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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-02-05 23:03:00

Match Number Six:  Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns versus Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Championship

Sheamus and Rollins start things off and Sheamus with a side head lock and Rolilns with a head scissors.  Sheamus with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Rollins with a cross body and punches to Sheamus.  Rollins with an arm bar and Sheamus escapes.  Cesaro tags in and Cesaro with a wrist lock.  Rollins with a reversal but Cesaro with a knee to the midsection followed by a European uppercut.  Sheamus tags in and they kick Rollins.  Cesaro tags back in and they hit a double thrust kick in the corner.

Rollins with a kick and Reigns tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Reigns gets a near fall.  Reigns with a wrist lock and Rollins tags in and they send Cesaro into the corner and they hit a double thrust kick.  Rollins gets a near fall.   Rollins with punches and a chop in the corner.  Reigns tags in and he sends Rollins into Cesaro in the corner.  Roman with a clothesline.  Rollins with a suicide dive onto Sheamus but Sheamus catches him and hits a uranage back breaker.  Cesaro sends Roman to the floor and Sheamus tags in.  Sheamus sends Roman into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

Cesaro tags Sheamus in and he kicks Roman and connects with a European uppercut.  Sheamus with punches and Cesaro with a punch from the apron.  Sheamus with knees to the back and a reverse chin lock.  Cesaro tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle for a near fall.  Cesaro has Roman in the ropes and Sheamus with a boot followed by a pop up European uppercut for a near fall.  Cesaro sends Rollins to the floor and Sheamus kicks him.  Roman with clotheslines in the corner and then he punches Sheamus.  Cesaro gets a near fall.

Sheamus makes the blind tag as Roman clotheslines Cesaro over the top ropes.  They hit the spike White Noise but Roman kicks out.  Cesaro sets for the Gotch Style Neutralizer but Roman counters with a back body drop.  Sheamus knocks Rollins off the apron but he turns into a Superman punch and both men are down.

Jason Jordan makes his way to the ring and he helps Seth Rollins to the apron.  Cesaro and Rollins tag in and Rollins with a springboard clothesline and a boot to Cesaro.  Rollins with a blockbuster to Cesaro and a suicide dive to Sheamus.  Rollins with a slingshot leg drop to Cesaro and he hits a suicide dive on Cesaro to send him into the front row.  Rollins with slingblade for a near fall.  

Rollins goes for Black Out but Cesaro avoids it.  Cesaro puts Rollins on the turnbuckles and hits a European uppercut.  Rollins with a tornado suplex followed by a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Jordan grabs Cesaro's leg and Rollins with a rollup for a near fall.  Rollins with a super kick for a near fall that is broken up by Sheamus.  Roman tells Jason to go to the back.  Rollins with the V Trigger to Cesaro followed by super kick to Sheamus.  Roman tags in and Cesaro pulls Sheamus to the floor.

Jason Jordan stops Cesaro and Sheamus, but he punches Cesaro and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners:  Sheamus and Cesaro (by disqualification)

We take a look back at last week's Last Man Standing Match between Braun Strowman and Kane.

Braun Strowman says he was the last man standing last week against Kane.  He will be the last one standing tonight.  He will be the last one standing at Elimination Chamber.  He will be the last one standing after beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.  Nothing will stop him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Seth Rollins yells at Jason Jordan in the back and he tells him that he is not learning and he calls Jason a selfish son of a bitch.  Kurt says that Jason is legitimately hurt.  Seth says he is sorry that he didn't legitimately hurt Jason.  Kurt tells Jason to go home until he is medically cleared.

We have a Nia Jax video package.

Match Number Seven:  Nia Jax versus Vanessa Floyd

Nia sends Vanessa to the mat and then into the turnbuckles.  Floyd with a kick and forearms.  Floyd with a drop kick but Nia bounces off the ropes and hits a running shoulder tackle.  Nia biels Vanessa into the corner and then she hits a splash into the corner followed by another biel.  Nia presses Floyd over her head and then slams her to the mat and hits the leg drop for the three count.

