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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-27 08:00:00

September 27th

On this day in history in....

1962 - A live event in Miami Beach at the Auditorium drew 2,258 fans featuring the following results:

-The Kentuckians beat Shohei Giant Baba & Mr. Moto.
-Lenny Montana beat Fred Atkins.
-Maurice LaPointe & Tony Baillageon beat Al Alexander & Jack Vansky.
-Mike Paidousis beat Russian Crusher.

1963 - WWWF ran Pittsburgh, PA at the Civic Center with the following results:
-Duke Hoffman defeated Tony Simon at 17:12
-Johnny DeFazio defeated Chet Wallick via disqualification at 13:00
-The Shadow defeated Ace Freeman at 10:41
-Gorilla Monsoon defeated Arnold Skaaland at 3:21
-Bobo Brazil & Dory Dixon defeated the Fabulous Kangaroos
-Eduard Carpentier defeated Baron Gattoni at 10:39
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated the Crusher in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1: Crusher pinned Sammartino following a bodyslam at 11:00; fall #2: Sammartino defeated the Crusher via submission with the backbreaker at 5:51; fall #3: Sammartino won via disqualification at 7:29 when the Crusher began choking the champion

1965 - Bruno Sammartino's WWWF title belt was stolen out of a locked car in New York City while Sammartino was eating in a restaurant following an event in Madison Square Garden.  The belt is never recovered.

Results from the event that evening saw:

-Johnny Valentine fought Bill Miller to a draw
-Bobo Brazil fought Bill Watts to a draw
-Argentina Apollo & Miguel Perez defeated Waldo Von Erich & Smasher Sloan
-Chief Big Heart defeated Frank Martinez
-The Magnificent Maurice defetead Pete Sanchez
-Angelo Savoldi defeated Herbie Starr
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Tarzan Tyler

1966 - WWWF taped television in Philadelphia, PA with the following results:
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Arnold Skaaland
-Tony Pugliese defeated Tony Nero
-Bulldog Brower defeated Angelo Savoldi
-Johnny Valentine defeated Tomas Marin

1966 - A live event in Dallas, Texas at the Bronco Bowl Auditorium featured the following results:

-Fritz Von Erich fought Cowboy Bob Ellis to a double DQ.
-Duke Keomuka & Ricky Romero beat Art Nelson & Danny Plechas.
-The Ox beat Mighty Ursus.
-Col. Stu Gibson beat Speedy Gonzalez.
-Benny Mata beat Swede Karlsen.

1966 - WWWF ran Cumberland, MD with the following results:

-Arnold Skaaland defeated Angelo Savoldi.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Louis Cerdan.
-Tony Pugliese defeated Smasher Sloan.
-Johnny Valentine defeated Ricky Sexton.
-Ernie Lassiter defeated Tony Nero via disqualification.

1968 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Batman Tony Marino defeated Virgil the Kentucky Butcher & Bull Ramos in Johnstown, PA.

1971 - It was announced this day by Vince McMahon Sr. that the WWWF would no longer be holding weekly television tapings at the National Arena in DC and instead the company would move its TV to Hamburg, PA; the move was prompted by the fact that the National Arena was too big to hold weekly events and the turn out for the shows was declining.

The final taping in DC featured the following results:
-Ernie Lassiter defeated Chuck Richards
-Mike Conrad defeated Tomas Marin
-Manuel Soto fought Mike Pappas to a draw
-Bull Molino defeated Tito Torres
-WWWF Tag Team Champions Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham fought Karl Gotch & Victor Rivera to a draw
-Ernie Ladd defeated Gorilla Monsoon via disqualification when Bobo Brazil interfered as Monsoon was trapped in the ring ropes
-U.S. Champion Bobo Brazil defeated Stan Stasiak via referee's decision when the match was stopped due to blood

1971 - WWWF ran Waterville, Maine with the following results:
-White Venus & Paula Kaye vs. Lilly Thomas & Jan Sheridan
-Jimmy Valiant defeated Pete Wingo
-Mike Monroe defeated Beautiful Bobby
-Rene Goulet defeated Gene Ross
-Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Black Demon in 12:22

1971 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Orlando, FL at the Sports Stadium featuring the following results:

-Dick Murdoch & Mr. Wrestling (Tim Woods) defeated Louie Tillet &
Johnny Walker (the Grappler/Mr. Wrestling II).
- Ken Lusk defeated Scandor Akbar.
-Florida Tag Team champions The Australians (Ron Miller & Larry O'Day) defeated Al Coco & Corsica Jean.
-Juan Garcia defeated Gary Martin.
-Greg Peterson defeated Miguel Feliciano.

1974 -WWWF ran Harrisburg, PA with the following results:
-Arnold Skaaland pinned Lou Torres at 7:59
-Tony Altimore fought Rubin Ayalla to a double disqualification
-Bill White pinned Sylvano Sousa at 12:10
-Jose Gonzalez fought Larry Zbyzsko to a draw
-Killer Kowalski defeated Chief Jay Strongbow via countout at 17:32

1975 - WWWF ran Johnstown, PA with the following results:
The Executioner defeated Jack Evans
Frank Holtz fought Johnny Rodz to a draw
Dominic DeNucci & Pat Barrett defeated Jim Grabmire & Baron Mikel Scicluna
Spiros Arion defeated Haystacks Calhoun via countout

1977 - On a WWWF Championship Wrestling taping in Philadelphia, PA, Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Larry Zbyzsko & Tony Garea to win the titles in a Best 2 out of 3 fall

1977 - A live event in Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum featured the following results:

-Jim Garvin beat The Riddler.
-Terry Gordy, Scott Casey, & King Cobra drew Leroy Brown, Ratamyus, & Bruce Swayze.
-Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson beat Robert Gibson & Jerry Bryant.
-Samoans Tio & Tapu beat Bill Dundee & Jimmy Garvin.
-Southern Tag Champs Norvell Austin & Pat Barrett beat Mike Stark &
Jerry Novak.
-Mr. Wrestling beat Southern Champ Jimmy Valiant via DQ.
-Bill Dundee won a "scaffold battle royal."

1978 - WWWF ran Flemington, NJ with the following results:
-Johnny Rodz defeated Steve King
-Frankie Williams defeated Jose Estrada
-Victor Rivera defeated SD Jones
-Chief Jay Strongbow & Peter Maivia fought WWWF Tag Team Champions the Yukon Lumberjacks to a double count-out

1980 - WWWF ran Baltimore, Maryland with the following results:
-Tony Garea pinned Johnny Rodz at 11:08
-Rick Martel pinned Jose Estrada at 1:28
-Pedro Morales pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna at 6:04
-Larry Zbyszko defeated Pat Patterson via count-out at 13:16
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Somoans defeated Domenic DeNucci & Rene Goulet at 8:38
-Andre the Giant pinned Ernie Ladd at 7:44
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund pinned the Hangman at 17:28

1980 - A Georgia Championship Wrestling event in Griffin, GA ran The Mid South Auditorium with the following results:

-Ted and Jerry Oates defeated the Manchurians (Tio and Tapu).
-Steve Keirn defeated Killer Khan.
-Masa Saito drew Steve O.
-Kevin Sullivan defeated Stan Lane by countout in a Boston Street Fight.
-Ole Anderson defeated Lars Anderson in a boxing match.

1971 - A Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling event in Roanoke, VA at the Roanoke Civic Center with the following results:

-Bobby Eaton drew Jim Dalton.
-Bobby Eaton defeated Tim Horner.
-Terry Taylor defeated Mike Fever.
-Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham) fought Wayne Farris to a double disqualification.
-Dick the Bruiser defeated Kevin Sullivan.
-John Studd and Kevin Sullivan defeated Blackjack Mulligan and Chief
Jay Strongbow.

1981 - Georgia Championship Wrestling ran The Omni in Atlanta, GA featured the following results:

-Bryan St. John defeated Rick Ferrara.
-Brian Blair & Steve O defeated Prof. Sonoda & The French Angel.
-George Wells defeated Iron Mike Sharpe.
-Ray Stevens (with the Great Mephisto) defeated Bruno Sammartino Jr.
-Tor Kamata (with the Great Mephisto) fought Abdullah the Butcher to a
no contest.
-Tommy Rich defeated the Masked Superstar in a Texas Streetfight.
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Mr. Wrestling II.
-Michael Hayes & Otis Sistrunk (substituing for Kevin Von Erich) defeated
Georgia Tag Team Champions Terry Gordy & Jimmy Snuka to win the championships in a No DQ Steel Cage match.

1983 - A live event in Louisville, KY at Lousiville Gardens featured the following results:

-The Jaguar defeated Bobby Fulton.
-The Russian Invader defeated Tom Prichard.
-Dutch Mantell and Koko Ware defeated The Grapplers.
-Bill Dundee and Bobby Eaton defeated Dennis Condrey and Buddy Landel by DQ.
-The Fabulous Ones defeated the Assassins.
-AWA Southern champ Jesse Ventura defeated Terry Taylor.
-Austin Idol defeated Stan Hansen.

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Hampton, VA with the following results:
-Manny Fernandez defeated Gary Royal
-The Zambouie Express defeated Brian Adidas & Keith Larsen
-Black Bart defeated Mark Youngblood
-The Ultimate Assassin defeated Assassin #1 via disqualification
-Wahoo McDaniel fought Barry Windham to a no contest
-Dusty Rhodes defeated NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard via disqualification

1984 - The WWF ran Rochester, NY with the following results:
-Brutus Beefcake defeated Chief Jay Strongbow
-Ken Patera defeated Rick McGraw
-Greg Valentine defeated Nick DeCarlo
-Andre the Giant defeated Roddy Piper via count-out
-WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter defeated the Fabulous Moolah
-The Junkyard Dog & The Wild Samoans defeated Big John Studd & the Moondogs

1984 -Championship Wrestling in Florida ran Jacksonville, FL with the following results:

- Buck Robley beat John King
-Angelo Mosca Jr. drew Jim Neidhart.
-Krusher Khrushchev beat Joe Lightfoot.
-Hector & Chavo Guerrero beat Ken Timbs & Dusty Wolfe.
-Southern champion Pez Whatley beat Dick Slater.
-Dory Funk Jr. & Jesse Barr beat Billy Jack & Mike Graham.
-One Man Gang beat Kevin Sullivan.

1985 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Norfolk, Virginia at The Scope featuring the following results:
-Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey defeated Ron Garvin & Starship Eagle
-NWA U.S. Champion Tully Blanchard defeated Dusty Rhodes via disqualification
-Ivan & Nikita Koloff defeated NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson in a non-title steel cage match
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair fought Magnum TA to a 60-minute time-limit draw.

1985 - A Mid-South Wrestling event at The Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas featured the following results:

-Eddie Gilbert beat Jerry Grey.
-Humongous beat Tony Falk.
-The Fantastics beat Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell.
-Jake Roberts beat the Barbarian via DQ.
-Ted DiBiase beat Chavo Guerrero.
-Butch Reed drew Dick Murdoch.
-Hacksaw Duggan beat El Corsario to earn a match with Skandar Akbar.
-Hacksaw Duggan beat Gen. Skandor Akbar in a cage match.

1986 - The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) defeat Eddie Gilbert & Sting to win the UWF World Tag Team Championship for the second time in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1986 - WWF ran Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the following results:
-Jerry Allen fought Terry Gibbs to a draw
-Hercules pinned Jose Louis Rivera
-Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Paul Roma
-Sivi Afi pinned Tiger Chung Lee
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage defeated George Steele by disqualification
-Mike Rotundo & Dick Slater (substituting for Danny Spivey) defeated the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff
-The Machines defeated Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy via disqualfication; the Crusher was the special guest ring annuncer for the match

1986 - WWF ran St. Louis, Missouri, featuring the following results:
-Ted Arcidi defeated Tony Garea
-Nick Kiniski defeated Steve Lombardi
-Billy Jack Haynes defeated Steve Regal
-The Islanders defeated the Moondogs
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Orndorff via countout at around the 6-minute mark after Hogan knocked out Orndorff with a chair on the floor; prematch stipulations stated that if the champion were disqualified he would lose the title
-Sika defeated George Wells
-Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
-Kamala pinned Lanny Poffo
-Harley Race pinned Tito Santana

1986 - Central States Wrestling ran Memorial Hall in Kansas City with the following results:

-The Animal defeated Tom Gorman.
-Marty Jannetty defeated Dave Peterson.
-Sheik Abdullah defeated Tug Taylor.
-Tommy Rogers defeated Mike Bond.
-Harley Race defeated TG Stone.
-Ron Garvin and Bulldog Bob Brown defeated The Animal and Korstia
-Central States Champion Buzz Tyler fought Hacksaw Higgins to a time limit draw.

1987 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Greensboro, NC with the following results:
-Kendall Windham & Lazortron defeated the MOD Squad
-Jimmy Garvin defeated Manny Fernandez
-Sting defeated Eddie Gilbert
-UWF World Champion Steve Williams defeated Black Bart
-NWA World Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton defeated NWA U.S. Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton
-NWA World Tag Team Champion Robert Gibson defeated NWA U.S. Tag Team Champion Stan Lane via disqualification
-NWA World Champion Ron Garvin defeated Big Bubba Rogers
-Dusty Rhodes, NWA TV Champion Nikita Koloff, & the Road Warriors defeated Ric Flair, NWA U.S. Champion Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, & Tully Blanchard in a steel cage match

1987 -The AWA ran Marietta, GA with the following results:

-Chick Donovan beat Ken Timbs.
-The Mighty Igor beat Bucky Seigler.
-The Nightmare beat Comrade Busich.
-Jerry Oates beat Mr. Olympia and unmasked him as Jerry Stubbs in a
Hair vs. Mask match.
-Luke Graham & Grizzly Boone beat John Michaels & Steve Lawler via DQ.
The Midnight Rockers, Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels beat Boris Zukhov & Soldat Ustinov to win the AWA World Tag Team championship, but the belts were returned to the champs when it was revealed the wrong man was pinned.
-Sgt. Slaughter beat the Iron Sheik.  Jerry Blackwell was special
-Bruiser Brody beat Abdullah the Butcher via countout in a lumberjack match (Yes, countout.)

1989 - The NWA ran Worcester, MA with the following results:
-Eddie Gilbert defeated the Cuban Assassin
-Tom Zenk defeated Norman The Lunatic
-Steve Williams defeated Mike Rotunda
-The Skyscrapers, Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey defeated The Dynamic Dudes, Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace
-Tommy Rich defeated Jack Victory
-Bobby Eaton defeated NWA World Tag Team Champion Michael Hayes
-Road Warrior Animal defeated Rip Morgan
-Sting defeated NWA World TV Champion the Great Muta via disqualification  

1990 - The NWA ran Hampton, VA with the following results:
-The Juicer (Art Barr) pinned Dutch Mantell
-The Iron Sheik defeated Allen Iron Eagle
-The Master Blasters defeated Tim Horner & Mike Rotunda
-NWA U.S. Champion Lex Luger defeated Sid Vicious via count-out
-Ric Flair, NWA World TV Champion Arn Anderson, & Harley Race defeated El Gigante, the Junkyard Dog, & Brian Pillman when Flair pinned Pillman
-NWA World Champion Sting pinned the Black Scorpion (Randy Culley aka Moondog Rex)

1991 - WCW star Tom Zenk Tom Zenk was arrested on misdemeanor battery, possession of marijuana, and felony possession of steroids in Ohio.

1991 - WCW ran Marion, OH at The Memorial Coliseum, drawing 1,30 fans, featuring the following results:

-Van Hammer pinned Terrence Taylor.
-Tom Zenk pinned Oz (Kevin Nash).
-WCW World Tag Team Champions The Enforcers, Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko defeated Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier.
-Brian Pillman pinned Johnny B. Badd.
-WCW U.S. Tag Team Champions The Patriots, Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin.
-WCW World TV Champion Steve Austin fought Dustin Rhodes to a draw.
WCW World Champion Lex Luger pinned Barry Windham.

1991 - WWF ran Minneapolis with the following results:
-Kerry Von Erich defeated the Berzerker
-The Beverly Brothers defeated the Bushwhackers
-IRS defeated Jim Duggan
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart pinned the Warlord
-Ricky Steamboat pinned Skinner
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom defeated the Nasty Boys
-Ted Dibiase defeated Virgil via countout
-Sid Justice (substituting for the Ultimate Warrior) defeated the Undertaker in a casket match

1991 - WCW ran Marion, Ohio with the following results:
Van Hammer pinned Terrence Taylor
Tom Zenk pinned Oz (Kevin Nash)
WCW World Tag Team Champions The Enforcers Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko defeated Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier
Brian Pillman pinned Johnny B. Badd
WCW U.S. Tag Team Champions The Patriots, Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin
WCW World TV Champion Steve Austin fought Dustin Rhodes to a draw
WCW World Champion Lex Luger pinned Barry Windham

1992 - WCW ran Charleston, SC at The McAllister Fieldhouse with the following results:
-Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Van Hammer, & Erik Watts defeated Bobby Eaton, Diamond Dallas Page, & Vinnie Vegas
-Tom Zenk defeated Greg Valentine
-Dustin Rhodes defeated Dick Slater
-Brian Pillman defeated Brad Armstrong
-WCW World TV Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Steve Austin
-Barry Windham defeated the Barbarian via disqualification
-Scott Steiner defeated Arn Anderson
-WCW World Champion Ron Simmons & Nikita Koloff defeated Jake Roberts & Cactus Jack when Simmons pinned Cactus  

1992 - WWF ran Kiel, Germany at Ostseehalle with the following results:
-Tito Santana defeated the Genius.
-Road Warrior Animal & Crush defeated Skinner & Kato.
-Randy Savage defeated Papa Shango.
-Ted Dibiase & IRS defeated the Bushwhackers.
-Rick Martel defeated Virgil.
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Natural Disasters defeated the Beverly Brothers.
-WWF World Champion Ric Flair defeated Bret Hart at 35:13.

1993 - The WWF announced on Raw that Shawn Michaels had been stripped of the Intercontinental championship.  Michaels had walked from the company due to a dispute with management.  The Raw taping, in Hartford, CT, filled the vacancy over two episodes taped.  A live episode featured Rick Martel and Razor Ramon as the final combatants in a Battle Royal.  In a match taped for the following week, Ramon won his first title in the company, capturing the Intercontinental belt by pinning Martel.

1994 - A tournament was held in Osaka, Japan for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title, which had been vacated several days earlier when champion Jushin Liger had suffered a broken ankle. Here are the results of the tournament:
First Round:
Norio Honoga defeated Gran Hamada.
Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) defeated El Samurai.
Shinjiro Ohtani and Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) received byes to the semifinals.
- Norio Honaga defeated Shinjiro Ohtani.
- Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) defeated Eddie Guerrero.
- Norio Honaga defeated Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.

1994 - The 1-2-3 defeated a young enhancement talent named Chris Kanyon during a WWF taping in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Kanyon would go on to make a name for himself in WCW before returning to WWE after the company purchased the remnants of World Championship Wrestling in March 2001.

1995 - Harlem Heat defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Scotty Riggs to win the titles.  The match was never acknowledged and WCW re-taped the bout on October 11th of that year with the same result.

1995 - The WWF ran Kalamazoo, Michigan with the following results:
-Goldust defeated Bob Holly
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Jacob & Eli Blu
-WWF Women's Champion Bertha Faye defeated Alundra Blayze
-Razor Ramon defeated Psycho Sid via disqualification
-The Undertaker defeated King Mabel
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels fought Davey Boy Smith to a double count-out
-WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Yokozuna

1996 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Ag Hall in Allentown, PA with the following results:
-Taz defeated Jimmy Cicero
-Mikey Whipwreck defeated JT Smith
-Buh Buh Ray & Spike Dudley defeated the Erotic Experience when Spike scored the pin
-Terry Gordy defeated John Kronus
-Tommy Dreamer pinned Brian Lee
-ECW World Tag Team champion New Jack defeated Stevie Richards & the Blue Meanie in a handicap match by pinning both men
-ECW World TV Champion Shane Douglas pinned Pitbull #2
-Sabu pinned Perry Saturn
-ECW World champion, Raven pinned the Sandman in a steel cage match

1996 - WWF ran Detroit, Michigan with the following results:
-Bob Holly pinned the Brooklyn Brawler.
-Jake Roberts & Aldo Montoya defeated Justin Bradshaw & Zebakiah.
-Barry Windham pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley
-Steve Austin pinned Savio Vega
-The Grimm Twins defeated the Smoking Gunns
-The Undertaker pinned Mankind
-WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & the British Bulldog defeated Henry & Phinneas Godwinn
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero defeated Farooq via disqualification
-Psycho Sid pinned Vader
-WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Goldust

1997 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Orlando, FL at the Fairground with the following results:
-Al Snow & Roadkill defeated Marty Jannetty & the Vampire Warrior (w/ Luna Vachon).
-Justin Credible (w/ Jason) defeated Chris Chetti.
-Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Spike Dudley.
-Jerry Lynn defeated Chris Candido.
-Rob Van Dam defeated Paul Diamond.
-Beulah McGillicutty defeated Bill Alfonso.
-Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon defeated Little Guido & Tommy Rich and Spike Dudley & Mikey Whipwreck in an elimination match.
-ECW World Champion Shane Douglas defeated Dory Funk Jr, who was a mystery opponent brought in by Rick Rude as part of a storyline where Rude was paid to keep testing Douglas.
-Sabu fought ECW World TV Champion Taz to a time-limit draw.
-ECW World Tag Team Champions John Kronus & New Jack defeated Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley and Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten in an elimination match.

