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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-10-30 23:01:00


We hit the intro video, then we go to the arena where tonight's announce team of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton & Corey Graves welcomes us to the show and throws us to the ring for our opening match...

WWE US Title/Hell In A Cell Match: Roman Reigns vs Rusev

Roman gets the usual reaction from the crowd as he checks out the cage on his way in, then the referee locks the cage and we're off.  Roman starts off by unloading on Rusev with massive right hands, but Rusev responds in kind and catches Roman with a back elbow for 2 before ditching him out to the floor.  We're getting started already!  Both men try and fail to ram the other into the cage, then they head back in where Rusev connects with a chop to the throat and more big right hands.  Roman responds with a big clothesline, dumps Rusev to the apron, then shoulderblocks him off the apron and into the cage.  Roman goes out after him and rams him into the ring steps, but in the blink of an eye, Rusev turns it around, runs Roman into the steps, then connects with a big kick to the back of the neck.  They head back into the ring and whips Roman hard into the corner, causing him to collapse and covering him for 2.  Rusev connects with a couple of corner charges, Roman dodges one, then dodges a diving headbutt, and the tide turns.  Roman connects with a series of corner clotheslines and a running boot.  NOW things are going Roman's way, and he's ready to hit the Superman Rusev slides out to the floor.  Roman goes out after him and goes for the drive-by, but Rusev catches him coming in with a clothesline, then rams Roman into the ring steps.  Rusev then picks up the steps, charges clear across ringside, and bashes Roman in the head with them.  Another shot sends Roman down to the ground.  He's beating him down, BEATING HIM BEATING HIM DOWN, into the ground.  Back into the ring, and the steps come with them.  Rusev sits the steps on the top rope in the corner, and I bet he's the one who's going to go into them.  Rusev goes for a whip, Roman blocks, drills Rusev with a few right hands, and clotheslines him to the floor.  Roman drives Rusev backward into the cage, but Rusev fires right back up, picks Roman up, and javelins him into the cage.  Rusev gets a kendo stick, but takes too long and eats a drive-by from Roman, who then gets the kendo stick and massages Rusev's back with it, then his chest, then his F'ING FACE!  YIKES!  Rusev is in the ring first and kicks the middle rope into Roman's ding ding as he comes back in, then ties him up in the ropes and uses the kendo stick to give Roman a nice rib massage.  He drills Roman like eight or nine times, then snaps the kendo stick over his knee.  Rusev hits the ropes, but Roman pops out of the ropes and connects with a Superman punch...for 2.  They're both back up, they're trading right hands, Rusev pounds Roman down, they trade finish attempt, Roman hits another Superman punch, but Rusev is out at 2.  Roman goes for another Superman punch and runs into a kick from Rusev, who then rams Roman into the steps on the top turnbuckle and covers for 2.  Rusev goes for the Accolade, and he gets it in!  roman starts to fight his way to the ropes, Rusev drags him back, Roman goes for another Superman punch, but Rusev kicks him in the head and Roman tumbles right back out to the floor.  Now Rusev gets a chain from under the ring, but Roman knocks it out of his hand and unloads with a flurry of right hands.  They head back in, but Rusev has the chain and absolutely DESTROYS Roman with it.  The crowd is solidly behind Rusev here as he sets the steps on their side in the middle of the ring, they fight back and forth and Rusev rams Roman's face into the steps and connects with another kick before covering for 2.  Rusev is through screwing around, and he puts Roman back in the Accolade, on top of the steps, and uses the chain to crank back on Roman's face.  Rusev lets go of the chain and gets it back in the traditional way, but Roman powers out, gets Rusev on his shoulders, and hits a Samoan drop onto the steps.  Rusev stands up on the steps, Roman spears him to the mat, and FINALLY makes the cover to get the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Absolutely unbelievable brawl, and one of the best opening matches I've ever seen on a PPV.

