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By Dave Scherer on 2015-06-29 10:04:15

In case you missed our story over the weekend, TNA let Magnus and James Storm out of their contracts after last night’s PPV.  Storm and Magnus came to management and asked to be let out of their deals as TNA runs far fewer dates now than it used to, meaning that both men have been making far less money.  TNA respected their situation and let them out of their deals so that they can take dates from other promotions, such as Global Force Wrestling or even WWE if the big dog comes calling, and supplement their now lower TNA income.  TNA realizes that at this point in time, they are largely a TV only wrestling promotion with limited dates so they did what I feel is the right thing by not holding the men to contracts that would penalize them due to the changes in TNA’s business.  The company plans to use both men at upcoming TV tapings, provided they are available.  I would expect that they would continue to make the storyline arcs involving them somewhat closed-ended in case they sign a deal with another company after the tapings are in the can.  I would not be surprised to see them do the same thing with more talents in the future as they can only afford to keep a limited number of people on guaranteed money deals (EC3, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, etc.).

Austin Aries’ contract also expired yesterday, as opposed to being torn up.  I have been told that TNA would use him in the future, but I think that depends more on what Aries decides he wants to do.  Ring Of Honor is an option for him, as I would think New Japan is as well.  He would be a nice fit in The Bullet Club.

There was an internet story yesterday that the contracts of Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong also expired yesterday, but that was not the case.  Both are signed until at least the end of the year.

The big question on everyone’s mind is what is the status of TNA TV with Destination America.  All I can tell you is that people in the company are moving forward as if they will be on the network after the September, which has been a possible date that Destination America will pull out from airing the broadcast, per an internal memo that circulated a month or so back.  Destination America execs were at TNA’s tapings last week and were involved in the process of doing TV.  I have also been told that TNA executives will be meeting in New York this week to discuss future plans.  The company is operating under the philosophy that they have not been told they are canceled, so they will continue forward.  One source told me that DA does have an opt out/cancel clause, but there is no specific date tied to it.  And since the memo came out, the network has signed a deal with Ring Of Honor that runs into December.  So it’s possible that DA will see how things go through the duration of the ROH deal.

Jeremy Borash posted this tweet. That had to be pretty cool.

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