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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-07-11 19:33:21
Welcome to’s coverage of the Full Impact Pro Kickoff Show before Evolve 46 from Orlando, Florida.

Match Number One: Viking War Party (“American Viking” Alexander Rudolph, “The Gordiest Viking” Frank Wyatt, and “The Littlest Viking” Jake Parnell) versus Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy, and Gary Jay)

Wyatt and Gary start things off and they lock up and Wyatt sends Gary to the mat. Pierre tags in and they lock up . Pierre works on the arm and Evan tags in and he works on the arm. Gary tags in and works on the arm. They do another rotation with the wrist lock but Wyatt with a forearm. Rudolph tags in and he kicks and punches Evan. Parnell tags in and Rudolph with a slam and Parnell with a slingshot senton. Parnell with a forearm to the back and a head butt. Parnell with a forearm but Evan with a forearm.

Wyatt tags back in and he connects with an elbow. Evan with a punch and knee to the midsection. Wyatt with a cross body and he gets a near fall. Parnell tags in and he slams Evan. Rudolph tags in and he slams Parnell onto Evan. Wyatt tags in and he slams Rudolph onto Evan and then Wyatt with a splash for a near fall. Rudolph tags in and he hits a forearm that sends Evan onto Parnell’s knees. Evan with a jawbreaker and he tags in Gary.

Gary with a slingshot splash. Gary with a chop and snap mare followed by a drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Pierre tags in and he tags in Gary for a ‘big chop’. Gary with a head butt. Evan tags in and he hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Pierre tags in and he snap mares Parnell and kicks him followed by a Lotus Lock but Rudolph breaks up the hold. Jay tags in and he hits an elbow followed by a slam and snap leg drop for a near fall.

Evan with a shoulder and then Parnell with kicks and forearms followed by a Code Red for a near fall. Evan with a rollup and he tags in Pierre and he hits a side Russian leg sweep and gets a near fall. Evan with a knee but Parnell with forearm. Pierre and Wyatt tags in and Jay with a cross body. Wyatt with a double clothesline to Jay and Pierre. Rudolph sends Evan into the corner and connects with forearms. Rudolph with a hesitation drop kick. They hip toss Jay into Evan in the corner.

The Vikings with a triple splash onto Jay. Evan with punches to everyone but The Vikings work over Evan and they hit a double back breaker but Pierre with a forearm to Parnell to stop him on top. Parnell with a double stomp onto Pierre and Evan but Jay with a frog splash to break up the cover. Jay with a Mick Foley cross body to Wyatt. Parnell wit a chop to Jay but Jay with a chop. They go to forearms and Parnell with chops. Jay with a Michinoku Driver and Pierre with a neck breaker and Evan with a running boot for a near fall.

Rudolph with a choke slam to Jay for a near fall. The Vikings with an elevated Codebreaker form the top by Parnell to Jay but he cannot capitalize on the situation. Everyone gets in a circle and chops, punches, elbows, and head butts the person next to him. Evan with a super kick to Rudolph while Jay drop kicks Parnell into the corner. Wyatt is sent to the floor. Jay goes up top but Wyatt stops him. Evan knocks Wyatt to the floor. Pierre is pushed into Evan and Parnell with the rollup for the three count.

Winners: Viking War Party

FIP Florida Heritage Champion Maxwell Chicago makes his way to the ring to make an appearance, but for some reason there is a referee in the ring.

Maxwell says it is Fan Appreciation Day for Maxwell Chicago. He says that he needs to clap for everyone for their support. He does not have a match tonight, but he wanted to say thank you.

Josh Hess comes out and he says he actually likes Maxwell. Therein lies the problem. You are silly and your silliness does not belong around that title. They need a wrestler like him to hold that title. He says that he is laying down the gauntlet and he wants a match tonight.

Maxwell says that he wishes birth control was retroactive.

Match Number Two: Maxwell Chicago versus Josh Hess (with Mister Saint Laurent)

Hess with a knee and forearm. Hess with punches but Chicago with a cross body. Chicago drops down and Hess goes over the top rope to the floor. Maxwell calls for an Asai Moonsault and he rolls out of the ring and lands on Hess. Hess rolls back into the ring and he distracts the referee to allow MSL to slam Maxwell. Deimos comes out and he chases MSL to the back. Hess punches Chicago.

Hess gets a near fall. Hess sets for a fisherman’s suplex but Maxwell with an inside cradle for a near fall. Maxwell with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Maxwell goes to the bottom rope for a splash but Hess gets his knees up. Hess with a forearm to the back. Hess with a slam for a near fall.

Maxwell wit a drop kick and Lethal Combination. Maxwell gets a near fall. Hess with a kick and a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Hess misses a splash and Maxwell with a back heel kick for the three count.

Winner: Maxwell Chicago

After the match, Josh Hess throws a fit and he wants Deimos to come to the ring. Josh tells Deimos that he is nothing without the MSL Universe. Deimos with a sit out spinebuster to Hess. Deimos with another sit out spinebuster.

Before the next match, Trina Michaels gets on the mic and she says that nobody knows what it is like to be her. Eddie and Teddy are Trina approved because they are honest people. They are true to their word and they fight dirty. That is why they are the champions.

Match Number Three: FIP World Tag Title Match: Savages (Eddie Graves and Teddy Stigma [with Trina Michaels]) versus Hooligans (Mason Cutter and Devin Cutter) versus Aaron Solow and Jason Cade

Cade and Solow send Graves to the floor whiel the Hooligans work over Stigma and hit a splash and moonsault combination. Stigma is sent to the floor while Cade hits a running knee to Graves and Solow with an Exploder. Solow goes to the apron but Graves moves. Solow with a kick and Mason knocks Cade down and sends Solow to the floor. Mason with a flip dive to the floor. Devin punches Graves. Stigma with a shoulder to Cade and the he press slams Cade onto everyone on the floor.

