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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-06 20:16:00

They aired the Eli Drake "Facts of Life" segment with the Hardys from last night.

Eli Drake cut a promo saying he was going to take out The Hardys tonight with his partner Tyrus.  Drake is a hell of a promo.

Marshe Rockett came to the ring.  He said that he wanted all the jive turkeys.   Yes, he said it.  He even said he could say it.  He said he was the hottest commodity today.  He said there was not an athlete in the back that was like him.  He said he was biggest, faster and stronger than anyone else in the locker room.  He said that tonight is the night he kicks off 2017 being the year of "Mr. M-80."  Well, he had quite the mic work.

Out came Mahalabi Shera.    They said he's been training for months with Al Snow at Snow's school in the UK.

Marshe Rockett vs. Mahabali Shera

They locked up and Shera was backed up into the corner.  Rockett broke free, then slapped him.  Shera nailed a big shoulderblock.  The announcers kept bringing up the "Jive Turkey" references.  Shera controlled the bout untl Rockett nailed a shot to the back, stomped him and locked in a side chinlock.  Rockett nailed a nice scoop powerslam. 

Shera was sent to the floor.  Rockett yelled at the referee to count him out, then went to the floor and drove Shera backwards into the apron.  He brought Shera back into the ring, where Shera nailed a series of elbows.  He slammed Rockett.  He went for a Sky High but Rockett avoided and nailed a big leg lariat.  Shera came back to nailed a Saito Slam and some axehandles.

Shera nailed a running over the shoulder powerslam and a Sky High for the pin.

Your winner, Mahabali Shera!

OK at best.  Shera is still a work in progress.  Rockett has a nice charisma and swagger to him.

TNA Knockouts champion Rosemary cut a promo backstage saying "we" (she and the title belt, I assume) have spread a virus and decay within the Knockouts division.

TNA Hall of Fame Gail Kim came out and said she had to clarify that she was not cleared to return to the ring, but she was not retired.  She said her injury (we have heard it is a back issue) is taking longer to heal than she expected but she will be back and she will be back for her Knockouts championship.

Rosemary took the mic and asked why she isn't cleared to wrestle.  She said that perhaps they couldn't find what was wrong with her and perhaps the surgery didn't go well.  She said that they can't fix what was wrong with her soul.  She said that she misted Gail and that its infected her soul.  She said that "we" own Gail now and she will never wrestle again.  Gail nailed her and grabbed her by the throat but was pulled away by the referees and forced to leave.  Rosemary told her to leave and demanded that "our true opponent" come out.

TNA Knockouts champion Rosemary vs. Sienna.

Madison Rayne joined the commentary team.

They began brawling outside the ring in the aisle as soon as Sienna came out on stage.   They battled into the ring, where Sienna clotheslined her in the corner.   She had control but Rosemary scissored her neck and hung backwards over the ropes.  The battled went back to the floor, where Sienna smashed her face into a chair at ringside.  She tossed her back in the ring, where Rosemary was placed into submission holds.  She bit Sienna's finger to break free.

Sienna nailed stomps and kicks.  She went to the middle rope but missed a back senton splash.  Rosemary came alive and attacked Sienna, raining down with fists and biting at her face.  Sienna nailed a big boot but Rosemary jumped up screaming and screeching.  She does a great job at her character portrayal.  She rebounded off the ropes and leapt into a forearm smash.

Sienna caught her with a nasty looking back suplex for two count.  She nailed the Silencer but Rosemary rolled to the outside.  Sienna pulled her back into the ring. She covered the champion but Rosemary kicked out at two.   Sienna continued controlling the bout until Rosemary spewed purple mist in her face and nailed The Red Wedding (F-5) for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champion Rosemary!

Decent work but you could tell the crowd couldn't get into the heel vs. heel dynamic.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jesse Godderz.  They said he would be facing James Storm  Godderz said they are actually alike in that they were tag team champions before they became singles competitors.  He said that where there is one member of the DCC, there are probably three, but he's prepared for all three.

James Storm (with Kingston & Bram) vs. Jesse Godderz

Godderz was able to ward off Storm's offense early.    He nailed a nice dropkick for a two count.  Bram and Storm were able to distract the referee, allowing Kingston to attack Godderz from behind.   Bram and Kingston worked him over on the floor as Storm distracted the referee.  Storm worked over and covered Godderz several times but was unable to capture the pinfall.

They went back and forth with the story being that Godderz kept kicking out despite the veteran's offense. Godderz goes to the floor where he nailed Bram and Kingston. Godderz nailed a springboard clothesline for a two count.   Godderz locked him in a Boston Crab but Kingston hit the ring.  He was tossed back out.  Bram was also nailed but Godderz was hit with the Last Call superkick for the pin.

Your winner, James Storm!

Entertaining match.

After the match, the lights went out and when they returned, Abyss and Crazzy Steve were in the ring.  They spewed mist in the faces of Storm and Bram, then double teamed Kingston.  The lights went off again and when they returned, Decay was gone.EC3 cut a good promo backstage about how he has a chance to become champion tonight and was going to make it happen.

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