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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-06 21:12:59
As subscribers exclusively learned an hour ago in the Elite section (which you can subscribe to by clicking here), all Wrestlemania 32 plans are now out the window with yet another major injury to a top talent in the company...and in this case, it's literally the top talent in the company. confirmed with multiple sources today that John Cena will be undergoing surgery tomorrow in Birmingham, Alabama for a rotator cuff tear and is expected to miss Wrestlemania 32.

As PWInsider reported several months ago, Cena had been scheduled to face The Undertaker in what was planned as one of the major attractions for the company's flagship event on 4/3/16 in Dallas, Texas.

Cena had just returned to the ring on 12/26/15 after taking several months off to film a FOX reality series.

Cena did not appear on Raw this past Monday but did appear on the USA Network debut edition of Smackdown (airing tomorrow) in a non-wrestling role.  It would appear the injury occurred sometime over the last several weeks, although exactly when and where we have not confirmed.

This will be the first Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 20 without John Cena wrestling in the ring.

45 minutes after broke the news, John Cena confirmed it via Twitter:

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