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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-01-01 23:02:00

Match Number Three:  Asuka versus Alexa Bliss in a Non Title Match

Alexa avoids Asuka and Asuka misses a round kick as Alexa gets into the ropes.  Asuka dives for the legs but Alexa avoids her.  Asuka misses spinning back fists and Alexa gets into the ropes.  Alexa with a waist lock.  Asuka with a wrist lock and Alexa stomps on the foot.  Asuka with a hammer lock.  Alexa with a reversal into a full nelson.  Asuka with a waist lock and take down into a front face lock.  Asuka with a knee bar and Alexa escapes.

Asuka with a chin lock into a side head lock.  Alexa sends Asuka to the mat but Asuka pops back up and Alexa goes into the ropes.  Asuka pulls Alexa back into the ring and Asuka with a shoulder tackle.  Asuka with a running hip attack and then she spins around while Alexa goes to the floor.  Alexa returns to the ring and then goes right back to the floor.  Asuka with a series of hips to the side of the head.  Alexa kicks Asuka and goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa with a body scissors.  We see footage from the commercial break when Asuka missed a hip attack and got caught in the ropes followed by a kick to the midsection.  Asuka counters into an ankle lock.  Alexa gets to the ropes and she pulls Asuka into the ropes as she gets out of the hold.  Alexa with a bow and arrow around the ring post.  Alexa with punches to Asuka and she gets a near fall.  Asuka with a rollup for a near fall.

Asuka misses a round kick and Alexa goes for a rollup but Asuka gets to her feet.  Alexa with a back breaker and she punches Asuka.  Alexa with punches and she gets a near fall.  Alexa returns to the body scissors.  Alexa with a guillotine but Asuka counters into a Kimura.  Alexa gets out of the hold and Alexa kicks Asuka in the corner.  Alexa slaps Asuka in the corner and Asuka slaps back.  Alexa pie faces Asuka and Asuka wants more.  Asuka with a drop kick and another drop kick.  Alexa with an Irish whip but Asuka with a missile drop kick.

Asuka tosses Alexa by the hair and hits a running hip attack.  Asuka sets for thew waist lock but Alexa blocks the suplex attempt.  Alexa with kicks and then Asuka with a knee to the head.  Alexa goes for a sunset flip out of the corner but Asuka drops down for a near fall.  Alexa drop kicks Asuka to the floor.  Asuka kicks Alexa from the floor and then Asuka with a spinning back heel kick and she floats over into the cross arm breaker and Alexa taps out.

Winner:  Asuka

We have a video package for the Samoa Joe/Roman Reigns match that will happen later tonight.

Renee Young is with Samoa Joe.  Joe tells Renee he will beat Roman, just like he has every time he has been in the ring with him.  Joe says he owns Roman.  He has broken down Roman Reigns.  Joe has made sure that the Shield will not be champions together again.  Dean is a stay at home husband living off his wife's paycheck.  Roman has been able to get himself disqualified to keep the title.  Roman is out of options.  It may be Roman's yard, but he lives in Joe's world.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bayley says that she is entering the Royal Rumble match.  She says she will win and hug her way to Wrestlemania.

Match Number Four:  Braun Strowman versus Rhyno (with Heath Slater)

They lock up and Braun pushes Rhyno away.  They lock up again and Braun sends Rhyno into the corner again.  Braun with shoulder tackles and Slater gets on the apron to give support to Rhyno.  Braun goes to the floor and he takes the mic.  Braun tells Slater he has two choices.  He can stay on the floor and shut up or he can get into the ring and get these hands like his partner.

Slater gets on the apron and Rhyno hits Strowman from behind.  Slater attacks Braun from behind and the referee allows it.  Braun pushes Slater down and then he hits splashes on Slater and Rhyno followed by a power slam for the three count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

After the match, Slater tries to save Rhyno from further damage from Strowman and it fails miserably and Strowman with a power slam to Slater.  Strowman picks up Rhyno and hits another power slam.  Strowman with another power slam to Slater.

Strowman picks up Rhyno again and hits a power slam.   Strowman picks up Slater again and he is not finished with him and he winds up and hits a running power slam.

Roman Reigns is in the locker room and Seth Rollins stops by and he wants to know if Roman is keeping his cool.  Roman says he cannot believe that Joe is acting like this because of what happened last week.  Roman says they don't mess with family.  Seth says he hopes that Roman does not get disqualified. 

Jason Jordan stops by and he says that they are focused on the Bar and if they get involved, Seth and he will take care of Sheamus and Cesaro.  He tells Roman that you can believe that.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Raw Classic moment when DX invaded Nitro.

Braun walks in the back and he sees Kane and Kane does not want any of Strowman.  Kane says he just wants to talk.  He wants to talk about Brock Lesnar.  Kane says he has never faced Brock in the ring but Braun has.  They are the Alpha Monsters.  Together they can contain the Beast.  All it takes is to be on the same page.  

Braun says that he does not care about Kane or his plan because he is the only Alpha Monster.  When he takes down Brock, it will be on his own terms.

Kurt Angle is on the phone talking about the Women's Royal Rumble match.

Finn Balor enters and he says that he was the first Universal Champion and he never lost the title and never got a rematch.  If he has to defeat 29 other people to get his match, he will do it.  He is in the Rumble match.

Kurt says he thought Finn was here to talk about something else.  Kurt mentions the match with Finn against The MizTourage and Elias.  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enter and he says that they have been by his side before.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five:  Samoa Joe versus Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Title (and if Roman is disqualified, he loses the title)

Joe with jabs and punches to Reigns as the match begins.  Joe with a forearm to the back of the head.  Joe with more jabs in the corner and the referee warns Joe.  Reigns with an uppercut or two followed by punches and kicks in the corner.  Reigns stops before the referee gets to five.  Reigns with punches and the referee stops Reigns.  Joe with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Joe with a suplex and Reigns goes to the floor. 

We go to commercial.

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