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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-05-26 23:01:53
We are back and we are down to two announcers since JBL has been taken back to the trainer’s room for medical attention.

Zack Ryder starts to talk about Memorial Day but he is interrupted by the music for the Ravishing Russian, who does her runway walk and pose into position. She says that it is typical Americans, dwelling on past glories. To forge an elite society, you need progressive opinions, just like Vladimir Putin. Those of you who are not willing to move forward are simply embarrassing patriots will need disciplinary actions taken to its highest levels. Compliance to Mother Russia and its Super Athlete is mandatory.

Match Number Four: Zack Ryder (with an American Flag) versus Rusev (with Lana)

Rusev throws Ryder into the corner but Ryder with punches and a chop. Rusev with a body block and then he punches Ryder in the back of the head. Lana gives Rusev the safe word and he stomps on the back and applies the Accolade and Ryder taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Big E’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Big E attacks Rusev but Rusev with a body block and clothesline that sends Rusev over the top rope to the floor.

Big E takes Ryder’s flag and waves it in the ring.

Alberto Del Rio is in the back with Stephanie McMahon, but they are not talking loud enough for the cameras to pick up any sound.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Batista and Randy Orton versus Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Batista and Cody start things off and Batista with a knee and he sends Cody into the turnbuckles. Batista with shoulders to Cody followed by an Irish whip but Cody with a boot and elbow from the turnbuckles. Batista with a forearm to the back. Cody with a kick and drop down uppercut. Goldust tags in and he punches Batista. Batista runs Goldust into the corner and Orton tags in.

Orton with punches and Goldust holds on to the ropes to avoid the snap power slam. Goldust with a rollup for a near fall and then he hits a power slam. Cody tags in and he connects with an elbow from the turnbuckles. Orton sends Cody into the turnbuckles. Orton punches Cody from the turnbuckles but Cody escapes. Cody with punches to Orton. Orton with a kick and punch. Cody with punches to Orton but Orton with a knee to the midsection. Orton with a boot to the solar plexus and Batista tags in.

Batista with a forearm to the back of the head. Batista with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Batista with a back elbow. Batista gets Cody up for a slam but Cody gets to his feet and Goldust tags in and hits a few clotheslines. Goldust with a drop down uppercut but Orton with a knee to the back and Batista with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Orton poses and we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista with a chin lock on Goldust followed by a forearm to the kidneys. Batista with a splash to the back. Batista sets for another forearm to the back but Goldust with a punch to Batista and Orton. Batista with a clothesline for a near fall.

Batista with an Irish whip but Goldust with an elbow from the turnbuckles and both men are down. Cody and Orton tag in and Cody with a flying clothesline and punch. Cody with kicks to Orton. Orton sends Cody to the apron and Cody with a forearm. Cody with a springboard drop kick for a near fall. Orton tries for a belly-to-back suplex and Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Batista on the apron. Cody goes for another one to Orton but Randy catches Cody and counters with an RKO.

Orton picks up Cody for another RKO and he gets the three count.

Winners: Batista and Randy Orton

Match Number Six: Goldust versus Randy Orton and Batista in a No Holds Barred Match

Orton and Batista surround Goldust on the floor. Batista hits Goldust from behind and then Orton hits a belly-to-back suplex on the ringside barrier. Batista sends Goldust into the ringside barrier. Goldust is rolled back into the ring. Orton with the IEDDT attempt but Goldust sends Orton to the apron. Batista with a spear. Orton with an RKO to Goldust and then Batista with a Batista Bomb for the three count.

Winners: Randy Orton and Batista

Are you ready to BOLIEVE on Raw? It is coming up when we come back from commercial.

We are back and John Layfield is back at the announce table. Jerry thanks John for standing up for him.

Bo says that Monday Night Raw is the summit on the top of his dreams. On his journey to the top, he learned that we don’t conquer the mountain. We conquer ourselves. All you have to do is BOLIEVE.

Match Number Seven: Bo Dallas versus Sin Cara

They lock up and Bo with a fireman’s carry and he celebrates. Bo goes to the floor and he high fives some fans. Cara with a baseball slide and then he hits a cross body from the turnbuckles. Cara rolls Bo back into the ring and he chops Bo. Bo with a hard Irish whip and he gets a near fall. Bo with a suplex and a series of rolling knee drops and then a hesitation knee drop.

