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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-06-04 21:56:00

We are back and Shane McMahon is in the ring and he is joined by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. He gets introduced by Greg Hamilton. Shane asks if it is okay if they go to the end of what happened last night and he wants to see it again.  Shane says imagine what he does on Friday.  What he did was like training a dog.  It runs around the place and you have to show it some discipline and who is the boss.  There is that one dog that is a bit more high spirited, like Roman.  What do you do with a dog like that?  You have to take it to a different level.  That is what he is going to do on Friday when he snips and he neuters the Big Dog and it lays at the heels of the best in the world.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the stage.  

Scott and Dash go up the ramp and Roman with a Superman punch to Dawson and he sends Wilder into the set and then hits a Superman punch.

Roman sees Shane in the ring and Shane takes off his jacket and Roman makes his way to the ring.

Drew McIntyre with a Claymore as Roman gets to the ring.  Roman is sent into the ring and Drew picks up Shane as Shane does the wind up and gives Roman a spear.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Alexa Bliss versus Carmella versus Charlotte Flair in a Number One Contender Match for the Smackdown Women's Championship

Charlotte kicks Carmella and Alexa with a waist lock on Charlotte.  Charlotte with an elbow and she sends Alexa to the floor.  Carmella with an Irish whip and Carmella is sent to the apron.  Charlotte with a punch but she misses a shoulder.  Alexa with a Code Red for a near fall on Charlotte.  Carmella with a head scissors to Alexa to send her to the floor.  Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall but Carmella with a Code of Silence.  Charlotte escapes and Carmella gets a near fall.  Alexa with a punch to Carmella.  Alexa with an arm drag but Charlotte with a boot to the head.

Carmella with a thrust kick and a super kick.  

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose make their way to the ring.

Alexa sends Carmella into the ringside barrier.  Charlotte chops Alexa.  Charlotte says something to Sonya and Mandy and then chases Alexa around the ring to chop her.  Alexa is sent back into the ring.  Alexa gets a near fall on Charlotte and then Alexa throws a fit.  Alexa gets another near fall.  Alexa and Charlotte grab each other by the throat and Carmella with a cross body and she gets near falls on Charlotte and Alexa.  Carmella throws a fit after sixteen near falls.  Carmella sends Alexa into the ring post.  Carmella with forearms to Charlotte and she puts Charlotte on the turnbuckles.

Carmella goes for a handstandcanrana but Charlotte blocks it and Charlotte sets for a power bomb but Carmella counters with a rana for a near fall.  Carmella with kicks and then she moonwalks and hits a bronco buster on Alexa.  Charlotte with a clothesline on Carmella and she goes for the figure four leg lock and Charlotte bridges and Alexa goes up top and hits Twisted Bliss on Charlotte and Carmella breaks up the cover.

Alexa with an STO on Carmella and hits a knee drop but misses the moonsault.  Charlotte with Natural Selection on Alexa but Carmella breaks up the cover.  Charlotte kicks Carmella off the apron and then Alexa sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and gets a rollup with a handful of tights.  Charlotte with a knee and Carmella with a super kick to Charlotte.  Carmella is grabbed by Sonya and Mandy and Alexa with a DDT to Carmella for the three count.

Winner:  Alexa Bliss

We take a look back at Brock Lesnar inflicting great damage on Seth Rollins on Raw and his refusal to cash in.

We are told by Tom Phillips that Seth Rollins has vowed to be at Super Showdown and so will Brock.

Kayla Braxton gets ready to interview Lars Sullivan.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kayla Braxton brings out Lars Sullivan.

Lars is asked what drives him to do what he does.  Lars asks if you would ever ask a nightingale why they sing a sweet song.  Would you ask a lion why it waits for its prey before tearing its prey apart.  Why would you asks a man like him what drives him.  He says he is no man.  For his entire life, I have been described by one word.  He asks Kayla what is that word.  

Lars says he has been called this word his entire life so he can take it.  

Kayla says 'freak'.  

Lars says when a lion performs its primary function, people call it a lion.  When I perform my primary function, people use that particular word.  Lars says his primary function is to disect and dehumanize people.  His primary function is to show that this world isn't full of rainbows and sunshine.  It is full of agony and a real life freak of nature like him.  

Lars is asked if that is what he hopes to teach the Lucha House Party.  

Lars asks Kayla if she likes nursery rhymes.  He recites Three Blind Mic.  

We see Goldberg's door as we go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) versus Apollo Crews

Almas attacks Crews before the bell rings and Almas with the hammer lock DDT.  Crews is taken out of the ring and Finn Balor's music plays and he makes his way to the ring and takes Almas down with a double leg take down and double stomp.  Balor with a Slingblade but Vega grabs the leg and Almas with a running double knee strike followed by a hammer lock DDT.

We take a look back at what Undertaker said last night on Raw.

We see security around Goldberg's door as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to look at what happened between Triple H and Randy Orton on Raw.

Bill Goldberg emerges from his locker room and makes his way to the ring.

Goldberg says it is time to get down to business.  He says he has been waiting over twenty years to experience what it would be like to be in this ring one on one with the Undertaker.  Now he finally gets that match he wanted.  Listening to Taker last night on Raw, he made an interesting point.  He did not want to share the ring wtih the Family Man Goldberg.  He would rather share the ring with the Icon Goldberg that went 173-0.  Goldberg says he appreciates that advice and it made a light switch go off on his head.  Goldberg says he would not want Family Man Goldberg in the ring with Taker because he would fall short.

That Goldberg was left at home.  On Friday, as sure as hell as he is standing in the ring, you are going to get the Goldberg you have been watching for 20 years.  The Goldberg you wonder how you stack up against.  Goldberg says you are going to that Ass Kicking Goldberg you have been asking for.  Once and for all, we will find out who the better man is.  Undertaker . . . You're NEXT to Rest . . . in . . . Peace.

The lights go out and a gong sounds.

The lights come back on and Undertaker is standing behind Goldberg.

They stand face to face.

The lights go out and a gong sounds.  The lights come back on and Goldberg is alone in the ring.

Goldberg says Friday it is.  He tells Taker to brings his jockstrap and tighten it up because it is going to be a fight.

We go to credits.


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