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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-07 20:07:00

Welcome to my NXT: Stand And Deliver Night 1 blog.

On the pre-show Zoey Stark beat Toni Storm in a good match.  The push of Stark continues.

We are starting with Nita Strauss doing her best Jimi Hendrix impression and playing The Star Spangled Banner.  We are at the CWC with fans behind the glass.  We are opening with Pete Dunne taking on Kushida in what promises to be a classic.  Dunne is out first, looking miserable.  Kushida is next.  The bell rings and, we’re off.  They are starting hot.

They went to a break with Kushida in control.  They did picture in picture on USA so I turned on Peacock.  They are airing what is in the PIP small box, with the commentary. on The Cock.  It’s still very back and forth.

There is no pause or rewind functionality on my iPad so hopefully they get it going by Mania this weekend as Paul Jordan was told.

Kushida had Dunne a few times but he got an arm, then his foot, to the ropes to get the break.  Kushida was in control until Pete went to the fingers.  He snapped them and when Kushida punched him, he hurt his hand, which led to a kick and The Bitter End.  Very good match to open the show.

R Kelly told me that the functionality on The Cock is there.  I will see what happens when I update the app.

Yes, the functionality is there on iPad!  I can’t cast it though so right now it looks like if you want it on a TV, you have to use Apple TV or the HDMI out line of a Mac.  I am sure Roku will be coming soon, if it’s not already.

The Gauntlet match to determine who will face Johnny Garango tomorrow started on The Cock while USA was at commercial.  Swerve Scott and Leon Ruff are the first two.  They beat on each other until Bronson Reed come out at three.  Ruff tried to jump Reed from the top as he came down the ramp.  It didn’t end well for Ruff.  Reed went to work.

They set up one of those kind of contrived spots where Reed suplexed both of them at once.  When it’s cool like that, I don’t mind as much.

Next out was Cameron Grimes.  He distracted Reed and Ruff and Swerve took him out.  Grimes paid Swerve money to work with him and then went to work on Ruff.  Plus, they kept Reed out of the ring.  As Dexter Lumis was coming out, Swerve pinned Ruff.  On his way to the ring Lumis did a DDT on Reed on the ramp.

Lumis and Reed then faced off until Grimes pulled the rope and Bronson hit the floor.  Then Lumis wiped out Grimes with a clothesline that took them both to the floor.  LA Knight just came out and he doing a promo on the way.

He nailed Reed but it didn’t last and Reed nailed him as we went to commercial.

When we came back Knight eliminated Lumis but the remaining three nailed him and Reed pinned him.  He rolled to the floor where Lumis was waiting to choke him out.  We are down to Grimes, Reed and Swerve.

Swerve ain’t working for Grimes.  It’s every man for themselves.  And that showed true when Swerve got some tights and rolled up Grimes.  We are down to two.

Reed might be dead.  Swerve just caught him on the top and slammed him on the apron.  OUCH!  Back in the ring Swerve his a 450 but Reed JUST kicked out.

Swerve is in control as he beat on the big man but Reed asked for more.  Reed kept kicking out.

The big man got up and turned the tide.  Up he went to the top.  Tsunami, Reed wins and gets Johnny Gargano tomorrow.  This was a lot of fun, all action, as these kinds of matches tend to be.  Swerve got a lot in and got elevated here.  I hope we get a Johnny promo about what is waiting for him tomorrow.

Right on cue, out came Johnny to mock Reed.  This will be one interesting match.  I like Reed a lot.  I hope because the big guy won we get serious Johnny tomorrow.

WALTER defends the NXT UK Title against Tommaso Ciampa next.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see the war from tonight leading to the champ losing the belt to Rampage Brown tomorrow (in the match I am most looking forward to WrestleMania week).

I am psyched for this.  Two bad men are going to fight.  That is wrestling at its best to me.  Moves and spots are great.  Two bad man going to war?  That is my pro wrestling.

Ciampa is wearing trunks.  This has a big fight feel, both in presentation and actuality.

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