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By Mike Johnson on 2016-02-07 10:59:15
It appears that there are problems brewing between AAA and Konnan - and perhaps others. As Kris Zellner noted in his "Lucha Report", Konnan teased on Twitter that he was going to be making "revelations" at a press conference soon.

Over the past several weeks, has heard from a number of people within the lucha libre and California scenes that it appears something will be coming to a head soon regarding frustrations with AAA management.

There has been talk that Rey Mysterio Jr., obviously the biggest star in the company is at an impasse with the promotion due to issues regarding pay. Obviously, Konnan is his closest confidante so Konnan's tweet may be in regard to that. We are told that Konnan and AAA management's Dorian Roldan have been back and forth on the Rey issue of late. We have also confirmed that Konnan was at last night's AAA TV Taping, so whatever the issues are, they had the chance to confront them face to face.

There has also been a lot of discussion lately that AAA performers who were booked for Lucha Underground's second season were unhappy about being required to pay the promotion a percentage for their LU bookings. According to multiple sources, talents booked for the first season through AAA received their pay directly from AAA after the Mexican promotion was paid by Lucha Underground. By the time wrestlers received their pay, as the story goes, AAA had taken a pretty sizable percentage.

For the second season, wrestlers are being paid directly by Lucha Underground but sources claim there has been pressure from AAA that the talents still pay AAA the same percentage. The frustration has been enough that there's been talk of some talents looking to leave the promotion for work elsewhere. There was also a concern that since AAA has ownership points in LU, that if they did, anyone who bolted would find themselves iced out of future Lucha Underground seasons, something none of the AAA/LU talent would want since across the board, they have been very happy with the treatment they've received from LU management.

We are told that while AAA has ownership in a percentage of Lucha Underground, they have no creative say in how talents are booked or used on the series, which is set in it's own "universe" so to speak. Lucha Underground's second season is completely filmed. There are plans to begin filming the third season this March.

It should be noted that as all of this is swirling around, Sexy Star announced she was vacating the AAA Mixed Tag Team championship, which she held with Pentagon Jr. Star works for both AAA and LU. She later went on Twitter and clarified that she was still with AAA.

So, things are brewing and where this goes remains to be seen.

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