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By Dave Scherer on 2015-06-14 20:06:31

The New Day came out and heeled cheaters, like the Ohio State Buckeyes. They weren’t happy that Kofi got cheated earlier. Give him clap therapy. Ain’t gonna happen folks. Actually, they got some “rocks” in the New Day Sucks from the fans. Xavier was pissed at Columbus. Tag Title match against The Prime Time Players is next.

New Day was in charge on Darren Young early. They beat him down pretty well until Titus O’Neil got the hot tag and cleaned house. He pinned Woods, new tag champions. It came pretty much out of nowhere. Just when the New Day was getting some traction……Anyway, the announcers sold that maybe the New Day needed their third member since Kofi wasn’t out there.

They then threw it back to the panel to recap.

Roman Reigns gets Bray Wyatt five weeks from tonight at the Battleground PPV. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Title, in a Ladder Match, is next. They have a LOT of time. It’s 10:09 ET.

As Seth was making his way through the back, Kane mocked him. Then he ran into Steph and H. Everything is riding on you. If Dean becomes the champ, she said, we will have no one to blame but you. H said clear your mind. This is what you wanted. To stand on your own two feet. So show them, show them why I chose you. H fired him up, and it worked. Great pep talk by H.

They went back and forth early on, as should be expected. They were using the ladder and keeping each other from getting the belt. … About ten minutes in, Ambrose hit a flying Bionic Elbow, for Dusty, but Rollins used a chair to nail Dean’s knee as he was getting up the ladder. Rollins tried to go up but Dean stopped him. Dean is working wounded now, selling the leg. Rollins is working it over with a variety of moves and the ladder. And he worked it over for the next five minutes or so. Ambrose was selling it big time. Finally, Seth had Dean tied up in the ropes and stomped him in the face from the top. As he went up the ladder, Dean came back, but he is still selling the leg. And Rollins went back to working it over with a chair and the ladder. But then Dean came back and hit a huge clothesline from the top to Rollins as he was on the top rope. Ambrose fired up and took Rollins over the top to the floor, where they started brawling. Rollins managed to lay him out and run back in the ring. He went to set up the ladder when Dean came back, so Rollins tossed the ladder at him, on the floor. But, he missed. Ambrose ran into two kicks but then took Rollins out with a clothesline. He went for Dirty Deeds and Rollins bailed to the floor. Ambrose followed and they brawled around the arena. They came back to ringside where Rollins set up a ladder on the announce table. Before he could use it Ambrose ran across the announce tables and dove on him. Ambrose set the ladder up on the ring and the apron and went in the ring. Rollins came back in and they fought to see who would use the ladder. Rollins tried a powerbomb but Dean got out an backdropped Rollins on the ladder, bending it in half. The crowd chanted Holy S….well you know. Dean went and got another ladder. Dean set up the ladder but the bad leg gave Rollins time to return. Seth went to powerbomb him over the top rope but Ambrose turned it into a ran. Ambrose clotheslined Rollins over the Spanish Announce table. They got on the table and slugged it out. Rollins went for the Pedigree but Ambrose turned it into Dirty Deeds. Dean rolled off and struggled to get to the ring as the fans chanted one more time. Dean got to the ring and crawled to the ladder. He climbed up on one leg. Good selling. As Dean got to the belt, Rollins came in and took him out with a monitor from ringside. Rollins made the climb on the ladder but Ambrose came back and stopped him. Rollins went down and hit The Pedigree on Ambrose. Up he climbed. He got to the belt but once again, here comes Ambrose. Rollins kicked him off but when he went to spear Dean, he moved and Rollins hit the floor. Seth ran Dean into a bridged ladder then a running powerbomb into the barricade. And then another one on another barricade. And then he did a sit out powerbomb on a ladder. He threw chairs on Dean. He threw the ladder on Dean. He buried him under chairs and went into the ring to climb the ladder. He got halfway up when Ambrose came back in. Seth got to the belt but Ambrose got in front of him. Ambrose had a hand on it and Seth had two when they both went down with the Title. Rollins ended up with it, gaining the win. … Excellent, really long main event where both guys worked hard and it could have gone either way. The booking was great in that either guy could have won but Seth did it on his own. As Rollins was leaving Triple H came out and hugged him and put him over.

Before we went off the air, Rollins was asked what he wanted to say. He said I told you so. No one can hang with me. He said he was the greatest WWE champion of all time while HHH smiled.

Overall, it was a good, strong show. The main event and Owens-Cena matches were awesome while the briefcase match was really good as well. There were so flat moments but the good stuff was really, really good.

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