1997 - WCW ran Baltimore, Maryland with the following results:
-The Ultimo Dragon defeated Alex Wright via submission with the Dragon Sleeper
-WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Chris Jericho with the frog splash
-Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell when Scott pinned Bagwell
-Steve McMichael pinned Jeff Jarrett with the tombstone
-Randy Savage defeated Diamond Dallas Page via count-out; after the bout, Page dropped the referee with the Diamond Cutter
-Lex Luger & the Giant defeated WCW U.S. Champion Curt Hennig & Syxx via disqualification when WCW Tag Team Champion Scott Hall, on crutches, interfered; after the bout, Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton helped gang up on Luger & the Giant until Sting cleared the ring with a baseball bat

1998 - WWF broadcast the Breakdown '98 PPV with the following results:
-Owen Hart pinned Edge at 9:17 with a reverse sunset flip after Edge became distracted by someone (the debuting Christian). who came out of the crowd-Al Snow & Scorpio defeated Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor at 8:05 when Snow pinned Taylor with the Snow Plow
-Marc Mero (w/ WWF Women's Champion Jackie) pinned Droz at 5:12 with a bodyslam and the Shooting Star Press after Jackie came off the top behind the referee's back and hit Droz in the head with her high heel shoe
-Bradshaw pinned Vader in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match at 7:55 with a neckbreaker after twice hitting the Clothesline from Hell
-D-Lo Brown pinned Gangrel with the Sky High at 7:50 after Mark Henry, who came ringside moments earlier, rammed Gangrel into the ringpost and rolled him back inside the ring; after the bout, Gangrel spat red fluid in Henry's face, back suplexed D-Lo off the top, and hit the DDT on him
-The Rock defeated Ken Shamrock and Mankind in a steel cage match at 18:46 by pinning Shamrock after Mankind hit Shamrock over the head with a steel chair and began climbing out of the cage; the bout could end via escaping the cage or by pinfall; due to pre-match stipulations, Rock became the #1 contender to the world title
-Val Venis (w/ Terri) pinned Dustin Runnels with the Money Shot at 9:08 after three consecutive elbow drops; after the bout, Terri and Val kissed inside the ring as Dustin went backstage
-WWF European Champion X-Pac, WWF Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg defeated Jeff Jarrett & Southern Justice at 11:14 when Gunn pinned Dennis Knight with the Fameasser, moments after Jarrett broke his guitar over X-Pac's head; after the bout, the New Age Outlaws helped X-Pac backstage
-The Undertaker and Kane defeated WWF World Champion Steve Austin at 22:03 when both men covered the champion following a double chokeslam; pre-match stipulations stated Taker could not defeat Kane and Kane could not defeat Taker; Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco appeared at the entranceway mid-way through the contest; after the bout, Vince McMahon came ringside, stole Austin's personalized Smoking Skull belt, and taunted Austin with it in the parking lot before driving out of the arena

1999 - WCW broadcast Nitro from The Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA with the following results:

-WCW World TV Champion Chris Benoit defeated Ernest Miller
-Buff Bagwell defeated Vampiro
-Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Dean Malenko
-Bill Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus
-Berlyn defeated Evan Karagias
-WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Barry & Kendall Windham
-Rick Steiner defeated Van Hammer
-Konnan fought Perry Saturn to a no contest
-Billy Kidman defeated Psychosis; stipulations stated Kidman would have his hair cut if he lost and Psychosis would have to unmask if he lost
-Bret Hart & Ric Flair defeated WCW World Champion Sting, Lex Luger, & Diamond Dallas Page via disqualification in a handicap match.

2002 - WWE released Mike Awesome, Horace Hogan, and Shawn Stasiak.

2002 - WWE broadcast Byte This on their website.  Joe Shearer filed the following report:

Today's guests are Steven Richards, Tommy Dreamer, and Dawn Marie. They begin with the "sensational" Unforgiven (I wouldn't necessarily call it that). Dr. Tom said that Brock needed a good showing to raise his stock, which he gave, but the Undertaker had a nice match as well. Ahem. Ok. Moving right along. The hosts moved on to other matches on the card, and said that you could close the book on match-of-the-year with Angle/Benoit until Smackdown! Thursday with Edge/Eddie.

After some pointless New York subway talk, the show moved on to our guests. The hosts polled the barflies in The World if they'd like to see a bikini match between Dawn Marie and Torrie, and there was but a small smattering of applause. Dr. Tom asked if they'd like to see another Singapore Cane match between Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer. A similar smattering.

Kev and Dr. Tom welcomed at this point the venerable Steven Richards to the show. Hermie begins interviewing, meanwhile Steven isn't on camera. Finally Doc gets up and graciously allows Richards to take his seat, and finally the camera pans back. Kev asks Richards about the change in his character from "Stevie Richards" to the RTC Steven to today's Steven, and Richards replied that it was a reflection of the change in his life, and when he was in HWA he decided to change the character, then people like Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Dudley helped him to develop it a little bit (or at least get him screen time). Kev asked Richards about Molly's comments that what troubled her about HLA was the fact that Jerry Lawler was ranting about it during Bubba and Richards's match. Man, King is getting some serious heat for that. Richards said that he understands that the announcers are getting comments fed to them from Vince or Brisco or whomever is in the gorilla position (behind the curtain backstage), and they're putting over the show's main attraction. He said that it's King's job to be a pervert, and J.R.'s job is to try to comment on the match. Kev asked if he was offended, and Richards answered "look at what I've had to do over the past 11 years." Dr. Tom said that the change is evident with his recent matches with Bubba, Dreamer, et al., and said he didn't know how much he was comfortable with the RTC gimmick. Richards said that he thinks a lot of the heat he gets is from the RTC gimmick, that people may not even remember why they hate him, only that they hate him. He said that for some reason the RTC Richards gained a ton of weight, and he topped out at 262 in the black tie and white shirt and socks, and he's now hovering somewhere around 205. He noted that on RAW he's announced as four pounds lighter than Tommy Dreamer, drawing a chuckle from the hosts. Richards went on to say that RTC took away the fun from the show, and with Vince's problems with "the real RTC" the PTC, it was a reflection of Vince's way of turning a positive into a negative. Kev asked if RTC's message that WWF programming was immoral hit a nerve, and Steven answered that if he had kids (and he doesn't), he wouldn't let him watch WWE programming. Kelly said that, as the father of a 7-year-old, if his son wants to watch WWE programming, or any cartoon, or any program, he's going to be there watching it with his son, because lots of shows give mixed messages. You gotta be there to teach your children.

Dr. Tom asked how many times Richards has been Hardcore champion; Steven responded with "by Raven's count, 23 times." Dr. Tom asked if he misses the Hardcore division, and Richards said yes, because he has had some great matches with Bubba, the Hollys, etc. Richards called Tommy Dreamer his favorite opponent to work with, and said he's one of the greatest babyfaces "in the history of wrestling."

Richards also mentioned that Crash Holly stole his "body butter" when he left RAW. I don't even want to know about that one. Kev asked about Crash being his road "wife" (another one I don't want to know about), and said that you really spend more time with them than you do your wife, and that they get close. He said that even though Crash is an asshole, they complement each other well, because Crash is a jerk, and he is not. Kev moved on to Randy Orton, saying that he's being compared favorably to The Rock. Richards said that he has it all: the look, the talent. Richards called WWE "miracle workers," saying that a little-known fact is that Richards only knows three moves. Four now that he stole Edge's finisher, which he said Edge isn't too happy about.

At that point Kelly thanked Richards and moved on to the next guest, Tommy Dreamer, showing RAW footage with the classroom battle between Christopher Nowinski and Dreamer, except we didn't get footage, but rather background noise that sounded somewhat similar to the RAW footage and some interspersed comments by Kelly and Dr. Tom conversing, then welcomes the Innovator of Violence to the show. Tommy says that he hopes that he's not sure what the damages to the classroom were, but he hopes it doesn't come out of his paycheck. Doc said that a lot of the young guys look up to him, and Tommy said he likes that and he likes filling whatever role he's given in WWE and he enjoys working with Nowinski.

Kev talks about a house show match against Big Show where the stipulations say that if Show doesn't win in under ten minutes, Show has to kiss Dreamer's ass. Dreamer said he didn't think it was true, but got on the ‘net and saw that it was. He also noted that if Show didn't win in ten minutes or less that perhaps one of the divas could fill in for Show.

Kev said that Dreamer's "coming of age" was his match with RVD in the Garden. Dreamer and how much it meant to be able to have the last Hardcore match against RVD, have the "last hurrah" of the Hardcore division in the Garden. He said he wishes his father, with whom he attended countless shows at MSG, could have seen it (his father is blind in one eye and has 20% vision in the other).

Doc asked Dreamer if he missed the ECW arena, and Dreamer says that he doesn't look back, and everything happens for a reason. Kev mentioned Ted Petty's passing, and said that he was a friend to a lot of people (at 49? Man, he didn't look it). Dreamer said that as it was easy to lose touch on the road, he hasn't seen or heard from him for awhile.

Kev mentioned the fact that many people think SmackDown! is a better show right now, and Dreamer mentioned the fact that RAW is live, and it's much different than a taped show and that there are a lot of pressures. Tommy also said that he thought that RAW's superstars were tougher than SmackDown!'s.

Funny story about Bischoff from Dreamer. He said that on Eric's first night on RAW, Dreamer walked right past Bischoff coming through the curtain after his match with Steven Richards and had blood all over his face. He said Bischoff walked by and he thought he'd been hit in the head one too many times, and he looked back and said "Is that Eric Bischoff?" Dreamer said the HLA is cool, and he disagrees with what he's doing with Stephanie, but that's ok. He said the guys want to avoid three minutes. Kev said that Nowinski was "pretty much a jag off too, right?" Dreamer said that there's a reason he lost Tough Enough, and that because he's not good enough to be there, and he'll set out every week to prove that.

Doc mentioned his gimmick of eating anything, and Kev asked if there was anything he ate that was just too much. Dreamer said he didn't think so, but he had hair in his teeth for a week. Kelly mentioned that toilet water is actually colder than tap water (how does he know?) and Dreamer agreed, saying he recommends everyone try it once in their lifetime. Dreamer said that he has just heard that the average human eats thirty live spiders in their lifetime while they sleep. I've heard that, too.

Kelly talks about the internet reports of problems in the RAW locker room, and Dreamer said that there is none, that everyone likes each other. He said that the Un-Americans are jealous of Kane and Hurricane, and that Trish and Stacy Kiebler are both competing for Dreamer's affections, and the only general consensus is that Steven Richards is a wacko.

Speaking of Richards, Dr. Tom said, he noted that Dreamer is his favorite opponent. Dreamer said that is because Dreamer takes an ass-kicking better than anyone else. Doc mentioned his favorite ECW feud, Tommy's with Terry Funk, and Dreamer talked about how much he helped the younger guys, especially Sabu and Mick Foley.

Dreamer is going to stick around, Kev said, and they go back to SmackDown! and Dawn Marie's segment with Torrie, then welcome Dawn Marie to the program. Dawn said that she's getting pissed off at Torrie, and it's about time for Torrie to get a little bit of Dawn Marie. Doc said that Dawn hasn't been getting enough attention, and Dawn said that she has to go out and get her opportunity. Kev called Thursday's SmackDown! the best free-TV wrestling show this year. Kev and Doc talked about how Dawn has been improving her skills in the ring, though she didn't really compete in the ring in ECW. She challenged anyone who calls wrestling fake to get in the ring, and now that she's trained for matches she has a whole new respect for the business.

Kev mentioned WrestleMania being in Seattle this year, and the discussion moved on to her father, and she said that he wouldn't allow her to date until she moved out of her house. Kelly asked what her dad thought when she told him she was getting into wrestling. Dawn said he didn't mind she was getting into wrestling, but that she was leaving a good job. She said that he is happy for her doing what makes her happy, though. Dawn mentioned that she wants to have a family some day, but for now she's enjoying her career; when she has kids she wants to be a stay-at-home mom. She said she wants to be in WWE for as long as they'll have her. She said if her biological clock stops she'll adopt when the time comes.

They mention the new Divas undressed magazine, and Kev calls for a copy, and Dawn told her dad to turn off the computer. Tommy Dreamer brought out a copy and put Dawn over. The hosts then took a break, and said that they're going to take questions from the audience, but first shows clips from Eddie/Edge on SmackDown!

When they returned, Richards, Dreamer and Dawn were onstage. They each talk first about passion for the business. Steven: There are always high and low points, but when you have the passion for anything in your life, that shines through. Dreamer added how amazing it was that he broke his neck, having a guard rail dropped on his neck, and it is amazing that he got himself in great shape. And Dawn Marie, who is really getting into the business now and getting in the ring and wrestling. That is passion, Dreamer said. Richards then shot back, saying that Dreamer is probably more passionate than anyone. He said that he has inspired other people, Richards, himself.

Dawn said that Tommy always made fun of her in ECW, but he is a good person to talk to, and he always gives honest answers to questions. He said he'd often point out things she did right that she didn't know she was doing it right.

Dreamer then noted that in ECW he liked to tell her she looked "a little big" in certain outfits. He said that things like a 290-pound man with love handles telling a woman she was fat kind of gets under a woman's skin.

As Kelly mentions the free WWE merchandise they have to give away, and the Skullet emerges, then the Bald Kelly, then the Bodydonna Zip shot, then Kelly as Santa Claus, prompting Richards to ask "isn't this a wrestling show?"

Questions started coming from the audience. The first was what their favorite match in ECW. Dreamer said that he has never wanted to do anything else, so his favorite match is going to be "tomorrow, in Beaumont, Texas, then tomorrow, then Monday on RAW." Richards mentioned wrestling Terry Funk and the Sandman.

Another member of the audience asked if Dawn Marie would like to do a hardcore match, and the wrestlers didn't understand the question, so Kelly asked if she would like to do hardcore. Dawn laughed and said "you mean a hardcore match, right?" then she said she'd do whatever was asked of her.

Next question was "Do all of the ECW people hang out together backstage?" Dreamer responded that they actually have their own ECW bus, and every ten miles it says "ECW, ECW, ECW." Tommy said he drives the bus, and Paul E. pays for the gas, so they end up on the side of the road all the time.

Kev asked who their favorite wrestlers were growing up, and Dreamer said that he liked Bob Backlund, and went to an event, and Backlund spurned his request for an autograph, so he now would like to see Backlund beaten severely, he said. He noted that he was a Hulkamaniac, loved Dusty Rhodes and Jake Roberts. Richards said that his favorite wrestler also spurned him. Dreamer took over, and said that Richards went to the hotel during the Great American Bash in Philadelphia, waiting for The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, and Rhodes spurned him. He also said that HBK has a restraining order against Wacko Steven Richards. Dawn Marie said that when she was a little girl she wanted to marry Roddy Piper.

With that, the show concludes, no archive match this week, and see you next week, folks.

2002 - WWE held their annual stockholder meeting at The World.   Steven Rossi filed the following report from the meeting:

About 50 people showed up. We were seated at 8:45 in the nightclub area and watched TitanTron videos, the "My Sacrifice" videos, and "Confidential" pieces on the big screen. The meeting finally began at about 10:10.

The Board of Directors were introduced and they sat on the stage. It was announced that Linda McMahon was unable to attend. Shane McMahon was sitting in the crowd with the rest of us common folk, but he wasn't introduced by name.

August Liguori, the Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, was introduced and kicked the meeting off. The proposals were voted on. Proposal 1 was the election of the Board and amazingly enough Vince and everyone else were re-elected. Proposal 2 was an employee stock purchase plan, which was passed. Proposal 3 was the appointment of Deloitte & Touche as WWE's independent auditors. All proposals passed with at least 95% of the vote. That only took 10 minutes and Liguori then announced that the formal part of the meeting was over and introduced Vince McMahon.

Vince said "this isn't a wake" and demanded that the house lights be turned up so that he could see the crowd. He began with an anecdote about Bobo Brazil. He said most wrestlers aren't realists, but Bobo was. Bobo went through highs and lows in the business and often overheard the boys talking about why business was down. Bobo would say something like, "I blame the new 24-hour gas station that just opened up across the street from the arena." That was Bobo's way of saying that it's ridiculous to try to pinpoint reasons sometimes and you just have to roll with the punches. This all set up Vince admitting that things aren't going well for WWE right now.

He talked about the interview he just did with Sports Illustrated. He said he was annoyed at the title of the piece ("WWE on the Ropes") and said he'd love to get that reporter in the ring with him so he could teach him what being on the ropes really means. He said that WWE needed to take a half step back to go 5 steps forward and that's what's happening with the brand extension. He said everyone in WWE was fully aware that ratings would drop with the extension but that it's something they need to do to prepare for the future. He said the SI reporter didn't "get it" but hopefully the stockholders will.

He said he hoped that WCW would be their second brand and when that fell through they had to go in a different direction. He said there was never any doubt that the brand extension would go forward because WWE would burn out its stars and run out of storylines if they continued to do what they had been doing.

Vince then said that Linda was at the Nicole Bass trial and unable to attend the meeting. He said he doesn't want to comment on the trial but the cartoon that the NY Post printed says it all (it was a cartoon that featured 3 bathrooms labeled: "men", "women", and "Nicole Bass".)

It was a very short opening statement and then Vince said he would answer questions. First question was if Vince thinks the stock price will increase. Vince admitted that he didn't know because he just doesn't get Wall Street and they don't get WWE. He said Wall Street acts like WWE just crawled out from under a rock and doesn't realize that they're more stable and has more growth potential than virtually every other media company out there. He said unlike other CEOs, he's not concerned with share price, stock options, etc. and he just wants to make his company stronger.

Someone sarcastically asked if WWE could stay out of court for a little while because Wall Street doesn't think highly of companies that are always being sued. Vince said he'd love to stay out of court, but when people make up allegations he has to take a stand and fight. He said the Nicole Bass case is ridiculous and he's not going to settle out of court because that will encourage ambulance-chasing lawyers to convince other disgruntled employees to sue. He said that 10 years ago, everyone told him to settle when the federal government was coming after him and he told those people "F**k you!" (Vince loves to say "f**k" at corporate meeting for some reason). Vince said he beat them and he'll beat Bass.

Someone asked if WWE has any plans to work with NWA TNA because they worked with the NWA before. Vince said they were in a position of strength before and were willing to help smaller companies like the NWA and ECW. He said it was good business to keep some competition around and WWE helped other organizations in ways that the general public will never know. He said that's changed and WWE is no position to help anyone until they get their own house in order. He then said, "I wish those boys in Tennessee well."

Next question was about the influence of the Internet on booking. Vince said he doesn't want his writers looking at the Internet. He said Internet fans are "an extremely small but extremely vocal" minority.    He said WWE is more concerned with the reactions of the live crowd and cheers and boos affect decision-making more than the Internet.

Someone asked if ECW would ever come back. In possibly the biggest news of the meeting, Vince said that he DOES want to bring ECW back and give it its own late-night time slot as a separate entity under the WWE corporate banner. He said WWE is trying to purchase all of ECW's footage in bankruptcy court. He said ECW has a niche audience and could be successful again, but all of this is far in the future because right now WWE is struggling to establish the Raw and Smackdown brands. He said one day ECW might become the third brand.

Someone asked about all the footage WWE owns and if WWE is planning on having a "Classics" show. Vince said yes, but you'll have to pay for it. He said WWE will eventually use various forms of media to distribute the footage, but it will be either on video or some type of pay format. He said he realizes that old school fans are longing for this footage and that's what he's hoping for. He wants people to be willing to pay for it.

Maybe the best question of the morning was "Why is WWE public? Do you really need to be public?" Vince said it allows outside interests to give him input and comment on the product, which is good because he doesn't like being surrounded by yes-men.

Someone expressed concern over The World. Vince admitted that The World was horribly mismanaged (they just changed management) and lacks direction. He said that The World will be transformed from a loss leader into a profit center. He said originally The World was distanced from WWE because no one wanted it to be just be a wrestling facility. He said that was a mistake.

Someone asked if the ratings decline is due to the fact that Rock, Austin, and Hogan haven't been on TV. Vince said no, it's because of the brand extension and he fully expected the decline. He again said that needed to move backwards before they could go forward.

Another question was about dividends. Vince said that they are planning on having large dividends soon and it will capture Wall Street's attention.

Next question was about the continued expansion of the WWE brand. Vince admitted that Smackdown Records was a miscalculation. He talked about their new in-house movie production company. He said they might make low-budget or straight-to-video movies involving WWE Superstars.

Someone asked about international expansion. He said WWE is truly America's greatest export because when people in other countries look at the outrageous stuff that WWE does, they think, "Wow, America is cool." He talked about the extremely successful Australian tour and said that China was a potential hotbed in the future.

The entire meeting lasted almost exactly an hour and Vince talked for 50 minutes of it. We were given gift bags on the way out consisting of Raw and WWE Magazines, The Rock and Undertaker videos, an NWO cap, and "Smackdown Your Vote" button, a poster, and 2 WWE chocolate bars (WWE makes chocolate bars?!).

2003 - WWE's Raw brand ran Bismark, North Dakota with the following results:
-Spike Dudley defeated Rico
-Test defeated Tommy Dreamer
-The Hurricane & Rosey defeated Rodney Mack & Mark Henry
-Randy Orton defeated Lance Storm
-Shane McMahon defeated Kane in a streetfight
-Trish Stratus & Lita defeated Victoria & Jackie; Val Venis was the guest referee for the match
-WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Rob Van Dam
-WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz defeated Rene Dupree & Rob Conway in a tables match

2003 - Gregory White filed the following Memphis TV report from  UPN Studios in Memphis, TN:

Hosts: Brian Teigland and Corey Maclin and a surprise guest
Ref: Bill Rush

The show opens with Corey and Brian standing in front of the desk. They announce that they have a surprise to open the show. Lance Russell comes out to the Memphis wrestling theme song which is the 2001 Theme.

They announce a special on UPN 30 tonight at 7 pm and they show the graphic for tomorrow's show. You can pick up the tickets at the Coliseum box office til 5 pm today or you can pick up tickets at the fair tomorrow from 10 am on at any of the ticket booths or order tickets from Ticketmaster here . $10 general admission to wrestling will get you admission not only to Wrestling but also to the Mid-South Fair and the Jefferey Osborne Concert .

They announce who will be on today's show.
Koko Ware
Jimmy Hart
Rock 'n' Roll Express
Jerry Lawler
Bill Dundee

Corey and Lance are at the desk. Lance thanks Jimmy Valiant for lifting the restraining order.

They show a video of Corey running into Jimmy Hart at a booth where Jimmy Hart is posing with fans. The fans tell Corey that Hart is paying them $5 to pose with him and then Jimmy Hart gets mad and kicks Corey and the camera crew out.

