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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-11-13 19:48:30 iPPV

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Freedom Fight 2011, Dragon Gate USA's final event of 2011! For information on ordering the iPPV stream, available on your regular computer, Android, iPad, or iPhone, click on the poster above.

Lenny Leonard welcomes us to tonight's event, but BJ Whitmer interrupts his introduction and says he's been fighting Brodie Lee all weekend and he wants him to come out and face him right now.

BJ Whitmer vs Brodie Lee

Whitmer boots Brodie off the apron during his entrance and hits a somersault dive to the outside, wiping Brodie out and nearly knocking over the guardrail. Whitmer continues pounding on Brodie all around ringside, but Brodie makes it back into the ring and hits a dive through the ropes onto Whitmer. Didn't see that coming! Now Brodie goes on the offensive, but Whitmer recovers and they wind up going toe to toe on the floor until Whitmer hits an exploder that sends Brodie crashing to the floor of BB Kings. They head back inside where the brawl continues and Brodie again surprises Whitmer with a quick superkick and a backdrop suplex for 1. Brodie pitches Whitmer out to the floor and distracts the referee while Ricochet sneak attacks him, but grabs Whitmer before he can retaliate against Ricochet and suplexes him into the ring, lifting Whitmer so high his feet nearly hit the lights coming out of the ceiling. They go back to beating on each other and Whitmer knocks Brodie flat on his back with a running forearm. Whitmer follows with a running knee to the side of the face for 2, then hits a snap Flatliner and traps Brodie in the same choke he used to win his match on Friday, and Brodie rolls Whitmer to his back for 2. Whitmer breaks the hold, and they trade boots to the face until Whitmer connects with a running boot off the ropes for 2. Brodie catches Whitmer coming into the corner and hits a sitout powerbomb for 2, a charging clothesline in the corner, the Truckstop, anda big powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Brodie Lee

My god, that was a fight if I've ever seen one. That finishing combo was brutal, and sure looked effective.

The Scene vs Uhaa Nation & John Silver

Silver and Caleb Konley start us off and do a basic wrestling sequence that quickly turns into a forearm exchange. Konley heads to the corner and tries a leapfrog, but Silver European uppercuts him on the way down, then hits a springboard forearm and a Lionsault for 2. Reed tags in and wipes Silver out with a shoulderblock, but Silver counters a fireman's carry to an armdrag and tags in Uhaa Nation, who barely gets his hands on Reed before Konley jumps him from behind and sends him out to the floor where they double team him ever sobriefly before Nation wipes them both out with a double clothesline and then Silver further wipes them out with a dive. Nation takes Reed back in and hits a snap suplex and then tries a backdrop, but Reed lands on his feet and hits a running knee. He tries a dive, but Uhaa moves out of the way and repeatedly rams Reed into the top turnbuckle before laying Konley out with a dropkick and then German suplexing Reed right on his head for 2. Silver comes in and quickly finds himself in trouble, getting booted to the outside by Reed and then suplexed back into the ring for 2. Konley picks Silver up in a delayed vertical suplex and Reed chops Silver while he's in the air, which is such a cool looking spot. Silver takes Reed down with a double leg and hits a double stomp, then makes the hot tag and Uhaa comes in to destroy the Scene. He takes Konley out with a powerslam for 2, then nearly launches Reed into the first row with an overhead release suplex. Silver superkicks Konley into a German suplex from Uhaa, then a double superkick gets 2. Uhaa with a bicycle kick to Reed, but Konley dodges an attempt at a second one and Uhaa tumbles to the floor. The Scene hits their assisted DDT into a wheelbarrow suplex combo for the win.

Winner: The Scene

Really good match, the Scene has really good chemistry and Uhaa is amazing, I see the same kind of ability and charisma in him that I saw in Monty Brown years ago.

