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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-27 17:24:04
Several readers have sent word that TNA talents have started sending out Tweets mentioning Ring of Honor coming to Destination America plugging they are the lead-in for TNA Impact Wrestling. From what I have been told, this is something TNA is doing on their own and not something that Destination America has requested of the company. There is no working relationship between TNA and ROH and this is not something the two companies came up with together.

UPDATE 6:23 PM: My initial report noted that I believed the ROH plugs may have been a TNA request. I have been since told by several who were on the call that TNA did not make this request of their talents.

Speaking of that call, I am still getting details but I was told it ran well over 90 minutes and as you could imagine, there were some less than happy TNA contracted talents on the line.

As far as how TNA could not have had an exclusivity clause for the network for pro wrestling programming, UTA negotiated the contract, not TNA, so any blame should fall upon them. I am very curious to see if Destination America is looking to add additional wrestling programming as obviously House of Hardcore, Global Force Wrestling, hell, even New Japan Pro Wrestling, etc. are out there.

We have been asked what all this means for Samoa Joe working ROH dates. To the best of my knowledge, Joe's deal with WWE NXT allows him to work the dates. It should be interesting to see if they opt to sign him to a WWE exclusive deal in order to prevent it.

In many ways, we are in uncharted waters here, folks.

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