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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-07-23 21:59:00

Match Number Two:  Charlotte Flair versus Ember Moon

Moon lands on her feet on a hip toss and Charlotte with a knee and kicks. 

Bayley's music plays and she comes to the ring and it distracts Charlotte and Moon with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Ember Moon

After the match, Ember sends Bayley into the ring and Charlotte with a boot.  Ember gives Charlotte an Eclipse.  Ember hits one on Bayley as well.

Kofi Kingston walks in the back as we go to commercial.

Roman Reigns is in the back and David Otunga mentions all of the traps in his way tonight.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole has joined Tom and David for commentary.  Tom mentions that Byron is not here because of the passing of his father.

Kofi says before he gets into his match with Samoa Joe, he wants to make a challenge to the man he hopes will accept his challenge at SummerSlam.

Kofi says he wants to call out this person before he attacks him from behind and that man is Randy Orton.

Randy's music plays and he comes out.  

Kofi tells Randy that he called him out because they have a little history between them.  Kofi says he remembers clear as day.  November 16, 2009, Madison Square Garden, everyone chanting his name.  They remember because that was the night he whooped your ass all over the arena.  Here is a little reminder.

Kofi says that moment still gives him goosebumps.  That was the moment that he was to have made it to the next level, but that didn't happen.  The truth is that you used your influence to hold him down and hold him back so he would never reach the main event again.  That almost worked but it didn't because Kofi says he kept grinding and he kept pushing.  Kofi says he became what Randy never wanted him to be, your WWE Champion.

Randy says you think he used his influence to hold you back?  You're damn right I did.  Randy says he was doing Kofi a favor because he was not ready then and he is not ready now.  That title is a fluke. You talk about how hard you have worked, but Randy has been on top for 18 years.  Randy says he never had to work hard to get where he is because he is Randy Orton.  He never had to have a fake Jamaican accent, throw pancakes or shake his ass.  Randy says he wins titles, Royal Rumbles, and Wrestlemanias.  It is only because of him that you had a title shot against Daniel Bryan.  Randy says he injured Ali before the Elimination Chamber and you took his place.  Randy says that you don't deserve that championship and he can take that title any time he wants.

Kofi says why not put it to the test at SummerSlam.  Randy Orton versus Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

Orton says if you want it, you got it.  When the 11 year fairy tale is over, it will be at the hand of the most destructive letters in WWE . . . RKO.

Randy Orton decides to stay at ringside to watch the next match.

Match Number Three:  Samoa Joe versus Kofi Kingston in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Joe with a wrist lock and Kofi with a reversal.  Joe with an arm bar into a wrist lock.  Kofi with a reversal into an arm bar.  Kofi with a waist lock but Joe with a wrist lock and fireman's carry into an arm bar.  Kofi with a kick to the head to get out of the wrist lock.  Joe pulls Kofi to the mat by the hair when Kofi goes for a top wrist lock.  Joe with a chop followed by a head butt.  Kofi with chops to Joe but Joe with a head butt to stop Kofi.  Kofi with a jumping back elbow.

Kofi with a drop kick that sends Joe to the floor and Kofi with a trust fall plancha onto Joe.  Kofi with a forearm into the corner followed by punches but Joe drops Kofi on the turnbuckles.  Joe misses an elbow into the corner and Joe with an STJoe.  Joe gets a near fall.   Joe with jabs and punches to Kofi followed by a chop.  Kofi with punches and kicks but Joe with a back elbow.  Joe with a snap mare and he works on the neck.  Kofi with elbows but Joe with a knee.  Kofi with chops to Joe followed by a drop kick and jumping clothesline.  Kofi with the Boom Drop.  Kofi with a double jump cross body and Orton comes into the ring and goes for an RKO and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Kofi Kingston (by disqualification)

After the match, Kofi and Randy square off and Joe goes after Orton and Randy with an RKO.  Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Orton.

We see Kevin Owens getting ready in the back for his match.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring.

Finn Balor is asked about the last few weeks with him losing the Intercontinental Champoinship followed by the return of Bray Wyatt after Finn's match last week on Raw.  Finn is asked if he knows why he was in Bray's crosshairs.  Finn says they have crossed paths before and he wonders if Bray is out for revenge or if it is something new.  Finn says he cannot explain this.  Finn says Bray is more twisted and messed up than ever.  Finn says he has stared fear in the eyes before and he did not back down then and he won't back down now.  Whatever you want to call yourself, he is challenging Bray to a match at SummerSlam.

We go to the Firefly Funhouse on the TitanTron and Bray shows up.  Bray says hello to Finn and he says Finn is so brave.  It is inspriing.  It is also why Mercy, Ramblin Rabbit and him are such big fans of Finn's.  The fiend is not a fan no matter how many times they tell the fiend how super duper you are.  Bray says the Fiend is accepting your challenge at SummerSlam.  Bray says he should warn Finn.  While you are an extraordinary man, the fiend is no man.  The fiend is an abomination.  The fiend is power.  The fiend remembers.  Let me in.

We go to commercial.

We take a look at the 24/7 Title changes on Raw.

Charlotte Flair is in the interview area and she says it was a slap in the face what happened.  Not being on SummerSlam and not being chosen by Bayley is an insult.  How do you leave the person who is responsible for the Women's Revolution off SummerSlam.  Charlotte says she will be at SummerSlam and she says her opponent will be better than Ember Moon.  She will prove why she is the greatest female superstar of all time.

Match Number Four:  Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns with Guest Referee Drew McIntyre, guest time keeper Elias, and guest ring announcer Shane McMahon

Owens takes the mic and he says he has no problem going through Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and Elias tonight to go after Shane.

Roman has an issue with it and he says he is going to beat everyone up.

They lock up and Drew separates them in the corner.  Owens with a side head lock.  Drew pushes Roman and Kevin to tell them to listen to him.  Roman punches Drew and sends him over the top rope to the floor.  Owens punches Elias and then Shane is cornered by Roman and Owens.  Shane is grabbed by Roman and Drew hits Roman.  Owens punches Drew and Elias with a knee to Owens.  Shane kicks Roman while Drew punches Roman.  Elias adds kicks to Roman.  Shane with punch like maneuvers and then Owens pulls Shane out of the ring and sends Shane into the ringside barrier.  Owens with super kicks to Drew and Elias.  Roman spears Drew and Owens gives Elias a stunner.  Roman brings Shane back into the ring and Roman with a superman punch followed by a stunner from Owens.

Roman tells Owens to hit another stunner and Owens with a kick and stunner to Shane.  

Kevin says tonight is nothing because he is going to make Shane enjoyable because he is going to destroy Shane at SummerSlam.

We go to credits.


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