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By Anthony Pires on 2021-12-04 23:03:00

Welcome to the NWA Hard Times 2 PPV coverage!

Joe Galli and Austin Idol are at the desk for tonight's pre show action.

Mims w/ Anthony Mayweather aka Crimson vs. Jax Dane

Dane rolls out immediately and jaw jacks with Mayweather.  Lockup, neither man gets the edge.  Headlock by Dane, he takes Big Strong Mims down with a shoulder block.  Lockup, Dane takes Mims down with a shoulderblock, Mims rolls out and gets some advice from Mayweather.  Mims goes down again again from a shoulder block but scores a takedown of his own with a flying shoulder block.  Big right hand by Dane, he wraps Mims against the post and throws 2 big rights. Dane stomps Mims' hand and proceeds to stomp the rest of Mims' limbs. Cross forearms by Mims.  Nerve hold by Dane, Mims escapes with a headbutt and a flying shoulder.  Back elbow by Dane.  Dane with a lackadaisical cover and Mims with a crucifix rollup for the pin.


NWA World Women's Tag Team Championship: Missa Kate & Natalya Markova vs. Kylie Rae & Tootie Lynn vs The Hex (Alisyn Kay and Marti Belle- Champions)

Taryn Terell brings out Jennacide and Paola Blaze.  She announces that Jennacide is cashing in her Champions Series opportunity tonight in this match.  This one is now a fatal 4 way..  Rules here stipulate that one member of each team will be in at once, first pin wins.  The Hex work over Kate in the corner but Rae rolls up Kaye for a 2 count.  Rae fights off Kay and gets the tag into Lynn.  Belle tags in and she and Jennacide face off.  We have a shoving match.  Blaze tries to interfere.  This is way too fast to type up.  Hogan with a dropkick on the floor to Kay. Rae hits Kay with a tope suicida.  Marti Belle dives off the top on all the opposition to the floor.  Back in the ring, Rae with a big stunner but Markova with a clothesline breaks things up.  The Hex nails Lynn with Hex Marks The Spot for the pin.


Kyle Davis brings out Darius Lockhart.  Davis announces that he is not medically cleared tonight.  Darius os here for the people, as he is a man of the people.  He'll get through his injury and promises to introduce change.  He's entering the Jr. Heavyweight Division.  Jaden Roller comes out to interrupt.  He has beef with Tim Storm and wants him as soon as possible.

Gauntlett Match for a Jr. Heavyweight title match

Kerry Morton vs, Luke Hawx

Morton works him over quick and nails a neckbreaker.  Bodyslam by Hawx

Sal Rinauro has entered the match.  Danny Deals accompanies him.  Each wrestler comes in a 90 second intervals.

Ariya Daivari comes in next and nails a hammerlock clothesline. Luke Hawx with a lariat pin on Sal

Sal Rinauro has been eliminated.  PJ Hawx enters the match and hits Daivari with a clothesline.  Double backbreaker by the Hawx' leads to Daivari's elimination.

CW Anderson enters the match, he works over everyone until Alex Taylor joins the bout.  Taylor with a neckbreaker on Luke Hawx. Anderson quickly eliminates Taylor with a spinebuster.

Homicide has entered the match.  This'll get violent soon.  Morton rolls up Anderson for the pin.  Victor Benjamin, the Savage Gentleman has entered the match, he sends Homicide to the floor.  Benjamin with a leg lariat to Hawx.. Homicide climates Benjamin with a Taz Plex and a lariat.

Ricky Morton has entered the match.  Crows is very happy to see him.  Jeremiah Plunkett is next.  Everyone is brawling in and around the ring until Jamie Stanley enters the match.  Rick Morton eliminates both Stanley and Plunkett.  This came down to Kerry Morton and Homicide and Homicide nailed the Koji Cutter for the pin.

WINNER: Homicide

The PPV is NEXT!

Trevor Murdoch kicks us off with a warning for Mike Knox that tonight will be one and done for his title aspirations.

Tim Storm, Joe Galli and Velvet Sky have the call of tonight's action.  

NWA Jr Heavyweight Title Qualifying Match: Rhett Titus vs. Austin Aries

Titus is announced as representing The Foundation. Homicide has already qualified for the finals.

Aries slaps off a code of honor.  Lockup, they exchange arm twists.  Fireman carry takedown by Aries.  Aries with a wristlock and hairpull takedown.  Headlock by Titus, he scores a shoulder takedown.  Head scissors by Titus into a mini piledriver for 2.  Headlock by Titus, he tries a small piledriver but Aries dropkicks him down.  They exchange chops. Aires tries a sunset flip but Titus roll through with a dropkick and a monkey flip.  Back elbow by Titus and a kick to the face.  Titus misses a shoulder block and a kick to the face by Aries.  Tope suicida by Aries.  He poses to the crows.  Senton in the ring by Aries for 2.  Aries with a Thesz backdrop.  Titus gets his foot up ahead of an Aries charge.  Titus forearms, Aires fires back but Titis with a back suplex.  Aries counters another suplex and applies the Last Chancery.  Titus makes the ropes. Titus counters an apron suplex.  Aries goes for the discus forearm but Titus nails a dropkick and a belly to belly for 2, Aries made the ropes.  Titus with a running kick for 2.  Aries pulls from the top rope and nails the discus forearm.  Aires with a running dropkick and a brainbuster for the pin.


