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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-04-28 23:11:41
We are back and we go to the Hall of Kane’s mask and it is still there.

Match Number Four: Cody Rhodes (with Goldust) versus Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio attacks Cody as the bell rings and he kicks Cody in the corner. Cody sends Del Rio into the turnbuckles and he punches and kicks Del Rio. Del Rio with boots to Cody followed by a suplex and he gets a near fall. Cody with a short arm clothesline followed by a slam and Cody gets a near fall. Cody with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Cody backs Del Rio into the corner and Del Rio punches Cody. Del Rio with a clothesline followed by a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Cody stomps on Del Rio’s foot and Del Rio with a punch. Cody lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Cody hits a drop kick.

Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Del Rio returns to the reverse chin lock. Cody with an arm drag and kick followed by the drop down uppercut. Cody with the kick to the abdomen and then he goes to the apron and tries a springboard move but Del Rio with a punch.

Del Rio with a super kick and then he floats over into the cross arm breaker. Cody tries to fight out of the hold but he has to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Goldust checks on Cody but Cody pushes him away and walks up the ramp.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paul Heyman and Cesaro are talking too quietly to be heard by the cameraman.

Lana comes out to introduce her client, the man who did not end the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

She says that power cannot be earned, it can only be taken by those who are destined to hold it. The foolish Americans will see why resistance is futile. She tells everyone to rise for the Bulgarian Brute, the Super Athlete.

Match Number Five: Alexander Rusev versus Xavier Woods (with R Truth)

Woods with a drop kick and forearms but they have no effect. Woods with a forearm and then Rusev with a uranage slam. Rusev with a kick to the back and he applies the Accolade but Truth punches Rusev and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Alexander Rusev (by disqualification)

Truth with an elbow and then he drops down and Rusev goes to the floor. Woods with a drop kick to knock Rusev to the floor and then Truth knocks Rusev off the apron.

Since tomorrow is World Wish Day, we see John Cena granting three wishes.

Renee Young is in the interview area with Rob Van Dam. She asks Rob about his chance to become the Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Title. Rob says that he is a six time champion and seven is his lucky number. Barrett will receive some bad news from Rob Van Dam.

Zeb interrupts and he says that they have a common enemy in Paul Heyman. Common enemies some times make spectacular alliances. He suggests that they work together to get rid of their common enemy.

Rob appreciates the offer, but he has a mind of his own. Rob says that he doesn’t have to join anyone. He is just going to be R-V-D.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are talking too soft for the mics to pick up the conversation.

We are told that we are going to have a weeLC match between Hornswoggle and El Torito on the Kickoff Show before Extreme Rules.

Match Number Six: Fernando and Diego (with El Torito) versus Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal (with Hornswoggle and Jinder Mahal)

Drew and Fernando star off and Drew with an uppercut but Fernando with drop kicks. Drew with a clothesline. Slater tags in and he punches Fernando. Fernando with a springboard back elbow for a near fall. Diego tags in and Fernando with a side Russian leg sweep and Diego with a slingshot senton. Slater sends Diego into the corner and Diego with a head stand and head scissors.

Mahal stands between Torito and Hornswoggle and Torito gores Mahal. Mahal grabs Torito’s horns and Diego with a drop kick. Fernando separates Hornswoggle and Torito.

Slater with an Impaler DDT for the three count.

Winners: Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre

After the match, Hornswoggle goes for a cross body off the apron but Fernando and Diego move out of the way and Hornswoggle hits the floor. Torito goes up top and hits a cross body off the turnbuckles onto Slater.

We are back and Sheamus will face Bray Wyatt on Main Event.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring, as a principal owner of the WWE.

She says that what happened last week was a senseless tragedy. She tried to stop Kane, but the demon is unstoppable. She wants Daniel to come out to make things better.

Stephanie says the Universe wants him to come out.

Daniel’s music plays and he comes out and he is joined by his wife, Brie.

Daniel has a neck brace and he tells Stephanie that he almost believed her. When she said that she wanted Kane to stop. She almost wanted him to stop. He almost believed her. Everyone knows that Stephanie is full of crap.

Stephanie says that she has earned that and she does not blame Daniel for believing that she is disingenuous. She says that her and Triple H never wanted him to be the WWE World Champion. They went to great lengths to stop him. Their emotions ran high and got out of control.

Daniel interrupts and he asks Stephanie how his wife felt after everything had done. How did she feel when Stephanie’s husband put his head in a bucket and she told him to drown Daniel. Daniel says that he told Brie not to do anything about it.

Stephanie says that she was trying to give her Director of Operations a backbone. She says that she knows how it feels to accompany your husband out of an arena on a stretcher. She says that she is sorry.

She apologizes for everything she has done. She apologizes for unleashing the demon. She is truly truly sorry.

Daniel says that the audience agrees with him and he says that she is still full of crap.

Stephanie tells Daniel to come to the ring and look at her eye to eye so she can show that she is sorry.

