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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-26 20:13:00

We are in the back with Roman and Jey.  Jey asked if Sami lied.  Roman said he looked him in the eye and he saw everything he needed to see.  What does that mean?  We shall see.  Time for the men’s WAR GAMES!

KO is out first.  Big pop.  Drew Mac next.  Also big pop.  Than The Brutes.  Also big pops.  Butch is starting off for his team.

The Bloodline came out as a unit.  The people saw they were witnessing greatness.  This has a big fight feel to it.  For real.

Roman hugged Jey and send him off to the ring.  What does it mean?  It came mean so a few things.  That is what you call great booking my friends.

Butch is doing Pete Dunne finger manipulation.  Man I am glad Dick Dangler is gone.  Pete Dunne is awesome.  Ridge is now in to put the faces up 2-1.  They wasted Jey, even doing a version of Total Elimination on Jey.

The faces were in control totally for the three minutes.  This is a different take but it had to be since they already had one traditional style match to open.

Jimmy was ready to come in when Roman said no, and sent Sami instead.  Sami took his time getting in.  Was it because it made sense since the faces weren’t beating on Jey while they waited or didn’t the way to go?  This is a test from Roman.  Will Sami pass.

Sami went in and went to work on Ridge while Roman watched.

Sami and Jey had words, which cost them the advantage as the time ran down.  Ridge was about to kill Jey when Sami saved him.  Advantage lost.  Drew is coming in third. He cleaned house while his other two teammates were down.  Drew said he was feeling pretty Ucey.  Pop.

As Drew was about to kill Jey, Sami saved him again.

Jimmy Uso came in next and he’s bringing plunder.

The heels had the advantage when Jey started fighting with Sami.  Jimmy broke it up.  Roman isn’t happy.  It would seem Jey is the problem, not Sami.  We shall see.

The Bloodline is in control after Jimmy calmed his partners down.  

The fourth man for the faces was KO.  He is bringing in plunder himself.

KO took out the Usos.  We will see what happens when he faces off with Sami.  Here is it.  But Ridge grabbed him first.  Make us wait.  Smart.

Solo came in next to help the Bloodline get the edge back.  Sheamus and Roman are still to come.

Cool spot.  KO threw Solo into the hard part of the cage and he no sold it.  Love that stuff.  Makes the man a beast.

Everyone is down when Sheamus came out.  And finally, the Champ.  The match is on now.

All men are standing, one team in each ring.  The face come into the heels’ ring and off we go.

Faces had control early on.  Sami made the save for Roman and told Butch that is the Tribal Chief.  Then Jey missed a kick on Butch and hit Sami.  The fans think he is a hole of ass.  After lots of plundering, KO hit the Stunner on Roman and Zayn stopped the ref from counting three.  

KO got up.  Sami said that was his family.  KO got mad.  Jimmy went to kick KO and Sami blasted KO in the nuts.  Sami looked at Roman.  Then he hit a Helluva on KO.  He dropped KO for Jey.  Jey took the olive branch and hit the splash on KO and got the pin.  Sami looked conflicted but still made the choice to commit to the bloodline.

After the match Roman extended the arms and Sami went all in for the hug.  Jey then came up to Sami and…..hugged him!  Sami is an UCE now.  Great drama!  That was great shizzle.  Loved it!  Great end to a strong show.

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