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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-05 09:30:00
As we noted last week on, legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett noted on Facebook that he is preparing to get back into the professional wrestling business. project Jarrett has confirmed that the concept for the new will be involved in with be a reality TV/pro wrestling fusion that has been described as similar to "American Idol." The project will be soliciting videos from independent talents that want to compete in the promotion.

Those selected will be invited to work a smaller event that will see them put together and compete in matches before a panel of judges who would have the ability to stop the matches and eliminate them if they see something they don't like about their work or the way the match is going. No word yet on who the potential judges could be.

Those who make it through the independent level competition would go on to future weeks of competition building to finals which would be held in a more major market. The concept is to film a 13 week series followed by a tour of live events featuring the finalists working alongside established names.

We are told that the production end of the series is being put together right now and once those pieces of the puzzle are in place, there will be additional public announcements and solicitations for talent.

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