We look back to recent events on Raw as Seth Rollins pinned both Owens and Chris Jericho, and then Owens powerbombed Rollins on the ring apron.  Tom Philips starts to talk about Owens powerbombing Seth, but Owens says we all have eyes and saw and get to the point.  Philips asks about being pinned by Seth, and Owens says you can't call Seth a winner, but you can call him wrecked, beaten down, and broken.  Good for Seth for catching him for three seconds, because he wound up in a ball of pain.  The last man he powerbombed on the apron was John Cena, and it took him weeks to come back.  If Seth wants to disregard the doctors' advice and get in the Cell with him, and prove that he's the man in the Cell, then that's just not going to happen.  What he does to Seth in the Cell will make what Rusev and Roman just did look like a cakewalk.  Owens says that when he's done tonight, he won't be able to call himself the Man because he'll barely look like won.  He won't be a winner, but Seth will still be able to call him WWE Universal Champion, and that makes him the MAN.  Great promo.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Dana gets the early advantage and works Bayley over, but Bayley fires back and hammers Dana in the corner before connecting with a delayed baseball dropkick for 2.  Dana rams Bayley's injured shoulder into the corner and then puts a nasty stretch on it.  Dana continues working over Bayley's bad shoulder, dropping knees on it and getting a surfboard stretch, Bayley gets out and gets a hammerlock bearhug and drops Bayley backward into the ropes before ramming a series of shoulders into Bayley's ribs.  Bayley shoves Dana off and hits a diving dropkick, dodges a charge from Dana, but gets knocked to the apron.  Bayley snaps Dana's neck down on the top rope and fires back with left forearms, whips Dana to the corner, then does the wavey corner charge.  Bayley snapmares Dana and hits a sliding lariat, then she goes to the second rope, fluffs her ponytail, and comes off the corner with a twisting back elbow.  Dana elbows out of the Bayley-to-belly, but Bayley gets it on the second attempt for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Solid match, and I was really impressed by what I saw from Dana Brooke tonight.  She has really come along in a big way since leaving NXT.  Bayley was awesome as always, and great psychology here.

WWE 2K17 promo, then we go backstage to Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon talking about how great this PPV is going to be, and how much better it'll be next month when they go head-to-head with Smackdown Live.  Chris Jericho walks in to say that they should think hard about who they want to put on Team Raw, and Foley asks Jericho if he has a point, and Jericho asks Foley if he knows what happens to people who interrupt him.  He says Stephanie should choose wisely, and says the first choice should be him, and the second choice should be his best friend Kevin Owens.  A team is only as good as its leadership, and Team Chris and Kevin should be the leaders of Team Raw.  Foley tells Jericho he should make sure his best friend makes it out of Hell In A Cell with the title.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Enzo says that Anderson is like Times New Roman, because he's as generic as they come, and Cass says they don't mind flipping them the Larry Byrd.  Big Gal is a sloppy jalopy, and he's going up his head like a big poppy.  I love these guys.  Enzo says this is Hell In A Cell, not Toy Story, but he's going to have to call Big Cass Woody by the end of the night because he's going to have Andy tattooed on the bottom of his boot by the end of the night.  There's only one word to describe them, and we know the rest.

Anderson jumps Enzo before the bell, but winds up on the wrong end of some double teaming at the hands of Enzo and Cass.  Gallows comes in, and Cass tosses Enzo at him, then they dump Anderson to the floor next to Gallows and Cass tosses Enzo onto both of them.  It's all Enzo and Cass until the Club catches Enzo alone on the floor and Gallows takes his head off with a clothesline.  They go back inside and Enzo is caught in the wrong part of town.  Gallows gives Enzo a snake eyes onto the top turnbuckle, then Anderson hits a leaping dropkick for 2.  Enzo fights his way out of the wrong part of town and hits a leaping DDT on Anderson, and he makes the hot tag to Cass, who comes in and cleans house on both men.  He's singlehandedly rocking both Gallows and Anderson, dumps Anderson to the apron, and boots him to the floor.  Gallows goes for a boot of his own, Cass dodges, slams Gallows, and hits the Emprie Elbow.  Cass hits a fallaway slam that sends Gallows to the floor, but Anderson ducks a kick and crotches Cass on the top rope.  Enzo takes care of Anderson and then goes after Gallows, drops him to a knee, but Gallows hits a BIG superkick, then the Club hits the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Solid match, and a much-needed win by Anderson and Gallows.

Video for Susan G. Komen, then a promo for Survivor Series, and now it's time for the second of our three main events tonight!

The next match in the Cell is up next on Page 3!

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