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By Mike Johnson on 2015-08-31 12:07:42
As Dave noted earlier, TNA released a statement announcing that Thomas "Bram" Latimer had been arrested and was suspended indefinitely until the situation was resolved.

Latimer was arrested on 8/30 in Gulfport, Florida at 8:29:39 AM and charged with one count of domestic battery by strangulation as well as one count of false imprisonment.

Latimer was arrested at a condo in Gulfport, Florida. He is currently incarcerated and "awaiting trial" based on arrest records.

Prior to his TNA run, Latimer, while under contract to WWE as a developmental talent, was arrested in November 2012 for intoxication and battery of a police officer. That charge (being his second arrest while working for WWE, the first being a DUI several years before) led to his WWE release.

Although we strive to keep personal matters off as much as possible, we have received a number of emails asking whether WWE Diva Charlotte was involved here. Charlotte and Latimer are in the process of finalizing their divorce and was not involved in the incident we are told.

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