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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-06 21:30:00

Next up are The NWO - Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall

Sean Waltman thanked his wife and thanked Nash and Hall for having his back for 30 years.  He thanked Hogan for always being so cool.  He credited hitting Hogan with a chair at Wrestlemania 18 after the match with The Rock as locking him into the main event for the rest of his run.

Scott Hall said he thought being inducted as Razor Ramon a few years ago was great but being alongside his best friends and the guy who made him want to be a pro wrestler is amazing.

Kevin Nash said that there were a lot of things that could have made the NWO work and a lot that could have made it not work.  He said that had Vinnie Vegas and The Diamond Studd had moved to WCW as opposed to Razor and Diesel, it wouldn't have worked.  He said that if their contracts hadn't expired six days apart, it wouldn't have worked - if he had shown up 18 months later and said surprise, it wouldn't have worked.

Nash said that the NWO thing is indeed for life as he gets to see 5 year olds give him the Wolfpac symbol wearing a NWO shirt.  He said that they might not have been the Beatles but the NWO was at least Led Zeppelin.

Hulk Hogan said that the NWO is still alive.  Hulkamania had ended and was on a movie set making Santa with Muscles trying to figure out what was next.  He saw Scott Hall jump.  Eric Bischoff was in his ear about the NWO thing and he saw the heat and how real it was.  It felt like WWE was invading WCW.  He picked up the phone and said he was thinking about making the move.  Eric said if he didn't want to, it was going to be Sting.  Hulk said, "Sting? Yikes! I am in.  I am WWE from head to toe."  He said Waltman rounded them out and made the group even better.

Hogan said the nastier they became and the worst of bottom-feeders they became, the more WWE fans loved them.  He said he sells tons of NWO merchandise every day at his store in Clearwater.  Hogan claimed he was never beaten for the WCW World title belt.  Hogan told them they needed to make another run and said after the first main event and the second main event goes down, the NWO should be waiting in the wings to teach everyone a lesson.  Hogan said it was wishful thinking but everyone knows the NWO is for life and now in the Hall of Fame, they are for life.

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