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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-17 19:00:00

I was told it appeared they slipped someone under the ring before the next match.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rosey.

It was all Nia wiping out Rousey early on including several big Beel tosses across the ring.  Ronda fired back with strikes but was wiped out with a big headbutt.    Nia pulled her up for a Samoan Drop but Rousey grabbed a Kimura and dropped her down to the mat.  Rousey turned that into a triangle but Jax tried to power her up for a powerbomb.  Jax finally lifted her and dropped down into a sit-out powerbomb.

The announcers told the story that Rousey has never been in the ring with anyone that much bigger than her, especially with the rules differences from UFC and how Rousey has never taken big moves like the powerbomb before.

Rousey tried to get to her feet but fell through the ropes to the floor.  Jax picked her up for a powerbomb on the outside and slammed her headfirst into the barricade.  Jax covered her for a two count and again picked up Rousey on her shoulders, pressing and dropping her for a two count, Ultimate Warrior style.

Rousey grabbed a guillotine choke, trying to stop Jax.  Jax flipped her off but Rousey went for a sunset flip.  Jax dropped down on her and grabbed Rousey by the head, slamming her back down several times.  Jax looked really good thus far while Ronda did a nice job as babyface in peril.

Jax locked on a bearhug in the center of the ring.  Rousey fired back with punches to get loose.  Jax sent her into the ropes and caught her with a Samoan Drop as she rebounded off the ring.  Rousey tried to kick her from the mat but was wiped out with another headbutt.   Jax missed a legdrop.  Rousey pulled herself up on the ropes and pulled herself up as Jax charged, leaving the Champion to hit the ringpost.  Rousey locked on an armbar, hanging upside down outside the ropes.

Rousey broke the armbar at five.  She climbed to the top rope, the first time we've seen her do this, and hit a flying bodypress for a two count.  Rousey came to life with strikes, then hit a big knee.  Jax was out.  Rousey used a judo throw (don't know the technical name, but hey, neither did the announcers) for a two count on Jax.

Ronda went for the armbar but Nia reversed her weight to score a two count.  Rousey nailed a Rock Bottom variation and attempted the armbar but just as she applied it, Alexa Bliss appeared from under the ring and attacked both with the briefcase. 

No contest.

She sent Rousey to the outside and then attacked her with the case on the floor.  She tossed Rousey over the announcing table.

Bliss retuned to the ring and attacked Jax in the arm with the case several times.  She then cashed in her title shot.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss.

Bliss grabbed Jax and nailed a DDT.  She stomped on Jax;'s arm and came off the top with Twisted Bliss and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss!

Rousey vs. Jax, as I have said on Elite audio, was a big test for each and they passed with flying colors.  Rousey looked good in her first singles bout.  Jax looked great in the first big PPV bout where she would be the veteran directing traffic.  It was completely enjoyable right up to the point Bliss cashed in, which the crowd went nuts for.  I always prefer clean finishes but I can see all the storyline twists that can come from this involving all three, so I have no issue with it, especially because the entire twist was excellent in how it went down.

I am guessing Alexa vs. Rousey for Summerslam.

In a rare WCW-like production mistake, they aired a commercial for a new episode of Total Bellas, pushing that it will air "tomorrow at 9."  The episode actually aired tonight and ended 40 minutes ago on E!  I am amazed that made TV.

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Braun Strowman vs. Finn Bálor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Roode vs. New Day's Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe.

The New Day had the last ring entrance and revealed Kofi Kingston would be competing.  The original pitch was for Big E to do it.

Everyone attacked Braun Strowman in the corner at the bell.  Braun fought them off and hit a big running Avalanche on Owens and Roode in a corner.  Strowman grabbed a ladder but was attacked by Samoa Joe as he put it into the ring.  Everyone brawled around ringside.  Braun drilled Owens on the ring entrance rang. 

Everyone worked over Braun with ladders and buried him under them on the entrance stage.  As that was going on, Miz slipped away and set up a ladder in the ring.  He climbed up but Samoa Joe hit the ring and tipped the ladder over.  Miz tried to beg off but when he saw Joe go after Rusev, grabbed the ladder to use it as a weapon.  Joe caught him and drilled Miz backwards into the corner with it.  Kingston returned and hit Trouble in Paradise on Joe, then dropkicked the trapped Miz off the ladder.  He nailed the Boom Drop on Miz, but hurt himself executing the move on the ladder.