Bo with a back elbow. Cara with kicks and an enzuigiri. Cara with chops and a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Cara with a handspring elbow followed by an Olympic Slam. Cara goes up top for the Swanton but Bo rolls to the other side of the ring. Bo hot shots Cara into the turnbuckle and then he hits a bulldog out of the corner for the three count.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match, Bo does a victory lap. Bo takes the mic and he thanks everyone. He says that he couldn’t have done it without you. You don’t get satisfaction, just with victories. You get it from effort. If you give everything, you are already a winner. All you have to do is BOLIEVE. Bo hugs Sin Cara.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will face The Usos on Main Event.

We take a look at what happened at the start of Raw.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

She reminds us that tonight is a night of choices and the need for an active WWE Champion. Before we can make any announcement about the champion, we need Daniel Bryan to do the right thing. She tells Daniel it is time.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring.

Stephanie says that it is great to see Daniel standing here and doing so well with this long long long road to recovery. She could strip Daniel of the WWE Championship, but that would make Daniel a martyr. She says that it is really important for everyone to hear from him why they need to know what the right thing is. Daniel is not physically able to go and she knows that Daniel is not a selfish man. He needs to do it for the people and surrender the WWE Championship.

Daniel says becoming the WWE World Champion at Wrestlemania 30 was the payoff for years of hard work and sacrifice. Stephanie has a point. It is with a heavy heart that she announces that the injury to his neck is worse than they thought. No thanks to a man . . . demon who Stephanie claimed to have no control over. He calls Stephanie a liar.

Daniel says that there is no shame in handing over the title, healing up, and regaining the title.

Stephanie guarantees that Daniel will get another title match when he is healthy.

Daniel says that there is no shame in handing over the title because the people deserve an awesome WWE Champion. Stephanie tried to put this on him. It is not about him. This is about Stephanie. She has wanted to strip him of the title ever since he beat her husband and won the title at Wrestlemania 30. She is not doing this for them. She is doing this for herself.

Daniel says that it would negate everything he fought for if he hands over the title. If he hands the title over, it would throw everything the crowd has done to show their support back in their face.

Daniel says that he will tell her a word that she is not used to hearing. Probably a word she never heard. Daniel tells Stephanie no. He tells her a few dozen more times and the people join in.

Stephanie says that she was afraid that Daniel’s ego would get the better of him. Maybe the people or his injury messed with his brain. Stephanie says that she didn’t want to bring this up. Two weeks ago, when you were being taken into the ambulance, your wife laid her hands on her.

We see the footage.

Stephanie says that you cannot put your hands on the boss. She is both Brie’s boss and Daniel’s boss. The reaction does not measure up. She will give Daniel one more chance to do the right thing. At Payback, Daniel will decide whether to surrender the WWE Championship or if Stephanie takes action against Daniel’s wife and makes sure that she is fired.

Stephanie leaves the ring with an evil smirk on her face.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Extreme Moment: Footage of Alicia Fox defeating Paige in London and the deafening sound of that victory.

Match Number Eight: Alicia Fox versus Emma

They lock up and then Emma blocks a kick and Emma with a punch. Alicia with an Irish whip but she misses a splash into the corner. Emma with the DilEmma. Emma with a cross body into the corner. Alicia with a kick and then she goes up the ramp but it was a trap and Emma runs into a boot.

Paige assumes the Big E Pose while watching the monitor in the back. Alicia with a scissors kick to the back while Emma was hanging over the apron. Alicia gets a near fall. Alicia pie faces Emma and then she slap her. Alicia with more slaps but Emma slaps Alicia. Alicia misses a Yakuza Kick in the corner and Emma with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Emma

After the match, Alicia attacks Emma and then she sends her back into the ring. Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker like maneuver. Alicia throws Emma through the ropes to the floor. Alicia takes the ring bell and she rings it. She says that she is not a loser. Alicia attacks someone who works at ringside and she gives him a wedgie.

Alicia takes some beverages from under the ring and she shakes them up and opens them in someone’s face.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the Kickoff Show will feature the continuing feud between Hornswoggle and El Torito. It will be Mask versus Hair.

We see footage of Damien Sandow being interrupted during an interview when the person would not call him Davy Crockett.

Match Number Nine: Damien ‘Davy Crockett’ Sandow versus Adam Rose (with the Exotic Express)

They lock up and Sandow with a wrist lock. Rose rolls through to escape and he continues rolling. Rose rests against the ropes. They lock up and Sandow with a forearm. Rose with an elbow and then he gets his feet up to keep Sandow away. Rose kicks his legs and then he hits Sandow. Rose with a shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Jack Swagger’s music plays and he brings the lemon onto the stage. Sandow tries for an O’Connor Roll but Rose holds on to the ropes. Rose with the Party Foul for the three count.

