off the ropes right into a leaping enziguiri from Ricochet, who follows right up with another one, then fires PAC into the ropes and catches him coming off in a bridging German suplex for 2, a second similar move I couldn't quite identify for another 2, then a Silver Slice right on his head for another 2. Ricochet fires another flurry of head strikes at PAC until he finally goes down and Ricochet is able to cover for 3.

Winner: Ricochet

This was just off the charts with a ton of amazing spots and a terrific finishing sequence where Ricochet threw everything had at PAC until he couldn't take any more and finally went down in defeat. Ricochet has come such a long way since coming to this company and has grown into a hell of a performer.

The Open The Freedom Gate Title is on the line next on Page 3!

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