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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-05-03 23:00:00

We are back and Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair are in the ring.  Sonya says she has let Charlotte make a proposal.

Charlotte says she was a little taken back when she heard Asuka and Rhea were given another title match without her getting a chance.  She ended Asuka's two year streak.  I put Rhea Ripley on the map when I beat her last year at Wrestlemania.  Do I have to remind you that Rhea took my spot at Wrestlemania.  I have made mistakes and learned the error of my ways.  I am happy to be reinstated.  You can't say if I am added to Backlash, it won't be a better pay per view.  They can take the division only so far.  I can take it farther.  I am the most important influencer of the women's division.  I influence and they follow.  I say, they do.  

Charlotte says she gave Sonya the opportunity to be an authority and you made the courageous decision to lift the suspension.  Love me or hate me, the division needs me.  The WWE Universe needs me.  She says she is happy to oblige and give me a match of my worth.  She tells Sonya to do the right thing and add her to the match at Backlash.  She tells Sonya to 'Be Fair to Flair'.  

Sonya says since the men's match is a triple threat match, I will be adding Charlotte to the Triple Threat Match.

Rhea Ripley's music plays and she comes out and says that she has put up a lot coming out of this spoiled brat's mouth, but this is pure crap.  There is a reason why Charlotte was not in the match at Wrestlemania.  That is the reason why nobody wants to see her in her rematch.  Rhea says nobody likes Charlotte.  Rhea says she can beat Asuka one on one because she already did.  A triple threat match?  You know how unfair that is.  

Rhea says that she should have known that when Sonya brought back Charlotte that this would happen.

Asuka's music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Asuka says this is crap and she calls Charlotte a whiny baby.  She says she can beat Rhea because she is ready to become the Raw Women's Champion.  

Charlotte says that is why no one compares to her.  You get thrown one curve ball and you lose your minds.  Charlotte says Rhea is walking into Backlash with the title, but I will walk out as the champion.  

Rhea gets in Sonya's face and Charlotte hits Rhea from behind and then Asuka sends Charlotte to the floor.

Kayla Braxton is in the back with Humberto Carrillo and we see Sheamus beating Humberto up the last two weeks.

Humberto says Sheamus is a tough guy.  He has been bullying everyone beacuse he thinks he can do it.  Humberto says he will not be bullied any more.  Humberto says he will accept every challenge made by Sheamus.

Sheamus attacks Humberto from behind and he says that Humberto won't be in any condition to accept his open challenge.  Sheamus tells Humberto there is always next week.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Adam Pearce wants to know what the hell is going on with Charlotte.  He says it was abuse of power.  Sonya says she sent him a text but the reception must be horrible in the building.  Sonya agrees that they have to make decisions together.

Miz says last time he checked, he is the Miz, one of the most decorated superstars in WWE history.  He says they suffered the humiliation of a sophomoric prank of rotten tomatoes by The New Day and Damian Priest.  What kind of treatment is that for someone of his pedigree?  Look at his accomplishments.  Wrestlemania main eventer, two time World Champion, two time Money in the Bank holder, and so much more.  That is a first ballot hall of famer.  An all time great whose accomplishments stack up against anyone in WWE history.  Cena, Rock, Hogan, Miz.  It is only a far fetched comparison when you ignore the facts?  Would they have suffered that?  Morrison says no and then he is cut off.

Miz says he is only expecting respect.  He says Damian Priest has left them no choice to have John Morrison get respect from him.

Damian Priest says Miz has had an awesome career but in New York City, he wouldn't last ten minutes.  He is angry about some tomatoes, but how will he feel when he breaks Miz' jaw.

Match Number Three:  John Morrison (with Miz) versus Damian Priest (with the concept of Grammy Award Winning Artist, Former 24/7 Champion, and Undefeated at Wrestlemania Sold Out Concert Tour Performer Bad Bunny)

Priest with a reverse atomic drop and a leg sweep.  Morrison with a waist lock into a reverse chin lock.  Priest with a hammer lock into a cravate.  Morrison goes for a swinging neck breaker but Priest escapes and he sends Morrison over the top rope to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Priest with a knee but Morrison with a leg sweep and forearms.  Morrison with a running leg lariat and he gets a near fall.  Morrison with a reverse chin lock and forearm to the back.  Priest wtih a flapjack.  Priest with a forearm and he blocks forearms from Morrison.  Priest with kicks to the midsection but Morrison with a forearm.  Priest with kicks to Morrison and Priest misses a spinning heel kick.  Morrison with a kick to Priest.  Priest with a forearm and kick to the chest.  Priest with a back elbow into the corner.  Morrison escapes a Broken Arrow but Priest with a clothesline for a near fall.  

