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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-07 20:07:00

Ciampa is out like the old Psycho, until WALTER chopped the hell out of his neck.  They are now brawling on the floor.  WALTER went for a chop, Ciampa moved and it broke the announce desk header board.  But that didn’t stop him.  This is exactly what I want it to be.

WALTER is selling the hand a bit since, well, he is soooooo good.  Ciampa is working over the hand.  Well he was until he ate a boot to the face.  Now both guys are selling.  WALTER has red marks all over his body and is selling the hand.  I am really thinking they are setting up Rampage to win tomorrow, especially if they do the “WALTER had to fly to the UK from Florida” storyline.

WALTER is now throwing light kicks and goading Ciampa to get up.  When he did, he nailed him with a stiff knee to the head.  He clearly likes to hurt people, my kind of guy.

Ciampa is back, with STIFF clotheslines.  They went to an F’n clotheslines.  I wen to The Cock to not miss anything.  Ciampa is working him over with tons of running clotheslines. Ciampa is amazing shape to be able to do all of this.  Too bad it’s not on USA with commentary.

Ciampa got a two and WALTER is trying to come back, but Ciampa almost pinned him again.  Ciampa is on fire.

Well, he was until he ate a suplex and a stiff clothesline for a two count.  WALTER Is fighting with one hand, which you know Brown will attack tomorrow. Ciampa is continuing to attack the right hand.

This is awesome.

AIR RAID CRASH off of the second rope, but WALTER (barely) kicked out.  Damn!

This is sooooo good.  Damn man, sooooo good.

WALTER hit two stiff power bombs and used his weight, but Ciampa kicked out before three.  The peeps are chanting this is awesome.   They are right.

Finally, WALTER threw Ciampa into next week and took him out for the pin.  AWESOME match.  They killed it.  And now, Rampage waits tomorrow.  I smell Title change.

Again, damn this was great.  Totally great.

After the match, the rest of Imperium came out and they stood with WALTER.  His chest is a mess.  He sold the hand before he left.

Taya’s dog reminded us she is coming.  Um, I mean Franky.

MSK, GYV or Legado will be the new tag champs, next.

MSK out first, then Fastasma and they my boys, The Grizzled Young Veterans.

I hope GYV win it, and they are in control now, but I just feel they will go with MSK.  Fantasma has been taken out so it’s the other two teams right now.

And now they are all back in it and it just went into crazy mode.  GYV are down on the floor as we went to commercial.   Fantasma is working over MSK.

These guys are working hard, flying all over the place, as you would expect in this kind of match.  I feel sorry for them having to follow the last match.  I am still buzzing over that one.  Damn, it was amazing.

Anyway, Lee thought he had Drake in the ring when Zack nailed him the throat and then held Lee’s injured hand in the turnbuckle and Drake wiped it out.  Zack put Lee in Saintly Gates but his partner grabbed his hand and stopped him from tapping.  Fantasma placed the bones and got a two on Lee.  This is heating up big time, they are flying all over the place.

Fantasma got wiped again so GYV and MSK faced off and they then threw hands.  Lee came flying out of nowhere and once again, MSK beat the GYV when he pinned Gibson.  They all gave it everything they have and delivered a strong match.

William Regal came out and presented the belt to the new champs.  They are clearly happy.  Good for them.  Wrestling may be a work, but it’s still fun to reach the mountaintop.

Io Shirai defends agains Raquel Gonzalez in our main event next.  Steph Mac and Sarray are at ringside.  Very cool.  Let's do this.

Raquel has Dakota Kai with her.  Just as I was about to say that I hope she doesn't get involved, she did when Io was in control.  The ref tossed her and at least it wasn't needed interference so now it's on even terms.

Io isn't scared but damn she just got wasted and now Raquel is in control. She is getting near falls but mad when the champ kicks out.  

Io is coming back a lot.  I think putting her in with a much bigger opponent is good for her. She is fighting like hell from the get go since the odds are against her.  She is going 100 miles an hour, but in control.

Io had Raquel in a submission but the challenger got to the ropes.  She went out on the ramp and Io blasted her with a moonsault and then destroyed her with running knees on the rampway.  If Raquell wins she will overcome a lot.  And part of that is the sick splash she just did off of the skull on the set.

They could have gotten counted out but the champ took it back to the ring and did a crazy moonsault but Gonzalez kicked out.  She rolled to the floor and Io followed an ate a chokeslam on the floor when Io crashed and burned.  Now they are back in the ring and Raquel is going to work, one armed powerbomb, 1-2-3, your new NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez!

This was really good stuff.  I loved that Io got in a ton since she was the champ and she was taking on a rookie.  But at the end of the day, it was time to put the belt on the monster and that's what they did. It was the right call and I loved it.

Much like MSK earlier, Raquel seemed to be genuinely happy to win the belt, as she should be.  Taya Frankie is probably waiting for her.

Overall, it was a super strong show.  On paper, tomorrow looked to be the "bigger" show.  Maybe it will be but in order to do that everyone has a high bar set to get over.

Thanks for reading, back at ya tomorrow!

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