Jimmy Hart comes out and announces a big contract signing. He calls out Cyborg. Hart mentions all the greats that he has managed. He mentions that he need a new lieutenant in his army. Cyborg says that he is flattered but Hart is known for being one of the lowest scumbags in the business and that he always screws people. Cyborg does not need the First Family and that Cyborg will do things on his own, and he rips up the contract. Jimmy Hart then says that you just made the biggest mistake of your life.

The first match of the day is Humongous vs Johnny Dotson. Hart comes into the ring and he signs Humongous to a contract. Humongous uses a chokeslam. Winner: Humongous. Humongous beats up Dotson after the match and Cyborg comes out and does a face down with Humongous.

April comes out. She says that the Moondogs will rip every frizzy hair out of Athena's head. Athena comes out and says that you don't realize what you got into. You don't know what a streetfight is. I am gonna rip every thread off your body. They girls get into a catfight. CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!! CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!! CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Koko Ware comes out and says that he has been searching all over Memphis for Frankie.

They show a video of Koko Ware knocking on a door at a house and asking if Jimmy Hart lived there. Some woman answers and says no. Koko Ware is then shown at a run down house knocking on the door and a woman comes out wearing a fur coat and with a bunch of shoeless kids. She says that he does not live here but when you do see Reggie to tell him to call me because he is behind on child support. She complains that the coat is too small.

Jimmy Hart comes out and complains that all the film with him in it has been doctored today. He claims that the woman at the house was Corey's wife and that was Corey's kids and he says that Frankie is in good hands. Jimmy Hart then introduces the newest member of the First Family, Kamala. Kamala comes out eating a piece of chicken and Jimmy Hart says that Frankie is finger licking good.

The second match of the day is Kevin White vs Kamala. Jimmy Hart says during the match that Kamala was a vegetarian Winner: Kamala. Koko thens clears the ring with a 2x4 and says that he is gonna find his bird no matter what.

The Rock 'n' Roll Express is outside with Brian Teigland. Ricky says that we are wrestling the Moondogs in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match. Robert Gibson then says, "Imagine what you can do 15 feet in the air off a ladder onto a chair." They invite Brian to climb the ladder which he does. The Moondogs then all of a sudden attack the Rock 'n' Roll Express and Brian with chairs while they are on top of the ladder asking for security.

Hart comes out with Shock and announces that he has latebreaking news. They announce that B-A-D-D has been fired. Shock then challenges Christopher and Gilbert to a match.

The third match of the day is Brian Christopher & Doug Gilbert vs Shock. Gilbert turns on Christopher during the match and piledrives him, and Shock and Gilbert both beat up Christopher. Lawler comes out to a huge pop and makes the save. Winner: No contest.

Lawler then comes out. He knew that Gilbert and Christopher would not work out. When you get into a tag match, you need to have a partner that you can trust. He talks about Austin Idol saying last week "to be careful what you ask for because you might get it." Lawler then mentions that it may make a lot of people angry but he is still a lowlife scum, so I have cancelled Idol as my partner. [Note from Jess: Austin Idol called the promotion and cancelled out on his scheduled appearance, which is why they shot this angle.] I will make my announcement tonight as who my partner will be and it will be one that I can trust.

The fourth match of the day is Lawler vs Mr Compulsive. Lawler does his fist off the top rope. Winner: Jerry Lawler.

Jimmy Hart and Bill Dundee comes out. Hart is very happy that Lawler and Christopher have no partners. Dundee says that Lawler cannot call him. Gilbert says that Christopher is as stupid as the people in Memphis and that this will be his last match "Ballerina Boy". Lawler and Christopher then run out all the heels.

Lawler says that they are really happy and Hart thinks that it will be the greatest day of their lives. We will have partners and it will be the worst day of your lives.

Brian Christopher then says that he has a partner, Scotty Too Hotty. Jerry then says that Too Cool will be back together for the first time in two years. The King will have a partner and it will be the worst day of their lives, I promise.

2004 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Tim Whitehead filed the following TV report:

The 9/27 edition of RAW IS HOT, COLD, AND SWERVED aired live from Kansas City. It was a proverbial mixed bag show, with a couple of good matches, a really good promo that was spoiled by a swerve, and some seriously lame stuff.

They opened with a tribute to Ray Traylor. Rest in peace Big Bossman.

Eric Bischoff came down to the ring. He announced that Vince McMahon's interactive Taboo Tuesday PPV idea is now official. He still didn't like the concept, continuing to rant about how ludicrous it is to give mere fans the power to decide matches and stipulations. He insisted his opposition isn't because of his ego. But, he felt it would be deplorable to allow some snot nosed punk fan to decide the stips for his match against Eugene via an interactive vote. Of course, he hypocritically claimed to be worried about Eugene, saying his poor nephew had been through enough in recent weeks without being put through this. Having editorialized against the interactive concept, Bischoff declared that he had no choice but to promote Taboo Tuesday since Mr. McMahon had ordered it. So he announced the four nominees to face Triple H for the RAW World Title at that show. They were Shawn Michaels (big pop), Chris Benoit (pop), Edge (some cheers, some boos), and possibly Randy Orton (big pop after Bischoff placed negative emphasis on the name). In other words, just because they're letting us vote doesn't mean they won't try to lead us in a certain direction. To further this game, Bischoff declared that since Orton injured him a few weeks ago (the sledgehammer dropped on his foot) he would have to first win a no-DQ match against Batista to be included in the actual fan balloting. At this point, HHH arrived. Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler noted that he was scheduled to face Shelton Benjamin later on the show in a non-title match. HHH agreed with Bischoff that it was ridiculous to allow the fans to decide who his opponent will be. In fact, he called it a load of crap. He said the fans pay to see him because they want to be in the presence of his greatness, but that doesn't mean they should be allowed to decide the fate of such greatness. HHH said the fans would be interfering with his job if they are allowed to vote for his opponent. He said he doesn't go to the fans' places of employment and try to interfere with them. He pointed to a guy in the crowd and said he doesn't try to tell him when the fries are done, and pointed to a girl and said he doesn't tell her which street corner to work on. Funny! HHH accused the fans of thinking they now have some power over him, but he vowed that whoever they choose as his opponent (he emphasized Orton's name) will go down to defeat, and thus he will remain master of his own fate. HHH suggested that since the fans want to vote so much, he'd give them four suggestions to choose from. The first was that they could go screw themselves. The second was that they could rot in hell. The third was that they could try to find themselves a life. Before HHH could announce the fourth, he was interrupted by the arriving Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin forcibly took the mic from HHH and had four suggestions for him. The first three were to stop whining, stop complaining, and stop crying. On this latter point, Benjamin noted that there wasn't enough Kleenex in Kansas City to wipe a nose as big as HHH's. Benjamin's fourth suggestion was that they could start their already scheduled match right then and there. Bischoff, who had been standing around nodding approval during the entirety of HHH's rant, confronted Benjamin. This gave HHH the opening to sucker punch Benjamin. Bischoff called for the bell and called for a referee, officially starting the match. Like many opening monologues, this one was a little long, but I thought it was pretty entertaining.

Benjamin defeated HHH in the non-title match by DQ in 9:37. Benjamin fought back from the sucker punch and lariated HHH. HHH posted Benjamin as they went to a commercial break. Afterward, Benjamin was back in command. He gave HHH an arm drag off the top and hit a leg lariat. Lawler, ranting about the fans being able to vote, said long-time Kansas City promoter Bob Geigel must be rolling in his grave over such a stupid idea. JR noted that that would be difficult (since Geigel isn't deceased). Benjamin hit a powerslam, a Russian legsweep, and a lariat off the top. He pretty much dominated HHH here. HHH took a bump out to the floor, where he got his title belt and walloped Benjamin with it for the typically lame DQ ending to an otherwise good match. I guess they couldn't let the champ lose clean heading into a PPV, and couldn't let the guy returning from an injury lose clean, either. So they were caught between a rock and a hard place. Scylla on the one hand, Charibdes on the other. HHH pedigreed Benjamin on the floor afterward and left him laying.

They aired footage from last week of Christy winning the Diva search balloting.

A new, and funny, Simon Dean promo aired. It was infomercial style, like the earlier one. In this one, Dean came off even more heelish, ranting against all the disgusting fat slobs he sees all the time.

Hurricane & Rosey defeated Rhyno & Tajiri in 3:57. Tajiri threw kicks at huge Rosey, but he shook them off. Rosey and Rhyno traded shoulderblocks. Hurricane kicked Rhyno and hit him with a crossbody off the top. Tajiri put Hurricane in the tarantula. Rhyno tried to gore Hurricane, but he hit the post when Hurricane sidestepped. Tajiri kicked Hurricane. Rosey scored the clean pin after a sideslam on Tajiri. A solid, short bout. Hurricane was keeping his heel turn under wraps this week.

They recapped the sad story of Lita's miscarriage. Todd Grisham was scheduled to interview Lita, but Kane reported that she's still in shock. So he did the interview instead. By the way, it wasn't at the arena, but was elsewhere. Kane said Lita barely speaks, won't eat, and was deeply hurt over losing the baby. He reported that the baby had been a boy. Kane said that no matter how Lita felt about him, she loved the baby and that was the one thing they had in common. He again was very sympathetic in saying that no words can describe the loss they suffered. Well, at least they're treating a tragedy as a tragedy, to some degree, though I still don't like seeing such a scenario on a wrestling show. Kane blamed Gene Snitsky for the death of his son. He said Snitsky's a dead man.

Smackdown Rebound aired.

Chris Benoit and William Regal were talking backstage. Benoit liked the interactive Taboo Tuesday concept, and vowed to regain the world title from HHH if the fans vote for him to get the shot. He'll need a little more of a hint-hint promo effort for that to happen. Eugene walked in with garden clippers, pretending to be Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. He was ready to chop Bischoff's hair, which seems to be the direction they're leading us for that match. Regal had to restrain the over-active Eugene from hurting someone, or himself, with those shears.

Snitsky did a promo. He very sarcastically said he was sorry that Lita miscarried, but then declared that it wasn't his fault. Jeez! Snitsky challenged Kane to confront him to his face next week on RAW.

Snitsky beat Val Venis in 2:30. Man, do they waste a talent like Venis or what? The crowd chanted "baby killer" at Snitsky, which is worse than "red rooster" on a variety of levels. Not that Snitsky is Terry Taylor, mind you. Other than a brief Venis rally, the green Snitsky just sort of stomped and clubbed Venis before pinning him after a powerslam.

JR reported that WrestleMania XXI sold out in less than one minute.

Hour two began with Ric Flair coming out for a promo. He got a mostly babyface reaction. Maybe if he gets babyface pops for another 20 years, some promoter will notice. JR mentioned that Flair won his very first world title in Kansas City. Flair got on the mic and said he had three issues he wanted to discuss, namely Randy Orton, the use of the word "great", and the use of the word "legend". He said Orton won the world belt and that qualifies him to be called "great". But he said he was sick of Orton being called a "legend killer", apparently forgetting that he (and HHH) had themselves been calling him that for months. He said Shawn Michaels is arguably the greatest in-ring performer ever, but is in no way a legend. That seemed kind of contradictory. He said Harley Race is a legend, but then claimed to have worn him out every time he came to Kansas City. That seemed contradictory to the claim that Orton isn't a legend killer. He said Bret Hart isn't a legend, but instead is just a guy sitting home looking at himself in a mirror. I suppose this comment was to build off the heat from Flair's book, but it seemed irrelevant since Bret wasn't one of the legends Orton has faced. He said Hulk Hogan isn't a legend since he just wants to make movies in Hollywood. When did Orton destroy him? And he added that Mick Foley is just a stuntman and not a legend. This built heat off Flair's book as well, and at least was relevant since Orton has claimed to have destroyed Foley. Okay, maybe this promo wasn't great up to this point, but it then became great as Flair declared himself to be a true legend. He cited his 16 (actually more) reigns as world champion and said no one can claim to be a legend killer until they beat the Nature Boy. Whoooo! Orton came down to the ring. He agreed with Flair, calling him a true legend. He said he idolized Flair growing up, and would often put on his dad's bathrobe and do the Flair strut, styling and profiling in imitation of the great Ric Flair. He said it was an honor to have been allied with Flair in Evolution, and credited Flair with helping him gain the skills to win the world belt from Benoit. Flair smiled, liking what he was hearing. Orton said Flair is indeed the man, but then added that that makes it all the more tragic that he's now just a lackey for HHH. He accused Flair of being nothing now but a lapdog and glorified cheerleader for The Game. He accused Flair of saying that HHH is the greatest wrestler alive today, while knowing full well that it isn't true. He told Flair that when HHH orders him around, he should stand up to him and say "I'm Ric Flair", and should refuse to obey. But Orton then added that Flair does obey, and thus will be remembered more for kissing HHH's ass than for his legendary exploits. Before leaving, Orton told him a true legend takes crap from nobody. Flair seemed to be taking all this to heart, as he made little effort to refute Orton and by the end of the segment had a somewhat sad look on his face, as if he recognized the truth of what Orton was telling him. This would have been a fantastic angle, but it later proved to be just a swerve.

Christian & Tyson Tomko defeated Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho in 10:30. They brawled on the floor before the bell. Heartbreak Kid dominated Christian until a cheap shot from Tomko turned the tide. Christian put the boots to HBK. Jericho came in and springboard dropkicked Tomko. HBK & Jericho lariated Tomko out to the floor and then hurled Christian out onto him. After a commercial break, the heels were in command. Jericho took a pounding and got dropped across the security rail. The crowd chanted "Y2J". Christian scored some twos on Jericho with standard moves, such as a backbreaker. Tyson came in, but Jericho caught him with an enzuigiri and made the hot tag. HBK did a babyface house cleaning. He pounded both foes until Christian got the drop on him. Christian went to give HBK the unprettier, but before he could execute it he was bulldogged and lionsaulted by Jericho. Since he wasn't the legal man, Jericho couldn't go for the pin on Christian, who was able to recover. HBK caught Tomko with the sweet chin music, but Christian came from nowhere and cradled HBK, using the ropes to score the pin. Tomko's still green, but it was a good match, and a good ending to build future matches.

Backstage, Batista told HHH he was sick of hearing Orton run his mouth for the past two years. He was also angry because Orton was constantly billed as the future of Evolution. Well, then, he should be angry at HHH since it was HHH who billed him as that. Batista said he's the future of Evolution. He asked HHH what was up with Flair (in reference to the look on Flair's face during the Orton confrontation), but HHH dismissed it as nothing to worry about. Batista promised to defeat Orton, thus denying him a spot on the fan ballot to choose HHH's PPV opponent.

Regal & Eugene came to the ring, where there were three guys waiting for them. Regal said he wanted to preview the possible stipulations for the Bischoff vs. Eugene match. The first guy was holding a food serving plate, like a butler might carry. Regal said one possible stip would be a match where the loser must be the winner's servant. The second guy was wearing a dress, since another possible stip would be for the loser to don feminine attire. Regal made a few lame jokes about the guy looking like an old girlfriend from back in Blackpool, England. The third guy was sitting in a chair, and Regal gave Eugene an electric shaver to cut the guy's hair. This is the stip they pushed the hardest, though not well since Eugene didn't do a very good job of cutting much hair off. This whole segment was dying, as the crowd didn't react to any of it, and justifiably so since it was lame beyond belief. Bischoff came out, and warned Eugene that he'd have his work cut out for him when they get in the ring. He then gave the haircut guy a karate kick, and he went down. There was literally no reaction whatsoever to the kick, which was designed to remind us that Bischoff has a black belt, not that it's ever stopped him from getting his ass kicked in numerous matches and confrontations before. This segment was awful.

Footage aired of Vince McMahon, HHH, Orton, Jonathan Coachman, Stacy Keibler, and others at the press conference in Milwaukee to hype Taboo Tuesday as WWE's first interactive PPV.

JR & Lawler hyped the WWE fantasy wrestling league.

Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and Gail Kim came out. Trish said they were there to initiate Christy as an official WWE Diva. Trish said a few insincere nice things about Christy, but also was peeved about Christy being voted in as a Diva without having to work for it. Christy came out and thanked the fans for voting for her, which she forgot to do last week. She promised to try hard and to make those who supported her proud. Trish suggested that Christy might have slept with a few people to have gotten as far as she did. Carmella then appeared on the TitanTron. She accused Christy of being the bitch who robbed her of $250,000. She said the balloting obviously wasn't based on beauty, talent, or personality, because otherwise she would have beaten Christy. She bragged about being Playmate of the Year and said the fans voted against her because they were bitter, knowing none of them would have a chance of scoring with a babe such as herself. Carmella said she'd like to see someone kick Christy's ass. At this point, Trish announced that it was time for Christy's first match, which would be a handicap bra & panties match in which Christy would face Trish & Molly & Gail, to start right now.....

Trish & Molly & Gail beat Christy in 0:25. The three established Divas simply jumped Christy and stripped her to her undies. That's all there was to it. Afterward, Christy acted modest about being in the ring with nothing on but her skimpy undies, but that was another swerve as she then paraded around to strut her stuff, bragging that she likes being out there in nothing but bra & panties. She did okay considering that this was her first real angle, but the angle itself was pretty lame.

Flair was backstage deep in thought. Batista wanted Flair to accompany him to the ring, but Flair said he answers to no one, including HHH. He said he'll go out to the ring when he's ready and not until then. Batista looked disturbed, and headed out alone.

Batista defeated Orton in a no-DQ match in 7:34. Orton quickly hit a Thesz press and pounded Batista. Batista came back with a spinebuster. Batista put the boots to Orton, who sold for Batista's greater strength. Orton came back with a dropkick. He had Batista reeling using his scientific arsenal. Orton hit a powerslam, but as he went for the pin HHH ran in and attacked him. As this was a no-DQ match, the ref could do nothing to stop this. Orton fought both guys off for a minute or so before being DDT'd by HHH. HHH retrieved a chair from ringside. Flair ran in and took the chair from HHH. Swerve time! Instead of turning babyface, Flair kicked Orton in the balls and hit him with the chair. HHH and Flair hugged. Batista powerbombed Orton and scored the pin, meaning Orton is out of the running for the title shot at HHH, though we can likely assume something will happen to put him back on the ballot in upcoming weeks. Just an average match, and disappointing for the Flair swerve, though we should be more than used to it by now. Flair gave Orton a low blow for good measure afterward. The show ended with HHH posing over the downed Orton with his title belt.

2004 - WWE Smackdown ran Joplin, Missouri with the following results:
-Eddie Guerrero pinned Luther Reigns with the Frog Splash
-Paul London fought Billy Kidman to a no contest when John Heidenreich came ringside, with him eventually attacking London while Kidman went backstage
-John Heidenreich pinned Hardcore Holly with a sidewalk slam in an impromptu match
-Mark Jindrak pinned Shannon Moore with a sambo suplex
-Chris Cage & Sho Funaki defeated Doug & Danny Basham when Funaki pinned Danny with a roll up
-WWE World Champion John Bradshaw Layfield pinned WWE US Champion Booker T by hitting him with the title belt after Booker fought off an interfering Orlando Jordan; earlier in the contest, JBL attempted to get himself counted-out until Smackdown! GM Teddy Long forced him back into the ring
-WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree defeated Rico & Charlie Haas when Dupree pinned Rico with a roll up after Suzuki threw powder into Rico's eyes as the challenger attempted a moonsault
-Nunzio defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley (w/ D-Von Dudley) via disqualification when D-Von interfered; after the bout, Johnny Stamboli made the save
-Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli defeated D-Von & WWE Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley in an impromptu match following the Sicilian Slice
-The Big Show pinned Kurt Angle with the chokeslam after fighting off an interfering Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak

2004 - WWE announced that Wrestlemania 21 in Los Angeles sold out "in less than a minute."

2005 - Cowboy Bob Orton wrestled his first WWE match in 18 years, losing to the Undertaker during a Smackdown taping.

2005 - Former WWF champion Ultimate Warrior responded publicly to WWE's recently released Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD. Warrior, who admitted that he hasn't seen the DVD yet (but has heard the trailer for it) tore the project apart in a statement posted on his official website.

Highlights of the statement made by Warrior include:

On WWE's Invitation to Appear on Byte This: "Of course, I do NOT accept this brainless, disgraceful invitation. F*** NO, I do not. You can rescue yourself, Vince. Do your own damage control. I've no ear for your begging anymore. Only if you were on fire would I help you -- it'd just be too hard to resist pissing on you. Open mic? Then let it truly be open. Let your audience have some fresh air. Flush the toliet (sic) bowl once. Let them hear something intelligent, decent and truthful for once. Give them, Vince, what they want -- just like you are always bragging the WWE does. Let them be proud for just a few moments that the energetic, intense and colorful Ultimate Warrior perosna (sic) they loved when they were little kids didn't become a self-pitying, disapportinting (sic), broken-down has-been like all the other brittle-minded skeletons traipsing around your locker rooms or now buried in forgotten about graves. Order the queer and the cripple who host the show to read what I have written here and here, and while they do that have them hold up mirrors looking at themselves so they can know exactly the kind of people in your organization I'm writing about. No apologies -- I don't discriminate for the handicapped who sign on to behave degenerately."

Note from Mike Johnson: Warrior was referring to Darren Drosdov in the above passage.

On Vince McMahon's Claims That He Couldn't Wait To Fire Warrior: "What I think you meant to say, Vince, was “hire,” not “fire”: “I couldn’t wait to hire hs (sic) ass.” I worked for the WWF on three separate occasions and you fired me only once and that was in ‘92 using David Boy and I as scapegoats in an attempt to throw the feds off your own scandal-brewing steroid trail. And every time I left, you’d track me down and come begging to bring me back. Never once did I call you or anybody else from the WWF to come back -- you ALWAYS came to me. Even one time sending Ed Cohen to hunt me down in the backwoods of NM at 4:30 am -- this was after you suspended me in ‘91. When you found me, you would always show up with two things. One, your stupid, superficial question “Don’t you miss the celebrity and limelight?” and, two, a goodie bag carrying a fat check to assuage your guilt and fault for letting me get out the door to begin with. You were a spoiled little kid even back then. You always had to learn the truth about me the hard way: “Damn, that guy really does do what he says he will do.”