Code of Honor Adhered to.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett (Champions) vs. Aron Stevens and JR Kratos

Kratos and Bennett kick things off with a forearm exchange.  Kratos with chops, Bennett tries a fireman but can't lift the big guy.  Kratos sends Bennett into a corner.  Stevens tags in and nails Bennett with a thumb to the eye, Taven tags in. Lockup, Stevens misses a punch and eats a chop.  Running forearm by Taven into a neckbreaker.  From the apron, Kratos nails Taven with a big right hand.  Stevens sends Taven into the apron.  Kratos tags in and nails a flying clothesline to Taven for 2.  Deadlift suplex by Kratos for 2.  Rear chinlock by Kratos, he takes Taven down and punches Bennett off the apron.

Stevens tags in and nails 2 headbutts.  Stevens grapevines the leg and tags Kratos in.  Kratos stomps Taven down and launches him across the ring with a suplex.  Stevens tags in and hits a kneedrop.  Into the buckle goes Taven.  Stevens gets on the ground with Taven and hits several back elbows.  2 count by Stevens.  Rear chinlock by Stevens.  Stevens goes to punch Bennett but he ducks and Taven with a backdrop,  Kratos tags in and beats Taven to the corner.  Stevens' interference backfires and a fresh Mike Bennett tags in.  He gets rid of Stevens and hits a Death Valley Driver on Kratos for 2.

Taven tags in and hits a superkick and spear for 2.  Kratos knocks Taven off the top rope and punts him.  Kratos with a running Death Valley Driver for 2 (Bennett made the save). Taven and Kratos exchange forearms.  Stevens tags himself in and the OGK try a double superplex.  Stevens eye rakes and hair pulls his way out.  He goes for a rolling reverse but Taven with a clothesline.  Taven is able to reverse the rollup and score the pin.


Stevens rants to the announce booth and Kyle Davis that he's never been better.

Kyle Davis brings out Jazz for a special in ring ceremony. She is joined by her husband, Rodney Mack. The Women's locker room comes out to applaud her.  She thanks God for giving her the talent to compete for 25 Years.  She also thanks WWE, ECW, Paul Heyman & Tommy Dreamer.  She thanks Billy Corgan profusely for allowing her to wrestle there so long.  She thanks Rodney Mack.  She is now officially working for the NWA as a women's coach and producer.  She thanks Madusa, who comes out to salute her.  A very nice segment.

Hug of Honor adhered to.

Colby Corino w/The Fixers vs. Doug Williams

Lockup, Williams bullies him in the corner.  Another lockup, headlock takedown by Colby.  Williams counters with a hammerlock into an armtwist. Corino ducks underneath and hits a snap mare.  Williams maintains wrist control, even through a Corino armdrag.  Williams with a standing armdrag and he scores a pair of 2 counts.  Corino bridges out.  Williams with a suplex for 1. Corino with a victory roll for 1.  Hammerlock by Williams, Corino trips him in the reversal and nails Williams as he's draped across the middle rope.  Corino with a reverse bearhug and nails the Colby Crush senton.  Williams fights back with a trio of uppercuts but Corino applies an Octopus, only gets a 1 count.  Back elbow and an enziguiri by Corino. Williams rolls out. The Fixers make a move but Corino waves them off.  Corino goes for a tope but Williams nails him with a vicious elbow.  Colby just beats the count out. Williams with running elbows.  Exploder by Williams for 2. Williams goes for a German but Colby rolls out and takes Williams down.  Double stomp by Corino.  Williams with a clothesline.  Williams goes for a German but the Fixers grab his leg.  Corino uses the distraction to hit an Octopus rollup for the pin.

