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By Mike Johnson on 2015-07-24 11:05:52
Bully Ray, who JUST returned to TNA TV as the new GM brought in by Dixie Carter, is already gone from the company.

Ray hasn't been at any of the TV Tapings that are currently being held in Orlando, Florida (where he lives) and when people started asking where he was (since he lives locally in the area and the Team 3D Wrestling Academy is located there as well), word began making the rounds that he was gone.

The story I heard this morning is that Ray told the company he was done as he wasn't happy with the current state of affairs of the company and felt it was better to distance himself. Obviously, he was working on a per appearance deal and wasn't under contract.

Nonetheless, it has to be seen as a negative when TNA spends an entire week building up his return on TV and then he almost immediately quits the company. How they will handle his departure from a creative standpoint remains to be seen.

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