On Vince McMahon's claim that Warrior held WWF up for money: " got that wrong, too. Of course, it’s a fantasy you’ve created, so that makes it true in your twisted mind. There was an issue about a Wrestlemania 7 payoff, but the strong-arming being done was by you and your conniving financial thug at the time, Doug Sages, not me. Instead of being straightforward with me about what the payoff was going to be, you kept dragging out avoiding any discussion about it while Sages unethically concocted a counterfeit loan to me, which I knew nothing about till much later, say, around Summerslam time. How coincidental. When I called you on it, you duplicitously scribbled down and rushed me a letter praising me for my contributions to the company, my one-of-a-kind work ethic, and that you were proud to have me not just as a talent but know me as a friend -- and, then, Surprise! you pulled a 180 on me and courageously suspended me after the ‘91 Summerslam match by handing me a tough, condescending letter. You expected me to drop to my knees right then and lick one of the three b**** you claimed you had, begging you to take me back, right there in that MSG locker room, right there in front of your adulterous b*** licker at the time, Mrs. Emily Feinburg, (so you could show her, I guess, how big a man you were), but I told you that Emily was the one good at it and you wouldn’t be seeing me for quite some time. I didn’t lie. I got my bags, went to AZ, moved to NM and left you ill with worry about where I was. “Where’s MY Warrior?’ you boohooed for months. It is a flat-out Wizard of OZ fantasy that I ever held you or WWF up for money."

Responding to Triple H's comment that Warrior was the most unprofessional wrestler Triple H was ever in the ring with: "I’m the most unprofessional person you’ve ever stepped into the ring with? Well, now, ain’t that pretty. Because what I remember, Mr. Stephanie McMahon, is that you were only in the ring with me one time -- and for less than 5 minutes. Here all these years since leaving the ring and becoming interested in mentoring young people, I often wonder what kind of impact I am having because I take it seriously and it is important to me do it effectively. Well, it sure sounds like I taught you very well in the 5 minutes you had in the ring with me. Because from what I hear you are the biggest unprofessional a**** the business has ever seen. You are welcome."

More On Triple H: "Yes, Paul, sorrily (sic), your whole career has been a mission to outdo Ultimate Warrior. But guess what little, puffy man? You failed. Oh, how you failed. I set an iconic standard none of you could reach. And you are bitter about it. So bitter. You all are. Indeed, it is this bitterness that you most have in common with your father-in-law. In fact, he recognized the depth of it in you and knew if something ever happened to him you would continue the mission to fulfill HIS vendetta. To secure it, he gave you his daughter. But he must be a little concerned, because it seems the only masculinity you can drum up is while you are hanging onto her booking skirt. You know, think about it. If I hadn’t been smitten with my own honey at the time and Vince would have been more sensible, he might have hired me to become his son-in-law. You know, the Original Ultimate Warrior, not a dismal imitation. On second thought, I had strong self confidence and Vince never felt sorry for me as he evidently does for you."

On Bobby Heenan: "it’s just too difficult to keep a straight face talking about the pure two-faced bag of sh** you are (and have always been), what, with you also actually wearing one as a piece of body jewelry. You are dying, dis-eased (sic) on the inside, and no more time is left to get back any of the integrity that matters the most on death’s bed. Imagine what it will be like, lying there taking in your last breaths, knowing you whored yourself out your whole life, and had to, in your final years, be faced with emptying your own personal sh** bag affirming to you the true value of what you achieved in your life. Not even Vince could come up with a better finish than this. Kharma (sic) is just a beautiful thing to behold."

On Jim Ross: "Everyone is asking the same question: “Just when did Jim Ross get to know Warrior so well to have these endless opinions about him that he does?” All anyone can think of, largely because it is so apparent across the board throughout the entire DVD, is that, again, envy alone provides you (and everyone else for that matter) with the enlightenment and answers. You are obviously jealous of both the fact that I never let Vince have his way with me as he has with you and everyone else and, also, that you never had the chance to bend me over either since becoming the Mother Hen over the talent around about ‘96 when I was last there."

On Plans to Respond to the WWE's DVD Legally: "Of course, about whether or not there is any legitimate slander, I will hold off and legally find out. But it really is a great cultural illustration of how deviantly dumbed down mentoring and masculinity have become. And, interestingly enough, engaging these serious ideas is what propels me in the career interests I have today."

On WWE's Current Stars Ridiculing him on the DVD: "I am always conscious of giving you young guys a break whenever I express criticisms about the storylines and creative direction in the business. I figure you are dumb and naive and still figuring out your philosophy of life, so I am not as hard on you for your youthful behaviors. Maybe one day you'll come around. Maybe not and you’ll just turn out like all the other grown men who are letting you down. We will all see. But you’ll want to keep in mind, that I stand up and defend ny integrity in person just as seriously as I do when I write about it. It’s not a work. And it’d be to your misfortune if I was traveling through some airport in this country one day and happened to see you standing there surrounded by little sexpot groupies and adoring fans, and I just took it upon myself to approach you, not to pick a fight but to ask you to explain your ridicule of me, and suddenly you couldn’t speak and started to go to the bathroom all over yourself. Let me tell you from my own life experiences, there’s nothing so intimidating and embarrassing as another human being who can kick your ass with their mind. Take it from a guy who made quiet a success out of throwing his muscle around, and learned this lesson the hard way."

"Because, you see, I am sorta old-fashioned about many things. One of those things is that a person should never be afraid to defend their integrity, especially when they have it. I do. And another thing is that young people should have both manners and respect for their elders, especially when they are deserving of it. I am. So, when you disrespect me, you leave me with no other choice, being the grown, adult man I am, but to embarrass you like a childish fool if I was to cross paths with you. And if you thought Ultimate Warrior as a physical thing was so intense it made you an awe-struck, speechless kid, you’re not going to be any less awe-struck and speechless when I give you a piece of my mind with the same kind of intensity."

2005 - Texas Monthly featured an article titled "The Last Von Erich" featuring an in depth interview with Kevin Von Erich, along with comments from Gary Hart and Kevin's mother Doris Von Erich.

The chilling piece is one of the most honest portrayals of date of the rise and fall of World Class Championship Wrestling and the Von Erich dynasty in the mainstream media, looking into the success of the Dallas-based promotion and the issues and tragedies that came hand in hand with it's famous first family.

The deaths of all of the Von Erich brothers are discussed in shocking detail by Von Erich. While mentioning the passing of David Von Erich, the "official cause of death" floated by the family is noted, but so are the well known stories of drugs and alcohol being found in David's hotel room in Japan, so the author actually did some homework before penning the piece. When the David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions (where Kerry defeated Ric Flair for the NWA World title) is brought up, Kevin commented, “Kerry and I did not want to get in the ring. We were mourning David’s death. But it was a family business, and Dad was the business manager.”

In a chilling note, it was mentioned that when Mike Von Erich committed suicide with an overdose of pills, he left a note that Chris Von Erich inherit his scuba gear. In one of the swim fins, the article notes, a bag of Placidyl had been left for Chris "to take when he was ready to get out."

Kevin also recounts finding Chris after he had shot himself, stating, "I thought, ‘Oh, man, he’s taken a bunch of pills or something.’ So I put my hand behind him to lift him up and said, ‘Come on, Chris. Stand up, walk around.’ My thumb went into his head. You could’ve put a coffee cup in that hole. There was no doubt—”

Kerry Von Erich's health issues, including the loss of his foot are discussed with Gary Hart explaining that he tried in vain to have Fritz Von Erich announce that Kerry had his foot amputated after a motorcycle wreck. Hart explained, "We’ve got to come totally clean. The only credibility we have is to make Kerry an icon, someone who’s doing something that’s never been done before. Have him stand up and say, “Hey. I f—ed up. But I’ve paid the toll and I’m going to overcome it. I see little kids in wheelchairs and blind people that learn to travel with dogs, and I’m gonna do it too.” That will soften the hearts of the people who have backed away and make them give us one more chance." Hart claimed that Fritz felt it would show weakness for Kerry and the promotion and with WWF's constant growth into the Texas market, it couldn't be done.

When discussing Kerry's drug problems, Kevin said, "Kerry wasn’t addicted to any one drug. He liked drugs. It wasn’t that he liked coke or ice or meth. He just liked that life of parties and drugs.”

When discussing his brother's deaths and the article notes that a family friend believed pain pill addictions helped cause the problems, Kevin commented that pain pills are like fish hooks in that, "They look harmless, but they have little barbs, and it’s easy to get hooked.”

Kevin also noted that he doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him or his family, “I wouldn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. What am I doing today? I watch Ross play football; my kids call and tell me they love me; my investments do well. I have a good life, and I’m planning on having a lot more. When people say, ‘How do you do it?’ the answer is pretty simple, really. If you don’t have any choice, then it’s easy to deal with. What else are you going to do? Just drop dead and sink into the ground like rain?”

Other highlights of the interview include the revelation that when Fritz Von Erich passed away, he left a $3.5 inheritance to Kevin but nothing to Kerry Von Erich's daughters or ex-wife. Kevin also noted that he's been in discussions to sell the World Class Championship Wrestling library and that his son Ross wrestling for WWE one day has also been discussed. There is also a story claiming that Vince McMahon approached Fritz Von Erich in 1984 looking to merge the WWF and World Class but a deal couldn't be reached, in the article. McMahon did not respond for comment when contacted by the magazine.

2006 - Kid Kash, who had been working as one half of the Pitbulls with Jamie Noble, was released by WWE.

2006 - Wrestling Society X began booking talents and signing them to contracts for a first season that would be taped in October 2006.

2007 - Hulk Hogan became the frontrunner to host the returning American Gladiators series on NBC, which the network was looking into reviving due to an expected writer's strike.  Hogan would eventually host two seasons of the show.

2007 - WWE Diva Ashley was the second person voted off of CBS' Survivor show. Massaro butted heads with the guy they chose to be the leader of her tribe, Dave. In a very wrestling-like moment, two of the women on her tribe put her over and gave Dave a ton of static, only to then turn on her and vote her out. She got all of the votes for banishment except her own, which went to Dave.

2007 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Dr. Phil Astin, Chris Benoit's doctor at the time of the Benoit murder/suicide, was expected to file for bankruptcy protection.  Astin was interviewed by the newspaper, commenting, "That's all I can do now.  I don't have any funds. [The case] has disrupted every aspect of my life."   Astin had been confined to his home since being arrested for allegedly illegally dispensing medication in the wake of the Chris Benoit tragedy.  Being unable to work, Astin had liens filed against several of his properties, including his home.  The AJ-C reported that Astin had hoped to pay for his defense by selling several parcels of property, but tax liens filed by the federal government prevented that move.  Astin would later go through with the bankruptcy and was later sentenced to prison for inappropriately dispending medication to a number of patients.

2007 - TNA aired their final one hour episode of Impact on SpikeTV.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

It is a special night for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling since it is the final one hour episode of the show before their debut as a regular two hour show. We still have a few weeks until Bound for Glory but there are a number of things that need to be resolved. What will happen as a result of the attack by Judas Mesias against Sting at the end of the show? Did Kurt Angle have anything to do with it? What will happen when five of the women in the Gauntlet Match to determine the first TNA Women's Champion meet in the ring? Will Team 3D continue to run roughshod through the tag team division as they seek a title match? What is next for Karen Angle as she has been served with a restraining order that requires her to be fifty feet from Sting until Bound for Glory? Which of the women in the company will be the final one to enter the Gauntlet Match to determine the first TNA Women’s Champion?
We start off tonight's show with a look back at Karen Angle's issues with Sting but Sting gets revenge by getting a restraining order to keep Karen away until the pay per view. We see highlights from Christian's match against Junior Fatu with Joe helping Fatu after a three-on-one attack. We then go to footage from the end of the show when Judas Mesias attacked Sting and choked him.

Jeremy Borash is walking with Judas Mesias and James Mitchell in the back. Mitchell says that he has heard that Sting is in the Impact Zone and he has heard that Sting wants their blood. Mitchell says that for every drop of blood that Sting extracts, they will extract a gallon from him and it will spray like a sprinkler. He tells Sting that if he wants a war, he has a war. It will be in the darkness, but they will do it on their terms. Right on the other side of the door. They will be waiting for Sting, if he dares.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike Tenay and Don West

Match Number One: Team 3D versus Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt
Devon and Shark Boy start things off and Devon with a kick to Shark Boy in the midsection followed by a forearm. Devon with a punch to Shark Boy's fin. Devon with an uppercut. Shark Boy avoids a clothesline and elbow from Devon and he responds with a bite to Devon's rear end. Ray gets a good laugh at what Shark Boy did to Devon and Shark Boy decides to try a little Team 3D white meat with a bite of Ray's rear end on the apron. Devon laughs at Ray while Ray says a few things that are bleeped out. Shark Boy with a kick to Devon and then Ray gets in the ring and he yells at Devon. Devon and Ray argue in the center of the ring while Shark Boy goes up top and hits a missile drop kick and gets a two count on Devon. Shark Boy with an enzuigiri to Ray and Ray does the Flair Flop. Dutt tags in and Sonjay offers his hand to Ray. Ray shakes his hand and then Dutt kisses Ray's hand. Ray likes what Dutt did but Devon yells at Ray. Ray tells Devon that it reminded him of prison and he returns the favor to Dutt and follows that with a clothesline. Dutt picks Sonjay up and hugs Dutt and backs him into the corner where Ray chops Dutt. Ray with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner and Dutt with a kick to Ray followed by a slingshot leg drop and springboard seated senton to Ray. Dutt with a drop kick to Devon's legs and then Shark Boy comes in and hits Devon in the head with the tambourine. Dutt and Shark Boy with a double suplex to Ray and then they set up for the Wassup head butt from Shark Boy. Sonjay tells Shark Boy to get the tables but they turn into a double clothesline from Devon. Shark Boy receives a 3D for the three count.
Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Devon gets a few chairs from ringside and bring them in as they prepare to do to Shark Boy what they did to Scott Steiner's throat. Dutt pulls Shark Boy out of the ring to save him from the attack. Ray throws a chair at Dutt and Shark Boy as they head up the Ramp of Facial Impact.

Jeremy Borash is in the interview area and he says that the fans will get to choose if there will be a rematch clause in the contract for the TNA Title Match between Kurt Angle and Sting at Bound for Glory. Jeremy is joined by the Voodoo Kin Mafia and Kip and BG are not in a good mood. BG says that they are not here to answer questions and they have a statement to make. BG says that him and Kip are sick and tired of taking a back seat to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happen to stroll through TNA. He says that because you can do a back flip does not mean that you are a professional wrestler. He says that he takes dumps bigger than some of the guys in the locker room. He directs his angers from the boys to the fans. He tells the wrestling fans around the world "screw you" while he shows that they are number one despite being slightly blurred.

He asks the fans if they think him and Kip need them. He says that they did not need the fans when they were on top of the world and they don't need them now. BG says that there is a reason why fans are called "Marks" and it is because they think they know something but they really don'tHe points out that the fans are the ones who stand on the other side of the curtain. BG also says that applies to half of the upper echelon of TNA. He tells the "marks" that they don't know what the Voodoo Kin Mafia is capable of. Kip says that he likes that BG is finally pissed off. He says that they are superstars while the others are not. All of the fun and games are over. One thing is for sure, he tells everyone to kiss his a**. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is now in the rafters of the Impact Zone still looking for Sting to get a response to Judas Mesias and Jim Mitchell's challenge.

Match Number Two: Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt with Christy Hemme versus the Motor City Machine Guns of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley
Shelley and Rave start things off and Shelley and Rave both work on the arm with Shelley hitting an arm drag and jumping back kick. Shelley with a running clothesline into the corner followed by a bulldog. Sabin is tagged in and Shelley and Sabin hit a double hip toss followed by a double fist drop and stereo kicks to Rave. Sabin gets a two count. Sabin with jabs to Rave and then he chops Rave to the mat. Sabin sends Rave's head into Shelley's feet. Shelley tags back in and he hits a double sledge on Rave. Shelley with forearms and chops to Rave. Shelley comes off the ropes but he is stopped by a knee from Hoyt on the apron and then Rave with a running knee to the midsection. Rave with a running Yakuza kick to Shelley for a two count. Hoyt is tagged in and he gets Shelley up for a wheelbarrow slam into Rave's boots. Hoyt with a kick to Shelley's back followed by a reverse chin lock. Shelley gets to his feet and he runs into a back elbow from Hoyt who gets a near fall. Hoyt with a kick to Shelley'¢s back followed by a punch. Hoyt knocks Sabin off the apron and then he tags in Rave. Hoyt Irish whips Rave into the corner but Shelley avoids the charge and sends Rave into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Shelley sends Hoyt into Rave and then Shelley trips Hoyt and follows that with a DDT that sends Rave into Hoyt's groinal area. Sabin is tagged in and he hits a springboard drop kick to Hoyt's knee followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Sabin hits a running butt splash into the corner on Rave. Sabin hits a springboard clothesline for a two count on Rave. Sabin with a spinning back kick and he tries for a Saito suplex, but Rave stops Sabin with an elbow. Rave is sent into the corner and Shelley with a kick to the back. Sabin with a fisherman's suplex for a two count. Shelley hits a frog splash but Hoyt breaks up the cover by Sabin. Hoyt with a flapjack to Sabin and then Rave hits a tilt-a-whirl into a Fujiwara arm bar. Shelley gets Rave to release the hold but Rave hits a Pedigree on Shelley right on top of Sabin. Rave with an STF on Sabin using a fish hook while getting Shelley in a crossface. Shelley gets Rave to release the hold but Rave sends Shelley out of the ring. Sabin is sent into the corner and Hoyt Irish whips Rave at Sabin but Sabin moves out of the way and Rave goes over the top rope to the floor. Christy holds Shelley's leg but Sabin is able to hit a spinning back heel kick while Shelley gets free. Shelley with a super kick to Hoyt and then Sabin and Shelley hit kicks to Hoyt' head and Sabin gets the three count.
Winners: Motor City Machine Guns of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

After the match, Sabin and Shelley celebrate in the ring while Hoyt yells at Hemme. The celebration for Sabin and Shelley is interrupted by Team 3D who attack Shelley and Sabin from behind. Devon with an inverted suplex to Sabin while Ray hits a piledriver on Shelley. They have the chairs in the ring and Devon goes for the table while we go to commercial.

We are back and Team 3D are still working over Shelley and Sabin and the table is now in the ring. Devon puts Sabin on the table and punches him. Shark Boy comes to the ring to help Shelley and Sabin but Ray hits Shark Boy before he can get into the ring. Ray chops Sabin on the table and then Ray gets on the turnbuckles. Ray his a power bomb of Shelley onto Sabin and they go through the table. Devon and Ray turn their attention to Shark Boy and Devon takes off Shark Boy's neck brace and they set up the chair on Shark Boy's throat and Devon hits the chair.

Jeremy Borash is in the back and he is still looking for Sting. Borash says that he is still waiting for an answer from Sting.

Don and Mike are at ringside and Mike reminds us that Impact expands to two hours next week. Don also mentions that Leticia is in the latest issue of Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door. Mike talks about Bound for Glory in Atlanta.

Match Number Three: Traci Brooks with Robert Roode versus Jackie Moore with James Storm versus Christy Hemme with Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave versus Roxxi Laveaux with the Voodoo Kin Mafia versus Gail Kim with Chris Harris for the Final Entry Number in the Gauntlet Match at Bound for Glory for the TNA Women' Title
The match starts off with Traci and Jackie going after Gail. Gail avoids a double clothesline and hits a double drop kick on Traci and Jackie. Gail with a head scissors and side head lock take down on Traci and Jackie. Roode yells at Traci while Roxxi backs Christy towards the center of the ring. Christy turns around into a spear from Gail. Gail with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Roxxi followed by a flying clothesline and chops. Roxxi hits a spinebuster for a two count. Christy with an inverted DDT to Roxxi and then she goes to the second turnbuckle but she misses a split leg drop on Roxxi. Traci with a running boot to Christy. Jackie with a German suplex to Traci. Gail hits a missile drop kick on Jackie for a two count. Gail hits a tornado DDT on Jackie Moore and while she went around, Gail kicked Christy who was perched on the turnbuckles. Jackie tosses Gail to the mat. Jackie punches Christy on the turnbuckles and then she goes up for a superplex but she is stopped by Gail who joins in to help superplex Christy. Roxxi and Traci go under Gail and Jackie and hit power bombs on Gail and Jackie while they superplex Christy in a Tower of Doom move. Traci and Roxxi exchange chops but Traci with a kick followed by a knee to the face. Roxxi picks up Traci and throws her over the top rope to the floor and Traci hits the apron. Roode and Harris argue on the floor and Harris pushes Roode. Roode pushes Harris into Storm and Storm drops his beer. Harris and Storm exchange punches and it is time for a CATFIGHT as Hoyt and Rave join in.

We return to the action in the ring and Jackie with punches to Roxxi. Jackie avoids a clothesline and hits an enzuigiri. Gail with a chop to Jackie followed by an Irish whip. Jackie misses a charge into the corner when Gail moves. Gail hits a rana from the second turnbuckle on Roxxi. Kip James comes into the ring and Gail slaps him in the face. BG gets on the apron and he distracts the referee long enough to allow Kip to leave the ring. Roxxi with a kick and she hits the Dominator on Gail for the three count.
Winner: Roxxi Laveaux

We go to commercial.

We are back with a commercial for Bound for Glory that focuses on the returns of the participants in the TNA Heavyweight Title Match to Atlanta.

We go to a video package for the match between Samoa Joe and Christian Cage at Bound for Glory looking at what has developed between the two men and the involvement of Tomko, A.J. Styles, and Junior Fatu.

We go to a video package for Judas Mesias. It shows the carnage that he has already wrought on his victims in TNA.

We go outside where James Mitchell is with Judas Mesias. Jeremy Borash asks them about their search for Sting. Before Mitchell can answer Borash, he is knocked aside and Mesias goes down. Sting hits Mesias with a trash can and then he chokes Mesias and sends him into a wall and door. Mesias punches Sting and Mesias hits Sting with a chair. While the brawl continues, we go to commercial.

