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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-09-30 21:59:00

We are back and the brawl from earlier has been turrned into a six man tag match.

Match Number Four:  Natalya versus Ronda Rousey

Ronda pushes Natalya and Natalya with a take down and she tries for a sharpshooter.  Natalya with an ankle lock.  Ronda rolls through and sends Natalya into the turnbuckles.  Ronda with punches and she chokes Natalya in the ropes while doing a Petey Williams imitation.  Ronda with a rollup into a choke while stretching Natalya.  Natalya escapes and tries for a cover.  Ronda with a knee and Irish whip.  Ronda misses a knee in the corner and Natalya with a choke slam.  Ronda wtih a hip lock take down after avoiding a discus clothesline.  Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter but Ronda counters into an ankle lock.  Natalya with a rollup for a near fall.  Natalya with a discus clothesline for a near fall.

Natalya goes for a slam but Ronda counters and rolls through with an ankle lock and she grapevines the leg.  Natalya taps out.

Winner:  Ronda Rousey

After the match, Liv Morgan's music plays and she walks to the ring with a baseball bat.  Ronda meets Liv in the aisle and Ronda kicks Liv but Liv hits Ronda with the bat.  Liv swings and misses when Ronda ducks (not that it would have mattered with Liv's swing).  Ronda with Piper's Pit.  They have a tug of war wtih the bat and Ronda sends Liv into the apron while Liv sends Ronda into the ringside barrier.  Liv is sent into the timekeeper's area.

Security comes out to stand behind Ronda and they hold their arms out to tell Ronda not to do anything.

Ronda leaves with them and Liv attacks Ronda from behind.  Liv breaks free and goes after Ronda as security does their job as well as they always do.

Ronda breaks free and punches at Liv.

Johnny, Drew, and Kevin are in the back and Drew says something to Johnny about Kevin.  Drew says they might not see eye to eye but they all agree that Theory needs to get his ass kicked.  

Kevin walks away despite not feeling the love.

Kevin walks past the pose and he makes a suggestion to improve it.

Kevin sees Sami in the hall.

Kevin tells Sami he needs a new shirt and walks away.

We are back and Mace and Mansoor continue to pose and Shinsuke Nakamura stops by.

Imperium makes their way to the ring.  

Kaiser says there have been fewer things more insulting than the think they find sacred than the presence of the Brawling Brutes.  Vinci says none of them exhibit the qualities of a champion.  He says Gunther is what a champion looks like.  Gunther says he will beat Sheamus next week.  He will grind him down for the final time.  He will enjoy the look in his eyes when he breaks his spirit.  The next night they will take care of all three of them.

Sheamus' music plays and out comes Sheamus.  

Sheamus tells Gunther he likes talking like a big boy about them.  Sheamus says Ridge and Butch are stuck in Florida, but that's alright because the King of Bangers is in Winnipeg.  Sheamus says he is more than happy to kick all three of your heads off your shoulders.  

Gunther tells Vinci and Kaiser to go after Sheamus and Sheamus hits them with a shillelagh.

Sheamus gets in the ring and he drops the shillelagh and removes his hat.

Sheamus and Gunther exchange punches.  Sheamus with a jumping knee.  Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick but Vinci grabs Sheamus' leg and Kaiser holds on while Gunther punches and chops Sheamus.  Gunther with a boot to the head and then he holds the title belt in Sheamus' face.  Gunther with another chop and a power bomb.

Imperium leaves the ring and Sheamus grabs the mic and he asks Gunther if that is all he's got.  He tells Gunther he has to do better than that. 

Vinci and Kaiser attack Sheamus and they punch and kick Sheamus.  They hold Sheamus for Gunther, who has taken Sheamus' shillelagh.  Gunther hits Sheamus with the shillelagh.

Bayley is in the back and she says Shotzi loves to run her mouth like she was the one to pin Bianca, but that was Bayley.  Shotzi wouldn't be talking like that if Dakota and Iyo weren't stuck in Florida.  Bayley says she will win tonight and then go on to Extreme Rules to climb the ladder to become women's champion.

Bayley cackles.

Michael Cole announces the passing of Antonio Inoki.