WINNER: Colby Corino

Impact Knockouts World Title: Mickie James (Champion) vs. Kiera Hogan

Code if Hug adhered to. Tight lockup throughout the ring. Your winner here will meet Deonna Purazzo at the next Impact PPV. Top wristlock by Hogan, Mickie counters with an armdrag. Mickie rolls through a snapmare and applies a hammerlock.  Headlock takedown by James, Hogan reverses it into a headscissors.  Mickie cartwheels out of it.  Test of strength, Hogan with the leverage and edge, Mickie counters into a headscissors.  Hard forearm by Hogan, James with a snap mare and a running kick for 2.  Hard armtwist by Mickie.  Hogan punches out and hits a snap mare and a back kick of her own for a 2 count.  the story here is that Hogan is a hell of a striker. James spikes her with a hurancanrana. Baseball slide dropkick by James to the floor. Hogan gets in the ring first and Hogan nails a famouser.  As James recovers, Hogan with a lope suicida and throws James back in and scores a pair of 2 counts.  Kiera yells that she wants the title.  Hogan shoves her boot into the face of James in the corner. James immediately returns the favor.  Forearm exchange, a "this is wrestling" chant breaks out.  Hogan with a knee lift. Thez press by Mickie.  JAmes hits 3 clotheslines.  Neckbreaker for 2 by Mickie. James tries a DDT but gets rolled up for 2.  Running uppercut and a baseball slide dropkick for 2.

This is a great match.

James with a rollup for 2.  Flapjack by James, she goes to the top.  Hogan gets out of the way and hits  asuperkick.  Hogan ascends the ropes.  She nails a cross body but James rolls through and scores the pin.


NWA TV Title. No DQ, no time limit: Tyrus w/Austin Idol, BLK Jeez and Jordan Clearwater (NWA TV Champion) vs. Cyon

Special referee is Da Pope.  Pope immediately ejects Jeez and Clearwater.  This, I believe, is match number 2 in Tyrus' quest for the lucky 7. Cyrus with a slap and dropkick to the knee. Side kicks by Cyon.  Ground and pound by Cyon, he moves to cross faces.  Tyrus rolls out.  Cyon follows him and jabs a chair into Tyrus' side. Cyon kicks Tyrus in the head. Cyon fills the ring with a trash can and chairs. Tyrus throws Cyon into the interview table.  Tyrus with a eye poke and squezes the head.  Tyrus with a slam on the concrete.  Tyrus tries for the mask.  He rolls the Masked Mystery Man back in. Tyrus steps on Tyrus and punches him in the gut.  Avalanche by Tyrus. Fallaway suplex by the champion. Elbow drop by Tyrus for 1.  Tyrus seems stunned that he only got a 1.  Cyon struggles to his feet.  Kick to the gut and a DDT by Cyon for 1.  Cyon rains elbows on the champion and nails him with the garbage can lid.  Steel chair to the back by Cyon. The audience at the GPB Studio in Atlanta approves. Cyon comes off the rope and eats a clothesline.  

Tyrus puts the trash can over Cyon and elbow drops him.  Tyrus wants Pope to count the pin but Cyon's shoulder is well off the mat.  Tyrus sets up chairs facing each other. Tyrus tries a superplex but instead press slams him across the chairs.  That hurt. Tyrus tries to tear away at the mask.  Low blow by Cyonm preventing a heart punch. Trash can lid to the head by Cyon.  Cyon rolls out and grabs a table. He's walking gingerly.  Austin Idol tries to pull the table away but Pope ejects him.  Choke slam by Tyrus.  Tyris sets Cyon on the table.  Tyrus sets up a moonsault but Cyon recovers and powerbombs him through the table for 2.  BLK Jeez and Clearwater run in for the interference and lay out Cyon.  This is no DQ, remember.  Pope attacks Tyrus and goes for the Electric Train.  Tyrus moves and Pope nails Cyon instead.  Heart punch by Tyrus and Pope has no choice but to count the pin.


Austin Idol demands Pope raise Tyrus' hand in victory.  Cyon staggers away as the announce booth reviews what we've seen so far.

Kyle Davis brings out Mick Foley.  It's great to be right here in Atlanta GA.  Mick reminisces about his time in the NWA over 30 years ago.  He also has an eye on Christmas and the NWA.  He's very impressed with what he's seen from that NWA locker room.  Foley did say he might be keeping his eye on the monitor the rest of the night and might just get involved if need be.

NWA National Championship: Chris Adonis (champion) vs. Judais w/The Sinister Minister

Lockup, they jockey for position.  Another lockup, Judais fires away at the midsection and punches him in the corner. Adonis fires back but it has no effect on the challenger.  Short clothesline by Judais.  Garvin stomp and an elbow by Judais for 2.  Big clothesline in the corner by Judais.  Adonis avoids a kick in the corner.  Chop block by Adonis. Missile dropkick by Adonis. Adonis drops elbows on Judais' knee and applies the pressure.  Judias with a punch but an eye rake by the champion.  Spinning toe hold by Adonis into a single leg crab, Judais escapes by grabbing the rope.  Adonis stomps him on the mat.  Bodyslam by Adonis.  Adonis misses a legdrop. The challenger applies a sharpshooter, this time it's Adonis reaching the ropes.  Back rake by Judais.  Fallaway takedown by Judais for 2.  Leg sweep and Adonis scores a 2 count.  Adonis calls for the Masterlock but Judais counters with a boot to the face.  Judais goes to the rope but Adonis meets him.  Judais throws him to the ground and hits a clothesline off the top but his leg gave out.  Adonis applies the Masterlock and Judais can't answe the referee and he stops the match.