We are back and they continue to brawl outside the Impact Zone. Sting is in control and he hits Mesias with another trash can. Sting brings Mesias into the Impact Zone. Sting has a chair and he hits Mesias with it. Sting grabs a fire extinguisher and he uses it on Mesias. Mesias rolls into the ringside area. Mesias gets into the ring and Sting follows him into the ring. Sting puts Mesias in the Scorpion Death Lock.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and he attacks Sting, getting Mesias out of the hold. Karen Angle comes out of the Chute of Heelish Impact to watch what Kurt is doing to Sting. Mesias helps Angle in his attack on Sting. Angle punches and kicks Sting. Rhino comes out to help Sting and he punches Angle and Mesias. Angle takes Rhino down and that allows Mesias to join in. Abyss' music plays and he comes to the ring. Abyss punches Angle and then he goes after Mesias. Angle rolls out of the ring. Abyss presses Mesias into the air and then he clotheslines Mesias over the top rope to the floor. We go to credits.

2008 - completed the Ric Flair shoot interview, the first extensive interview of the sort Flair ever took part in.

2008 - TNA ran in Miami, Florida.  Eric Lauzlin filed the following report:

1) Consequences Creed pinned Petey Williams.
2) Taylor Wilde pinned Awesome Kong. Traci Brooks was the special referee.
3) A.J. Styles pinned Sheik Bashir (The X-Division Title was not on the line).
4) Christian Cage pinned Cute Kip.  Line of the night, someone yells at Hebner "You Screwed Bret" and Kip yells "Wrong show, dumbass",
During intermission from what I could see in my seats it looked like Creed & Taylor Wilde were having a breakdancing contest.
5) Beer Money defeat the Motor City Machine Guns.  James Storm rips the Florida crowd by saying the Hurricanes & Gators lost today, the joke here was that he said "We're winners. I'm from Tennessee (they lost earlier in the day) & Roode is from Wall St. (no need to explain that joke)."
6) Samoa Joe defeats Booker T by submission.  Before the match Booker gets on the mic and says "Let it be known that I don't care for Internet smart marks, at which point he turns to a section in the crowd and says "I'm talking to you muthas right there, now sit your ass down" and "I don't like none of you sons of bitches in here".

2008 - WWE's Raw brand ran Paris, France with the following results:
-Jim Duggan defeated Charlie Haas
-Manu defeated D-Lo Brown
-WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr. defeated Cryme Tyme
-Jamie Noble defeated William Regal
-Mickie James & Candice Michelle defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix & Katie Lea
-WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella defeated Kofi Kingston
-Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kane in a No DQ match
-Shawn Michaels & CM Punk defeated World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho & Lance Cade

2008 - WWE's Smackdown & ECW brands ran Munich, Germany with the following results:
-Jeff Hardy pinned The Brian Kendrick with the Swanton
-WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool & Maria defeated Maryse & Natalya Neidhart
-Festus defeated Jack Swagger
-WWE US Champion Shelton Benjamin defeated MVP, R Truth, and Jimmy Wang Yang
-Finlay & Hornswoggle defeated Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder
-ECW World Champion Matt Hardy pinned Mark Henry in a No DQ match with the Twist of Fate
-The Undertaker defeated the Big Show via submission with the leglock choke
-WWE World Champion Triple H pinned Vladimir Kozlov with the Pedigree

2009 - Dwayne Johnson made an in-ring appearance at a WXW promoted by Afa in Mineola, Florida. Johnson was in attendance to support Sarona Snuka (the daughter of Jimmy Snuka), who wrestled her first match that night.  Johnson came to the ring with her and made a short speech about how he came to support his family and the company.   Johnson lives in the Miami area, so it was a case of him being available to attend so he and his family visited at the show.  Snuka would eventually sign with WWE and is currently on the main roster as Tamina.

2010 - WWE officially retired their "World Tag Team Championship" following a unification of the WWE and World Tag Team belts.  The "World" belts were formerly the WWE, WWF, and WWWF Tag straps dating back decades.

2010 - WWE's Jillian Hall was effectively retired as a wrestler by the company, with the plan being that she would move into a training role in WWE developmental.  In the end, Hall departed the company.

2010 - Model and actress Lauren Jones, who was briefly under WWE contract with a few scant appearances before departing several years ago, wrote on her twitter account today that she was meeting "with talent development & Johny Ace 2 see what MIGHT b next..!"   She did not return in any form to the company.

2010 - Chris Jericho closed out his second run in WWE as part of a taped edition of Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with the Miz telling us that he did not tap out at Night of Champions and Daniel Bryan did not beat him. However, on Raw, Miz beat up Daniel Bryan thanks to his new manservant Alex Riley holding Bryan so he could not fight back.

We are live on tape from Indianapolis, Indiana and your announcers are Michael ‘Even on tape, I am the same’ Cole and Jerry ‘Is Smackdown moving to another network’ Lawler.

Miz comes out and he is accompanied by his boy wonder, Alex Riley. Miz says that Daniel Bryan has challenged him and Alex Riley to a tag team match tonight. Miz asks Daniel if he learned his lesson last week. He thought Daniel was the smart one. Bryan is the person who wins the lottery and then thinks he will win every time he plays. Miz says that it is Monday night and every Monday night, Daniel Bryan gets embarrassed by the Miz. On tonight’s episode, he brings a tag team partner with him. Miz says that He is the Miz . . . but he is interrupted by Daniel Bryan’s music.

Miz wants to know who Daniel’s tag team partner is. Miz tries to tell us how awesome he is a second time but he is interrupted by Daniel’s tag team partner.

Match Number One: The Miz and Alex Riley versus Daniel Bryan and John Morrison

Bryan goes after Miz on the apron and then he kicks Riley a few times. Bryan with a clothesline and then he goes for Miz again but Miz goes to the floor. Bryan with a kick to the chest and a near fall. Morrison tags in and Riley kicks and punches him. Morrison with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Morrison sends Riley into the turnbuckles. Morrison with a kick but Riley with a hot shot to Morrison. Riley sends Morrison into the turnbuckles and then he tags in Miz. Miz kicks Morrison and chokes him in the corner. Riley chokes Morrison while Miz talks to the referee. Miz slingshots Morrison into the bottom rope and then he connects with a knee and he tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Morrison counters with a lateral press for a near fall.

Miz with kicks to Morrison and Riley is tagged back in. Riley sends Morrison into the turnbuckles and he kicks Morrison. Riley with a sit out Michinoku Driver for a near fall and then he knocks Bryan off the apron. Riley kicks Morrison and Miz tags back in. Miz stares at Bryan and then he hits the Miz Clothesline into the corner and gets a near fall. Miz with a knee to the back and then he puts Morrison in a surfboard. Morrison with a snap mare and then he tries to tag in Bryan but Miz holds Morrison off. Morrison tries again but Miz grabs the leg. Morrison with a drop kick and Bryan is tagged in.

Bryan with a drop kick to Riley followed by a kick to Miz. Bryan with a German suplex followed by a running drop kick into the corner but he can only get a two count. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock but Miz stays on his feet. Miz sends Bryan into Morrison and then Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale as Bryan staggers back into the center of the ring after the collision to get the three count.

Winners: Miz and Alex Riley

After the match, Miz kicks Bryan in the ribs and Morrison makes the save. Morrison takes Miz to the floor and then Bryan with a suicide dive onto Morrison and Miz. Bryan attacks Miz and Morrison goes after Bryan. Bryan fights Morrison and sends him into the announcer cubicle. Morrison with a flying clothesline to Miz and Bryan and then . . .

Michael Cole’s pen pal emerges and he has decided that on Sunday at Hell in a Cell, Daniel Bryan will defend the United States Title for the first time. It will be against John Morrison and the Miz. It will be in a match that he just invented. It will be a Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match.

Divas are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and before our Divas Battle Royal starts, the Divas Champions Michelle McCool and Layla come to the ring and join Cole and Lawler.

Match Number Two: Divas Battle Royal for the Number One Contender Spot

Tamina tries to eliminate Natalya but Melina makes the save. Gail and Eve go after Alicia. Tamina gets Melina up and she is eliminated. Tamina is sent to the apron but Maryse sends Gail to the apron as well. Gail returns to the ring and she goes after Maryse. Tamina kicks Gail but Gail tries for a rana but Tamina holds on and drops Gail on the top rope and eliminates her. Eve and Tamina battle while Maryse is close to being eliminated. Tamina is eliminated by Eve. Tamina tries to eliminate Eve but Maryse pulls her in and the referee pulls Tamina away.

The Bellas send Jillian into Alicia and then they send them to the apron. The Bellas try for a double baseball slide and go to the floor to eliminate themselves. Maryse is eliminated by Eve. Alicia kicks Eve to the apron and the floor. We are down to Alicia, Natalya, and Jillian. They hit a double suplex on Natalya. Natalya holds on to the ropes and she stays on the apron. Jillian kicks Alicia but Alicia eliminates her. Alicia kicks Natalya on the apron but Alicia cannot eliminate her. Natalya with a back body drop to eliminate Alicia.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, Michelle and Layla act afraid of Natalya in the ring.

We see all of the media that John Cena did for Legendary.

Tonight, the Cutting Edge will have a special guest, the computer that the General Messenger uses.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Last week’s mixed tag match and the message on the TitanTron for Ted DiBiase or Maryse.

Maryse is in the back and she talk about how Eve cost her the battle royal. Ted blames Maryse for the loss last week. Maryse and Ted argue and there is a knock on the door. Ted opens the door and nobody is there, but there is a note on the floor. Maryse open the envelope and she read it in French. Ted tells her to read it in English. Next week, you will be mine. Maryse leave in anger.

Sheamus comes to the ring and he has something to say fella. Sheamus say that there is a tale you might have heard called the Fiery Red Hand of Ireland. It is about two people who sought the crown of Ireland. The first to touch the crown won the race. The younger of the princes knew that he would lose so he cut off his hand and hurled the hand and he won the kingdom of Ireland. Sheamus says that he is willing to cut off his own hand to win back the WWE Title. Sheamus tells Orton that he has underestimated him so he better check with Triple H because he ended Hunter’s career with his bare hand. He tells Orton that he will have the time of his life fella. Sheamus makes a challenge to anyone. He says that he will prove why he is a future three time WWE Champion, and he will show why he is the fiery red hand of the WWE.

We go to commercial.

We are back and nobody has come out to challenge Sheamus. He says that there is no one to challenge him.

Maybe someone needed to translate the challenge because the Great Khali and he is joined by Runjin Singh.

While Khali comes to the ring, Cole and Lawler mention Mick Foley’s new book.

Match Number Three: Great Khali versus Sheamus

Sheamus pushes Khali and screams. Khali backs Sheamus into the corner and chops him. Sheamus takes Khali to the mat and he punches and kicks him. Sheamus with a kick to the head and Khali goes to the floor. Sheamus attacks and punches Khali on the floor and he follows that with kicks. Sheamus takes the cover off the announce table and he hits Khali with it. Sheamus grabs Cole’s chair and throws it at Khali and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Great Khali by disqualification

Sheamus throws another chair at Khali. Khali misses a chop and hits the ring post. Sheamus with a pump kick to Khali and then he hits a running boot to the head.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that a lot of people are probably going to participate in the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.

It is time for the Cutting Edge and your host Edge makes his way to the ring and his guest is already in the ring waiting for Edge.

Edge says that we have a first tonight. His guest is the anonymous Raw General Manager. Edge says that despite their acrimonious relationship, he appreciates that the computer is here. Edge wants to know why is he such a spineless coward. The computer asks Edge why is he such a moron. He remains anonymous to protect his identity. If people knew it would change everything. Edge says the voice was horrible. He says that maybe the general manager was Steve Austin, the Rock, or Shawn Michaels. He suggests that maybe it is Lindsay Lohan after a bender because of the decisions he has made. The computer asks why he has to hate. He tried to make peace with him but Edge wants a confrontation. Edge wonders why he is arguing with a computer. Edge says that we have gone from Steve Austin giving Vince McMahon a stunner to. Edge says that he will ask Jericho. The General Manager says that Jericho is bluffing. He tells Edge that he knows his opponent. Edge says that he doesn’t have an opponent and he is sick of talking to an overgrown speak and spell. Edge has a match with John Cena.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Edge versus John Cena

We see Nexus watching from the locker room before Cena connects with a side head lock take down. Edge backs Cena into the corner and Edge with a punch. Edge kicks Cena in the corner and the referee has to pull him out. Cena with a drop toe hold but Edge sends Cena to the floor when Cena tries for the STF. Edge with a baseball slide to Cena. Edge Irish whips Cena into the ring steps and Edge stops the referee’s count by returning to the ring. Edge returns to the ring and gets a near fall. Edge blocks the Attitude Adjustment with an Edge-o-Matic and gets a near fall.

Edge punches Cena and the referee warns him again. Edge with a punch to the head but Cena punches back. Cena with two flying shoulder tackles, but Edge sees the second one coming and avoids it. Edge gets a near fall. Edge punches Cena in the corner followed by a hard Irish whip. Edge tries for a suplex and Cena blocks it. Cena with a suplex of his own. Cena gets Edge up for the Attitude Adjustment but Edge blocks it and hits the Impaler DDT but Cena kicks out. Edge kicks Cena and he gets to his feet. Cena punches Edge and kicks him.

Cena with a leap frog neck breaker. Cena puts Edge on the top turnbuckles and sets for a super Attitude Adjustment but Edge gets to the mat and regains control. Cena with an Irish whip and Cena misses a charge. Edge with a spear for the three count, but Cena’s foot is under the rope.

Winner: Edge

After the match, the General Messenger says that Edge needs to play by the rules. John Cena’s foot was under the ropes. We go to the video tape. The match continues.

Edge punches Cena before the referee restarts the match. Edge tries for a spear but Cena with a drop toe hold and he puts Edge in the STF. Cena pulls Edge into the center of the ring and Edge taps.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena leaves the ring. Edge looks at the computer and he goes to the floor. The computer says that Edge lost fair and square. It tells Edge not to look at him like that. It tells Edge to walk away. Edge snarls at the computer as he gets closer. It says that Edge has the crazy eyes. Edge knocks over the computer. The computer tells Cole to stop him. Edge shows that he doesn’t have good computer repair skills as he breaks it and drops an elbow on it after hitting the computer with a chair. Edge rams the computer into his head and he almost bleeds.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at the way that Edge deals with computer problems. He uses a chair.

Match Number Five: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater with the rest of Nexus versus Mark Henry and Evan Bourne

Bourne and Slater start things off and they lock up. Slater with a knee and he sends Bourne into the turnbuckles. Gabriel tags in and he connects with a forearm and he gets a near fall. Gabriel tags Slater in and Gabriel with a slam followed by a knee drop from Slater for a near fall. Slater with a kick to the back and then he puts Bourne in a rear chin lock. Bourne with a kick to Slater’s leg. Slater with a punch. He misses a forearm into the corner and Bourne with a knee and he struggles to make the tag. Gabriel and Henry tag in. Henry with a clothesline and head butt followed by a punch. Henry sends Gabriel into the corner and then he hits Slater with a shoulder tackle. Henry presses Gabriel and then he tags in Bourne. Bourne goes up top but Slater hits Henry and Gabriel knocks Bourne off the turnbuckles. Gabriel goes up top but he misses the 450 but he does catch Bourne but it is not enough to stop Bourne from going up top for the Shooting Star Press and Bourne shows how it is done. Slater pushes Bourne over and Gabriel gets the three count.

Winners: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

After the match, they send Henry into the ring steps. Otunga hits the world’s most dangerous short arm clothesline on Bourne. Tarver gets ready for his attack and he connects with a punch to Bourne. Slater hits Sweetness on Bourne. Barrett gets Bourne up for Wasteland and hits it. Barrett tells Gabriel to go up top and hit the 450 Splash.

Barrett says that from the very beginning, you are either Nexus or Against Us. After Hell in a Cell, John Cena will no longer be against them. Barrett says that they don’t need him. John Cena will serve a purpose for them. He will take them to the upper echelon and he will help them demoralize the whole WWE. Barrett says that they are going take a little trip to show John that they aren’t that bad.

David Otunga says that on Friday they are going to invade Smackdown. Otunga says that they are giving them a fair warning and they are warned.

Michael Tarver says that the bad news is that they are the bad news. He says that no one can stop them.

We go to the back and we see Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre walking. Cody stops at a mirror to make sure that he is truly dashing. We go to commercial.

We are back and Johnny Knoxville will be back next week.

We see highlights from the tag match involving the two teams we are going to see next.

Match Number Six: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Number One Contender Natalya versus Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes for the WWE Tag Titles

Kidd and Rhodes start things off and they lock up in a Greco Roman knuckle lock. Rhodes with punches to Kidd. Kidd gets sent to the apron but Kidd with a shoulder and then he gets a rollup for a near fall. Rhodes with a springboard spin kick and he tags in McIntyre. They send Kidd into the turnbuckles and Drew kicks Kidd in the head. Rhodes tags in and he kicks Kidd and McIntyre with a forearm. Drew tags back in and Drew with a clothesline after Rhodes Irish whipped him at him. Drew gets a near fall and he sets for a suplex but Kidd with a drop kick.

Smith and Rhodes tag in and Smith with punches and a high knee. Smith with a running clothesline into the corner and he tries for a power slam. Cody escapes the hold but Smith with a version of the Olympic slam for a near fall. Smith sends McIntyre to the floor and then Smith and Kidd try for the Springboard Hart Attack, but Drew pushes Kidd and he hits Smith. Rhodes with Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes

After the match, Smith wants to know why Tyson hit him instead of Rhodes. Smith walks away.

Chris Jericho and Randy Orton are walking in the back because they have a match and it is next.

We are back and John Cena is in the locker room and R Truth enters. They rap and Truth says that no matter what happens on Sunday, he has Cena’s back. Cena says that he is the guy to go to when things are on the line. Cena says that he is not going to be part of the Nexus. He said that he is going to take care of them one by one. Truth says that Cena is one of the most reckless, getting crunk people that he knows. Cena says that since Nexus is going to Smackdown, he might as well be there. If they run into each other, then Hell in a Cell starts early.

It is time to run through the card for Hell in a Cell.

Chris Jericho says that when he wins tonight, he will become the number one contender and he will win the WWE Title. Chris Jericho says that Randy Orton is a tremendous competitor. Randy has changed from when he first started to a demented lunatic in order to become the champion. He says that Orton moves, thinks, and strikes like a snake. Jericho says that much like Randy used to call himself the Legend Killer, Chris says that he will call himself the Viper Killer. Randy will join the list of legends and Hall of Famers he has beaten. Steve Austin, Rock, Triple H, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, JBL, the Big Show, Edge, Undertaker . . . who he beat twice. The list goes on and on. MVP, CM Punk . . . we go to commercial.

We are back and the Man of 1004 Victims continues with Invaders, Villanos, Juventud Guerrera, Apollo Xantes, Ringo Mendoza Junior, The Great Muta, Masahiro Chono, Funaki, Fuyuki, Jado, Gedo, Yoshi Tatsu, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, Lex Luger, Sting, Ric Flair, Bill Goldberg, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Scott Norton, Buff Bagwell, Flash Flannigan, Flash Funk, Kevin Nash, Diesel, Oz, Scott Hall, Razor Ramon, American Starship Eagle.

Randy Orton interrupts the list because he apparently wants to wrestle his match.

Match Number Seven: Randy Orton versus Chris Jericho

Jericho with a kick and forearm to the head and then he sends Orton into the turnbuckles. Jericho with an Irish whip but Orton with a clothesline out of the corner. Orton punches Jericho and then he drapes Jericho on the apron and connects with a punch and uppercut. Orton with an uppercut but Jericho with a punch. Orton with punches to the back but Jericho with a thumb to the eye. Jericho with kicks and then he punches Orton. Jericho has something to say to Orton but that angers Orton and he punches Jericho. Orton clotheslines Jericho over the top rope to the floor. Jericho sends Orton into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a clothesline and then he gives Jericho the Garvin Stomp.

Sheamus comes out to watch the match from the stage and Orton loses his focus on the match. Orton sees Jericho coming but Jericho with an enzuigiri. Jericho catapults Orton into the bottom rope as Sheamus watches . . . fella. Jericho chokes Orton in the ropes. Jericho misses the splash in the ropes and he crotches himself. Orton punches Jericho but Jericho with an Irish whip. Jericho misses a charge into the corner and he hits the ring post with his shoulder. Orton tries for the RKO but Jericho with a back slide for a near fall. Jericho with a drop kick and another near fall. Jericho with a reverse chin lock. Orton with a double sledge to escape the chin lock. Jericho with a drop kick for a near fall. Jericho pulls down the knee pad and then he connects with a knee drop. Jericho with a near fall. Jericho with a reverse chin lock and he puts his knee in Orton’s back. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex on Jericho and both men are down.

Orton with a clothesline or two and then he hits the power slam. Orton with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot and Jericho with a bulldog. Jericho tries for the Lionsault but Jericho lands on his feet when Orton moves. Orton wit ha back breaker and then he tries for the RKO but Jericho avoids the move. Jericho hits the Lionsault and gets a near fall. Jericho tries for the springboard drop kick but Orton moves out of the way. Orton tries for the IEDDT but Jericho escapes it and he puts Orton in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho pulls Orton into the center of the ring because Orton was getting too close to the ropes. Orton rolls through and kicks Jericho to the floor. Orton with the IEDDT to Jericho. Orton summons the power of the Viper with his rhythmic pounding on the mat.

Sheamus enters the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Orton gives Sheamus an IEDDT.

Winner: Randy Orton by disqualification

Orton sets for the field goal kick on Sheamus and Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Orton.

Jericho gets a chair and he waits for Orton to get up. Orton avoids the chair and he hits an RKO on Jericho. Jericho is down in the corner and Orton thinks about it and he lines up for a fifty five yard field goal and it is good.

Sheamus recovers in time to see the carnage in the ring. Sheamus realizes that Orton is crazy . . . fella.

The medical staff checks on Jericho and they get him stretchered out of the ring.

2011 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from St. Louis, Missouri and your announcers are William ‘How about those Cardinals’ Regal and Jack ‘The only place you can hear me in the United States each week’ Korpela. Your host is Matt ‘Gateway Arch’ Striker.

