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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-09-18 23:02:00

We are back with a look at what happened during and after the match between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss.

We are told that Bayley has been added to the Women's Title match on Sunday.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Roman says he has said it before and he will say it again.  John Cena might be the best talker ever.  He can run his mouth and he can spin it, but sometimes he says some stupid s*** to say that he is the next John Cena.  Is he some white guy with a crew cut?  If he did, would he have a career?  Ask Alex Riley.  He does not have to talk like John because he lets his actions speak for himself.  When he said that John was a fake ass little bitch, it is because he is.  John is the biggest hypocrite to ever step in a WWE ring.  If you don't believe him, John will tell you himself.

We see John Cena's promo from February 2012 when he commented on The Rock being a part timer.

Roman asks if San Jose should see John Cena.  Roman says that is not loud enough because John is not here.  Everything he said was a lie.  That is why the result at No Mercy is going to be the same as that Wrestlemania, except he will lose to a different Samoan.

Roman says he will see you next time San Jose and he will see John on Sunday and Roman calls him movie star.

Renee Young is with the Hardys in the interview area and she asks what happens if it comes down to the two of them.  Matt says that they have been fighting since Jeff was an infant.  Jeff says he was so close to winning the Intercontinental Title so he is going to sieze the moment at No Mercy.  Matt says he is in the match and Jeff says may the best Hardy win.

Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring for his match.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a longer Asuka Coming Soon video package.

Match Number Four:  Bray Wyatt versus Dustin Rhodes

Dustin punches Wyatt in the corner but Wyatt with an uppercut.  Rhodes with a clothesline and Wyatt goes to the floor.  Dustin with a boot and he comes off the apron but Wyatt with a punch and head butt.  Rhodes sends Wyatt into the ringside barrier and then he sends Bray into the ring steps.  Rhodes with a bulldog as he comes off the ring steps.  Rhodes punches Wyatt in the back of the head.  Wyatt with a head butt and he sends Rhodes into the ring.  Rhodes with punches and he puts Wyatt in the ropes for Shattered Dreams and he kicks Wyatt twice in the thighs.

Wyatt with Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

After the match, Finn Balor appears on the TitanTron.  He says he has a story for Bray.  He wants to talk about a shy little boy who would bury his head in books about gods and monsters while the other boys played outside.  Eventually that boy became a man and he learned how to control the anger and rage by manifesting it into the monsters he read about.  This man made a demon.  Now, he wants to ask Bray an important question.  If the demon is the creation of the man, which one is more dangerous.  At No Mercy, you are going to find out.

Enzo Amore walks in the back.

We go to more comments from people about the passing of Bobby Heenan.

Michael Cole talks about Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon on Raw.

We have a Bobby Heenan video feature.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Enzo Amore comes out and he says he is feeling pretty good, but he is going to be doing great after No Mercy when he knocks Neville off his perch and becomes Cruiserweight Champion.

Braun Strowman's music plays and he knocks Enzo down and then drags Enzo to the ring and throws Enzo into the ring.   Strowman choke slams Enzo and then he picks up Enzo and hits a running power slam.

Braun leaves the ring and Neville's music plays as he comes out and makes sure not to piss off Strowman.

Neville comes to the ring and he sees where Enzo's body is laying motionless so Neville goes up top and he hits Red Arrow.

Neville takes the mic and he wants to know how Enzo is doing and he laughs maniacally.

We are back with a look at what happened to Enzo Amore.

Enzo is in the locker room and he says he cannot compete with that monster but he can compete with Neville and he will win the title.

Match Number Five:  Neville versus Gran Metalik in a Non Title Match

Neville with a kick and he sends Metalik into the turnbuckles.  Metalik with a head scissors and then he goes to the ropes and hits a springboard drop kick.  Neville goes away from the ring to stop a dive attempt by Metalik.  Metalik misses a baseball slide and Neville puts Metalik on the apron and hits a round kick.  They return to the ring and Neville kicks Metalik.  Neville kicks Metalik to the floor and then he rips the mask.

Metalik with slaps to Neville followed by punches.  Metalik with an enzuigiri and a springboard drop kick.  Neville goes to the apron.  Metalik with a double jump plancha onto Neville on the floor.  Metalik with a splash and he gets a near fall.  Metalik goes for a moonsault but Neville gets his boots up and he applies the Rings of Saturn and Metalik taps out.

Winner:  Neville

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias has a song for you before the main event.  He says he thought he would see a lot of tech billionaires when he came to Silicon Valley, but he was disappointed.  San Jose is like his opponents tonight, a huge disappointment.  Elias threatens to kick a child in the crowd and his family out of San Jose.

Match Number Six:  Jeff Hardy versus Matt Hardy versus Elias versus Jason Jordan versus Bo Dallas versus Curtis Axel in a Number One Contender Match for the Intercontinental Title Match

Jeff sends Curtis into the turnbuckles while Matt sends Bo into the turnbuckles.  Elias punches Jordan.  Jordan drop kicks Elias off the apron and they go to the floor.  Matt with forearms to Bo while Jeff sends Curtis to the floor.  Jeff with a rollup on Matt for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias continues to punch Jordan.  Matt with a neck breaker on Bo for a near fall.  Curtis stomps on Jeff's hand.  Elias with a back breaker to Jordan.  Bo and Elias work over Matt and Curtis takes his turn to kick Matt.  Elias hits Curtis from behind and then he kicks Bo.  Elias with a back elbow to Bo followed by a clothesline to Axel.  Elias with a chop to Jordan and he puts Jason on the turnbuckles.  Elias with a chop and he goes up for a superplex.  Jordan stops Elias but Elias jumps to the turnbuckles and he is pushed to the floor by Bo and Curtis.

Bo and Curtis punch Jordan and they set for a double superplex.  That means it is time for Matt and Jeff to stop them and we go with a Tower of Doom.  Elias comes in and gets a near fall on Jordan.  Matt with punches to Elias and then Matt and Jeff with a double Irish whip.  Jeff with Poetry in Motion and Matt tries to get a rollup and he hits a Side Effect on Jeff for a near fall.  Bo punches Matt.  Bo and Curtis punch and kick Matt.  Matt is sent shoulder first into the ring post.   Jordan with a running shoulder to Bo and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Axel followed by a runnign shoulder.  Jordan with a Northern Lights suplex and he rolls through for another one and he gets a near fall.

Bo throws Jordan to the floor and then Miz sends Jordan into the ringside barrier and then over the barrier and he sends Jordan into the crowd.  Matt with a Twist of Fate to Bo but Elias breaks up the cover.  Elias with Drift Away to Matt but Jeff breaks up the cover.  Jeff with a jaw breaker to Axel followed by kicks to Elias.  Jeff with a reverse atomic drop followed by a leg drop.  Jeff with a Twist of Fate to Curtis and then he goes up top.  Jeff with a Swanton but Miz breaks up the cover.  Jeff send Miz to the floor.  Curtis with a kick and snap mare driver but Jordan with a pop up neck breaker for the three count.

Winner:  Jason Jordan

After the match, Miz comes into the ring to get in Jordan's face and he applauds Jordan's win and he tries to punch Jordan.  Jordan moves and Jordan with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes.  Axel and Bo attack Jordan.  Bo and Curtis pass Jordan to Miz for a Skull Crushing Finale.  Miz says after No Mercy, he will still be the champ.  Kurt Angle will still be a terrible father.  You will still be a bastard.

We go to credits.





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