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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-25 14:22:15
For those asking what's up with Jeff Jarrett and TNA, the story that he told last night on Impact Wrestling was pretty much the truth - TNA (I believe John "Big" Gaburick) reached out to him about appearing on the Slammiversary PPV. The appearance gives TNA a badly-needed hook for the Slammiversary PPV (although it comes at the last second) and for Jarrett, allows him to promote his GFW company.

Jarrett will be working the PPV and I wouldn't be shocked to see the company announce him as this year's TNA Hall of Famer. They had attempted to get AJ Styles to agree to a deal where he would be announced as the Hall of Famer and wrestle but Styles declined due to his New Japan commitments and responsibilities, as NJPW works with ROH.

There was talk last night about TNA talent being able to work GFW events as part of the deal.

Update: 4:53 PM: has confirmed with multiple sources was that part of the deal was to allow TNA talents the ability to work GFW events.

I am told that the Jarretts' promos last night, especially Karen's, were pretty much shooting from the heart and they weren't scripted by TNA beyond Jeff pushing that he would be in "his match", King of the Mountain at Slammiversary.

The Jarretts' appearance was kept quiet, with most TNA talents not knowing they were even there until five minutes before they headed to the ring. We are told that even TNA champion Kurt Angle was pretty much kept in the dark over the appearance.

For those asking how Jarrett and Dixie Carter got along, I was told she acted like they were all long lost friends, greeted them with hugs and posed for photos with the couple.

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