JTG and Darren Young make their way to the ring and William Regal shows his excitement over their presence in the arena. JTG addresses the haters of St. Louis and he wonders why they are cheering him. JTG says that he is in the ring with NXT’s biggest star, Darren Young. For thirty weeks, Darren has been killing the competition and now that he is hanging with the big homey, he is guaranteed to be the next WWE breakout star.

Darren says that it is an honor and privilege to be in the ring with the greatest tag team specialist in the world.

JTG reminds everyone that they smashed William Regal and Matt Striker two weeks ago. Last week they took care of Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson. JTG says that when this is done, they are going to win some tag team gold.

The Usos come out and they look like they got dressed in the dark. They want to know if they heard JTG and Darren say that they are the best tag team in the WWE. They might have won a few matches, but they forgot to mention what happened after those matches. We see highlights of the two post match attacks by the Usos.

JTG stops the Usos and he says that they were attacked after the match and they wonder why the Usos are proud of that.

Jimmy wants to know if JTG and Darren think they are the best tag team. Jimmy says that their blood is full of tag team champions. He mentions the Wild Samoans who won the tag titles three times. Their father, Rikishi is a former tag team champion. They are future tag team champions.

Darren asks if this is a history class and then he says that no one under fifty knows who the Wild Samoans are. JTG says that he loves the business and he says that the Usos family were a complete joke. JTG and Darren get out of the ring before the Usos can do anything.

Jey says that we will see who is laughing after the main event.

We go to commercial.

As Yoshi comes to the ring, Regal talks about how he is enjoying the change in character for Yoshi over the last few weeks.

Regal mentions that he was at Jinder’s christening twenty-five years ago.

Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu versus Jinder Mahal


Mahal has something to say to Yoshi before they lock up. They lock up and Yoshi with a side head lock and he takes Jinder to the mat. Yoshi with a side head lock and Jinder backs him into the corner. Jinder with a clean break but he tries to punch Yoshi but Yoshi moves. Yoshi with chops to Jinder as they go around the ring. Yoshi with another side head lock and take down.

Jinder tries for a head scissors but Yoshi blocks it. Jinder with elbows and knees followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Jinder punches Yoshi and the referee pulls Jinder off Yoshi. Jinder with a leaping knee drop followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Jinder with a reverse chin lock but Yoshi with punches. Jinder with a forearm to the back and then Yoshi gets a lateral press as a counter to a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Jinder with a clothesline for a near fall. Jinder kicks Yoshi and chokes him in the ropes and then he kicks Yoshi again. Jinder with a hard Irish whip but Yoshi with chops to Jinder. Mahal with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Mahal returns to the reverse chin lock. Jinder with a forearm to the back followed by an Irish whip. Yoshi kicks Mahal form the corner and hits a chop from the turnbuckles. Yoshi with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Yoshi with kicks to the midsection and then he hits a running boot into the corner. Jinder blocks a crucifix driver with a Samoan drop and Jinder gets a near fall but Yoshi gets a near fall as well. Jinder puts Yoshi on the top turnbuckle and he sets for a superplex but Yoshi with a forearm and head butt to knock Jinder off.

Yoshi misses a spinning heel kick from the top when Mahal ducks out of the way. Jinder with a full nelson slam for the three count.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for a Hell in a Cell video package.

Hornswoggle walks down the hall and he sees AJ with Titus and Hornswoggle does not want to hear anything they are saying. He hands the note to Titus and Titus reads the note. The note says that Maxine cannot break them up. Hornswoggle says that AJ is a positive thing in his life but Hornswoggle is done with NXT and he is off to Smackdown. Maybe they will meet again. Hornswoggle shakes Titus and AJ’s hands and leaves.

AJ asks Titus if Hornswoggle knows that she is on Smackdown.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Percy Watson versus Tyson Kidd


Kidd with a waist lock and Watson with an elbow and wrist lock and he tosses Kidd into the air and to the mat. Watson with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Watson blocks a hip toss and then he hits a drop kick. Watson with a hip toss neck breaker for a near fall. Watson with a forearm and then Kidd goes to the ropes and Watson backs off.

Kidd with a kick and he goes to the apron followed by a drop kick to the knees and a slingshot leg drop to the apron. Kidd with a series of kicks and he sends Watson into the turnbuckles. Kidd with elbows and kicks but Watson with a kick from the corner. Kidd with a kick to the leg followed by a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall.

Kidd with a reverse chin lock and he puts his weight on Watson as he tries to get back to his feet. Watson gets to his feet and hits a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Watson with a punch and European uppercut followed by a drop kick. Watson with a flying clothesline and a splash into the corner followed by a back body drop. Watson with a twisting splash for a near fall.

Watson leaps to the corner but Kidd with a kick to the leg followed by a fisherman’s buster and Kidd goes to the apron for a springboard elbow drop for the three count.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Matt Striker is with Jinder Mahal in the interview area. Matt asks Jinder about his situation with Great Khali on Smackdown and Jinder tells Matt never to say Khali’s name in his presence. Jinder says that whether it is NXT, Smackdown, or Raw he says that he is the only one who matters. Tonight is his return to greatness.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: The Usos versus Darren Young and JTG


JTG and Jey start things off and they lock up and Jey with a hammer lock as he takes JTG to the mat. JTG with a forearm but he misses a clothesline. Jey with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall followed by a punch. JTG with a knee to the midsection and Young tags in and he kicks Jey. Young with a back elbow to Jey and then he sends Jey into his boot on the turnbuckles. JTG with a kick while Young deals with the referee.

JTG tags back in and he punches Jey in the corner before tagging Young back in. Young with a kick to the head followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Young gets another near fall. Young sends Jey into JTG’s boot in the corner and then JTG tags back in and he punches Jey and kicks him in the midsection.

Jey with punches to JTG but JTG with a knee and forearm. Jey leap frogs JTG and tags in Jimmy and Jimmy with cltoehslines and a back kick followed by a running boot to the head. Jimmy knocks Young off the apron. Jimmy gets sent to the apron by JTG and JTG kicks Jimmy. Young with a belly-to-back suplex on the apron while JTG deals with the referee and we go to commercial.

We are back and JTG tags back in and they hit a double suplex on Jimmy and JTG gets a near fall. JTG with a reverse chin lock on Jimmy followed by a kick to the chest and an elbow drop for a near fall. JTG returns to the reverse chin lock as Jimmy tries to get to his feet. Jimmy with punches to JTG but JTG pushes Jimmy into his corner. Jimmy fights out of the corner but JTG with a hip toss neck breaker for a near fall and Jey breaks up the attempt.

Young tags back in and he kicks and slams Jimmy followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Young with a few more covers but he can only get a near fall. Young with forearms across the chest and then he goes to a body scissors to limit Jimmy’s breathing. Young adds a chin lock. Jimmy with an elbow to try to get out of the hold and he succeeds. Jimmy with a punch but Young with a kick and he sends Jimmy into the turnbuckels. Young with a hard Irish whip.

Young gets a near fall on Jimmy and then he puts his knee on Jimmy’s back and slaps him in the head and applies a rear chin lock. Jimmy gets to his feet and Young with a reverse chin lock. Jimmy with a back body drop and he tries to make the tag. JTG tags in and he knocks Jey off the apron to stop Jimmy. JTG kicks Jimmy and gets a near fall.

JTG with a surfboard as he keeps his body between Jimmy and his corner. JTG turns it into a rear chin lock. Jimmy with elbows and then he backs JTG into the corner. Jimmy with a Samoan drop and both men are down. Darren and Jey tag in and Jey with running forearms followed by a back kick and palm thrust. Jey with a spinning flying forearm followed by a running butt splash to Young for a near fall.

JTG breaks up the cover and Jimmy and Jey with stereo super kicks to JTG. Jey misses a super kick to Young but Young gets Jey up. Jey with an elbow and a super kick to Young followed by a superfly splash by Jimmy for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, while the Usos walk up the ramp, they are attacked by Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins from behind.

2012 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to's live coverage of Impact Wrestling!

After a video package looking back at last week's situation involving Joseph Parkand Aces & Eights, as well as the controversialfinish of the Bully Ray-Austin Aries match, we're off to the Impact Zone where Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring to open the show. He reminds us that he has a date with Aces & Eights, and asks the fans to watch his back because this week is a turning point for the company. Bound For Glory is just three weeks away, and since Aces & Eights has him a bit distracted, it's time to get to the business at hand. Devon was a great champion, but the negotiations with him fell apart and Hogan needs to move forward. Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff, Brutus Magnus, and Mr. Anderson are all backstage, and he guarantees that we'll have a champion by the end of the night. Next is the Storm-Roode debacle that's been going on for over a year now, and he's going to put them in a no DQ streetfight at Death Before Glory. I guess he means Bound For Glory. He's bringing in a special enforcer referee for that match, and it's going to be King Mo, who will be here live next week on Impact. Finally, if Aces & Eights wants him, they've got him, because he's going to their clubhouse where he'll see what they're made of. He took one of them in search of justice, so Aces & Eights took Joseph Park as revenge. But they cornered his daughter, so he's going to go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse even if it means walking into a fight. Sting's music hits, and the crazy bastard himself comes out of the back to the apparent shock of even Hogan. He says the Aces & Eights thing started with him, and since he promised he'd watch Hogan's back when he took back over as GM, so they're going to go see Aces & Eights together. Hogan tells Sting to go find a bat because they're going to do it.

Ken Anderson looks back at his favorite Bound For Glory moment, which was in 2010 when he faced Kurt Angle. The fans can expect the same equal opportunity ass-kicking from Anderson that he brings every year.

Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels bails out to the apron to let Angle and Chavo fight each other, but they drag him back into the ring and ping pong him back and forth taking right hands until he goes down. They try to one up each other by taking turns delivering European uppercuts and stomps on Daniels in the corner, but Angle misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Chavo quickly nails Daniels with a clothesline, but Kazarian grabshisankle on the floor. This leads to a situation on the outside with AJ Styles, Hernandez, Chavo, and Angle arguing it out while Daniels & Kazarian hide out in the ring. All four of the other guys come into the ring to go after the champs, and they run for their lives as a standoff takes us to commercial.

We're back, and the referee ejected all the partners who weren't wrestling from ringside over the commercial break. Angle starts turning Daniels and Chavo inside out with suplexes and goes for a Hacker Slam on Chavo, but Chavo slips out the back and clotheslines Angle to the floor. Chavo with a flying headscissors on Daniels and a dropkick followed by a rolling senton gets 2 when Angle breaks up the pinfall. Angle with an overhead release suplex on Chavo and then he hits the Hacker Slam on Daniels. The straps come down and he gets Daniels in the anklelock, but Chavo sneaks in and rolls Kurt up for 2. Angle and Chavo go toe-to-toe, Daniels knocks Angle out to the floor, but Chavo steals Eddy's Three Amigos and goes up top for Eddy's frogsplash. Angle gets the anklelock on Daniels as Chavo goes to the top, Daniels rolls through and sends Angle crashing into the corner, knocking Chavo off the top. Chavo gets into it with Angle, but Daniels rams both of them into the corner and rolls Chavo up for 3.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Eddy would never have gotten caught with that one.

Hulk Hogan has the TV Title contenders in his office and says he didn't want things to go down this way with Devon, but they did and he needs a new champion. Garett says he's been kicking his ass trying to prove himself around here, and Devon saw something in him. Magnus asks if Garett qualifies because he was Devon's partner and now Devon's gone so he qualifies. Joe yells at Magnus, and says none of them belongs in the same ring as him. Magnus puts over his experience in the US, Europe, Japan, and India, and Joe says he could be the champion in Malaysia too, but Magnus says he's well represented all over the world. Hogan says the choice is easy, and he needs to separate Joe and Magnus, so Magnus is out. Magnus is obviously not happyand slams the door on the way out, and Hogan asks Joe how he dealt with that.

Speaking of Hogan's, Brooke Hogancomes up to Tara and asks if she remembers when she told her that there would be consequences this week. Tara tells Brooke to hold on for a moment while she takes a phone call from her boyfriend, who she calls Boo, then gets off the phone for about ten seconds before calling Boo 2 back to bitch about Brooke. Brooke takes the phone out of Tara's hand, tells Boo 2 that Tara's match is up next, then confiscates the phone and walks off while Tara tries to find out who her opponent will be.

Tara vs ODB

Eric Young gets into the ring and ties up with Taryn Terrell, then lets her go to do a cartwheel and ties up with her again while she tries to convince him that she's the referee. ODB slingshots Tara into the ring from the apron and they trade right hands in the corner until ODB gets the advantage and tosses Tara across the ring by the hair. She does it a second time and Tara rolls out to the floor as they start a footrace. They head back inside where ODB runs over Tara with a shoulderblock, then rams shoulders into Tara's ribs as EY gets on the apron and reaches out for a tag. ODB with a running splash in the corner followed by a Bronco Buster and BAAAAAAAAAM! Tara rolls back out to the floor to take a long nine count, but takes a little too long and ODB comes under the bottom rope with a baseball slide. She slaps Tara on the ass, rams her into the ring apron, and rolls her back inside. Tara begs off and extends her hand, and ODB really should know better. Indeed she does, dragging Tara to her feet by the hair. Tara tries a slap, ODB blocks it and nails her instead, then hits the fallaway slam. ODB kips up, does BAAAAAAAM! and boots Tara out to the floor. Tara pretends to have hurt her knee again and crawls over to EY for sympathy. ODB doesn't let up, as she goes outside and spears Tara and rollsher back inside. EY shows ODB that her pants are still on as Tara pulls her knee brace off and tries unsuccessfully to get back to her feet. Since the referee is a complete sucker, she backs ODB off long enough for Tara to small package ODB and put her foot on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Tara

I think Taryn Terrell, who has her OMG face on as she raises Tara's hand, is the only person who didn't see that coming. Tara is perfectly fine, but then suddenly pretends like her knee is hurt and Terrell falls for it again. Yep, she makes a perfect referee.

The Gut Check judges are backstage, and we're going to find out their decision later that night.

We go backstage to the Gut Check judges, but instead of talking about Evan Markopoulos, Bruce Prichard chews Al Snow out for being unprofessional and causing the problem with Joey Ryan. Taz comes in and they finally talk Gut Check, and the consensus seems to be that he looked good and has gone to great length by going to Killer Kowalski's school at a young age, but he's only 18 and they question whether he can handle this level of the business at his age.

The dumasss with the cameraman catches up with Bully Ray to ask who his partner is going to be tonight, and he says not to bother him while he's on the Twitter machine, then refuses to say who his partner is but says he looked really good holding that TNA World Title over his head.

Hogan is backstage with the remaining contenders to the TV Title, and he says that it's time to thin the herd, and even though Garett's been working hard and has been on a roll, it's not his time. Garett gives him a really dirty look before walking off, and the TV Title is on the line between Joe and Anderson next!

Bobby Roode comes up to Austin Aries backstage and says that they've had their battles, but Roode respects him. He's going to be watching his match with Jeff Hardy at Bound For Glory, as he has a vested interest since he can't get another shot at the World Title as long as Aries is the champion. He's pulling for Hardy because Roode was never able to beat Aries, but Roode beat Hardy twice while champion. He says Aries is the better wrestler of the two, and neither of them want Hardy walking around trying to steal their spotlight. He wishes Aries luck in the tag match tonight, and Aries says to keep his luck because luck is for losers.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Ken Anderson

They go toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring right from the start, Anderson goes for a quick Mic Check, Joe shoves him off and goes for the Kokina Clutch, and Anderson escapes that. Joe takes Anderson to the corner and opens up with right jabs, then a charging elbow and leaping enziguiri that rings Anderson's bell. Joe covers for 2, then runs Anderson over with a back elbowand the snapmare/chop to the back, but misses the kick and Anderson rolls Joe up for 2. Anderson with a rolling neckbreaker for 2 and then pummels Joe with right hands as Joe tries to cover up. Anderson whips Joe to the corner, Joe gets his elbow up and goes to the second rope, but Anderson carries him out with a fireman's carry. Joe slips out and goes for a choke, Anderson with a chinbreaker and hits a Finlay Roll, but Joe counters to a crucifix for 2. Anderson with a hard clothesline and goes for the Mic Check, Joe elbows his way out, Anderson with an O'Connor Roll, Joe counters out to the Kokina Clutch, Anderson fights to escape so Joe floats over and gets behind Anderson to put all his body weight on him. Anderson reaches for the ropes again, but Joe hooks his arm and grapevines it to roll Anderson back out to the middle of the ring. Anderson has officially survived longer in this hold than anyone in history, but the referee finally checks the arm and calls for the bell.

Winner and NEW TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Not only is gold once again in the possession of Joe, but he has now won the TNA Grand Slam: World Champion, X Division Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and TV Champion. He is only the third man to do so after AJ Styles and Abyss.

We see a video package looking at Aces & Eights, then we go backstage to Hogan and Sting, with a stagehand coming up to hand Hogan some papers that Bruce Prichard needs signed. Hogan takes the papers, then she sprays something in both their eyes and Aces & Eights runs out and beats the crap out of both of them, then throw them in the back of a van. Wait a minute, THESE ARE THE SAME GUYS WHO KIDNAPPED SAMOA JOE!!!!!

Okay, maybe not.

We go to the Gut Check, and only in professional wrestling can senior management be standing in the ring like nothing's wrong when the guy running the show just got beaten up by a gang of thugs and kidnapped. Markopoulos says he hasn't given his best effort because he lost last night, but he really, REALLY wants this. Taz says yes, Prichard says no, and Markopoulos is given one last chance to plead his case with Al Snow, and he says that he was born in 1994 when Snow was trying to get into Smoky Mountain Wrestling and ECW, and Snow wasn't 18 at that time, but he is and even though he got his ass kicked last week, he'll keep coming back to get his ass kicked because this is what he wants. Snow says that Markopoulos is the epitome of what the Gut Check is about, because he's seen big guys and talented guys come down the pike, but they didn't succeed because they didn't have passion for the business. Markopoulos has the passion, he has the desire,and he has the talent...but he's only 18, and now isn't the right time. So Markopoulos doesn't get the contract, but he really impressed me with the promo on Snow, and I definitely get the sense that he's someone they see promise in and are going to keep their eyes on.

We just got some footage from Aces & Eights, and it's of Hogan and Sting being brought into the A&E clubhouse where the Vice President removes the hoods that were placed over their heads, and says they'd better get comfortable since the boss man is coming.

The President of Aces & Eights comes in and sits down with his back to Hogan and Sting (since they're tied up and all), and he brings out Joseph Park, who is also tied up to a table as a member of the gang holds a blowtorch on him. The President says if Hogan wants Park back, to pick two of his best guys to face two members of Aces & Eights. If Hogan's guys win, Aces & Eights will leave forever, but if Aces & Eights wins, they get free access to the Impact Zone. Hogan says he and Sting will fight them, but the President says that for the first time in Hogan's adult life, it's not about him because he'll have to stand to the side and watch. Hogan agrees and says he'll pick two guys, but only if they let Joseph Park go. The President says that's not going to happen, he knows what a chess player Hogan is, so he's going to hold onto Park as insurance and he'll go free after the match.

We go backstage to James Storm, who says that it's about time Hogan put him in the ring with Bobby Roode, and it's great that King Mo wants to make a name for himself in Impact Wrestling, but all he needs to do is stand by and watch him kick Roode's teeth down his throat.

It's main event time!

Bully Ray & Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Bubba start us off, with Bubba overpowering Hardy and pummeling him with right and left hands. Hardy pops Bubba across the ring with a flying headscissors and backs Bubba to the corner. Bubba tags out, and Aries finds himself back in the ring with Roode for the first time since the summer. Aries leapfrogs Roode out of the corner and gets a series of armdrags, a drop toehold for Bubba, then Aries lounges in the corner as Hardy comes out of the corner and takes Roode and Bubba out with a double clothesline. Aries gives Hardy a look like "stealing MY thunder, huh?" as we go to commercial.

We're back as Hardy is working Bubba over in the corner, he goes for the Whisper In The Wind when Roode runs across the apron and trips Hardy, who lands on the back of his head on the mat. Bubba calls Aries a son of a bitch before beginning the methodical attack on Hardy with crossfaces and elbowdrops. Roode tags in and hits a kneedrop for 2 on Hardy, but Hardy hits a Twist of Fate out of nowhere and makes the hot tag to Aries, who comes in and unloads on Bubba, who is also now the legal man. Roode kicks Aries in the back from the apron, and Aries nails Roode but turns his back to Bubba, who runs in from behind with a kneestrike that sends Aries out to the floor where Roode rams him into the ring steps. Bubba yells at Aries that he humbled him as he dishes out more punishment, Roode comes in and gets a side backbreaker, then Bubba comes in and hits a big splash for 2. Aries boxes the ears five or six times to break the bearhug, dropkicks Bubba's knee out, then looks right at Hardy and decides not to make the hot tag. Instead, he turns his attention back to Roode, who is now the legal man. He gets Aries in the Last Chancery, but Bubba breaks it up and then boots Hardy in the face. Bubba sets Aries up for a clothesline, but Aries ducks and Bubba nails Roode. Aries with an IED to Roode, IED to Bubba, and a heat seeking missile to Roode when Roode rolls out to the floor to catch a break. Aries with a missile dropkick that sends Bubba to the floor, then Roode comes in and goes for a Perfectplex, but Aries slips out and hits a brainbuster on Roode. Hardy suddenly tags himself in, and Bubba drags Aries out to the floor as Hardy comes off the top rope with a Swanton to Roode for the win.

Winners: Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy

Aries gets in the ring and he is not happy. He and Hardy argue and Hardy holds the belt in his face, then we go out to the parking lot where Aces & Eights returns Sting and Hogan to the Impact Zone. Aces & Eights holds a knife on them until they escape, and Hogan tells Sting to relax because they still have "Parks", but Sting is irate and yellsafter Aces & Eights that he's finding someone and he's coming to Bound For Glory.

