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By Mike Litzinger on 2015-07-12 09:22:43
Global Force Wrestling 7/11/15 - Lake County (Eastlake, OH outside of Cleveland)

Jon Bolen defeated Jamin Olivencia via pinfall.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Chuck Taylor via pinfall.

Eric Young came out with the stolen KOTM Title and cut a promo proclaiming he is the real King of the Mountain and that he was stopping the show until Jeff Jarrett came out to face him. Karen Jarrett came out and demanded the title back. EY threatened Karen, causing Scott D'Amore to intervene. D'Amore cut a short promo about how EY isn't a man he recognizes anymore and he's changed since Jarrett and D'Amore gave him his first opportunity in TNA. D'Amore then informed EY that he will face Johnny Gargano in the main event.

Allysin Kay defeated Sumie Sakai via pinfall.

Nick "Magnus" Aldis defeated Kongo Kong via pinfall.


Bullet Club (Karl Anderson / Doc Gallows) defeated Watanabe & Sanada with a pinfall on Sanada. Watanabe & Sanada played solid heels, sporting a Japanese flag that they'd periodically bring out during the match, prompting the Bullet Club to push "USA" chants.

Scott Steiner came out to cut a promo but was quickly interrupted by Eric Young. Officials kept Steiner and EY seperated as Steiner threatened to destroy EY if he got in the ring. Eventually, Steiner was escorted out of the ring to allow the main event to begin.

Johnny Gargano defeated Eric Young via pinfall. Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner came out toward the end and provided a distraction to allow Gargano to get the victory. Jarrett reclaimed the KOTM title from EY and celebrated in the ring with Gargano and Steiner.

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