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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-04-07 18:40:00

Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE NXT’s Takeover Stand and Deliver Night One from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.

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Your host is Sam Roberts and he is joined by Jimmy Smith.

They run through the card for night one.

We see Io Shirai arriving at the building earlier today as well as Raquel Gonzalez' arrival at the building.

We take a look at the NXT UK Men's Championship match with a video package.

Sam calls Ciampa a Takeover legend but he says that was before the neck surgery.  He asks Jimmy for what Ciampa has to do to win.  Jimmy says WALTER talks about technique while Ciampa talks about emotion.  Ciampa cannot be too emotional against a man who is as emotional as a Swiss watch.  Jimmy says Ciampa has to control his emotions.

We go to Samoa Joe with Tommaso Ciampa from earlier today.

Joe asks Ciampa about facing WALTER.  Ciampa says WALTER is a big man and he has been champ for more than 700 days.  Ciampa says this is the most excited and anticipated Takeover since New Orleans.  Joe asks about being excited and anxious and how it isn't what most people say about facing WALTER.  Joe asks if there is a secret.  Ciampa says he has been through it.  He has done it in the ring and he did it in life.  All of the surgeries and becoming a dad.  He is in the best shape of his life.  He is in the best position in his life going into this match.  Ciampa says he knows it will be physical.  It is a weird feeling and there are certain that are special and this is one.

Joe asks Ciampa about his attitude in the ring and having to face WALTER with Ciampa's history and if there is a lack of confidence.  Ciampa says at 35, post neck surgery and becoming a dad, he has so much to prove that he is better than he was in 2018.  He is more dangerous and more focused.  If WALTER isn't ready, he will be in the fight of his life.  Joe asks Ciampa what more he wawnts to achieve before he retires.  Ciampa says the history of the NXT UK title is one of the most prestigious.  He held Goldie and now it is time to hold His Lady.

Sam wonders if WALTER did too much by ripping off that necklace to get Ciampa where he is tonight.

We see Ciampa with Timothy Thatcher earlier tonight.

We go to WALTER with Samoa Joe and Joe asks WALTER about his long title reign.  He says on paper it looks nice, but he says he needs to catch up after the quarantine.  Joe asks if wanting to get back has led to his most recent run?  WALTER says he wants to put on the best performance.  He says he owes it to the audience and the business.  Joe asks WALTER about Ciampa and his return from his injury.  WALTER says Ciampa from 2 years ago is similar to what he is today.  How we think and feel about wrestling are the same, but that is not the case today for Ciampa.  He says Ciampa looks like he succeeded and he got what he needed from the sport.

Joe asks if this will define his legacy.  WALTER says one match does not solidify his legacy.  Ciampa is his latest challenge and he will look for the next one.  To come here as the NXT UK Champion and to have the privilege to defend the title in front of an American audience, it is nice but he is NXT UK.  Joe asks what happens if he loses.  Will he stay in the US to get his title back or will he return to Europe?  WALTER says everyone has to make the next step but he does not know when that will be.

We go to Arash Markazi and Sam asks him about WALTER's title reign.  He says this is an historic title reign.  He says nothing can stop WALTER's reign and it won't happen tonight.

We go to footage from The Bump with Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

McKenzie Mitchell is in the back with LA Knight.  He says people asked Who's game is this and it is LA Knight's.  He is walking into the Gauntlet Eliminator.  Five guys get dropped tonight.  People ask him if he is confident and he is.  In 24 hours, he beats the legend Johnny Gargano and a new legend is made when LA Knight becomes the new North American Champion.

Sam and Jimmy talk about how they feel that Bronson Reed is the favorite in this match.  Sam wonders how do you prepare for Dexter Lumis.

We take a look at Pete Dunne and KUSHIDA during the battle royal last week.

Sam has Jimmy describe the joint manipulation that Dunne does during matches.  It shows how far Dunne will go to win a match.

We go to Arash and Sam asks him about KUSHIDA's claim about being the best technical wrestler.

Jimmy says KUSHIDA needs this win more because his ego has gotten in the way at times.  Sam says Dunne needs to show that he is still championship caliber.

Mickie James joins Vic Joseph on commentary for our Pre-Show Match.