2012 - Former TNA star Scott "Steiner" RechSteiner responded to a TNA lawsuit against him in the The Chancery Court of Tennessee in Davidson County, counter-suing TNA and alleging that the company breached their contract with him

Steiner alleged that TNA had failed to properly provide, as they were contractually obligated to do, "an accounting of all Royalty payments" due to him, failed to provide "royalty statements of all merchandise royalties and video royalties" owed to him, and "failed to pay all royalties" due to him. Steiner demanded judgment in a "yet to be determined amount."

TNA sued Steiner in June 2012, claiming he breached his (by then expired) TNA contract by making disparaging remarks about TNA, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard, among others. TNA is seeking damages and an injunction to stop Steiner from speaking out.

In responding to TNA's suit against him, Steiner denied that he ever agreed to not disparage the company, that speaking out against it would breach his deal, that he was involved in a "concerted effort to disparage" the company and its officers, that he ignored requests to stop, that he is in a legal and binding agreement with TNA and that TNA has suffered damages as a result of his actions.

Steiner has stated his TNA deal expired and while he was offered a new contract, he opted to turn it down and never executed the deal.

In his respond, Steiner demanded the TNA suit against him be thrown out of court and requested a jury trial should the case go to trial.

2012 - Raquel Diaz, real name Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, was released from her WWE developmental deal. The word making the rounds in Florida at the time was that she requested the release.  Guerrero would return to WWE developmental about a year later and be released in mid-2014.

2013 - released their Timeline WWE 1993 with Lex Luger DVD.

2013 - During the preliminary card for Bellator 101, WWE Tough Enough alumni Jeremiah Riggs (7-7-0) lost to Peter Aspenwal (2-4-0) via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

2013 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and your announcers are Michael ‘Squiggy’ Cole and John ‘Lenny’ Layfield.

We start off with Triple H making his way to the ring. Triple H welcomes everyone to Smackdown. He says that he has heard all of the rumors and backstage buzz and the media buzz. He says that a lot of ugly words have been said about the last month like favoritism and abuse of power. That is utterly ridiculous. There are times when WWE Superstars are unable to accept their own failures and shortcomings.

They would rather blame management for their failure. The thing is that him and his wife are willing to accept that burden as the authority figures in the company. They cannot make everybody happy so they decide to do what is best for business.

Even when they do things like they did on Monday, they get criticism. They had an 11 on 3 elimination handicap match with eleven superstars against The Shield. Hunter says that is bad on their part?

We see highlights from the match.

Hunter says any angst in the locker room was settled there, but that wasn’t good enough. That decision was not made to quell an uprising, it was to do what was best for business.

Miz’ music plays and he makes his way to the stage and then to the ring.

Miz throws out a really and asks if Hunter really thinks that he has been fair and impartial.

Hunter asks Miz about coming out here to be fair and impartial after all of the opportunities given to him. He has been given opportunities and he has failed. Then he blames someone else. Hunter says that Miz asked for the opportunity to be in the ring with the Face of the WWE. He got to be in the ring with Randy Orton. Hunter says that Miz choked and we go to footage from last Monday.

Hunter asks if that was Management’s fault. Hunter says that is probably hard to swallow and must sting since it happened in front of his family. How does giving Miz the opportunity and failing on Triple H?

Hunter says that Miz was not ready to compete last week so he protected Miz. He was protecting Miz from himself because he would have gotten into the ring with Randy Orton and Hunter says that he does not know what Randy would have done to Miz. He gave Miz another opportunity. A platform to say what he wanted. He gave Miz an episode of MizTV with the Big Show. Miz squandered that too and we see footage from Monday night.

Miz says that all Hunter gave him was a set up. Hunter was the good cop and then the bad cop, his wife interrupted and had Big Show knock him out. He thanks Hunter for the opportunity.

Hunter says that his wife had every right to be in the ring because of what Miz said about his wife.

Miz says that he called Stephanie a ‘castrating witch’ but he should have changed the ‘w’ to a ‘b’.

Hunter says Miz runs his mouth and he cannot back it up. Hunter says that his wife was justified for what she did. Tempers ran hot and everyone was upset. After the beating in front of his mom and dad, he knows why Miz was upset. Maybe Miz said something he shouldn’t have said. Maybe his wife did something that she might have regretted.

Hunter says that he wants to give Miz another chance. Everything else is water under the bridge.

Hunter says that Miz is feeling fine tonight, so he will give Miz the opportunity he could not take on Monday. He will give Miz a match against Randy Orton for a chance at retribution or revenge.

Miz accepts the match.

Hunter asks if he could get his parents to Milwaukee in time for the match so they can see him get retribution. Hunter tells Miz to get changed for his opportunity.

Alberto Del Rio walks in the back and we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio versus R Truth in a Non Title Match

Del Rio with a kick and punch to Truth followed by kicks and head butts in the corner. The referee pulls Del Rio out of the corner and Truth with a punch and he puts Del Rio in the corner and he punches him until Del Rio gets into the ropes.

Del Rio with a savate kick and more head butts. Del Rio with an Irish whip but he misses a shoulder into the corner and Del Rio hits the ring post. Truth with a leg lariat followed by a clothesline or two.

Truth with a suplex into a stunner for a near fall. Truth misses the scissors kick and then he misses a splash into the corner. Del Rio with a super kick for the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio puts Truth in the cross arm breaker.

Rob Van Dam comes to the ring and he attacks Del Rio. Van Dam with a spinning leg drop. Ricardo gives Van Dam a chair and Van Dam hits Del Rio in the ribs with the chair. Van Dam with the skateboard drop kick to Del Rio.

Vickie and Triple H are watching in the back. Vickie suggests that they make the World Title Match at Battleground more interesting. Hunter says that they will call it a Hardcore Match. Vickie says that is what is best for business.

Prime Time Players walk in the back and they do the Millions of Dollars Dance. They say anyone can do it, but they have found the exception to the rule. They do a better job after some lessons. We go to commercial.

We are back and Zeb Colter wants everyone to rise and put their hands over their hearts so they can say ‘We The People’. Zeb says nobody can say it other than Real Americans. They are tired of being mocked and they tell everyone to mind their own business.

Match Number Two: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young versus Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

Swagger and Titus start things off and they lock up. Swagger with knees in the corner. Swagger with n Irish whip but Titus floats over and he connects with a shoulder tackle. Titus with a kick to Cesaro and then he sends Swagger sternum first into the turnbuckles. Titus with an elbow but Swagger with an elbow and he sends Titus shoulder first into the turnbuckles.

Cesaro tags in and he kicks Titus. Swagger tags back in and he sends Titus to the mat. Titus with punches to Swagger but Swagger stops Titus from getting ot his corner. Swagger with shoulders in the corner and Cesaro gets a shot in. Cesaro tags in and he kicks Titus and then he gives Titus a Giant Swing.

Cesaro wit a forearm while Titus struggles to stay on his feet and Cesaro with a near fall. Titus throws Cesaro to the side and he tries to get his bearing to make the tag and Young is tagged in. Young with a forearm to Swagger on the apron followed by a clothesline and an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Young with a splash into the corner followed by a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

Cesaro with a uranage for a near fall. Swagger sends Titus to the floor and Young with a rollup but the referee was with Swagger and Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro with a forearm but Young with Gutcheck, but he does not realize that Swagger has tagged in and Swagger applies the ankle lock. Darren taps out.

Winners: Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger

We see that the Wyatt Family has arrived.

We go to commercial>

Match Number Three: Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) versus Zack Ryder

Harper and Rowan bring Ryder into the ring before the bell.

Wyatt applauds Rowan and Harper for what they did. They lock up and Wyatt sends Ryder into the turnbuckles. Ryder with forearms but Wyatt with a flying cross body and he laughs. Wyatt with head butts to the shoulder followed by forearms. Wyatt rubs Ryder’s face in the mat.

Wyatt with punches and a reverse chin lock. Ryder gets to his feet but Wyatt with a forearm to the back. Ryder with a face plant to Wyatt followed by a running forearm into the corner. Ryder hits the Broski boot but Wyatt kicks out. Ryder sets for the Rough Ryder but Wyatt sends Ryder over his head and to the mat.

Wyatt with the kiss to the forehead and then he hits Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) versus Dolph Ziggler (with Rob Van Dam and Kofi Kingston) in a US Title Match

They lock up and Ambrose backs Zigger into th corner and Ambrose with punches. The referee pulls Ambrose out of he corner but Ambrose sends Ziggler into the corner and he runs his forearm across the face and then he rubs the eyes along the ropes. Ambrose with a chop. Ziggler with a kick but Ambrose with a clothesline.

Ambrose with an elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose with a hard Irish whip and he Irish whips Ziggler again but Ziggler with an elbow. Ziggler with a flying clothesline and then he hits a Stinger Splash into the corner and he lands on the turnbuckles and he punches Ambrose and follows with a swinging neck breaker. Ziggler misses the Fameasser but Ambrose avoids it. Ziggler with a drop kick followed by a clothesline and both men go over the top rope to the floor.

Ziggler sends Ambrose back into the ring. Rollins pulls Ziggler to the floor and then everyone fights on the floor and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Triple H wants the referee to get control of things. Hunter says that they are not going to have this kind of anarchy. The match is now a six man tag match.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins versus Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler

The match is joined in progress and Van Dam with an Irish whip to Rollins followed by a monkey flip. Van Dam with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Van Dam with kicks to Rollins. Van Dam with shoulders in the corner followed by a spinning heel kick into the corner.

Van Dam with a punch and slam followed by Rolling Thunder. Van Dam gets a near fall. Rollins works on the injured arm and he kicks Van Dam in the arm and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Ambrose tags in and he kicks Rob in the shoulder. Ambrose with an arm bar.

Van Dam blocks a kick and he hits a spinning kick to Ambrose. Ziggler tags in and he punches Ambrose. Ziggler with a cross body and punches to Ambrose. Ziggler with the series of elbow drops and he takes care of Rollins who tries to interfere. Ambrose with an Alabama Slam to counter a DDT and Ambrose gets a near fall.

Reigns tags in and he kicks Ziggler as he blocks Dolph’s route to his corner. Reigns with a rear chin lock. Ziggler with elbows but Reigns with a clothesline for a near fall. Ambrose tags in and he kicks Ziggler and stomps on the abdomen. Ambrose with a knee drop and he chokes Ziggler.

Reigns tags in and he kicks Ziggler. Reigns sends Ziggler face first into the mat and he has some words with Kofi. Reigns picks up Ziggler and throws him to the mat in the corner. Ziggler with a leaping DDT and both men are down.

Rollins tags in and he keeps Ziggler from making the tag and he applies a front face lock. Rollins with a forearm to the back and he knocks Van dam off the apron. Ziggler tags in Kingston and he leaps over Ambrose and he connects with a few clotheslines followed by a drop kick and a leaping clothesline.

Kofi with the Boom Drop and he connects. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Ambrose ducks. Kofi with a double jump cross body for a near fall. Rollins breaks up the cover. Ziggler with a Fameasser to Rollins. Reigns with a spear to Kofi. Van dam with a springboard thrust kick. Van Dam clotheslines Reigns over the top rope and Van Dam with a moonsault from the apron but Van Dam is the one who is showing the damage. Kingston kicks Reigns.

Kingston with a pendulum kick to Ambrose followed by a springboard clothesline. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Reigns and then Ambrose with a rollup. Kofi rolls through but Rollins with Black Out to Kofi and Ambrose gets the three count.

Winners: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins

Renee Young is in the interview area with the Big Show. Renee asks how Show has been holding up.

Show says that every decision he has made has weighed on his conscience. He cannot sleep at night. He is a pariah in his own locker room. People call him names. He says that he is a wreck. He needs to do what is best for him and his family. He needs this job. He does not want to have his job held over his head . . .

Triple H stops by the interview area and he says that he understands how difficult this can be. Hunter says that if it is this difficult, he can quit.

Show says that he does not want to walk away.

Hunter say that he will help Show find another job. He can give him a job as a door man or a paper boy. Maybe as an airport baggage guy. It won’t be easy. A regular sized person can find a job just about anywhere, but Show is special. Hunter says that Show needs this job.

Show mumbles something and Hunter starts to mock Show. Hunter wants to know if Show is going to do something about it. He tells Show to think about his wife and family. He will do nothing and he will like it.

Show screams and he walks away.

We go to commercial.

We ar back and AJ Lee is in the Goldman Box. She says that every Diva is against her so she had to get protection. She got the Diva who is as ostracized as her and that is Tamina.

Match Number Six: Cameron (with Naomi) versus AJ Lee (with Tamina) in a Non Title Match

AJ attacks Cameron when she is looking away. AJ with kicks followed by a snap mare and cravate. AJ sends Cameron to the mat and AJ skips around the ring. AJ with an Irish whip but she misses a splash into the corner. Cameron with a rollup for a near fall.

Cameron with a clothesline or two followed by a drop kick. Cameron with a split for a near fall. AJ with an Irish whip but Cameron with a kick. Cameron with a cross body for a near fall. AJ with a back heel kick and she send Cameron to the floor.

AJ goes to the floor and she sends Cameron back into the ring. AJ yells at Naomi and she gets on the apron. Tamina pulls her off and clotheslines Naomi. Cameron with a rollup for a near fall. AJ with a Shining Wizard for the three count.

Winner: AJ Lee

We go to commercial with Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel walking in the back.

We are back and Paul Heyman comes out to the stage and he wants us to watch what happened at Night of Champions with him and CM Punk.

Paul says that he has to be candid with everyone. They are disappointing him. People react to that footage with shock, horror, and dismay. Are the people surprised that he pinned CM Punk?

Paul gives them a trade secret. Every time the people’s bloodlust for his hide makes CM Punk want to come after him, CM Punk is going to fail. He is going to lose. Paul asks the people if they have considered that they could possibly be wrong. Are the people that myopic?

On Monday night, CM Punk was in the center of the ring and he said that he knew that this was a trap. Paul says that it was a trap. It was the people who wanted Punk to pounce on him with the broken scooter.

Paul provides Exhibit ‘B’ to the people. We see Paul’s scooter failure on Monday night.

Paul says that he owes a lot of people thanks. He wants to thank Curtis Axel for putting that plan together. He wants to thank his hero Ryback for doing the damage to CM Punk. Paul says that he wants to thank everyone. It was their worship of CM Punk that is going to make him come after him all the time.

CM Punk has signed for a match against Ryback at Battleground. Do you think that CM Punk stands a chance against Ryback? Does CM Punk have any hope against Ryback? Can CM Punk beat Ryback at Battleground? It will come down to history repeating itself and Punk will have to blame each and every one of you because CM Punk will be looking up at the winner of the match, Ryback and Paul Heyman . . . the Best in the World.

Match Number Seven: Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) versus Santino Marella (with Hornswoggle and Great Khali)

Santino blocks a kick and Heath blocks a kick. Slater with punches and then he kicks Santino. Slater gets a near fall followed by forearms across the chest. Slater with a reverse chin lock but Santino gets to his feet. Santino with jabs and forearms followed by a split and a hip toss. Santino goes for the diving head butt, but Slater gets his knees up. Slater with a knee across the chest.

Slater goes up top but Santino hits the ropes and Slater crotches himself and he falls to the mat. Santino looks around and he grabs his Cobra. Jinder gets on the apron and Santino’s cobra gets charmed by a flute. Khali has his own flute. Mahal and Khali make the Cobra go back and forth. McIntyre gets on the apron and Khali chops him.

Santino tries to keep the cobra from attacking him and Hornswoggle pulls Mahal off the apron and Hornswoggle breaks the flute. Slater with a leg lariat. Khali gets his flute and the cobra is awakened and it connects and Santino gets the three count.

Winner: Santino Marella

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Los Matadores video package. They are coming next week.

We have an update on the situation with the Rhodes family, but we look at how we got to this week.

We see Cody Rhodes and Goldust attacking The Shield on Raw.

We go to footage from the interview with Triple H. Triple H says that he was angry after what happened on Monday. He will allow Cody, Dustin, and Dusty to appear on Raw next week with an open forum. He has a lucrative proposition for them.

Michael Cole says that Cody and Goldust have a response. They are coming to Raw. Goldust says that if this business proposition is anything like the last one, there will be hell to pay.

Match Number Eight: Randy Orton versus Miz

Miz with a double leg take down and punches to Orton. Orton with a kick and forearm to the back. Miz with an elbow and he sends Orton into the turnbuckles. Miz with punches but Miz runs into a boot. Orton with a head butt and punches. Miz with punches and he clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor.

Miz goes to the floor and Orton with a kick. Miz Irish whips Orton into the ring post. Miz sends Orton back into the ring and he punches Orton. Miz with a boot to the head. Miz sets for the Awesome Clothesline and he misses when Orton moves out of the way. Miz appears to have injured his shoulder and the referee checks on him.

Miz goes to the floor and Orton waits for the medical staff to check on him. Miz is asked if he can go and Orton brings Miz back into the ring for the IEDDT. Orton looks around and he punches Miz while the referee and medical staff checks on Miz. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Miz (by disqualification)

After the match, Triple H comes out and he says that he will not let Orton intentionally get disqualified so the match will be restarted and it will be No Disqualification and you have to win by pinfall or submission.

Match Number Eight Part Two: Randy Orton versus Miz in a No Disqualification Match

Orton goes to the floor and sends Miz over the announce table. Orton pulls Miz over the announce table and he sends Miz into the ring steps. Orton sends Miz into the ringside barrier and then he connects with a clothesline. Orton sends Miz into the Garcia Cubicle.

Orton looks around and Miz has time to get a chair and he hits Orton in the midsection. Miz hits Orton in the back with the chair. Orton kicks the chair into Miz’ face. Orton pulls Miz to the ringside barrier for an IEDDT. Orton stands over Miz and he punches Miz. Orton rolls Miz into the ring and he stands over the motionless body.

Orton picks up Miz for an RKO and the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

We go to credits.

2013 - SHINE ran their SHINE 13 iPPV in Tampa, FL. Richard Trionfo filed the following live report:

Welcome to coverage of SHINE 13 from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida.

Your hostess is Chasity Taylor.

Match Number One: Fatal Four Way: Su Yung versus Taeler Hendrix versus La Rosa Negra versus Xandra Bale

There is some tension during the ring introductions as Taeler tries to get the spotlight.

Yung with a rollup on Hendrix as the belly rings. Bale with a rollup for a near fall on Hendrix. Rosa with a rollup on Hendrix for a near fall. Bale with another rollup on Hendrix. Hendrix slaps Bale and then she hides behind Rosa. Bale with a drop kick. Bale sends Su to the floor and then Bale goes up top for a cross body.

Rosa with a power slam to Bale but Hendrix breaks it up. Su with a drop toe hold to Hendrix followed by a body scissors. Rosa with a body scissors on Su and then Bale with a rollup on all three for a near fall.

Hendrix wants the referee to gain control but she kicks Bale and sends her face first into the mat. Hendrix with a modified Muta Lock on Bale. Hendrixk kicks Su. Hendrix with a cover on Bale while Rosa goes up top for a frog splash on Su for a near fall. Hendrix with a face driver for a near fall. Bale with a cross body on Hendrix for a near fall.

Su with an arm bar submission and Bale taps out.

Winner: Su Yung

Match Number Two: Nikki Roxx (with Daffney) versus Leah Von Dutch

Leah has something to say to Nikki and Daffney before locking up. Leah with a full nelson. Nikki with a front face lock for a near fall. They lock up again and Nikki with a side head lock take down. Nikki gets to her feet and Leah works on the arm.

Nikki with a kip up and arm drag. Leah wants some time to rethink her strategy for this match. Leah slaps Nikki in the face. Nikki charges at Leah in the corner but Leah moves and Nikki hits the turnbuckles. Leah pushes Nikki and Nikki slaps Leah. Nikki punches Leah as they go to the mat. The referee has to pull Nikki off Leah.

Nikki with a drop toe hold followed by a hip toss and slam. Leah rolls to the floor and Daffney waits for Leah to turn around. Leah backs away from Daffney and returns to the ring. Leah drops Nikki on the top rope and then she hits a drop kick and gets a near fall.

Leah with a reverse chin lock. Nikki gets to her feet and she connects with elbows and then Leah pulls Nikki to the mat by the hair. Leah with a cross arm breaker but Nikki gets to the ropes. Leah with shoulders in the corner. Leah chokes Nikki in the ropes. Leah starts to work on the shoulder and she takes Nikki to the mat and drops a series of knees on the arm.

Leah pulls Nikki up by the hair and then she gets a near fall. Leah gets another near fall. Leah with a knee to the back while she stretches Nikki. Nikki gets to her feet and she snap mares Leah to the mat. Leah with a clothesline for a near fall. Leah with a kick to the midsection followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall.

Leah sends Nikki’s head into the turnbuckles and then she does a cartwheel into a back rake. Leah with an Irish whip but she takes too long and Nikki is able to counter the somersault into a clothesline with a clothesline of her own.

Nikki and Leah exchange forearms but Nikki finishes Leah off with a discus forearm. Nikki with a running butt splash into the corner followed by a fallaway slam for a near fall. Leah with a knee to counter the Voodoo Drop and Leah with a Cobra Clutch. Leah with a spear for a near fall.

Leah with an octopus into a sunset flip for a near fall. Leah returns to the Cobra Clutch but Nikki with a stunner. They roll around the ring in an inside cradle. Nikki with a Voodoo Drop for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Roxx

Match Number Three: The American Sweethearts (Santana and Amber O'Neal) versus The S-N-S Express (Sassy Stephie and Jessie Belle Smothers)

Stephie and Jessie attack Santana and Amber before the bell. Santana with a double bulldog. Stephie and Jessie go to the floor to stop the momentum. Things get under control and Santana and Jessie start things off. Santana with a wrist lock and then she uses the ropes for an arm drag. Stephie tags in and Santana with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Amber tags in and they hit a double snap mare followed by a kick from Santana. Amber does a split and then applies a full nelson. Amber turns it into Cattle Mutilation. Amber with a knee to the shoulder followed by an Irish whip and clothesline in the corner. Jessie pulls Stephie out of the corner.

Santana tags back in and she gives Stephie a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Jessie trips Santana and Stephie sends Santana into the turnbuckles. Jessie tags back in and she sends Santana to the mat using the hair. Jessie gets a near fall. Jessie mocks Amber with a rear chin lock while in a spit. Stephie switches places without making the tag.

