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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-03-28 20:43:42
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of WWNLive's Mercury Rising Supershow!

Rich Swann comes out to start the show serenading the fans to that All Night Long song from the 80s. The crowd sings along and chants "we are awesome" when the song ends, then Swann informs the crowd that he's not cleared to wrestle tonight. Swann says the match last night was ended because he was injured, but at the April shows, if the Premier Athlete Brand is as good as they say, they should put their Open The United Gate Title on the line against RONIN BABY! So Cal Val comes out with the Premier Athlete Brand and says it must be so nice to be him with the big entrance, but then he quits the match last night when he gets a boo boo, and now he wants a title shot. Val tells Cage and Konley to give him a title shot, so Cage jumps Swann and holds him so Konley can whack him in the ribs with one of the title belts. Johnny Gargano and Ethan Page run in to chase them off, and Page calls out Caleb Konley to start their match right now, so I guess we're already into our first match...

Ethan Page vs Caleb Konley

Konley uses a distraction from Brian Cage to get an early advantage, but Page quickly pops him over with a suplex and clotheslines Konley out to the floor. Page goes for a dive, but Konley pulls Andrea in front to stop him in his tracks, so Page goes to the floor instead and kicks Konley into the barricade. Page continues beating Konley up all around ringside, but he tries to powerbomb Konley on the apron and Konley counters to a vertical drop to turn the tide. They head inside and Konley continues to maintain control, locking Page down with a chinlock, but Page escapes a slam attempt and plants Konley in the mat with a DDT. Page mounts a fiery babyface comeback: clothesline, elbow, backdrop, and then he turns Konley inside out with a tilt-a-whirl slam and a high angle powerbomb that makes my neck hurt. He only gets 2 off of that, so he lawn darts Konley into the corner, comes through the ropes with an Ace Crusher, but still only gets 2. Page with right hands in the corner on Konley, but Konley reverses an Irish whip and walks off the ropes to deliver a tornado DDT. Konley with a diving clothesline and a Lionsault for 2. Konley goes for the O Face, but Page is fighting it and manages to slip free with the help of some boots to the face. Page with a bicycle kick to the face of Konley, Konley catches him with a jawbreaker, Page with a big kick to the skull, Konley with a leaping enziguiri, and Konley hits a cradle shock for 2. So Cal Val is livid at ringside telling Konley to go for the kill, but Konley is slow to pick Page up and Page is able to start firing off right hands. Page backdrops Konley onto Cage, and Cage catches Konley, but then Page takes the both of them out with a dive. They go back inside where Page hits the Claudio facebuster, but so Cal Val is up on the apron distracting the referee so Cage can come in. Cage goes for a roaring clothesline, but Page ducks and Cage hits Konley. Page knocks Cage back out to the floor, rolls Konley up with a handful of tights, and gets the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

Good match and a solid weekend for Page, who looked great in the two matches I saw him in. Val isn't happy with Cage for screwing up and tells him this wasn't part of the plan, prompting Andrea to low blow him so Konley can knock him out with the belt. The PAB leaves without Cage, who gets a good ovation on his way out.

Cherry Bomb, Kimber Lee & Mia Yim vs Nikki Storm & The Canadian Ninjas

Plenty of women's gold represented here: Mia is the SHINE Champion, Kimber and Cherry are the SHINE Tag Team Champions, and Nicole Matthews is the SHIMMER Champion. Nikki Storm cuts a promo I couldn't quite make out before the match, but obviously Andrea doesn't like it because she runs in, destroys Nikki Storm, and kicks her out to the floor. So Cal Val gets a microphone and says never to let a girl do a woman's job, and tells the Canadian Ninjas that Andrea is their new partner, you're WELCOME! All heck breaks loose right away as all six girls go at it right from the bell, and the SHINE team stacking the SHIMMER team (I'll just call them that to save me some typing) up in the corner and hits a series of charges, knocking them out to the floor. Mia takes the Ninjas out with a dive, then kicks the crap out of Andrea and rams her into the post. things finally settle down as Nicole and Cherry do some mat wrestling while everyone goes back to their corners, and Cherry gets the advantage and traps the SHIMMER Champion in their half of the ring. Nicole goes to the eyes and tags Portia in to go at it with Kimber. Portia gets the advantage briefly, but Kimber starts pummeling her with forearms. Val gets on the apron to distract the referee while Nicole comes in and cheap shots Kimber, then holds her so Andrea can come in and nail Kimber with a sick kick. Nicole with a hard DDT to Kimber for 2, then Portia comes in and gets a neck vice on Kimber. Andrea comes in and Kimber hammers her with some forearms, but Andrea just yanks her to the mat, picks up her legs, and stomps on her hooha. That's not nice. Portia is back in and both girls wipe one another out with a double clothesline. Kimber makes the hot tag to Mia as Portia tags Nicole, and the two singles champions are finally in the ring one-on-one. Mia destroys Nicole and hits a rolling front kick in the corner to get a 2 count. Mia then takes out both Ninjas with a double running dropkick, and then she starts beating Andrea up, too. Kimber and Cherry are in and double teaming Andrea, then they double whip her into a missile dropkick from Yim. Kimber German suplexes Andrea, then the Ninjas are in and dump Cherry and Kimber, and Mia is left to fight both Ninjas. Ninjas with a double suplex to Mia, but Mia fights Portia off. Kimber and Cherry drag Nicole out to the floor and Mia rolls Portia up with a schoolgirl for the win.

Winner: Mia Yim, Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb

So Cal Val gets in the ring and starts chewing the Ninjas out for blowing the match, and Andrea is ready to do something about it, but Nikki Storm runs back out and missile dropkicks Andrea out of the ring. Nikki says she isn't afraid of Andrea, and challenges her to a match next Friday night at SHINE.

The unification match is next on Page 2!

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