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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-22 13:25:30
The Gunner and Samuel Shaw departures were releases from the company, has learned. There had been no plans for either currently and they had not been used in prominent roles in some time. Shaw really lost steam when Britanny departed. I was told that neither did anything that caused their release as much as there was nothing set for them, so they were released and could always be used down the line if the company comes up with something.

TNA champion Kurt Angle and EC3 will be doing a media call tomorrow to promote Slammiversary and the 7/1 Impact Wrestling episode featuring their title match.

Wednesday's edition of Impact will be live at 9 PM from Orlando, Florida with Angle facing an opponent of EC3's choosing.

Slammiversary is Sunday. Has there ever been a pro wrestling PPV where the main event isn't officially announced with less than a week to go, EVER?

TNA will also be taping TV on Thursday through Saturday in Orlando before the PPV, which are the company's only announced events until a September house show in York, PA.

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