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By Dan Stuckey on 2016-01-15 09:49:56

 I was at the Lucha Underground taping on Sunday, January 10th. It was such a wild time and I was a VIP so I could drink. But here's the best that I can remember:

There was a 4-way tag team match for the Trios Championship. The champions were Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca, Jr (Rey Horus). Son of Havoc and Ivelisse teamed with Johnny Mundo. Dario Cueto said that Angelico was injured which appeared to be an angle from the previous episode. Johnny Mundo had Taya Valkyrie as his valet. PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Fenix were a team and they were heels. Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, and Joey Ryan were another team. With so many people in the ring, there was some confusion and botches but it was an exciting got the show off to a rousing start. The champions won.

There was in-ring bit about the Gift of the Gods Championship belt where seven wrestlers have the medallions that fit the belt. If I recall correctly the seven were Chavo Guerrero, Sexy Star, The Mack, Joey Ryan, Aero Star, El Sinestro del Muerte, and Texano. Cage interrupted to say that Chavo stole his medallion. Chavo came out to give it back to him but of course it was a just a steel washer, not the medallion.

The main event for the first episode was a 7-way match for the Gift of the Gods championship. Mack refused to touch Sexy. But of course, Ryan was all over her. Chavo hit her with a chair. There was a point where Chavo and another wrestler were both laid out. Cage got in the ring pulled Chavo on top of the other wrestler and Chavo got the pin and won the belt. The crowd was stunned. Cage then said that Chavo has to defend the belt against him next week.

Famous B now has a gimmick where he is Mascarita Sagrada's manager. He really got to show off his mic skills. His catchphrase is "(432) GET-FAME" which was really over with the crowd. He also has a valet named The Beautiful Brenda, a tall, thin, blonde lady. It was a three-way between Sagrada, a guy named Daga, and a woman named Mariposa who wears a mask and hisses like a snake. I think Daga won. A romance between him and Mariposa was teased.

Sami Callahan had a match. I think it was against King Cuerno. It was a hard-hitting match and he looked way better than he ever did in NXT.

Killshot vs. Marty the Moth. Marty did his usual creeping on Melissa Santos. Marty was busted open hard way. He won.

Main event for the second episode was Matanza vs. Mil Muertes in a casket match for the Lucha Underground championship. I don't remember if this was revealed last season but Dario said that Matanza was his brother. He was a lot shorter than I expected but still scary looking. A bunch of people in Day of the Dead makeup came out with three casket. One of them was a man on stilts. Matanza ripped some of Mil's mask off and ripped some of his hair out. There was blood on Mil's forehead. It was a brutal match with chair shots and powerbombs on the caskets. The fight went into the crowd and it's a miracle that no one got hurt. Matanza put Catrina in a casket, then won by putting Matanza in one. Dario yelled at Catrina to leave his temple and she walked out. That part won't air because they then did a bit where Dario opened the casket and was shocked that Catrina disappeared.

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