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By Paul Jordan on 2015-07-10 09:20:33

Lucha Underground producer Eric Van Wagenen was on the Steve Austin Unleashed podcast yesterday and spoke about the future of the promotion, here is what he had to say about a second season :

“El Rey has absolutely wants us back. They’ve given us an offer on the table, they want us back 40 more episodes, ‘we’d love to have you start airing in October. We want you back.’ Now, what we’re trying to do as an organization, is we’re trying to maintain this certain level of production value. There’s the amount of money El Rey is giving us, and then there’s this amount of money that we need to spend in order to keep the same level of quality that we’ve established. […] It’s a high production value, we put a lot of emphasis on the production value, we don’t cut any corner. So now, what we are doing is, myself and the other El Rey executives and the investors and Mark Burnett and the people who work at the United Artist Media group – there is a combined effort to bridge that gap, between the money El Rey is giving us and the money we need. All options are on the table, whether that’s Netflix, iTunes, a secondary broadcast partner, or DVD sales, merchandise, you name it, everything’s on the table. The money guys are trying to close that gap, and once we have that gap closed, we’re announcing.”

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