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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-16 18:01:00

WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey (with Natalya) vs. Alexa Bliss (with Alicia Fox and Mickie James)

Rousey got Bliss set for the armbar early but Alicia got on the apron to distract her.  It was all Rousey controlling Bliss early on with Bliss trying to evade her.  Rousey followed her to the floor and tossed her back in.  Mickie tried to distract Rousey, setting up Bliss trying to charge her.  Rousey sidestepped her and Bliss crashed through the ropes onto her cohorts.  

Things finally turned the corner for Bliss when Rousey's ribs were attacked. Bliss scored a two count.   Rousey nailed several kicks to the ribs in the corner, then snapmared her into the center of the ring.  She locked on a sitting abdominal stretch as the audience tried to rally the Champion.  Rousey finally muscled out with Bliss on her shoulders but her ribs "gave out" and couldn't toss Bliss over in the Judo toss.  Rousey did a great job selling that.  Bliss attacked her and scored another two count.

Bliss tied up Rousey on the mat, trying to wear down her injured ribs. They battled into the corner, where Rousey was tied to the tree of woe.  Bliss charged and drilled her ribs again, scoring a two count.   Bliss went back to the sitting abdominal stretch.  Bliss brought her to the ringpost and pulled her, trying to hurt her worse.  Bliss distracted the referee, allowing Fox and James to do the same.  Natalya grabbed Fox and suplexed her on the floor.  Bliss argued with the referee as James went after Rousey;  Rousey drilled her and ran James into the ringpost.

Bliss and Rousey continued the fight.  Rousey used a backslide for a two count but was kicked in the mid-section by Bliss.  Bliss taunted her, which pissed off Rousey and inspired her to fight back with a big gut wrench suplex.  Rousey psyched herself up and began beating Bliss with strike after strike.  She told Bliss she was done and charged her in the corner but was nailed with a kick as she was incoming.  Bliss went for a move but Rousey caught her, slammed her down and locked in armbar.  Bliss immediately tapped.

Your winner and still WWE Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey!

Another damn good match.  Rousey, for the first time, was put in a position where the story she had to tell was that she was the underdog, selling the injuries and coming from behind and did a really good job.  Bliss was absolutely great here.  This was a far better and far more satisfying match than their Summerslam bout.  All around well done work here from all involved.

The announcers sent their best wishes to everyone in the Carolinas and the Virginia area dealing with the effects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence.  We do as well.

Backstage, Samoa Joe was ripping apart the referee from his match when Paige told him that the referee's decision was final.  She told Joe he could have a rematch at Super Show-Down.  Joe said he wanted no DQ, no count out, no excuses.  Paige said she agreed and that there needed to be a winner.  Joe told her, don't worry, there will be and stormed off.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman: Hell in the Cell with Mick Foley as the guest referee.

They began slugging it out immediately at the bell.  None of their associates are at ringside.  Strowman drilled Reigns in the mid-section with a knee and sent him into the ring post, then the cell.  Strowman went to the floor and kept beating Roman.  Dueling chants from fans about Roman.    Reigns was sent into the Cell several times.  Strowman told Reigns he had nowhere to run and that his boys couldn't get in to help him.

They returned to the ring.  Reigns went for a right hand but it was deflected and Braun grabbed him by the throat.  Reigns knocked him out of the ring but Strowman landed on his feet.  Roman went after Braun but was tackled into the Cell.  Strowman continued the beating.  It was all Braun so far with Roman out on his feet. Braun grabbed the ring steps but Roman charged and nailed Braun, nailing a pair of Drive bys.

Strowman regained control and looked for different weapons to use.  He chose a steel chair but Roman cut him off and used the chair across Braun's back.  Reigns sent him into the ring post shoulder-first.   Roman nailed a Superman Punch but Strowman, while staggered, didn't go down.  Roman repeated the strategy.  Braun cut him off and nailed a chokeslam.  Roman got his shoulder up just as Foley counted three and Strowman was furious Foley said it wasn't a three count.  Foley said it was his fault and apologized.

Strowman went for his powerslam but Reigns slipped out and shoved him off, then nailed a big boot and a Superman punch for another two count.  Reigns went under the ring and pulled out a table.   Reigns psyched himself up and charged around the ring to attack Strowman but was smashed in the face with the ring steps on the floor.  Strowman brought them into the ring and nailed Reigns again, covering him for a two count.   Strowman called Reigns a moron and asked him why he wouldn't just stay down.

Strowman nailed the running powerslam on Reigns, who got his shoulder up at the last second.  Strowman was in disbelief.  He set up a table in the corner and was going to powerslam Roman through the table but Reigns slipped off, nailed a Superman Punch and speared Strowman through the table for a two count.  Good stuff.  Ziggler and McIntyre came down to ringside to try and get into the Cell but were attacked by Rollins and Ambrose.  They brawled all over the outside of the Cell.    They attempted to put Ziggler through the announcers' table but McIntyre made the save.  McIntyre brawled off with Ambrose. 

Ziggler began scaling the Cell, trying to escape Rollins.  Seth followed him to the top of the Cell.  They battled atop of the Cell.  McIntyre began scaling the Cell.  Rollins teased a powerbomb on the roof but Drew attacked.  Ambrose began scaling the Cell, carrying a Singapore Cane.  Rollins ate a superkick.  Ambrose finally arrived and began caning everyone.  Drew blocked a shot with it.  He and Dean began brawling.  Drew clotheslined him down on the roof of the Cell.  All four were laid out on the roof as Roman and Braun were out, recovering on the roof.

Ziggler tried to climb down but Seth grabbed him by the hair.  Seth followed him down and they battled while hanging off the side of the cage.  They smashed each other into the cage at the same time and crashed down through the two announcers' tables below.  

BROCK LESNAR'S MUSIC HIT...and out came The Beast and Paul Heyman, demanding entry into the Cell.  Lesnar kicked the Cell door off the hinges.  The crowd changted "Holy sh**."  Heyman sprayed something in Mick Foley's eyes.  Lesnar began beating the hell out of Strowman and Reigns with broken pieces of table.  Lesnar nailed an F5 on Strowman.    The crowd began chanting "Suplex City."  Lesnar nailed another F5 on Reigns, sending him crashing down onto Strowman.  Lesnar exited the cage,

Another official came into the ring and called for the bell, which the crowd immediately booed.

They went off the air with referees checking on the destroyed Reigns and Strowman.

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