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By Richard Trionfo on 2023-10-02 23:00:00

Your announcers are Michael Cole and Wade Barrett.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are fighting in the aisle as the show begins.  Nia runs Shayna into the apron.  Shayna kicks Nia and applies the Kirifuta Clutch.  Nia backs Shayna into the turnbuckles to escape.

Raquel Rodriguez' music plays and she makes her way to the ring and Nia is confused.

Raquel punches Nia and Raquel goes for a boot on Nia but Nia moves and Raquel hits Shayna.  Nia knocks Raquel down.

Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring and she takes Nia down and punches her.  Raquel punches Rhea and Shayna goes after Nia.  

Security comes to the ring and separates everyone.

Rhea attacks security and gives one of them RipTide.

Rhea remains in the ring while everyone else is escorted to the back.

Rhea gets on the mic and she says she is back on Raw.  Rhea says she is not done yet.  She tells the rest of THE Judgment Day to come out because they need to talk.

Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio make their way to the ring, but there is no Finn Balor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhea talks about some THE Judgment Day business to attend to.  She says there is no leader in THE Judgment Day and they have their own responsibilities to handle.  Someone has to come up with a game plan so things don't go down?  Right Dom?  What happens?  Mami is taken out for two weeks by Nia Jax and things fall apart for THE Judgment Day.  She makes the plans and she left that responsibility for someone and that person let ehr down.  She says she left that responsibility for Priest.  Rhea says she goes and you can't handle the job.  After the brawl last week, Finn is out with an injury and you can't compete against Jey because you are not medically cleared?  Dom loses the North American Championship to Trick Williams because you weren't there like she told him to.  Now there is a Cody and Jey situation.  They don't fear them because there is tension.  They are not a threat to them.  They are going to try to take your tag titles from you.  What are you going to do?

Priest says with all due respect, you are not saying anything he doesn't know.  Cody and Jey are coming for the titles, but when push comes to shove, he will push harder.  With that being said, screw Cody Rhodes.  Screw Jey Uso.  All of these talks about THE Judgment Day falling apart, screw them too.  Priest says he has his titles and his contract.  He says he is not trying to point fingers but Mami, where is Dom Dom's title?

Rhea looks at Dom and Dom does not look too happy.

Rhea asks Dom if she is her Mami.  What does that make him?  That makes you his papi.  Tomorrow night, you have a rematch against Trick Williams.  You're welcome.  If you don't come home with the championship, don't bother coming home.  

Jey Uso's music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring.

Jey wants to welcome back Rhea to Raw.  Jey says they missed her.  It looks like there is a new tribal chief on Monday and she has bigger balls than Roman ever did.

Priest tells Jey he is really tired of hearing him open his mouth.  Priest approaches Jey but Dom stops Priest.  

Dom starts to talk but we cannot hear him over the booing.  Dom says Priest that since Priest cannot take care of his business tonight, Dom says he will take care of Jey tonight.

Priest lets him go and Rhea has some words for Priest and they leave the ring.

Dom misses a punch and Jey with a super kick.  

JD McDonagh attacks Jey from behind and connects with forearms.  Jey punches JD and then Dom joins the attack.  Dom punches Jey while JD holds Jey.  Dom punches Jey and Priest gets on the apron with the briefcase and Cody Rhodes' music plays.

Jey with a super kick to JD and Cody with CrossRhodes to Dom.

Adam Pearce comes out and says that Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso will face Damian Priest and Finn Balor.  It will be a tag title match.

We see the headlines about Jade Cargill.

Match Number One:  Chad Gable and Otis (with Maxxine Dupri) versus Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci

Chad and Kaiser start things off and they lock up.  Kaiser backs Chad into the corner but misses a punch.  Chad with an arm drag into an arm bar and side head lock.  Kaiser with a reversal and a shoulder tackle.  Kasier with an arm bar.  Kaiser with a wrist lock and Chad with a drop toe hold into an arm bar.  Kaiser pulls Chad down by the hair and he kicks Chad in the head.  Vinci tags in and he kicks Chad and connects with a forearm and European uppercut in the corner.  Vinci with a side head lock and Chad with a head scissors take down.  Chad with a waist lock and Vinci avoids a German suplex.  Chad with an ankle lock and Vinci rolls through but Chad knocks Kaiser off the apron.  Chad with an exploder to Ludwig and he goes up top but Kaiser pulls Vinci to the floor.  Kaiser yells at Vinci and Otis back drops Chad onto Vinci.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Chad chops Kaiser.  Kaiser with a running European uppercut to send Chad to the floor.  Vinci with a back drop driver onto the apron and Kaiser with a hesitation drop kick to knock Chad off the apron to the floor.  Vinci tags in and he gives Chad a European uppercut or two.  Chad blocks a European uppercut for a back slide and a near fall.  Vinci with a clothesline and Kaiser tags in.  Kaiser runs into a boot but he blocks it and connects with a punch for a near fall.  Kaiser with a Cobra Clutch.   Chad with punches but Kaiser with an elbow to the head.  Chad goes for a back body drop and Kaiser tries for a sunset flip but Chad holds on and applies the ankle lock.

Chad with a German suplex to Kaiser after knocking Vinci off the apron.  Kaiser looks for Vinci and Otis tags in.  Otis runs through Kaiser a few times and hits a clothesline.  Otis with a back fist to Vinci.  Otis with an exploder and splash to Kaiser.  Otis catches Vinci on a springboard move and he hits a World's Strongest Slam.  The shirt comes off and Otis with a Caterpillar.  Otis puts Kaiser on the turnbuckles and Vinci grabs Otis' leg to stop the fallaway slam.  Chad with a cannonball to Vinci while Kaiser hits a running kick to Otis for the three count.

Winners:  Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser

We take a look back at Saturday's Women's Title match between Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch.

Michael Cole mentions that Becky Lynch is not medically cleared to wrestle and we see what happened to her arm.  Becky will be on NXT tomorrow night.

Adam apologizes to Tegan Nox for postponing the match.

Chelsea Green arrives and she says she has an amazing idea.

Chelsea says Tegan is probably complaining about Becky not being able to wrestle.  Chelsea says Tegan should be wishing the match is canceled so she doesn't lose to Becky.

Tegan says she has an idea.  She suggests that since her schedule is opened up and they wrestle to see who is championship material. 

Adam likes the idea and says the match is official.

Match Number Two:  Bronson Reed versus Cedric Alexander

Alexander with a forearm but Reed pushes him away.  Alexander with punches and Reed pushes him away.  Reed misses a splash into the corner and Alexander with a missile drop kick to send Reed to the floor.  Alexander with a drop kick through the ropes and a suicide dive.  Alexander with a flip dive onto Reed.  Alexander goes for a springboard move and Reed with a clothesline.  Alexander with a Neuralizer for a near fall.  Alexander goes upt op and Reed stops him and Reed with a press slam attempt.  Alexander gets back to his feet but Reed with a cross body and a back senton.  Reed pulls Alexander into the corner for Tsunami and the three count.

Winner:  Bronson Reed

We take a look back at last week's MizTV..

Adam Pearce is on the phone and he has to stop his call when Drew McIntyre shows up.  

Drew says he is not going to do MizTV tonight.

Adam says Miz requested an open forum to speak.

Drew says absolutely not but he will still go out and talk but if Miz shows his face, he will stop him.

Adam asks Drew if he is okay.

Drew says he doesn't remember people 'doing the right thing' when he was being beaten down by the Bloodline.

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