Ronin came out for the next match, and Johnny Gargano told Chuck Taylor that he had to give the belt back, and Taylor said he'd give it back later. Rich Swann says not to worry about the belt, because he's worked too long and hard to get distracted by the belt, and to concentrate on winning tonight. Swann then tells Taylor that after everything with Blood Warriors all year, they have a chance tonight to beat Blood Warriors' asses.

Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann vs BxB Hulk & Akira Tozawa

Tozawa gets a good reaction from the crowd as he kicks off the match against Rich Swann. They go back and forth with Swann pulling off acrobatics so quickly I can't keep up, but trust me when I say it was really impressive. Tozawa brushes away a dropkick and then Taylor and Hulk tag in and Hulk starts taking Taylor apart with kicks. Taylor rolls Hulk around and into a modified abdominal stretch, then tags out to Swann, who takes Hulk to the corner and goes up for the ten punch count. Swann plays to the crowd and then rakes Hulk's back multiple times before tagging back out to Taylor so he can lay in some back rakes of his own. Even Tozawa comes in and gets a back rake, then Taylor rakes the referee's back, Swann rakes Taylor's back, and everything goes haywire as the crowd goes crazy for the antics. Tozawa takes things back to business and shuts Taylor down with a rear chinlock and hangs him on the middle rope so Hulk can spit wine in his face. Taylor rams Tozawa into the Ronin corner and goes to make the tag, but Swann was taken out and can't make the tag, so Taylor puts the boots to Tozawa until Swann makes it back onto the apron so they can hit a series of double teams in the corner until Tozawa collapses in a heap. Tozawa's finally had enough and lays chops into the chest of Swann before catching him off guard with a jab to the jaw that rocks Swann, and then tags out to Hulk, who continues the assault. Hulk gets a nasty nodified abdominal stretch on Swann and exposes Swann's ribs so Tozawa can come in with a short dropkick to the midsection. Hulk and Tozawa with a double hiptoss and a barrage of kicks that gets them a 2 count on Swann. Tozawa with a hard slam and a senton for 2, then Hulk comes in and peppers Swann with kicks before tying him up in a really painful looking armbar and finally connecting with a spinning heel kick that knocks Swann flat on his back, forcing Taylor to come in and break the pinfall attempt at 2. Hulk with more kicks and a high angle half crab, but Swann makes the ropes so Hulk tags out to Tozawa, who traps Swann in a camel clutch, immobilizing his arms so Hulk can come in with a straight scissor kick to the head. Swann finally hits a spinning enziguiri and makes the tag to Taylor, who goes to town on Hulk, popping him in the air with an overhead release suplex and then taking Tozawa out with a series of short dropkicks. Hulk rolls out to the floor, so Taylor gets a diving dropkick through the ropes as Swann comes into the ring and hits a Pelle kick. Swann reverses a Frankensteiner by Tozawa into a sunset flip, bot Tozawa rolls through and dropkicks Swann in the face for 2. Tozawa goes to the second rope and Swann gets a leaping Frankensteiner for another 2. Taylor comes in but quickly finds himself on the receiving end of the Guile Kick from Hulk, who then continues taking Taylor apart with a blinding array of kicks that gets a big pop from the crowd. Hulk with more insane knockout kicks to Taylor, but Swann tackles him before he can hit the finishing blow. Swann is rewarded for his efforts with another series of kicks, but gets a handspring Ace Crusher on Tozawa as Taylor hits Hulk with Sole Food. Hulk comes off the ropes and Taylor catches him and nearly plants him through the mat with a Sky High, and a series of moves in the corner end with TAylor hitting a top rope double stomp followed by a standing shooting star press from Swann for 2. Tozawa drills Swann with a bicycle kick and a German suplex, then Taylor gets a big boot and the Awful Waffle on Tozawa, followed by the triple jump 450 from Swann for the win.

Winners: Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann

Awesome match that didn't let up for a second. CIMA and Brodie Lee run out and attack Ronin after the match, but then Johnny Gargano and Masato Yoshino come out to make the save and it looks like we're going right into our next match.

CIMA and Masato Yoshino battle next on Page 2!

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