Winner:  Nia Jax

After the match, Renee Young asks Nia about her match against Asuka at the Elimination Chamber. 

Nia tells Asuka that she is the only woman in the locker room who does not fear her.  She is the only in the locker room she cannot beat.  She will mess up Asuka's face so bad that she will need to wear that mask permanently.  When she is done, you will not be the Empress of Tomorrow, you will be the Empress of Yesterday.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Eight:  Sonya Deville (with Paige and Mandy Rose) versus Mickie James

Sonya with waist lock take downs and Mickie gets to the ropes.  Mickie slaps Sonya and Sonya runs Mickie into the corner.  Mickie with forearms and a Thesz Press followed by more punches.  Mickie with a back heel kick and bicycle kick and running forearm for a near fall.  Mickie with knees to the head followed by a snap mare and boot to the head for a near fall.  Mickie with more kicks and forearms.  Sonya with an Irish whip and she runs into a back elbow.

Mandy gets on the apron to distract Mickie and Sonya counters the head scissors by throwing her to the mat.  The referee checks on Mickie and he warns Sonya for continuing the attack.  Sonya with a kick to the back followed by knees.  Mickie with a forearm but Sonya with a kick and she gets a near fall.  Sonya gets another near fall.  Sonya with forearms but Mickie with punches.  Sonya with knees but Mickie with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Mickie James

After the match, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville attack Mickie.

Alexa Bliss comes to ringside to pull Mickie to safety.

Mickie is shocked that Alexa helped her.

Elias is in the back playing his guitar as we go to commercial.

We are back and Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy, and Apollo Crews will have a chance next week to see who is the sixth man in the Elimination Chamber Match.

Elias is in the ring and he wants to know one thing.  Who wants to Walk With Elias?

Elias calls Des Moines a no name town.  He says it is his first time performing here and he says it is upsetting because he normally flies over small towns like this looking for something better.  Elias says the Elimination Chamber is on the way and when he beats John Cena and Braun Strowman, he will have the final entrance at the Elimination Chamber.  Then he will give the greatest performance on the biggest stage at Wrestlemania.  Elias says soon all things WWE will be his because WWE stands for Walk With Elias. 

Elias says he turned down the Super Bowl halftime show to be in this god forsaken wasteland.  Elias says this song is for him so he can escape Des Moines.

Match Number Nine:  John Cena versus Braun Strowman versus Elias in a Who Gets to Be the Last to Enter The Elimination Chamber Match Match

Elias goes to the floor to allow Cena and Strowman to start.  Cena with punches and Strowman with a boot to Cena as we go to commercial.

We are back and Elias goes back to the floor and Strowman chases him.  Cena tries to get Strowman on his shoulders but collapses under Strowman's weight and gets a near fall.  Strowman with a biel and then he clotheslines Elias over the top rope to the floor.  Stormwan with a head butt to Elias and then to Cena.  Everyone is back in the ring and Cena and Elias work over Strowman.  Cena with a shoulder tackle and Elias with a running knee.  Cena and Elias clothesline Strowman over the top rope to the floor.  Strowman is sent into the ring post twice.

Elias chops Strowman.  Cena and Elias send Strowman into the ring steps.  Cena picks up the steps and hits Strowman in the head with the steps but Strowman stays on his feet.  Elias hits Strowman with the guitar and then Cena with an Attitude Adjustment onto the stairs.  Elias hits Cena from behind and gets a near fall.  Elias kicks Cena and punches him.  Elias gets a near fall.  Cena with punches to Elias but Elias with a back breaker for a near fall.  

Elias with a reverse chin lock.  Cena blocks a kick and hits two flying shoulder tackles and a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Cena sets for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Braun returns to the ring and hits a power slam on Cena.  Elias sends Strowman to the floor and pins Cena.

Winner:  Elias

After the match, Strowman power slams Elias.  Strowman with a running power slam to Cena.  Strowman with another running power slam to Elias.

Braun starts to pose and then he picks up Cena one more time for another running power slam.  Strowman picks up Elias and he hits a running power slam.

We go to credits.

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