Daniel says that he is still going to see a liar. He knows that at the snap of her fingers, Kane can come out and attack him or do something to his wife. His neck hurts and he cannot move his head. He has never given up. Daniel says that he is cleared for Sunday and he will not give up.

He says that Stephanie thinks that Kane will take him down at Extreme Rules. If he does it, Daniel says that he will take Kane straight to hell.

Stephanie says that she does not know where Kane is and his mask is locked up in her office. Since Daniel cannot compete until Sunday, but Brie can. Stephanie says that she can only think of seeing Daniel and Brie standing hand in hand as champions. Tonight, Brie will face Paige for the Divas Title.

Daniel says that he will not let Brie come to the ring alone.

Stephanie appreciates that Daniel wants to be at his wife’s side.

We go to Stephanie’s office, where the Hall of Kane’s Masks is housed and the mask is gone.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Brie Bella (with Daniel Bryan) versus Paige for the Divas Title

They lock up and Paige with a side head lock and take down. Brie with a head scissors but Paige escapes. Brie with a drop kick and she gets a near fall. Paige with a kick to the midsection and she shakes Brie by the hair and tosses her into the corner. Paige stomps a mudhole in Brie. Paige with a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall.

Brie with an elbow but Paige goes to the apron and connects with a series of knees and then Paige screams. Brie with a kick to Paige and then she hits a running knee against the ropes. Paige stops Brie on the turnbuckles and Paige sets for a superplex and she hits it.

Kane’s pyro goes off and Bryan stands between the stage and ring.

No Contest

Kane emerges from under the ring and he grabs Brie and he tries to pull her under the ring. Bryan kicks Kane but Kane stops Bryan. Bryan punches Kane but Kane pushes Bryan away. Kane climbs from his hole and he grabs Brie while Daniel goes under the ring. Bryan hits Kane with a wrench and he checks on his wife.

Kane sits up and he grabs Bryan by the throat and hits a choke slam while Brie gets out of the ring. Brie gets back into the ring and she backs into the corner while the medical staff check on Bryan. Kane tries to pull Brie into his hole but she gets out of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Kane’s attempt to outdo what he did with Lita and Matt Hardy by trying to kidnap someone’s wife.

The doctor checks on Daniel to see if he is okay.

Stephanie enters the room and she says that she did not know that would happen. She asks if Daniel will be able to wrestle at Extreme Rules. Daniel says that he will wrestle on Sunday and he yells at Stephanie for dragging his wife into this.

Brie tells Stephanie to get out and she calls Stephanie a bitch.

In case you missed it the first dozen times, we take a look back at the opening segment from tonight’s show.

Renee Young is outside John Cena’s locker room.

John apologizes for his reaction earlier. He says that Bray will go to any length to manipulate things to get his message across. John says that he thought the WWE Universe turned its back on him. They did not. There was noise and excitement. Passion is hope and hope is fight. On Sunday, the mind games end. He is going to get a special gift for Bray.

He is going to buy a donkey for Bray.

Sunday, Bray will not have the whole world in his hands, he will have John’s fist in his face and his boot up his ass.

Wade Barrett rises in his Bad News Silo. Wade says that Rob Van Dam thinks that he is going to beat him to become the Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Championship but he has some bad news. WWE’s slogan is then . . . now . . . forever. For Rob Van Dam, it should be ‘Then’ because that was the last time Rob Van Dam was relevant. Wade says that he was in diapers the last time Rob Van Dam was Intercontinental Champion. Rob will be drinking through a straw after dealing with B-N-B.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Eight: Wade Barrett versus Rob Van Dam in the Finals of the Number One Contender Tournament for the Intercontinental Title

They lock up and Barrett backs Van Dam into the corner and he gives a clean break. They lock up again and Van Dam with a wrist lock and Barrett with punches. Van Dam with an arm drag. Van Dam with a waist lock but Barrett with an elbow. Van Dam with a drop toe hold and side head lock take down.

We see Big E watching from the locker room on the monitor.

Van Dam holds on to the side head lock and then he drops down and Barrett goes over the top rope to the floor. Van Dam with a drop kick and then he hits a moonsault from the apron and both men are down. Van Dam rolls Barrett back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Van Dam with a side head lock but Barrett rolls Van Dam over for a near fall.

Barrett with an elbow and Van Dam goes to the floor. Barrett goes to the floor and he sends Van Dam into the ringside barrier and Barrett mocks the thumbs deal. Barrett sends Van Dam into the announce table. They return to the ring and Barrett gets a near fall.

Van Dam with a kick and body scissors rollup for a near fall. Van Dam with shoulders in the corner but Barrett with an Irish whip. Van Dam tries to float over but Barrett grabs Van Dam and he kicks Rob in the midsection and Van Dam rolls to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Van Dam with punches and he flips over Barrett’s back but Barrett with a Blackpool Slam for a near fall. Barrett with an elbow drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Barrett with a forearm to the back and he sends Van Dam into the turnbuckles. Barrett chokes Van Dam with his boot. Barrett with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall.

Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Barrett stretches Van Dam but Van Dam with a rollup for a near fall. Van Dam with a thrust kick and Van Dam sets for Rolling Thunder but Barrett gets up. Van Dam with two clotheslines followed by a step over spin kick.