Stigma gets a drink and he waits for everyone to get up. Stigma with a flip dive onto everyone on the floor. Graves with a slam to Cade on the floor. Everyone else decides to go into the crowd. Cade kicks Graves in the leg to stop a chair shot. Cade throws a chair at Graves. They fight over to the bleachers.

Cade with a senton off the bleachers as the battle continues. They fight over towards the merchandise table. They move back into the ringside area. Graves and Stigma get a near fall on Solow. Mason with forearms to Graves and Solow with a double stomp to Mason. Solow with a rollup and double stomp to Graves. Solow with a double stomp to Stimas. The Hooligans with a wheelbarrow codebreaker. Cade with a missile drop kick and kick to Devin.

Cade goes up top but Graves crotches Cade. Graves with a German suplex to Devin followed by one from Stigma for a near fall. Solow with a jumping knee and then Cade with a frog splash to Devin for a near fall. Mason with a kick to Solow and then Mason with a double stomp while Devin hits a piledriver on Cade.

Jonny Vandal interferes and Stigma gets the three count on Cade.

Winners: Eddie Graves and Teddy Stigma

Martin Stone comes out and he says his match against Timothy Thatcher is not going to take place. He is pissed off and he is here for a fight. If you have the guts, get your ass hour here and you will get your head kicked in.

Match Number Four: Martin Stone versus Adam Raw

Stone attacks Raw as he comes to the ring and he sends him into the turnbuckles. Stone with a European uppercut and he kicks Stone in the corner. Raw with kicks to Stone and a leg sweep. Raw sends Stone to the floor and punches him. Raw sends Stone into the guardrails. Stone sends Raw into the guardrails. Stone sends Raw into the guardrails.

Stone sends Raw into the ring and gets a near fall. Stone slaps Raw in the head and Raw with a kick to the head. Raw with a knee to the midsection. Raw runs into a boot from Stone and Stone with boots. Stone wants Raw to hit him and he connects with a forearm. They go back and forth with forearms. Raw with a back heel kick and suplex. Raw with a side Russian leg sweep into a choke. Stone with a cutter for a near fall.

Stone tries for a suplex but Raw is out cold. The referee starts his count and Raw gets to his knees. Stone with a punch and he hits an elevated DDT for the three count.

Winner: Martin Stone

Match Number Five: FIP World Heavyweight Title Match: Caleb Konley (with Anthony Nese, SoCal Val, and Andrea) versus Andrew Everett

Everett with punches and forearms. Caleb with a forearm and chops. Caleb sends Andrew into the turnbuckles and kicks him. Everett floats over and gives Caleb a few arm drags. Caleb with a thrust kick. Caleb sends Everett to the apron and Everett with a drop kick and Caleb goes to the floor. Everett with a suicide dive. Everett goes up top and hits a springboard drop kick.

Caleb sends Everett to apron and Everett with another springboard drop kick. Everett goes to the apron again and Andrea grabs the ropes to stop Everett on a springboard drop kick. Caleb kicks Everett to the floor. Caleb runs Everett into the guardrails. Caleb sends Everett into the apron. They return to the ring and Caleb with a kick. Caleb with a forearm and hip toss and chop followed by a forearm.

Everett with forearms and Caleb with a back body drop for a near fall. Caleb with a body scissors. Caleb with a kick. Caleb pulls Everett off the turnbuckles. Caleb with a near fall. Andrea slaps Everett and Caleb gets a near fall. Caleb with a back rake. Everett slaps Caleb and he hits a running shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Andrea gets on the apron and Everett moves when Caleb is about to hit Everett so he almost punches Andrea. Everett with a springboard bulldog for a near fall. Everett with running forearms and a head scissors. Everett misses a mooonsault and then he lands on his feet on a Death Valley Driver and hits an enzuigiri for a near fall.

Everett has a suplex blocked. Caleb with a waist lock but Everett with an enzuigiri and German suplex for a near fall. Everett goes up top but Caleb rolls to the other side. Everett leaps over Caleb hits a Cradle Shock for a near fall. Everett kicks Caleb but Caleb with a leg sweep and back senton followed by a Sliding D. Caleb with a Regalplex for a near fall. Caleb runs into a boot from Everett but Caleb with a back fist followed by a belly-to-back driver for a near fall.

Caleb slaps Everett and connects with forearms. Caleb misses a back fist and Everett with a reverse rana followed by a rana and he gets a near fall. Everett runs into an elbow and Caleb goes to the turnbuckles but Everett with an enzuigiri. Everett goes up top as well but Caleb sets for the Super Cradle Shock. Everett escapes and kicks Caleb. Everett with a rana from the turnbuckles and he goes up top for the shooting star press but Caleb kicks out at two.

Everett goes for a moonsault but Caleb grabs his leg. Everett kicks Caleb away but Caleb goes onto the turnbuckles and Everett knocks him off again. Caleb with a German suplerplex and a double jump moonsault for the three count.

Winner: Caleb Konley

After the match, Caleb says that he is the greatest champion in WWN.

Trevor Lee comes to the ring and he says that Caleb is making a lot of bold statements that he cannot back up. Trevor suggests on August 7th, they wrestle for the FIP Title.

Val demands silence. She wants to know who the hell does Trevor think he is. You think you can come out here and demand a title match. Since you will be facing Nese tonight, why not prove yourself. If you can defeat Nese, you can have a title match against Caleb Konley.

Trevor accepts the challenge and leaves the ring.

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