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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-06 23:30:00

Celebrity Inductee: Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy appeared via video from his pool, thanking the fans, Triple H and Vince McMahon. THAT WAS IT.

2021 Legacy Wing inductees:

*Dick The Bruiser.

*Pez Whatley.

*Buzz Sawyer.

*Ethel Johnson.

*Paul Boesch.

I really popped for Pez Whatley being inducted.

The next inductee is Eric Bischoff

They had a tremendous video package for Eric.  

Bischoff thanked everyone and said all this is amazing.  He said he was told he has three minutes.  Did he say Three Minutes?  Wow, a Three Minute Warning joke.  He said that was an amazing time.

Little did he know 34 years ago when he drove to Verne Gagne's office in Minneapolis that he was going to go on a lifelong road trip.   He got to experience things in that office that he only saw from a distance as a fan.  That road trip was over after a time, so he drove to Atlanta for an amazing opportunity that would change his life and the lives of his family forever.

That opportunity gave him the chance to explore the "What ifs" in his imagination, but that trip came to an end, or so he thought.  One morning, he was in his office when the phone rang when he received an invite he thought would be impossible.  A journey that provided him with experiences and possibilities.  He said a Latin phrase that translates to standing on the shoulders of giants.  Everything he's been able to do including tonight is because he had the chance to stand on the shoulders of giants who came before him.

He said he wants to thank the giants who gave him those opportunities, the ones who have taken the industry from a circus sideshow to one of the most powerful forms of entertainment anywhere in the world.  It's a uniquely American art-form and he wants to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart, no matter where they are in the universe for being part of his road trip and journey.  It's been one hell of ride but the best is still to come.

This was a really good speech but it was so weird for him to not mention the letters WCW even once given there was a point and time where he WAS WCW and everything flowed through him.

Backstage Seth Rollins was in a suit that looked like it was printed in Technicolor.  Rollins said that Bischoff made change and he changed the game forever.  He said some people don't like that but he made waves and now he's in the Hall of Fame and no one can ever take it away.

Kevin Owens was interviewed about Eric Bischoff.  Owens said he was never a WCW fan ever and despised it growing up.  He was a WWE guy, but when Eric showed up on WWE TV, he flipped out.  His father was there and asked him to kindly refrain from losing his mind.  Eric went from almost taking down WWE to becoming such a vital part of Raw and Smackdown for such a long time, he deserves the distinction.  He said that he went from despising Bischoff to Eric being one of his favorite people to be around when they worked together.

Baron Corbin praised Eric for not being afraid to hurt people's emotions or feeling in his work,  Baron tries to do that now.  He said that he believes everyone who tries to irriate people owed Bischoff a lot for being able to do that.

Warrior Award: WWE Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Risk Management, Rich Hering

The video for Hering was absolutely awesome.  They showed him going all the way back to his criminal justice days to the New York State Athletic Commission to being ringside as a Wrestlemania official to marrying Randy Savage and Elizabeth at Summerslam 1991 and beyond.    I heard from at least 12 WWE past and present employees who told me how much Hering was deserving of this award.

Hering said that he wishes Dana Warrior and the Warriors girls were present to be part of the presentation.  He said he will always be grateful because of who this award represents.

He is thankful to all the stars he worked with for 51 years now as they all worked to take this from a regional wrestling company to an international phenomenon.

He praised all the employees of the company and said they work day in and day out and make the company what it is.

He thanked everyone for yesterday, today and tomorrow, with his gratitude.

Edge was interviewed backstage about being a member of the Hall of Fame.  He said he was super excited for the class and remembers how nervous and full of butterflies he had that night wanting his speech to go right.  He said seeing Molly Holly getting her attention means so much to him.  Glenn, the man behind Kane, is one of his best friends.  If there's one person who deserves to be in the Hall, it's Kane.

Bayley was interviewed about Kane.  He was her brother's favorite wrestler so he was a big inspiration to her.  Her brother thought he was so Kane and he was so excited when he found out she was going to be talking about Kane.  She told Kane to call her brother Jeremy.  She said Kane and Daniel Bryan were so great and so fun.

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