Jessie tags in and runs Santana’s eyes across the ropes. Santana with elbows but Jessie runs Santana’s eyes across the ropes again. Santana with a shot to Stephie on the apron but Jessie gets a near fall. Stephie tags back in and she kicks Santana. Stephie with a snap mare and a knee to the back. Stephie drives Santana’s head into the mat while in a head scissors and Stephie gets a near fall. Jessie tags in and Santana with a sunset flip on Jessie while Amber kicks Stephie.

Santana with an enzuigiri and both women are down. Stephise and Amber tag in and Amber with clotheslines followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Amber with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Amber sets for a Stinkface but Jessie tries to stop it and Amber with a drop toe hold. Amber uses her rear end to work over Stephie and Jessie.

Santana tags in and hits a suicide dive. Santana with the handspring moonsault on Stephie but Jessie breaks it up. Jessie with a side slam but Amber made the blind tag and Amber with an X Factor but Stephie takes care of Amber and puts her in a Scorpion arm bar. Stephie and Jessie hit a double team maneuver to pin Amber.

Winners: Jessie Belle Smothers and Sassy Stephie

Match Number Four: Mercedes Martinez versus Solo Darling (with Daffney)

Solo looks like she wants to hug Mercedes but Mercedes pushes her away. Solo avoids Mercedes when Mercedes wants to lock up. Solo with a rollup for a near fall. They lock up and Mercedes backs Solo into the corner and Solo climbs the turnbuckles and takes Mercedes down with an arm drag. Solo with a Japanese arm drag followed by a forearm for a near fall.

Solo with a drop kick for a near fall. Solo with forearms and she tries to slide between Mercedes’ legs but Mercedes stops her and picks her up by the throat and sends her to the mat and gets a near fall. Mercedes with a Giant Swing and she gets a near fall. Mercedes punches Solo.

Mercedes with chops to Solo. Mercedes stomps to the chest. Solo tries to take Mercedes down but Mercedes kicks Solo away. Mercedes misses a charge into the corner and Solo tries for a monkey flip but Mercedes stops her and puts her on the turnbuckles. Mercedes pushes Solo away on a Tornado DDT attempt and Mercedes with a Jericho cover for a near fall.

Solo with a modified cloverleaf but Martinez makes it to the ropes. Solo with punches and a cross body for a near fall. Solo with an X Factor for a near fall. Mercedes drives Solo face first into the mat and she gets a near fall. Mercedes chokes Solo and Daffney gets on the apron to talk to the referee.

Mercedes with a low back kick followed by a fisherman’s buster for the three count.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

After the match, Mercedes wants to inflict more damage on Solo but Nikki Roxx makes her way to the ring. Leah goes after Nikki. Kimberly comes out and helps Nikki and Solo and it appears that Kimberly is part of Daffney’s group.

Match Number Five: Leva versus Nevaeh

They lock up and Leva with a wrist lock. Neveah with a reversal and Leva with a reversal into a hammer lock. Neveah with a hammer lock of her own. Leva with a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Neveah with a wrist lock and Leva with a cartwheel into an arm drag.

Neveah with an arm bar. Neveah with a snap mare and wrist lock. Neveah with a side head lock. Leva pulls Neveah to the mat and she hits a double stomp to the back. Leva with a head scissors take down. Neveah tries for a float over but Neveah stops her. Leva with a drop kick that sends Neveah into the corner. Neveah blocks the hesitation drop kick.

Neveah with a clothesline for a near fall. Leva with a drop toe hold and then she applies a Muta Lock. They exchange forearms and Leva escapes a slam attempt and she gets a near fall with an O’Connor Roll and a Backlund Bridge. Leva avoids a charge into the corner. Neveah drops Leva on the apron and she falls to the floor.

Leva returns to the ring and Neveah kicks her. Neveah with a suplex for a near fall. Neveah with a kick to the head. Neveah rakes the eyes and chokes Leva in the ropes. Neveah with a snap mare and a rolling neck snap for a near fall. Leva with a snap mare and kick followed by a splash for a near fall. Neveah with a kick and a reverse chin lock. Leva with a round kick to the head followed by kicks. Leva with an inverted DDT for a near fall.

Jessie Belle distracts the referee and Stephie grabs Leva’s leg. Neveah with a backpack stunner for the three count.

Winner: Neveah

After the match, Stephie, Jessie, and Neveah attack Leva. Amber O’Neal and Santana make the save for Leva.

Match Number Six: International Dream Match: Mia Yim versus Nikki Storm

Mia offers her hand but Nikki refuses. Nikki has something to say about her homeland. Nikki with a wrist lock into a hammer lock. Mia with a reversal. Nikki with a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Mia with an arm bar into a wrist lock. Nikki with a reversal and Mia tries to escape.

Mia with an arm drag or three into an arm bar. Nikki yells at Mia in Scottish. Mia pushes Nikki down. Mia with kicks followed by a back spin kick for a near fall. Mia with a Yakuza kick and Nikki goes to the floor.

Mia goes to the floor and Nikki runs around the ring and Mia follows. Nikki slams Mia’s head into the mat. Nikki gets a near fall. Nikki with a rear chin lock. Nikki with a back rake and she gets a near fall. Nikki poses while standing on Mia’s hair and the referee warns her. Nikki with forearms in the corner followed by a shoulder. Mia floats over and she puts Nikki in the Tarantula.

Mia misses a missile drop kick and Nikki rubs Mia’s face in the mat. Mia trips Nikki and then she hits a drop kick. Both women go for cross body blocks and both are down and in pain.

Mia with forearms to Nikki after Mia blocks forearms from Nikki. Mia with a forearm to the chest followed by kicks and a running knee to the head and Mia gets a near fall. Nikki gets Mia on her shoulder and she hits a modified Cradle Shock for a near fall.

Mia with a drop kick followed by a quebrada for a near fall. Mia puts Nikki in position and she goes up top but Nikki with a forearm to stop her. Nikki with a superplex for a near fall. Mia with slaps and kicks. Mia goes for a German suplex but Nikki counters with a victory roll for a near fall.

Nikki with a DDT for a near fall. Nikki yells at the referee and Mia with a German suplex and she pulls Nikki to the corner. Mia goes up top for a 450 splash and she hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Mia Yim

Match Number Seven: Valkyrie (Ivelisse and Allysin Kay) versus Jessicka Havok and Amazing Kong

Ivelisse pushes Allysin into Jessicka to start the match. Ivelisse stomps on Jessicka’s foot and goes to the apron. Kong enters the ring and the referee sends her back to the apron. Ivelisse with a forearm to Havok. Kong kicks Kay and we have a brawl. Ivelisse with a snap mare and kick to Havok. Kong chokes Kay and sends her to the mat. Ivelisse puts Kay on top of Havok for a near fall.

Ivelisse tags in and Havok tags in Kong. Ivelisse tries for a cross body and Kong catches Ivelisse and then she drops her to the mat. Kong with a body block and Ivelisse goes down. Kong biels Ivelisse across the ring by the hair. Kong pulls Ivelisse into the center of the ring and she drops on the leg.

Ivelisse with forearms but Kong leans back and gets a near fall. Havok tags back in but Ivelisse rakes the eyes and tags Kay in. Havok tags Kong back in. They lock up and Kong with a forearm to the back of the head. Kong with a chop and she does it again. Kong stands on Kay’s hair and pulls her up. Kong chokes Kay in the ropes. Kay with forearms but Kong with a double chop to Kay.

Havok tags in and Ivelisse is tagged in. Havok grabs Ivelisse by the throat but Ivelisse with kicks to Havok. Ivelisse with a round kick to the head. Ivelisse tells Havok that she is going to pin Havok and she tags Allysin in and Allysin gets a near fall. Ivelisse and Kay tag each other in and then Kong tags in.

Kong misses a splash into the corner and Kay with a forearm from the apron followed by a forearm into the corner by Ivelisse. Ivelisse get a near fall. Ivelisee with a guillotine on Kong but Kong gets to the ropes. Ivelisse holds on to the guillotine. Ivelisse chokes Kong in the ropes.

Ivelisse chokes Kong in the corner and the referee warns her. Kay tags in and she kicks and chokes Kong. Kay chokes Kong again and the referee warns her. Kay gets a near fall. Kay with a camel clutch. Kay keeps Kong from making the tag and she returns to the chin lock. Ivelisse comes in and she kicks Havok off the apron. They go for a double suplex but Kong blocks it and she hits a double suplex.

Havok is not on the apron so Kong cannot make the tag. Kay has a kick blocked and Kong with a back fist and clothesline. Kong with a series of back fists and Havok tags in. Kay with a kick to Kong and she goes for a discus clothesline on Kong but Kong moves and Kay hits Havok. Kay has to tag in Ivelisse and she hits a Shining Wizard for the three count.

Winners: Allysin Kay and Ivelisse

Match Number Eight: Rain versus Angelina Love for the SHINE Championship


Angelina with a Thesz Press before the bell rings and she punches Rain, but Rain gets to the floor. Angelina kicks Rain when she returns to the ring. Angelina with a splash into the corner. Love kicks Rain when Rain charges into the corner. Angelina with a power slam for a near fall. Love with a waist lock.

Love tries for an O’Connor Roll and Rain holds on to the ropes. Angelina misses a splash when Rain moves and Angelina comes hard off the ropes. Love with a punch to the ribs. Rain puts Angelina in the ropes and she hits a drop kick. Angelina rolls back into the ring and Rain slams her head into the mat.

Rain with a cravate. And then she hits a bulldog for a near fall. Rain works on the back and then she fish hooks Angelina. Angelina gets back to her feet and she connects with elbows but Rain pulls Angelina to the mat by the hair and Rain gets a near fall. Rain with kicks to the midsection. Rain stands on Angelina’s hair and stretches her.

Rain sends Angelina into the turnbuckles. Rain does it to a second turnbuckle. She does it to the third turnbuckles but Angelina stops her before she can complete the circuit. Angelina with kicks. Rain with forearms and she sends Angelina into the turnbuckles. Rain with a drop kick to Angelina and she gets a near fall.

Rain with a Gory Special but Angelina counters with a sunset flip. Angelina misses the bicycle kick. Rain with a back elbow. Rain with a kick to the had for a near fall. Rain with a Japanese stranglehold and she drives her knee into Angelina’s back.

Angelina with a snap mare but Rain holds on and hits a lungblower but Angelina kicks out. Rain shows some frustration and tells the referee that was a three count. Rain gets another near fall. Angelina with a jawbreaker followed by an X Factor.

Rain misses a clothesline and Angelina with forearms and a series of clotheslines. Rain with an Irish whip but she runs into a boot. Angelina with a cross body from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Rain with a rollup and a handful of tights but she can only get a two count. Angelina with a bicycle kick and Rain gets her foot on the ropes.

Angelina pulls Rain into the center of the ring and Rain kicks out at two. Angelina with an Irish whip but Rain gets her knees up when Angelina charges into the corner. Rain gets her feet on the ropes and the referee stops his count. Rain with an Impaler DDT for the three count.

Winner: Rain

Thank you for following the coverage of SHINE 13. SHINE returns to action on October 25th with SHINE 14.

2014 - Ring of Honor TV broadcast on Sinclair Network affiliates.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

It is another Road Rage episode of Ring of Honor as Death Before Dishonor matches move on to Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino.


Match Number One: Silas Young versus BJ Whitmer (with Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas) versus ACH versus Michael Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) in a Four Corner Survival Match


ACH looks for someone to follow the Code of Honor among his three opponents, but only Bennett obliges so ACH shakes hands with the ROH officials at ringside.

ACH and Whitmer start things off and they lock up. Whitmer pie faces ACH in the corner but ACH pushes back and then he chops Whitmer. Whitmer with an elbow and Irish whip but ACH floats over and then ACH with a back flip before hitting a drop kick. Bennett comes in when Whitmer goes to the floor.

ACH with a drop kick to Bennett and Young comes in and ACH sends him to the floor. Whitmer hits ACH from behind and connects with a forearm and then he sends ACH into the turnbuckles and chops him. Whitmer with a forearm to the back and Bennett tags himself in. Bennett punches ACH. ACH misses a round kick and enzuigiri. Bennett with a waist lock but ACH with a switch. ACH clotheslines Bennett over the top rope to the floor and then ACH goes for a pescado but Bennett with a kick and we go to commercial.

We are back and Bennett Irish whips ACH into the guardrails twice. Bennett sends ACH back into the ring and Whitmer tags himself back in and they have some words. ACH with a rana but Whitmer with a back elbow. Whitmer with a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall. Whitmer with a back elbow for a near fall. Whitmer with a back breaker but ACH with a few punches before Whitmer rakes the eyes.

Young tags in and he kicks ACH and then he slingshots ACH’s throat into the bottom rope and he gets a near fall. Young with a front face lock and he tries for a suplex but ACH lands on his feet and he applies a waist lock but he misses a splash into the corner and Young pulls ACH out of the corner and he kicks him.

Bennett tags in and he slams ACH and gets a near fall. Bennett with a back elbow but Young tags in when ACH backs Bennett into the corner. Young with kicks and a punch. ACH with a kick but he misses a series of round kicks but he finally connects and Whitmer tags in. ACH sends Whitmer into the turnbuckles but ACH is sent to the apron and then he drops Young on the top rope. Bennett with a running boot to ACH on the apron and Bennett enters the match.

We are back and Bennett takes Whitmer to the apron and he teases a piledriver but Whitmer drops to the floor and drops Bennett’s knee on the apron. ACH with a baseball slide to Whitmer and BJ is sent into the guardrails. ACH with the slingshot flatline but Young breaks up the cover. Young with a waist lock and he goes for a half nelson suplex but ACH blocks it and he punches Young.

Young with a forearm to ACH followed by a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Whitmer tries for an Exploder but Young escapes and counters into a TKO for a near fall. Bennett with a spear to Young and he gets a near fall. ACH comes in and he chops Bennett and punches him. ACH with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. ACH goes up top but Bennett catches him with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Bennett and Whitmer are in the center of the ring and Bennett says the piledriver thing was a misunderstanding. Whitmer and Bennett exchange punches but Bennett with a knee. Whitmer with a series of kicks followed by a Saito suplex. Whitmer takes Bennett to the apron and he sets for a piledriver but Young stops Whitmer. Young punches Whitmer and follows with a forearm and then he sends Whitmer to the floor and Young with a pescado. ACH re-enters the ring and Maria gets on the apron to stop ACH from doing his dive to the floor. Bennett with a super kick and Maria tells Bennett to fly.

Bennett goes for a pescado and he hits the floor when Young and Whitmer move. BJ and Silas pinball Bennett while ACH hits his Fosbury Flop onto all three men. ACH goes up top but misses the 450 Splash when Whitmer moves, but ACH sees it so he rolls through and hits a drop kick on Thomas on the other side of the ring when he gets on the apron.

Whitmer accidentally clotheslines Thomas and ACH with a German suplex and bridge for the three count.


Winner: ACH


We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Ethan Gabriel Owens and Josh Alexander versus Roderick Strong and Jimmy Jacobs (with Tadarius Thomas and Adam Page)


Strong and Alexander start things off and they lock up. Alexander with a clean break. They lock up again and Strong with a side head lock. Alexander has a hip toss blocked and Strong with a knee. Strong floats over on an Irish whip but Alexander with a back elbow. Alexander sends Strong into the turnbuckles and Owens tags in and he punches Strong. Owens with a snap mare and fist drop.

Strong with a kick and he tags in Jacobs. Owens and Jacobs have words and Jacobs slaps Owens. Owens slaps Jacobs back. Jimmy punches Owens and Owens with a slam and he punches Jacobs. Jacobs with a head scissors and then he hits Owens in the back and he knocks Alexander off the apron. Jacobs is sent to the apron and Owens with an enzuigiri followed by a cross body through the ropes by Alexander.

They hit an assisted suplex but Strong hits Alexander and knocks him off the apron. Strong with a forearm off the apron onto Alexander. Jacobs with a spear through the ropes and he sends Owens to the floor.

Strong puts Owens in the ring skirt and Jacobs punches him. Jacobs goes up the ramp and he hits a running forearm. Strong kicks Alexander and chokes him while Strong slaps Page. Strong rolls Owens back into the ring and Jacobs with a guillotine but Owens counters with a suplex throw. Strong and Alexander tag in and Alexander with elbows and a clothesline but Strong with a jawbreaker. Jacobs holds Alexander but Alexander kicks Strong and then Strong hits Jacobs when Alexander moves. Alexander with an overhead belly-to-belly throw.

Alexander punches Jacobs off the apron. Alexander with a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Strong fights out of a double team and Strong with a chop. Strong with a forearm to Alexander but Owens kicks Strong and Alexander hits an assisted Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall. Owens sends Jacobs to the floor and then he tags in.

Alexander gets Strong up for a torture rack but Jacobs drops Owens on the top rope to stop a potential double team move. Strong with a back breaker on Alexander. Jacobs is sent to the apron by Owens but Strong with a knee followed by an Olympic Slam. Jacobs with a back senton from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Strong sends Alexander to the floor and Jacobs tags in. Strong chops Owens and he puts Owens on the turnbuckles. Strong and Jacobs go for a double superplex but Strong is knocked off and Alexander with a forearm.

Jacobs comes off the turnbuckles and tries for a cutter on Alexander but Alexander blocks it and connects with a discus forearm. Owens with a kick off the turnbuckles and Alexander gets Jacobs up for a torture rack and then he transfers Jacobs to Owens for a sit out spinebuster but he can only get a near fall.

Alexander tags back in and they go for a double cradle piledriver on Jacobs but Strong with a sick kick to Owens followed by a jumping knee to Alexander. Strong gets Alexander on his shoulders for the gutbuster followed by a spear from Jacobs for the three count.


Winners: Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong


Michael Elgin comments about his match next week against Tommaso Ciampa. Elgin talks about how hard Ciampa is training, but Elgin says he trains harder.


Match Number Three: Caprice Coleman versus Jay Lethal (with Truth Martini and Selezia) for the ROH Television Title


Lethal talks to Truth to try to get into Coleman’s head. They lock up and Lethal with a wrist lock but Coleman with a reversal. Lethal tries to reverse but Coleman gets a near fall and applies a key lock. Lethal with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Coleman with arm drags but Lethal avoids a hip toss. Lethal with a hip toss and he does the cartwheel, but Coleman grabs the arm before Lethal can hit the drop kick and Coleman with a wrist lock.

Lethal gets his foot on the ropes and Lethal gets out of the wrist lock and he goes to the floor to talk to Truth. They lock up and Coleman with a side head lock. Lethal punches Coleman in the ribs but Coleman with a shoulder tackle. Lethal with arm drags and he sets for the Lethal Injection but Coleman avoids it. Lethal with a leg sweep but Coleman kicks Lethal and Lethal goes to the floor.

Coleman goes to the floor and Lethal punches him but Coleman with a punch and chops. Coleman punches Lethal and continues to chop him. Lethal with a knee to the midsection and Coleman uses the ring post to avoid Lethal. Lethal goes for the springboard drop kick but Coleman pushes Lethal off the turnbuckles and to the floor. Coleman with a drop kick through the ropes and he sends Lethal back into the ring and he gets a near fall.

Coleman with a drop kick for a near fall. Coleman with a springboard leg lariat and he gets a near fall. Coleman with a slam and he hits a leaping leg drop and gets a near fall. Coleman with a back heel kick but he misses a jump kick followed by an eye rake. Lethal sends Coleman to the floor and Lethal with a baseball slide that sends Coleman into the guardrails while Truth does a lap around the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lethal with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Lethal kicks Coleman in the head and then he slams Caprice. Lethal continues to kick Coleman and then he pie faces Coleman to show a lack of respect. Lethal and Coleman exchange chops and punches. Coleman with the advantage and he hits a one inch punch but Lethal with a super kick.

Lethal has a delayed reaction to the one inch punch and he is having trouble staying on his feet and Lethal goes down. Coleman goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Coleman with a back heel kick and an enzuigiri followed by an STO. Coleman with a wrap around clothesline for a near fall. Coleman misses a splash into the corner and Lethal hits the Lethal Combination for a near fall.

Lethal pulls Coleman closer to the corner for the elbow drop but Coleman recovers and hits a jumping rana for a near fall. Selezia gets on the apron to distract Coleman and the referee. Lethal tries to attack from behind but Coleman moves and Lethal knocks Selezia off the apron. Coleman hits the Rolling Holy Trinity of Northern Lights suplexes but he can only get a near fall.

Truth tries to give Lethal the Book of Truth, but Coleman stops its transfer. Coleman drops it to the floor. Lethal with a super kick followed by the Lethal Injection for the three count.


Winner: Jay Lethal


We go to credits.


2014 - WWE ran Atlantic City, NJ.  Erik Martinez filed the following results:

In the opener, The Usos beat Harper and Rowan in a really good match.

Adrian Neville beat Tyson Kidd to retain the NXT Title in another good match.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (with Big E) beat Los Matdores (with El Torito).  The Matadores were the heels.

The Great Khali beat Heath Slater in a comedy match.

The Big Show beat Bray Wyatt with the Knockout Punch.

Natalya beat Paige.

Sheamus beat Cesaro to retain the US Title.  Cesaro wouldn’t leave the ring as Dean Ambrose came out to face Randy Orton.  They attacked Ambrose, leading Sheamus to return and the babyfaces won the tag match it became.

It was a great night at Boardwalk Hall.

2014 - WWE ran Youngstown, Ohio.  Sean K. filed the following results:

It was a fun show in Youngstown, with Dolph Ziggler (close to home boy) getting a nice position.

In the opener R-Truth beat Stardust.

Sami Zayn beat Tyler Breeze.

Emma, Eva Marie and Naomi beat Alicia Fox, Layla and Cameron in a match that started as a dance contest but escalated when the losing team attacked the baby faces.

Rusev hit Mark Henry with the Russian Flag to get disqualified in his match against Mark Henry.

Zack Ryder beat Fandango.

Jack Swagger beat Bo Dallas.

In the main event, Ziggler teamed with John Cena to beat The Miz and Seth Rollins.

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