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By Dave Scherer on 2015-05-27 12:35:49

As mentioned in our Smackdown spoilers, Rusev suffered a foot injury in his match with Ryback last night. We were sent a picture from the airport of him in a wheelchair, with his leg in a plastic cast. We will update his status for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Intercontinental Title match as soon as we get it. has a really cool roundtable discussion posted where Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch talk about they state of women’s wrestling. Good Lord I hope it means WWE is going to change the way that they present the Divas. When I look at Ronda Rousey being UFC’s top draw on PPV or the huge amount of merchandise that the US Women’s Soccer Team sells, I see that WWE is totally missing the boat on a huge revenue stream with the way that they present their women. You can read the story by clicking here.

Cable V sent this update about why Hideo Itami’s shirt was pulled from … My brother is married to a Japanese woman so I was curious to see if she could find the issue with the Hideo shirt. Here is what she said. “The kanji says "Hideo" however, it appears that the kanji they used is not the one he uses to represent his name.  Many different kanji can be used to represent the same name.  Oversimplified, think ‘John vs. Jon’ Additionally. it appears that there is another wrestler in Japan named Hideo who does use the kanji they put on the t-shirt...."

Nate Tyers sent word that with Sami Zayn out with his injury, Finn Balor will be replacing him on this Summer’s tour of Australia.

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