Cesaro comes to ringside and Swagger pulls him off the apron. Cesaro sends Swagger into the ringside barrier.

Van Dam avoids the Bullhammer and he kicks Barrett and hits Rolling Thunder. Cesaro stops Van Dam on top and Van Dam goes for the Five Star Frog Splash and Barrett gets his knees up and he hits the Bullhammer for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, Cesaro comes into the ring and he attacks Van Dam while Paul Heyman watches. Swagger attacks Cesaro and connects with knees and Swagger with a Doctor Bomb to Cesaro. Swagger punches Van Dam. Van Dam with a springboard side kick to Swagger and then Van Dam goes up top and he hits the Five Star Frog Splash onto Cesaro.

We see what happened on Smackdown when the Shield tried to even the odds in their scheduled 11 on 3 match.

Dean Ambrose says the clock is ticking for Evolution. The Shield will expose the fact that Evolution has passed you by. They will chew them up and spit you out. Seth says that Evolution is about control and power. They like to ride in limos and wear expensive clothes because they are symbols of power. That is not power. They are the symbol of power and excellence when they step in the ring. When Evolution gets the guts to enter the ring, they will find out.

Roman says that Randy Orton is not the future, he is the past. They are the present and the future. Believe in the Shield.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean Ambrose will face Alberto Del Rio, Ryback, and Curtis Axel on Smackdown in a handicap match for the United States Title.

Hunter says on Friday, the Shield took out 11 guys. Hunter says there is a part of him that should be mad about that, but he is not. He is impressed. The Shield are starting to remind him of somebody. It is them. They are starting to remind him of them.

Randy says the Shield thinks they are the new Evolution, but there is a problem with that. Batista says that they are still here and The Shield will never be them.

Hunter says that he brought them into the world and they are looking at the three guys who will take them out of this world. They will adapt or they will perish.

Before the match can start, we have a woooo and Ric Flair makes his way to the ring.

Flair shakes hands with his fellow Evolution members.

Flair asks if this is St. Louis, Missouri. Has he ever been here before? He says that he has had a lot of fun and he thanks everyone. He is here tonight to tell the world it is great to be in the ring with men who exude what this business is about. Dominance.

He ran for years with the Four Horsemen and they ran wild. They styled . . . and profiled. The same can be said for Evolution. He says that he misses seeing Dave on those Saturday nights. In his years on the road, he has seen everything come full circle. He has seen the word greatness come full circle.

He is surrounded by superstars who exemplify power, style, and grace.

Now, he is talking about The Shield.

He shakes their hands as he goes down the line.

Flair winks at Evolution and leaves the ring.

Match Number Nine: Randy Orton (with Triple H and Batista) versus Roman Reigns (with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins)

Reigns punches Orton and gives him a head butt. Orton with kicks and a head butt. Orton and Reigns exchange punches. Orton sends Reigns to the floor. Orotn with punches while Reigns punches back. Orton with a kick and he tries to suplex Reigns on the floor but Reigns blocks it and Reigns with a suplex of his own.

Reigns sends Orotn back into the ring and Orton goes to the floor. Reigns with a head butt to Orton and then Orton Irish whips Reigns into the ring steps. Orton turns his back to the Shield to tempt them to attack him. Orton sends Reigns into the ring post and then he gets a near fall.

Orton with a reverse chin lock. Reigns with punches but Orton clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Orton pulls Reigns back into the ring and Orton tries for the IEDDT but Reigns gets back into the ring. Orton with a head butt and Irish whip but Reigns with a clothesline out of the corner.

Reigns with a flying clothesline and then he hits a clothesline in the corner and then he punches Orton. Reigns goes to the floor and Batista removes his jacket while Reigns hits the long jump drop kick.

Reigns sets for the Superman Punch and Hunter grabs Reigns’ leg and Orton with a clothesline and he hits a back breaker. Rollins and Ambrose go after Hunter and Batista.

Hunter sends Ambrose across the announce table while Hunter sends Rollins into the apron.

Reigns with the Superman punch and then he goes to the floor and he attacks Batista and Hunter. The referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, all three men attack Reigns on the floor. Batista sends Ambrose into the announce table while Orton sends Rollins into the ringside barrier. Batista sends Reigns into the ring steps. Batista with a spinebuster to Ambrose and then Batista with a full nelson on Reigns for Orton to kick him. Hunter sends Rollins into the ring post while Orton sends Reigns into the post.

Reigns and Ambrose are rolled into the ring and Hunter, Orton, and Batista enter.

Orton kicks Ambrose and chokes him in the corner. Batista kicks Reigns. Hunter with a clothesline to Ambrose and then he sets for the pedigree but Rollins with a springboard knee. Rollins with an enzuigiri to Batista. Reigns with a spear to Hunter. Rollins tells them to pick up Hunter for the Cerberus Bomb but they hit drop kicks to Batista and Orton since they have chairs. Hunter gets out of the ring.

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