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By Dave Scherer on 2015-06-27 12:08:23

As reported earlier on the site, James Storm’s contract with TNA ends tomorrow after Slammiversary, as does that of Magnus.  In the case of both men, they went to TNA management and asked to be let out of their deals due to the fact that TNA runs far fewer shows than they have in the past, meaning they are making a lot less money. 

Storm and Magnus have opportunities to work in other places and both wanted to be able to do so and make money for their families.  To their credit, TNA management understood the new reality that the company faces, as less shows equal less money for the talents, and they let both men out of their deals.  At this point, TNA is largely a wrestling company that produces a TV show as opposed to a full on wrestling company that does live events as well, and they are changing the way that they operate to reflect the new reality of what their business is.

The current plan is to have both men come back and work the tapings and be members of the promotion’s TV shows, while being able to find other work to supplement their TNA work.  Obviously, if WWE wanted to make a run at either man, they could do so and TNA realizes that.  They decided to take the risk of that happening due to the respect that they have for both men.  I applaud them for that.  They didn’t have to let them out of their deals but they did the right thing as the circumstances around the company changed since the contracts were put in place.

Austin Aries will also see his contract expire after tomorrow’s show so he will be in the same situation as the men above.  TNA also wants to work with him in the future.

Given the changing landscape of their business, TNA is adjusting their view on how they will promote themselves going forward.  They showed that last week when they brought Jeff Jarrett in to Impact and signed him to compete at tomorrow’s Slammiversary PPV.  From what we have been told, TNA is very open to working with Jarrett and his Global Force Wrestling promotion going forward.  I fully expect Storm and company to at least be considered for their shows.  This is a change from just a month or so ago when TNA stopped Tyrus from working for GFW.

Going forward I expect more events like this to happen.  TNA doesn’t have the revenue it once had so it is not in a position to guarantee many contracts.  I expect they will keep control of people like EC3, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy.  Beyond that, I think they will be open to doing for people what they did for Storm and Magnus.  It will be up to the talent to understand if they are better off keeping their contract or trying to go out and make it on their own.

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