NWA World Tag Team Championship: La Rebellion (Bestia 666 and Mechawolf)- champions vs. The End (Odinson and Parrow)

Said it once, I'll say it again, Parrow is a ridiculously frightening man. The End attack right away but La Rebellion side step them to the outside.  They try tope suicidas, but Parrow won't go down, catching Mecha Wolf in the air and sending him to the post.  Odinson tags in and nails a delayed suplex on 666 fro 2.  Parrow tags in and hits a running avalanche.  Odinson DVD's Parrow on to 666 for 2, Mecha Wolf makes the save. Parrow with a big clothesline.  The End hit the Blood Eagle and Mecha Wolf makes the save again.  Parrow knocks Mecha Wolf to the floor.  Parrow sets up a powerslam but Bestia with a DDT and both teams tag out.  Springboard by Mecha Wolf, Odinson with a kick but Mecha Wolf with a facedrop.  Bestia tags in and now all 4 are brawling.  Assisted blockbuster by La Rebellion and, this time, it's Parrow who makes the save.  Odinson nails the champions with Lariats.  Parrow tags in and they try a Doomsaday Device. Mecha Wolf escapes.  La Rebellion double teams Odinson until Parrow catches a Bestia dive.  The End hit the Super collider.  The champions avoid another Doomsday Device.  Odinson gets thrown into Parrow.  La Rebellion nail a frog splash and a 450 on Parrow for the pin.


Dirty Dango and JTG come out to confront the champions.  They applaud them and signal they want next.

NWA World Women's Championship: Kamille (Champion) vs. Melina

Melina pounces immediately and forces the champion to the floor.  Melina follows and tries a cross body.  Kamile catches her but Melina slides back and sends her into the post.  Back in the ring, Kamille with a clothesline.  Kamille picks Melina up by the hair and tosses her across the ring.  Running legdrop by Kamille for 2.  Forearms by Kamille for 2.  Gut wrench by Kamille.  Splash in the corner by Kamille.  Melina kicks her off. Uppercut by Kamille. Kamille chokes Melina against the bottom rope.  Kamille with punches in the corner.  Back elbows by Kamile. Melina jumps on her back and chokes Kamille.  She dives on Kamille for 2.  Sole food by Melina, she connects with a clothesline.  Melina goes hard after the right arm of Kamille, she hits a snap mare and goes back to an armbar.  Melina with a 2 count into almost a cross armbreaker.  Kamile punches out of it.  Kick by Melina, she sends Kamille into the ropes and stretches her back on the middle rope.  Kamille turns the tide but she can't sustain it as the clothesline she threw worsened her condition.  Melina is attacking the arm like a shark near blood. Melina locks in the California Dream and Kamille struggles to make the ropes. Melina tries to ram the arm into the post but Kamille pulls back and Melina hits the post.  Ground and pound by Kamille.  Knee by Kamille and she hits the steamroller.  Melina tries a sunset flip but Kamille powers out. Kamille with a calf crusher and Melina bites Kamille to break it.  Melina removes her knee brace and goes to attack but Kamille with a spear for the pin.


Nick Aldis vs Thom Lattimer- No seconds allowed at ringside. A disqualification will result in suspension for 2 months

Lattimer slides out of the ring, Aldis follows and Lattimer scurries back.  Drop toe hold by Lattimer.  Very fast mat based action, way too fast to keep up with results in a Lattimer hammerlock. Monkey Flip by Lattimer, Aldis lands on his feet and nails a clothesline. Thesz press into ground and pound. Lattimer tries to escape but Aldis pulls his trunks to stop him and we've got a half moon over Georgia.  Eye poke and a piledriver for 2 by Lattimer. Short clothesline by Lattimer.  Belly to back by Lattimer, he slams Aldis into the ropes and scores a trio of 2 counts.  Lattimer grabs the bell hammer.  The ref takes it away and that's when Lattimer hits a low blow.  Lattimer misses a top rope senton.  Lattimer misses a splash in the corner and Aldis hip tosses him into the opposite corner.  Aldis with right hands and a Michinoku Driver for 2.  DDT by Lattimer for 2.  Powerbomb by Aldis, he transitions into the Figure 4.  Lattimer makes the ropes.  Back elbow by Lattimer. Power Bomb and Lattimer applies the Kingsland Cloverleaf. Aldis makes the ropes.  Lattimer goes for a figure 4 but Aldis kicks him off.  Piledriver by Aldis for 2.  Lattimer with uppercuts.  Aldis with a jackknife rollup for the pin out of nowhere.



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