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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-08 09:25:10
WWE star John Cena appeared this morning on NBC's "Today" Show to promote his role in the new comedy "Sisters," joining the hosts for the 9 AM hour.

They opened up playing a song by Etta James and said Cena had requested it. He said he's been away making FOX reality series "American Grit" and hasn't seen his lady and as soon as they are done, he's heading crosstown to see her and to dance to the song. They asked him who the lucky lady was and he said, "my Nicole." The hosts gushed about how romantic he was. They joked that host Willie Giest would play AC/DC's "Thunderstruck."

Cena then took part in a discussion of Donald Trump calling for a ban on allowing Muslims to travel into the United States, calling it "bold" and "brash" and that he doesn't know how anything like that could happen. He compared it to the discrimination against Japanese-Americans in World War II, noting that is considered one of the most "reprehensible acts" in the history of the country. He said this is supposed to be a melting pot, "except for you." He said that doesn't go into "our DNA" and it was "Trump being Trump."

They then talked about Time Magazine's short list for Person of the Year in 2015.

After taking part in some additional host segments, Cena was then interviewed about his role as drug dealer Pazuzu in "Sisters."

Cena said they needed a big guy to be an intimidating drug dealer and "here we go." He said that the movie was a lot of fun to make and he thinks everyone is going to love it. He said he's someone that women can make jokes about.

Cena said comedy is about making people laugh and have fun. He said he loves to have fun, so this film has given him a good opportunity to do that. They played a game where the hosts had to pick whether a fact was about John Cena or Tina Fey.

Cena remained, doing additional hosting segments after that.

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