Match Number One:  Zoey Stark versus Toni Storm

They lock up and go around the ring and go to a stalemate.  They lock up again and Stark with a side head lock.  Stark with a side head lock take down.  Storm with a head scissors.  Stark with a side head lock.  Storm with an escape and a side head lock.  Storm pulls the hair and then Stark escapes. Storm with a shoulder tackle.  Stark with uppercuts to Storm but Storm sends Stark to the apron.  Stark with a springboard drop kick but she misses a knee in the corner.  Storm sends Stark to the mat and Storm with forearms.

Storm gets a near fall.  Storm works on the neck.  Stark with a rollup for a near fall.  Storm with a reverse chin lock.  Stark with elbows and Storm sends Stark back to the mat and Toni gets a near fall.  Storm kicks Stark in the corner.  Storm with a suplex and she gets a near fall.  Storm with a single leg crab on Stark.  Stark kicks Toni away but Storm with a boot.  Stark with a shoulder in the corner and Storm with punches.  Stark is sent into the turnbuckles and Storm with kicks.  Storm with a European uppercut and a second one.  Stark with chops and kicks.  Storm with a double leg take down and punches.   Storm with a slam and Toni goes to the turnbuckles.  

Stark with a forearm to stop Storm and Stark with forearms.  Stark with a superplex and both women are down.  Stark and Storm exchange forearms until Stark gets the advantage.  Storm misses a clothesline and Stark with kicks but she misses a running kick.  Storm goes for a German suplex but Stark blocks it.  Stark with a standing switch and German suplex followed by a kip up and sliding boot to the head for a near fall.  Stark gets another near fall.  Storm gets Stark on her shoudlers and hits a sit out gourdbuster for a near fall.  Stark blocks Storm Zero and Stark with a thrust kick for a near fall.  

Stark with a forearm to the back.  Stark with a knee to the midsection but Storm with a German suplex and a second one.  Storm goes for Storm Zero and Stark blocks it and gets the three count with a small package.

Winner:  Zoey Stark

McKenzie is in the back with MSK and they say they are ready for tonight.  Wes says this was set up for them but the GYV tried to get rid of him but now he is medically cleared.  Nash says it is not about the other teams, it is about them.  Their star shines the brightest.  Wes says it will shine brightest when they win the titles.

Jimmy mentions Legado del Fantasma and how no one is talking about them.  

We take a look at the Women's Title match with a video package.

We are joined by Mickie James to talk about the Shirai/Gonzalez match.  

Sam asks Mickie if there are any similarities between Io and Raquel and her feud with Trish Stratus.  Mickie says that Raquel is the biggest rising star in NXT.

We go to Samoa Joe with Raquel Gonzalez.  Joe says that it is hard to find anyone with a better year than Raquel.  She says 2020 was crazy with everything happening in the world, but she has been able to progress and show the world who she is.  Joe asks about facing Io Shirai and how she is a threat for the title. She says it is an honor that Io chose her to be her opponent.  If that isn't validation for becoming who she thought she would be in the ring, what else could.  She is going to prove that she is more than a sidekick.

Joe asks about being singled out and if it worries her.  Raquel says that Io is known for not leaving anything behind, it could be a problem but Raquel says she is confident in her abilities.  Joe asks her about being in the main event and what it means to her.  Raquel says it means so much to her after her journey to get here.  She mentions facing Rhea at New Year's Evil and now she is in the main event of one of the most unique Takeovers.  Io is known as one of the best in the world.  This is a mountain that no one has been able to climb and when she beats Io, she will smileand be full pride for everything that has led to this moment.

Sam asks Mickie about Io challenging Raquel.  Mickie says that Io has taken on all comers, but no one the size of Raquel

Samoa Joe asks Io about being the champion.  She says that she was the best in Japan and now she wants to be the best in the world.  She says she is planning on reaching the top.  Joe asks about Raquel Gonzalez and the year she had.  Joe asks why did she challenge Raquel.  Io says she has beaten the best on all brands and she feels that Raquel is an up and coming wrestler.   She mentions that she would see Rey beat the bigger wrestlers and that is why she challenged Raquel.  Joe asks her about being in the main event.  She says it is an honor but there is a lot of pressure.  She is representing the women's division and the NXT Women's Title.  The division has come a long way and she says she is not only responsible for that.

Sam asks Mickie for her pick.  Mickie says that Io feels like the underdog and she feels that Raquel wants it more.  Jimmy says he is picking Io since this is a big night.

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