Kingston recovered and set up the ladder in the center of the ring.  Owens pulled him off with a pop-up powerbomb.  Balor climbed to the top and made it to the case but was pulled down by Owens.  Owens battered him and went for a powerbomb but Balor took him down and nailed a double stomp.  Balor went to ascend the ladder but Roode returned and smashed him into the ladder.  They battled over the ladder.  Balor avoided the Glorious DDT and nailed a basement dropkick on the sitting Roode.

Owens brought another ladder into the ring.   Balor tossed him to the floor but Owens grabbed him and pulled Balor to the floor.  He tossed Balor into a ladder then placed him atop an announcing table.  Owens set up a ladder on the floor and set up to come off atop Balor.  He was going to do something but saw Rusev climbing the ladder in the ring and went after him instead.  Rusev fought him off and nailed a Fall Away Slam into the ladder.

Joe attacked Rusev and sent him into the ladder.  Kofi came off the ropes and nailed Joe, finding himself alone in the ring.  Kingston set up the ladder but Miz returned to the ring.  Kingston took him out, barely missing being hit by a falling ladder.  Kingston hit a stage dive off the top and wiped everyone out on the floor.  Balor, recovered, hit a running dive over the top onto everyone.

Balor went to drag a ladder to the ring but from underneath the pile emerged Strowman, who began murdering everyone.  Joe dove from the ring with a flying forearm on Strowman.  Rusev and Owens nailed kicks.  They began beating Strowman fdown near the entrance area with ladders.  Owens went off into a production area looking for something and returned with a table.  He placed it in front of the largest ladder on the stage.

Strowman tried to fight off Owens and Rusev, but Joe hit the scene and locked on the Kokina Klutch.  Rusev drilled Strowman with a kick.  Owens climbed the ladder but Strowman recovered and fought off Joe and Rusev.  Owens began to beg off and tried to escape.  He climbed down but Strowman climbed up the other side, grabbed him and pulled him to the top.  Strowman threw Owens off the top of the ladder, crashing down onto another table in the production area.  It was a big, insane bump.  I am shocked they didn't show 100 replays.

Braun began wiping out everyone else, including several ladders.  Miz, who was setting up a ladder in the ring, looked as if he pooped himself when he realized Braun was coming.  He tried to get to the case but Braun killed him.  Joe drilled Strowman with a ladder, knocking him off.  Joe clotheslined him over the top to the floor.   Balor nailed a dropkick on Strowman, sending him into the timekeeper's area.

Joe and Balor battled on the ladder but Roode knocked them off.  Joe caught Roode with a big Uranage in the corner.  Rusev and Joe battled back and forth.  Joe charged but Rusev ducked and yanked down the ropes, sending Joe to the floor.  Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise on Rusev but it was blocked and Rusev kicked him in the face.  Rusev locked on the Accolade on Roode and Kofi at the same time.  Miz tried to attack him but was taken out at Rusev locked on a triple-decker Accolade.  That was great.

Joe grabbed Rusev and locked on the Kokina Klutch.  Rusev tossed him off and went for the ladder as Chicago chanted for "Rusev Day."  He ascended it but Miz tipped it over.  Rusev crashed down into the ropes.  Miz climbed towards the heavens for the case but Kofi met him there and they battled.  Kofi almost retrieved the case but Miz nailed him.  Kofi responded with a headbutt.  Roode sent the ladder over with each of them crashing down.

Balor nailed a Slingblade on Roode.  Miz and Kofi were tossed to the outside.  Balor nailed a kick on Roode.  Balor climbed the ladder that Owens set up outside the ring earlier and nailed the coup de grace on Roode inside the ring.  Balor began climbing the ladder but Strowman returned, pulled him down and smashed him into the ladder.

Joe and Strowman battled.  Miz tried to scramble up the ladder but was slammed off by Strowman.  Balor climbed up one side.  Strowman the other.  Kingston jumped on Braun's shoulders and rode up the ladder.  Braun battled them offf and climbed up to the case.  Balor tried to climb back up but Strowman unlatched the case.

Your winner, Braun Strowman!

Another really strong match where everyone worked hard, took big, harsh bumps and told a nice story over the course of the match - they were all trying to take out the monster but in the end, he still stood tall.  I wouldn't be shocked to find out they cut some time off the main event as they were running long.

They said the Universal Champion has to look over his shoulder now.  Yeah, he needs to show up to work too, but that's another story!

Elite subscribers, stay tuned for a post-game audio show! 

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