Priest goes up top and Miz gets on the apron and Morrison with Spanish Fly for a near fall.  Priest goes for a rollup and Morrison holds on to the ropes and Miz gets on the apron to distract the referee.  Morrison with a rollup for a near fall.  Priest boxes the ears and then hits Hit the Lights for the three count.

Winner:  Damian Priest

Mansoor is in the back and he signs his Raw contract.

Sheamus shows up and interrupts the contract signing.  Sheamus tells Pearce that the rumor of Humberto Carrillo accepting Sheamus' open challenge is a rumor.  He says accidents happen.

Mansoor introduces himself to Sheamus and says he is a Raw superstar like Sheamus.

Sheamus is in awe of Mansoor.  He says since Mansoor signed his contract, what if he accepts Sheamus' open challenge.  He says there is no better way for the WWE Universe to get to know you better than to take one against the head from the United States Champion.

Mansoor says he didn't expect this to happen so quick.

Kayla Braxton is in the back with Montel Vontavious Porter.

Porter says the match tonight shouldn't be happening.  How did Braun weasel his way into the Triple Threat Match.  Everyone knows that.  Porter says Drew and Bobby have a lot in common.  Porter says it wouldn't surprise him to see Bobby and Drew take care of Braun so they can have a one on one match.  Watch what Bobby Lashley does to the so called Monster Among Men.

Match Number Four:  Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin versus Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado

Alexander with a shoulder tackle and Metalik with a head scissors.  Metalik with a springboard drop kick and he gets a near fall.  Alexander with a Michinoku Driver and he gets a near fall.  Benjamin tags in and he slams Metalik.  Benjamin with another slam.  Benjamin with a back body drop for a near fall.  Benjamin gets another near fall.  Alexander tags in and he sends Metalik into the turnbuckles and punches and kicks Metalik.  Alexander with forearms and Metalik with a bulldog.  Dorado and Benjamin tag in and Dorado with a forearm but Benjamin with a clothesline for a near fall.  

Benjamin with a forearm and he blocks a rana attempt.  Benjamin with a kick to the head for a near fall.  Dorado with a tornado DDT and then he sends Alexander to the floor.  Metalik tags in as Dorado hits a springboard cross body onto Alexander and Metalik hits a springboard elbow drop for the three count.

Winners:  Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado

After the match, Cedric gets on the mic and he wants Shelton to look at him.  They went from Tag Team Champions to this?  Look at us.  No wonder MVP and Lashley kicked us out.  They didn't kick us out, they kicked you out.  I should have turned my back on you.  Cedric asks Shelton how long has been here getting opportunity after opportunity to let it slip through your fingers.  How many years do you have left?  I am in the prime of my life so I will not keep you going.  This team is done.

Angel Garza walks in the back with a rose and Drew Gulak asks if it is for him.  Drew says it is funny that Angel is a ladies man but he cannot score.  Drew mentions Garza's record and he offers to face Garza in a match.  Drew says he will be the one to smell like a rose after the match.  Garza says when he beats Drew, he will shove this rose up his ass.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Shelton Benjamin is in the back and he is ambushed by Kayla Braxton and asked about Cedric's comments.  Shelton says he survived for so long because he can take the hit.  He saw so many bright stars like Cedric around here.  Cedric was in the Hurt Business because I saw it in him, not Bobby or MVP.  Cedric is a grown man and he can do what he wants.  He will respect me.  If he continues down this road, he will be just another bright young star fizzling out while I survive.

Match Number Five:  Angel Garza versus Drew Gulak

Garza throws the pants at Drew and hits a drop kick.  Garza with a boot to Gulak's shoulder.  Garza with punches.  Garza with a butterfly back breaker.  Gulak with a head butt and a reverse chin lock and take downs.  Garza goes to the ropes to escape and Garza with a clothesline and drop kick.that sends Gulak into the turnbuckles.  Garza with a forearm and a face wash.  Garza sets for the Wing Clipper and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Angel Garza

After the match, Garza grabs his rose and he thinks about what he told Drew earlier and he puts it against Drew's face and asks how it smells and then he plants it in an uncomfortable place and Garza kicks it into Drew's soil.

Riddle is still scooting in the back and he sees Erik and Ivar.  Riddle asks them about the NFL Draft and he asks if they are Vikings or Raiders fans.  Erik says he is a Browns fan.  Ivar says they are Vikings who raid.

Riddle scoots up to Randy Orton and he calls him bro and Randy ssys they are not bros.  Riddle says it is an honor to tag with Randy and he says they are still undefeated.  

Randy points out they have won A match.  Randy tells Riddle that they need to go to the ring to team again.  Randy tells Riddle to zip his lip.

We go to commercial.

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