We go to commercial.

We are back and so is Shotzi's tank as she drives it to the ring.

Match Number Five:  Bayley versus Shotzi

Bayley with forearms to the back.  Shotzi slides under a Bayley clothesline and she howls.  Shotzi with an enzuigiri and arm drags followed by a facebuster.  Shotzi gets a near fall.  Bayley with an Irish whip and Bayley with an arm drag off the turnbuckles.  Bayley with a kick.  Shotzi with a drop toe hold that sends Bayley into the ropes.  Bayley moves when Shotzi goes into the ropes for a senton.  Bayley pulls Shotzi to the mat and Shotzi puts Bayley in the ropes and hits a back senton against the ropes.  Shotzi goes up top but Bayley moves.  Shotzi drops Bayley on the middle rope and she howls again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Shotzi gets to her feet first and she floats over when Bayley charges into the corner.  Shotzi drop kicks Bayley into the corner and follows with a splash.  Shotzi with a wraparound bulldog and a knee to the head and a rolling elbow.  Shotzi with a scorpion kick.  Shotzi suplexes Bayley into the turnbuckles.  Shotzi goes up top and punches Shotzi.  Shotzi with a boot and Bayley sends Shotzi face first into the mat and hits Rose Plant for the three count.

Winner:  Bayley

After the match, Bayley with a second Rose Plant.  Bayley goes under the ring and gets a ladder for symbolism.  Bayley opens the ladder on its side and puts Shotzi inside the ladder.  Bayley goes to the turnbuckels and Bianca Belair's music plays and she comes to the ring to save Shotzi.

Bayley attacks Bianca from behind.  Bianca blocks Rose Plant and gets Bayley up for KOD but Bayley goes to the apron and escapes.

Maxxine starts the count down to the record but Max bumps into Mansoor.

Max says they could have been going for championships instead of that.  Max says he is done with this and then he gives a yeah on the way out of the camera shot.

Next week, in addition to the Intercontinental Title match, Ricochet will face Solo Sikoa.  We will also have a face to face in ring between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul.

Match Number Six:  Austin Theory, Chad Gable, and Otis versus Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano, and Kevin Owens

Gargano and Gable start things off and Gargano with a wrist lock.  Gable with a reversal.  Gargano with a drop kick and head scissors take down.  Gargano with a chop.  Gargano stops short of Theory on the apron but Gable hits Gargano from behind and Theory tags in.  Theory with shoulders in the corner.  Theory with an Irish whip.  Gargano floats over and kicks Theory.  Gargano goes to the apron and htis a slingshot spear.  Gargano sends Gable to the floor.  Drew stops Otis and Owens with a cannonball onto Gable and Theory.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Gargano with shoulders to Gable.  Gargano tries to float over Gable but Gable catches Gargano and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.  Gable with an arm bar.  Theory pulls Drew off the apron and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Gargano with a rollup but Gable blocks the kick and Gable with an ankle lock.  Gargano with a rollup for a near fall and then he tags in Owens.  Owens with punches and chops to Gable.  Gable with a kick but Owens with a clothesline and back senton.  Owens with a DDT to Theory and a fisherman's neck breaker to Gable.  Owens takes care of Otis and then hits a cannonball on Gable.  

Owens goes up top and hits a swanton for a near fall.  Gable with a German suplex to Owens and the referee checks on Owens.  Theory and Drew tag in and Drew with a clothesline and a belly-to-belly suplex.  Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex followed by a neck breaker.  Theory avoids a Claymore by rolling to the floor.  Drew with a punch and he sends Theory back into the ring.  Otis with a running body block to Drew.  Otis sends Drew into the ring steps.  Otis catches Gargano on a pescado.  Gargano with a super kick followed by one from Owens and one from both.  They put Otis on the announce table.  Gable with an exploder to Owens on the floor and Gable gets on the table with Owens.  Gargano with a tornado DDT on the floor.  Owens with a stunner to Gable on the table.

Drew with a Claymore to Theory to counter a rolling drop kick for the three count.

Winners:  Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, and Johnny Gargano

After the match, Drew whips Theory with the strap.

We go to credits.

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