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By Stephen Strouse on 2015-09-13 21:19:01

Almost same card as Huntsville from last night.

Dolph Ziggler pinned Rusev.

Neville pinned Adam Rose.

Jimmy Uso pinned Heath Slater after a dance competition.

Slater challenged anyone to fight him and out came Jack Swagger who made Slater submit.

Slater challenged anyone to fight him again and out came Mark Henry who pinned Slater.

Ryback wins by DQ over Big Show after Show hit him with a chair.

Team PCB beat Team BAD when Charlotte pinned Tamina.

The Dudley Boyz beat the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadors in a Triple Threat match when Bubba pinned one of the Matadors after an appearance from El Torito.  The Dudleys put one of the Matadors through a table after the match..

Randy Orton pinned Sheamus. 

A great crowd who were into the show all night long.

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