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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-27 18:51:17

According to several sources who took part in today's TNA conference call with President Dixie Carter discussing the company today with TNA staff and wrestlers, there were no real explanations given regarding the current situation with Destination America.  Carter noted they had been given no word of any issues and were in good standing with the Network and were planning for 2016 currently.

I was also told it was questioned why the company couldn't get Destination America to even issue a tweet about their status.  I was told that it was intimated that due to the nature of the contract between the two parties, neither TNA nor Destination America can publicly comment on their relationship. That same intimation was given as to why the company would not comment on reports the Network has an out clause for the TNA Impact Wrestling series.   

Regarding Ring of Honor being added to the Network, the impression given was that TNA, due to their relationship with DA, could not speak on the show until it was announced. I've heard from a few people who didn't buy that explanation and the general belief among those I've spoken to who were on the call is that TNA didn't know about ROH until it was announced.

At times, once the call was opened up for wrestlers to voice their opinions, the call did get very heated. I was told that at one point, Carter told the wrestlers it was up to them to show the world why they were the best in the world and that they "controlled their own destiny" and show that TNA is the best company in the world.  This led to some of the issues of the past year, including the move from Spike and the pay issues being brought up. I was told Carter responded as if the pay issues were in the past.

I heard differing opinions from talents. One said that he felt better now that had the situation had been addressed as talents were no longer "in the dark" and they hoped everyone would get back to performing and not worrying. The talent referred to the call as a big "family blowout" in that now that everyone said their piece, there was a feeling of communication and now everyone could get back to work.

Another called it a "circus call" in that once the floodgates opened for the talent, some of the talents began bringing up personal issues that would have been better dealt with in a one on one forum.

Still another told me it was over 90 minutes of nothing of substance truly being addressed while noting the company was adamant they wanted things kept private while asking talents not to speak out and leak things.

The Dixie Carter "email" story did not come up during the call, I am told.

As we hear more, we'll have additional updates.

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