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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-23 18:05:00

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre (with Shane McMahon)

They began battling immediately with Roman hammering down with right hands in the corner, then clotheslining Drew over the top to the floor.  Roman hit a huge leaping dive over the top onto Drew and Shane McMahon, almost overshooting them in a scary manner.  Roman chased Shane into the crowd and back into the ringside area, where Drew met Reigns with a big punch in mid-air.

Drew controlled Roman and  nailed a big powerslam for a two count.  Shane choked Roman against the ropes as Drew distracted the referee.  Drew worked over Reigns’ with an armbar.  Drew worked Roman for a long time.  Drew nailed a spinebuster for another two  He  count after Shane McMahon distracted the referee.

Drew nailed a big suplex for another two count and then went back to working over Roman’s arm.  He began tying up Reigns in submission maneuvers.  Roman refused to quit.  He finally mounted a comeback with a series of right hands and a big leaping clothesline.   He nailed a series of clotheslines in the corner and a big boot to the face.  He went for the Superman Punch but Shane got on the apron, so Roman smashed him instead.  He nailed a second one, diving off the apron to the floor.

McIntyre avoided a Driveby and nailed an Alabama Slam across the announcers' table.  He brought Roman into the ring and scored another near fall.  Drew placed him on the top.  Roman attemped to battle back but was nailed with a superplex for a two count.  Drew set up for the Claymore Kick, waiting for Roman to return to his feet.  He went for it but Roman avoided it and used a backslide for a two count.  Drew nailed a headbutt.  He went to the ropes but Roman nailed the Superman Punch as he sailed from the top.  Roman covered him for a close two count.

Reigns went for a spear but Drew kicked him.  Roman rebounded with another spear but Shane  McMahon pulled the referee out of the riing.  Shane began stomping Roman.  He set up for a Coast to Coast and nailed it.  Shane tossed the referee in (where he obviously should have DQ'd Drew) but Roman kicked up at two.  The crowd chanted for Roman, who was clutching at his knee.  Drew went for another Claymore Kick but Roman nailed a Superman Punch on him, tossed an advancing Shane McMahon over the top to the floor and speared Drew for the pin.

Your winner, Roman Reigns!

Another good back and forth match that saw Drew look like a strong heel.  That allowed Roman to come off well as the babyface hero.  With the exception of the illogical and overexposed "pull the referee out" spot, this was a gritty, entertaining bout.

It appeared Roman was bleeding from a cut in his underarm after the match.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Good action early on.  Kofi missed a splash in the corner.  Ziggler worked over Kingston and grinded him down with a headlock.  Ziggler scored several near falls.  Kofi nailed a jawbreaker to escape Ziggler but was slammed backwards into the buckles.  Ziggler nailed a series of body blows to the ribs and mid-section.  Ziggler was blasted as he charged Kofi in the corner.

Kofi nailed a series of clotheslines and dropkicks but Ziggler caught him and drilled him face-first into cage, using Kingston’s momentum against him.  Ziggler went back to the chinlock.  Ziggler began slapping Kingston, which only fired up the WWE Champion, who sent him into the steel cage.   Kingston nailed several rights.  Ziggler tried to send him into the cage, but Kofi saved himself and sent Ziggler into the cage’s beam, then rolled him up for a two count.

They battled up the cage and battled atop the ropes.  Ziggler was smashed into the cage and crashed down below.  Kofi began climbing the cage and hit a high cross bodyblock off the cage into the ring for a two count.    Ziggler tried to escape via the top of the cage but Kofi caught him and brought him back from the top to the inside of the cage, where they crashed down into the ring below.  Kofi nailed a SOS for a close two count.  Kofi began showing signs of wear on his knee, so Ziggler attacked it and locked in a leg submission, trying to prevent Kingston from scaling the cage.  Kingston made it to the ropes but since there is no DQ, it was a futile effort.  Kingston began using his fingers to climb the cage, trying to force a break.  Ziggler pulled him down and nailed a superkick.  Kingston nearly crashed out of the door and to the floor but Ziggler stopped him, locked on another leglock and pulled him back into the ring.

KIngston tried to fight his way out and finally tossed off Ziggler.  Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler caught him and locked on an anklelock.  Kingston was able to counter it and lock on one of his own.  Ziggler nailed a Zig Zag and scored a close two count.  Ziggler went for a superkick but Kofi hooked his leg and grabbed him in a front facelock.  As Ziggler backed away, he was moving closer and closer to the cage door and almost made it out but Ziggler was pulled back into the ring.  Ziggler escaped and went for the door but was prevented from escaping.  Ziggler kicked him away and climbed for the door but Ziggler dove over him, crashing down to the floor below.

Your winner and still WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston!

A good, solid match with a fun ending.

Kofi celebrated with New Day on the stage.

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