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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-17 19:55:00

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte came to the ring.  She said the more things change, the more they stay the same.  When she was a kid, the business was built on Rhodes as a challenger, Flair as champion and now in 2023, Wrestlemania is built on the same.  This is her seventh Wrestlemania.  She's either been the champion or the challenger but she's always been the star.  She promised the same for this year.  

Rhea Ripley came to the ring.  She said she chose Flair for a reason.  Flair is staring her down without fear in her eyes and that pisses Rhea up.  She's the Smackdown Women's Champion for a reason.  She's 14x Champ for a reason.  She's one of the biggest stars in WWE and she can give her all the credit in the world.  She wants and need the title.  She bloody needs to be a star.  She's going to learn to call Rhea champion and she's going to learn to fear her.  Dom got in Charlotte's face, allowing Rhea to nail Flair with a cheap shot.  She told Flair she will see her at Wrestlemania.

Rhea and Dom left the ring but Flair followed and attacked Rhea.  They brawled as officials tried in vain to pull them apart.  The brawl was great.  They were finally pulled  apart after it spilled into the crowd.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Sami Zayn.  He said it was kind of  a heavy night.  One guy who considered him a brother just drove off.  The other who used to call him a brother is looking to take him out.  Maybe he brought all of this on himself, so fine, it's to deal with it.

They promoted the release of the WWE 2K23 video game.  I've spent part of yesterday playing it and man, they have some great updated graphics.

Xavier Woods vs. LA Knight.

They showed footage of Knight mocking Xavier and Madcap Moss for playing the game earlier so Woods challenged him to a match.  So, this is all a promotional segment for the game.

Woods looked good early, including a nice missile dropkick as well as some power moves for a near fall.  Knight sent him into the buckles and nailed a neckbreaker.  Knight drilled him face-first into the mat for a two count.   Woods used the dreaded small package out of nowhere and scored the pin.

Your winner, Xavier Woods!

Michael Cole announced that Great Muta would be joining the WWE Hall of Fame class this year and talked him up.  Love it.

Backstage, LA Knight was mad at the loss.  He saw Rey Mysterio signing autographs and offered to fight Dominik for him.  He said he'll give him an LA Moment and will be a Deadbeat Dad too.  Rey decked him and walked off.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus - Winner moves onto Wrestlemania 39 vs. GUNTHER.

Imperium are at ringside.  GUNTHER joins commentary.

Some good, hard hitting action early as they batter each other.   Lots of back and forth strikes and chops.  Sheamus nailed The Irish Curse.  Sheamus went to drill him across the chest but Drew blocked.  They battled back into the ring.  Sheamus went for White Noise but Drew elbowed him to escape.  Sheamus drilled Drew down in the corner and went to the top rope.  They battled on top until Drew nailed a superplex.  Neither man was able to capitalize as they went to commercial.

After the commercial, Sheamus took down Drew for a two count.  They battled to the apron outside, where Sheamus began battering Drew's chest.    Sheamus missed The Brogue Kick, allowing Drew to nail a neckbreaker.  Drew set up for The Claymore Kick but was kneed in the face and almost pinned.  They battled to their feet and throttled each other at the same time with a Claymore and Brogue.  The referee was about to count them both out but GUNTHER got in the ring and stopped the count.  He asked them who was it going to be who fought him at Wrestlemania.  Imperium attacked Sheamus and Drew and took them out. 

GUNTHER powerbombed Sheamus atop Drew and walked out.

Adam Peace appeared on the screen.  GUNTHER wanted a single competitor at Wrestlemania but now he's given Adam no choice.  It will be a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 39.

In the main event segment, Sami Zayn came out to confront Jey Uso.  Zayn came out and said this is what he wanted, so how does Jey want to do this.  They went face to face in the ring.  The fans chanted "Ucey."  Jey said he has a job to do.  From day one he didn't like or trust Sami and didn't want him around his family, but week after week, they started liking you.  Jimmy did.  Solo liked him.  Wise Man liked him.  Roman liked him.  But, his job is to protect his family and the one time he let his guard down for someone he thought he loved him, Sami let him down and embarassed him in front of the entire world.  He called him brother and this is how he was repaid.  He said Sami was, from day one, was a Fake Ass Uce.  He said he has no choice.

Sami said that is wrong.  He chose to take Roman's abuse every week.  He keeps choosing it.  Sami chose not to take it.  He thinks Jey is at himself and is just mad he wasn't the one to hit Roman with a steel chair first.  He told Jey he had a choice.  The fans chanted, "You're not Ucey."  Jey lost it and attacked Sami.  They brawled.  Jimmy hit the ring and beat him down two to one.  They smashed Sami into the ring steps.

Kevin Owens' music hit and the Usos looked for him to come out but Owens hit the ring from the crowd and fought with them before cleaning house.    He and Sami looked at each other and hugged.  Kansas went nuts for this.

Backstage, Cody Rhodes watched on a monitor, completely pleased by this turn of events.

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