Winner: Adam Rose

After the match, Swagger attacks Rose and he connects with a series of knees and a clothesline. Rose with a spinebuster and then he punches Swagger. Rose attacks Swagger again until Jack can get to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus will face Wade Barrett on Smackdown.

Match Number Ten: Sheamus versus Alberto Del Rio in a Non Title Match

They lock up and they fight in the corner to see who releases first. They lock up again and Del Rio with a kick. Del Rio with another kick to the arm. Sheamus with punches and kicks in the corner. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and he hits a Finlay Slam for a near fall. Sheamus goes to the turnbuckles for a knee drop and he gets a near fall.

Sheamus sets for the forearms across the chest and he connects with ten. Del Rio falls to the floor and Sheamus follows. Sheamus sends Del Rio into the announce table. Sheamus rolls Del Rio back into the ring. Del Rio kicks Sheamus while getting back into the ring and Del Rio kicks Sheamus off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio is being lectured by the referee. Del Rio chokes Sheamus in the ropes. We see footage of Sheamus missing the Brogue Kick in the corner but Del Rio did not miss with a lungblower.

Sheamus with two running double sledges and then he goes for the shoulder into the corner but Del Rio knows about the Moves O’Doom and Del Rio moves and Sheamus hits the ring post. Del Rio with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with punches but Sheamus starts to Hulk up and he hits a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio blocks a Cloverleaf attempt with a boot to the head.

Sheamus with White Noise and then he hits the shoulder into the corner and he hits a power slam. Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick but Sheamus is disoriented and that allows Del Rio to hit a step up enzuigiri. Del Rio with a super kick and Sheamus is out, but he is still able to kick out at two. Del Rio tries to float over into the cross arm breaker but Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and gets the three count.


After the match, Paul Heyman mocks Sheamus’ victory. Paul tells us that his client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. That is an announcement with meaning. Sheamus did not beat a Paul Heyman guy. He will have to face a Paul Heyman guy on Sunday at Payback. Paul wants to know why Sheamus is looking at him like that.

Cesaro with a boot to the head and then he punches Sheamus. The referees finally pull Cesaro off Sheamus. Sheamus with a punch but Cesaro with boots to Sheamus. Sheamus swings wildly and misses. Cesaro with a front face lock and knees to the head. Cesaro with a Gotch Style Neutralizer.

We go to commercial.

We have the contract signing table in the ring with the chairs and the official contract.

Michael Cole is in the ring and he brings out the two teams involved in the No Holds Barred Elimination Six Man Tag Match at Payback.

The Shield enter the ring first.

Dean says that tonight is historic. It is the last time that we will see the Shield and Evolution in the same ring on Raw. Not only will one team be eliminated at Payback, that team will be eliminated off the face of the Earth forever.

Seth asks who are we kidding with this nonsense. This has gone further than sitting across the table from each other to sign a piece of paper.

All of the chairs have been removed from the ring and then the table is thrown to the floor.

Evolution makes their way to the stage.

Hunter wants everyone to be aware of what we are witnessing and what The Shield is about to sign. This will be the last time that you will see the Shield on Monday Night Raw. It is a shame. They could have had it all. Hunter says that he is a pretty good judge of talent and you just have to look at the two guys standing next to him.

He remembers watching the ink dry on their contracts. He says that they are going to change it all. They are the future of the WWE. They threw it all away. He is going to watch the ink dry on the contract that will send them back into obscurity. Do you want to sign that paper and guarantee that Sunday is the last time we will ever see the Shield.

The Shield signs the contract and Roman tosses it to the ground in front of Hunter.

Evolution signs the contract.

Hunter says that they will be nothing but a statistic.

Roman tells Hunter to shut up. He tells them to get in the ring and fight.

Evolution gets on the apron and the Shield waits for them to make their move into the ring. Hunter teases going to the floor but Evolution enters the ring and they pair off. Hunter battles with Ambrose while Reigns and Batista fight on the floor. Seth and Orton fight in the ring. Hunter is sent to the floor and then Orton goes to the floor. Rollins with a flip dive. Batista with a clothesline to Ambrose but Reigns with a Superman punch to Batista. Reigns waits for a spear but Hunter grabs the GameHammer and hits Reigns. Orton with an RKO to Rollins and Batista spears Ambrose.

Hunter hits Reigns in the side of the head with the GameHammer and Reigns falls to the floor.

They remove the protective cover from the announce table. Hunter picks up a motionless Reigns while the table is altered. Hunter and Orton pick up Reigns for Batista to hit an assisted power bomb through the table.

We go to credits.

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